The Love Life of an Asian Guy – Ep. 3: Cars, Crepes and Coats

It’s weird: I’ve ALWAYS wanted to post vlogs on youtube but for the longest time, I always felt insecure in front of the camera. So to have this series actually progress and continue is quite a shock. I think what made me get over this insecurity was the reality that these vlogs are about US as a couple, and not me. From then on, it was smooth sailin’.

Anywho, this is just a little vlog on what we’ve been up to. Enjoy!

The Love Life of an Asian Guy – Episode 2: Sweets and Sushi

After the positive feedback from our last video, we decided to post another! I also considered one of the comments stating that the background music was too loud so for this one, I took it out while we were talking. Hope you enjoy this series of videos and all of the ones that are coming soon! Our posting schedule will probably occur once a week, maybe even more.

Enjoy! :D

Don’t forget to watch in HD!