I know your entire life story.

Ahhh… the joys of watching someone live their life, and picking away at their brain. What a pleasure! What a blessing! The thrill of watching someone move, to hear them speak, listen and dissect their words and the fluctuating tone of their voice, is quite entertaining. How much do we speak when we speak? And if actions speak louder than words, what story are they trying to say?

There are those who believe they understand the art of reading body language. The art of reading someone’s body movements, and being able to link it to their personality/mood. Arms closed? Emotions are closed. Forehead sweaty? Frustrated. But sometimes there’s more to it. Words spoken, words unspoken. That’s what I watch. That’s what I look for.

There’s a girl in my class: pretty, athletic, and very vocal. She’s not afraid to ask questions (even though 40% of them are dumb questions) and she has this air of confidence – you can see it in her stern and almost (overly) upright posture. But I could sense something in her… something wrong. It’s like I could see a beam of light bursting from a tiny crack in her personality. Naturally, I decided to investigate.

She frequently talks to guys in the class, leaning in slightly, talking in a very very friendly tone. Perhaps she’s just flirty. But if so, then why is she flirting with every guy? She even flirts with the not-so-good-looking guys – I know she can do better. But there’s a bigger reason: attention. And like all attention seekers, they seek it because they didn’t have enough of it before. I took a seat next to her to see if I could find out more.

Normal activity, nothing out of the ordinary. Then I turned my head, and looked at her shoes. And just at the corner of my eye, I could see her, seeing me, seeing her. And just then, she quickly tucked her feet under the table. Normal people don’t do that. Suspicious people do. People who are hiding something. I glanced over again to see what she was hiding, and there they were: scars – real scars.

Scars that looked like they were made by razor blades – and tons of them, all around her legs, and even her arms. These shiny old wounds stuck out like gold in a pile of mud, clear as the light of day. What does it say? What’s the story? Pain on the outside relates to pain on the inside. Similarly, I find it highly related to her supposed air of confidence. She works out, I can tell. But if this confidence is due to her hard earned/toned body, then the same applies: What is done on the outside is done to fix what is on the inside. Gotcha.

Now all I need to do is solidify my theory and I can go home knowing I solved a case. Step two: remove the attention. On day one, I helped her with a few math problems, put on my friendly hat, and left the class. And on day two, I ignored her completely. I didn’t even look at her. I could tell she was getting frustrated. She was longing for it, but I didn’t give it.

I wanted her to talk to me, and I was going to make her do it. So I slowly packed my things, at the same pace as her, in order to walk out at the same time. And just as I planned, she talked:

Her: Nice shirt
Me: Thanks
Her: What’s your name?
Me: Ranier, you?
Her: Anna

Then she shook my hand with a very very firm grip. Case closed.


I see you.

8 thoughts on “I know your entire life story.

  1. I love how every girl you talk about, her name just happens to be Anna! haha! And that’s like so tortuous, to be all friendly with her and then one day totally ignore her. I can sympathize. I hate when guys send mixed signals like that. It’s very frustrating.

    But you are a very good writer =)

    • Even though I might be talking about some girl in my blog, I never use their real names. If I’m gonna blast someone on this site, I gotta be a little respectful, eh? 😉

      and thanks 🙂 I appreciate you commenting HERE, unlike the other viewers who only tell me their thoughts in person.

  2. Hm..This blog is so interesting. The part when the girl placed her legs closer to herself reminded me of what I did. A guy just looked at my shoes or something, and I covered my toenails because I needed to repaint them lol

    The hard grip of the handshake makes me wonder, is it probably to cover up for her agony and scars that she placed upon herself? And I think you did the right thing to ignore her though. It APPEARS that you’re indifferent, so then you can be able to lay low and investigate more in secret! a-HA! genius 😀

    • I have my explanation as to why she had a firm handshake. But instead of delving into it, I’d rather let the reader come to their own conclusions (even though they probably aren’t too different from my own).

      • Haha alright. I just looked at your blog title again. Sometimes when I look at someone and see the little actions they make, like walk and whatnot, I’m able to tell how their life story is. It’s eerie when it’s like spot on, isn’t it 😀

  3. Reading stuff like this is interesting in the fact that your taking something that a person would not normally think about and add more too it. You break it down, analyze the person, and end up with a result, a VERY strong grip. I’m going to take a guess to why she shaking your hand. In my opinion, I think the reason behind her abrasive grip is that she feels as if she accomplished her goal of being an attention seeker, like you said :). And what probably annoyed her is her not establishing that attention between someone near her on a more friendlier level.

    • Interesting interpretation of the strong grip 🙂 Although it’s very different from mine.

      Read up on the psychology of “hand shakes”and what a overly strong one might suggest. Then you’ll be getting somewhere.

      ps. thanks for commenting “uncle” 😀

  4. Wait a minute … you’re really going OUT with this girl? This should prove for interesting blogging, but if I were you, I’d be staying far away, Asian men’s reputation or no Asian mens’ reputation. She’s sadly screwed up (I have had a couple of friends who cut themselves, and it’s a VERY deeply troubling sign) and I’m not sure you’re going to do anything other than make her (probably, if you’re as cute and indifferent s you seem) fall for you. Then when you inevitably end it with her, whether it’s after a first or second date (and you will – you’re far too smart not to) she’ll feel even worse about herself.

    If you want to help this girl, you can try to be her friend. But she’ll still probably fall for you. And this won’t be an easy relationship, friendship or not.

    OK, I’ve sent you an essay! 🙂 I’ll stop here.

    GREAT blog.

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