Do you like to fuck, or make love?

To be honest, she wasn’t a unique, or special girl. As a matter of fact, she was actually kind of boring. Aside from her C-cup breasts (that I didn’t care for) nothing stood out. Yea, she was sweet girl, but nowadays, who isn’t? But somehow…when she turned to me in the pale moonlight and asked me “Wanna make out?” I still said, “sure.”

After an hour of deep kissing, I laid back in the passenger seat, and looked out the side of the window, towards the sky. She was on top of me, kissing my neck – which was disrupting my state of contemplation. So I pressed the side of her face against my chest, and began stroking her hair. I didn’t kiss her. She didn’t kiss me. I just held onto her. I felt…sorry for her.

She glanced up at me, with glossy eyes, and just stared. I asked her “What’s wrong?” Her head slowly pillowed against my chest as she sighed and said “Nothing..” I knew she was lying – I could feel a sliver of pain underneath a blanket of happiness. “No really, what’s wrong?”

Her: Nothing…It’s just that… no one has ever done that to me.
Me: Done what?
Her: Held me, like that
Me: Well…what do they normally do?
Her: Ranier, I’ve been with a lot of guys before. Usually, we would kiss, make out, and then… fuck.
Me: Did you not want it?
Her: No no, I did. The thing is.. after making out..the guys I went out with just wanted to fuck. They were fucking me.
Me: Hmm…
Her: Ranier?… When you make love to someone… what is it like?


Sometimes it truly upsets me that guys are still like that. When I hear of those stories, I feel like a scientist looking into a glass box filled with wild monkeys. So how can that be? How can some guys be so selfish? Contrary to popular belief, not all girls want to be ravaged and fucked like rag dolls. Real sex isn’t like your standard porno.

When it comes to gossip, I live in my own Oasis, away from all the drama. The “who fucked who” conversation isn’t a topic I engage in quite often. Being that I am so out of the loop, I like to believe that men nowadays are civil, and caring. I mean come on, hit it and quit it?! I thought that shit was like… five years old?! Who does that?!

Today, sex has deviated into something totally different. Nowadays, It’s not about pleasure anymore. It’s not about her pleasure, and it’s not even about his. It’s all about his ego. Guys don’t want big dicks so they can please their lover, they want big dicks so they can feel more powerful. They want to feel like men so they can go back to their friends and brag about how much he made her bleed.

According to my Sociology class, most men and women believe that Sex is finished when the man orgasms. This means one thing: sex is focused around the pleasures of the man - not the woman.

Has it ever occurred to you that while you’re riding your bitch’s back, she could very well be facing the other way, in tears? Guys fuck girls, girls don’t fuck guys. They call it penetration for a reason. But are you penetrating into her emotions? Are you stealing her dignity and self worth? Stripping away that which makes her a Woman?

Yea, I guess this blog sounds a bit silly, maybe even stupid. I’m sure there are some girls out there who are saying in their head “Jesus Christ! This guy’s a PUSSY!” Although, I could care less. But for those of you out there who don’t feel this way, for those of you that have been treated like a rag doll and were not taken care of, this is for you. We aren’t all like that…I hope.


To some women…

Sex is much more than just fucking.

25 thoughts on “Do you like to fuck, or make love?

  1. I applaud you for writing about a topic that is just insanely true. Guys making love? Rarely happens, and if it does, thats only in the beginning of relationships(I don’t mean those one night stands, Im talking about those legit relationships). Afterwards, it’s just plain fucking. Why? Whats the point for men to “make love” when they already have “her love”.

    That’s what I think.

    • WHO ARE YOU?! You insightful commenter you!

      I think it’s sad that, at first, some guys come off as sweet and romantic, but only in the beginning. But once he “has her” and they become attached, its almost as if he doesn’t care anymore. Making love turns into fucking. Conversating turns into yelling. And the rest goes to shit…


      • Thats not how it was for me and some others i know.
        Mine was the most cynical asshole I ever met, total dick complete with kitchen jokes, and your standard chauvinist, “fuck them bitches” attitude.
        However it turned out he preferred “making love” to “fucking” and i’m the
        type of girl who preferred “fucking”
        He turned out to be the sweet romantic type, i was however now intruiged and i asked him about it.
        Turns out a lot of otherwise sweet lads feel pressured into being macho bulls by others lads since they think thats what girls want, that nice guys get left behind.
        Its rare you find a man, most of them are immature boys, at leadt where i live!

      • Love is ‘wanting to make love’ Making love is not what takes place in the bed, on the floor in front of a fire on a long cold winter night. Making love starts early in the morning when you look at your partner and say good morning darling. I love you. It raises its head at the breakfast table when you say ‘ darling everything you cook, tickles my taste buds’. It appears agian when you leave home for work an besides kissing her on the cheeks, you give her a long lingering look which says,’Darling. I wish I did not have to go.’

        Love making goes with you yo your office and when you are munching the sandwich she made for you in your lunch break and you call her to say, ‘the sandwich is tasty, just like your tongue in my mouth’. And when you call to tell her that you are on your way home.’ with an undertone that you are going to make love to her like never before.’

        You are making love when you finish your dinner and watch her favourite Soap with your arms around her. You know, you are going to give her the pleasure of her life because you love her so very much. It is not your physical pleasure that draws you to her. It is the pleasure you are going to give her tenderly, affectionately, kindly and yet vigorously.

        Then you go to bed and look at her with a smile that says, I love you andI am going to show it to you. The poor woman has been made love to all day long. She is ready to fall into your embrace and give you all she has got to please you and to enjoy your love.

        Now that is making love, and while you are taking her to the seventh heaven, you let yourself go. You are then in her safe hands and she would never let you down. You are now relaxed, more so because you know that you made love to your love and did not just fuck her. You do not leave her while she is simmering in the warmth of your love, your care and consideration. You have invoked in her the sense of security. You have given her total respect. You have just told her how precious she is to you and how much you value her as a friend, as a lifelong partner, as a wife and as the mother of your children. You do not turn away from her and start snoring to your heart’s content. This is what I call love and loving and love making. The rest is all bloody shit.

  2. Agreed.
    To those kind of things, I would say “oh, that’s life”
    But honestly, that’s not how life, nor love should be.

    And it’s sad how love is painted as a “battle field”
    Because it’s true. “Conversations turns into yelling”
    Words and pain getting thrown at eachother, at the end
    the dominant one stands alone, the person that loved too much.

  3. I think I can relate to the girl in your story, before I met “the guy i’m going to end up with”, that is. My first encounters with him it was the same thing it was like, “what? you don’t wanna fuck me? you wanna GET TO KNOW ME? what is this?” haha like it was just the craziest thing in the world. Needless to say he “made love” to me. We are only allowed to say “make love” he does not like have sex, do it or any other terminology. It has to be referred to as making love. And two and a half years later, he still makes love to me =)

  4. :’) this was simply amazing Personally I think listening to what she had to say and even thinking about what you learned in your sociology makes you super awesome!

    I see exactly what you are explaining. My guy friends, almost all, are like that and they love to brag about how many girls they “fuck”. It’s sad.

    ~ Gabby~

    • awww, im flattered that you took note of those things ā¤

      Well, I can only hope that the guy you end up with is the opposite of your guy friends (in that subject)

      • hahaha, well have to give props to smart people šŸ™‚
        And I try to avoid guys like my friends, but I feel like that’s all there is around here T^T

  5. Thank you so much for this ā¤
    I'm going through a phase right now where I'm so disgusted by guys. So many guys tried to sleep with me before they even knew my name. I'm so happy to know that there are still men out there like you.
    You gave me a little hope.

  6. After reading your new blogs I decided to go back and read all the ones from the past. This one feels great to read(Not that the others aren’t). But this felt real and true and I’ve actually thought it myself. Thank you Ranier.

  7. I found this blog by chance and I’m so glad I did. Your humour is excellent. Work is dry and now I’ve found something thoroughly entertaining.

    Back on topic though, even though a lot of people will probably say they want to “make love” or that they do make love, for a lot of us young people, it is really just fucking, as vulgar as that sounds. I think making love comes with actual love and as someone who’s never been in love, I don’t think I can honestly say I’ve done that.

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  9. Making love is great… So is fucking. I like a bit of rough sex sometimes… or very often. I’m a girl and I do like it rough. But! This doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to take care of me and my emotions. Sex is great only when it’s sensual. And great sex is when you are completely free to give into your deepest desires and fantasies. This can only happen with a considerate guy. A selfish guy will never have the key to my heart, to my fantasies, to my orgasm. Also, I love intimacy after sex, before sex, during sex. Sex is intimacy. It’s giving – mutual giving. I’ve only had great sex with the guys who really did care about my pleasure. Who loved to see me go crazy. And it’s only them that I felt comfortable enough to do kinky stuff – I could never tell the others anything cause I would feel like a whore – the great guys didn’t judge, they just pleased me and I returned the favour.
    And yes, cuddling is vital after sex šŸ™‚

  10. I’m a teen boy btw..and I equally respect boys and girls no matter their race.

    Yep, the world has totall changed. Girls these days are not treated with respect as before. Sex is all about love etc. boys totally think that it cool to go hard. Some boys just want to count the numbers. I’m looking forward for girl in which I want to show love with. I want to look at the girl im with face to face; holding her hands and kissing her slowly. There’s also gotta be connection between sex. Sometimes girls this days ask for the word “FUCK ME!” if u want it, the boys are obviously going to give it too u. So I sometimes think nowadays, girls want it harder which spreads among boys. U can’t always blame the boys…can you?

  11. Its a very well oiled machine,trust me some things just flow an That’s the case with us,So awesome it will,make us so stimulated it will not be over for a while…Come see….

  12. I know a Female so BEAUTIFUL you have to , well I have to take my time,so sweet No way I would not put her in complete Heaven,cause I am gonna be right there with her,its really great when you can go like the energizer bunny,an I have always been able to come right back to original state which is plenty,over an over,that’s what makes it so electrifying….

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