I’m a dirty, dirty man…

Howdy Neighbor 😉

Hey you

Have a seat =o)

For some reason, I feel a bit “dirty” for making this blog. I mean shit! I’ve blogged on Myspace for years! I feel like I’m cheating on Myspace. Back then, when Myspace was doing well,  my blogs did well. I would log on, check my views and comments, flip my mustache, and stroll away in my Moroccan Silk robe. But now, Myspace has changed. What was once an internet pool party has now turned into an internet… cesspool (for retards who spend their hours doing surveys).

I tried to keep blogging – I really did. But no one gave two shits about what I was writing about! And I was writing some good shit too! I coulda been published in like, the New Yorker, bro! Instead, Myspacers decided that playing Mafia wars was more fun than reading my blogs. Which leads me here.

But do not fear! Just because I’m writing for Fancy-shmancy Wurdpress, doesn’t mean I’m gonna change my writing, and start blogging about stocks, or whatever it is those pretentious pricks write about. I’m still gonna cuss, I’m still gonna make dick jokes, and I’m still gonna say the word “gonna”.

So think of this as part 2 of Mr. Falco’s super-fantastic-blogging-adventure. Oh, and please bookmark this and check for updates! Or else it will be lost forever, and I’ll be super famous, and when I walk down the street to find your homeless-ass pushing a cart in front of Denny’s, you’ll look up and say:

Your homeless-ass: D’ya have any spare change?

Me: Do you read my blogs?

Your homeless-ass: Well…I…

Me: Well do ya?!

Your homeless-ass: I’m afraid not, my good sir..

Me: Sorry loser, you shoulda read my blogs *takes out a knife and rips your garbage bag, causing all your clothes to fall on the floor*

Haha oh god… my posts will only get worse from here.