Interracial Dating: Are Asian Guys the Perfect Boyfriends?

In a weird way, sex is a lot like Interracial Dating: everyone does it but not a lot of people openly discuss their preferences. In the same way that you won’t barge into work and proclaim to your coworkers “I LOVE handjobs!” you also can’t start a conversation with “I LOVE Punjabs!” But interracial dating is tough – or so it seems. We are too often lead to believe that dating outside our native culture is troublesome and will surely lead to an unexpected pregnancy – or at least a broken heart.

“I went black and I’m NEVER going back!”

In my life I’ve had the luxury of meeting various girls of various backgrounds: North Indians, Mexicans, Punjabis, South Koreans, French, Canadians, Japanese, Iraqis, and any others that you can think of. But among the girls that I’ve had an romantic interest for, I’ve come to the conclusion that although interracial dating is tough, dating an Asian guy isn’t.

Could it be? Could it be that Asian guys are the perfectly balanced boyfriend of your dreams? Could it be that our culture mixed with ANY culture will result in ETERNAL happiness and good fortune? Well I’m not sure about ANY culture (Eskimos? Not sure yet…)  but I have a very strong feeling that we’re getting there. The modern Asian man is probably one of the most diverse, open minded, and well balanced feller you’ll ever meet. Not sure if you’ll like one? Here’s the guide:

“Read this blog, it’s my favorite!” – Bruce Lee


Asian guys dating Black girls

Many people have the belief that because some Black girls may be too aggressive, a relationship with an Asian man will only result in a squashed banana. Ummm…are you KIDDING me? Too aggressive? Do you realize we’re raised by older ASIAN WOMEN?! Older Asian women are the most vicious, cut throat people in the world. They will cut you off in heavy traffic, deny your refund (even if you have the receipt signed by the president), and if you don’t eat your vegetables they will punish you by making you drink tobasco sauce (yes, that really happened to me.)

So to say that Black women will overpower Asian men is a false statement! We can handle you, and anything you may throw at us – be it a slipper, the remote control, or tobasco sauce. To link back to the past, Asians and Blacks in America have both gone through poverty at some point in time. Both of us have lived through cramped houses, shared beds, and food stamps (my family included). So in terms of family values, both of our cultures know the importance of hard work, saving money, and keeping close to your family.

Several years back, when my older brother was dating a black girl, he came out of his room and approached me with his hand at my shoulder and said “Dude, I’m telling you: marry a black girl. When they love you, they love you. They know how to treat a man.” Since then I’ve been wondering about what it might be like to date a black girl myself, and what the hell he was doing with that hand before he touched me.

In the perspective of love, Asian men are similar to Black women. You see, there are billions of Asians out there (literally) and to us, true love is true happiness. I mean sure, we’d like to get an A on our Anthropology midterm but meeting the right girl is where our true happiness resides. When an Asian man finds a woman, he worships the ground she walks on. She is the thread binding his soul together and with that, with both the Black woman and Asian man madly in love, who can’t deny the fact that eternal happiness is possible?

“But…but Ranier! I’m a Black woman and I occasionally like listening to underground hip hop, and I also enjoy dancing! How will my Asian man EVER keep up with me!? All he does is listen to techno!” If that’s what you’re worried about please take a look at the show America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) and look at the winners: Quest Crew, Jabbawockeez, Super Cr3w, We Are Heroes, and Poreotix. From all of the 5 seasons, 4 of them were Asian groups.

Asians are winning all the dancing competitions, we compete in B-boy battles, freestyle, we can all sing, play an instrument, or beatbox. We’re just as musical and talented as you are. Still worried? Look at how beautiful our kids will look like!

How your kids will look like:



Asian guys dating White girls



The Asian male and White female (AM/WF) couple have been the poster boys/girls for interracial dating  – and for good reasons. Now I’m not trying to knock off White Male/Asian Female (WM/AF) couples but in the case of AM/WF, there’s a beauty that exists between the two. Unlike WM/AF couples, which too often include a White male with an Asian fetish, the relationship between an AM/WF is completely balanced. No fetishes, no objectification.

Between the Asian male and White female there’s a sense of equality in power. No specific gender wears the pants [permanently] and there’s a divine sense of understanding. From my experience, 100% of the White girls that I know who are interested in Asian guys are ALL highly cultured, open minded, beautiful, and intelligent women. Some have traveled the world while others possess the intellect to crush Professor Xavier (X-men). (ex: Zoe Blue)

Why yes! Miss Universe 2005, Natalie Glebova, is married to an Asian man. WOO!

These adventurous and cultured women have seen life in its fullest and have carried that mentality towards dating. Why would she date a regular guy from town when there’s a hunky, cultured Asian man right next to her?! You see, Asian American men are born cultured. Fortunately for us, all of our parents believe in preserving some of the traditions from “back home”. From the foods we eat to the way we handle marriage and children, there’s always a sense of Asian culture in an Asian man. Most importantly, Asian men are knowledgeable about other Asian cultures. If you meet a Chinese man, chances are he knows everything about Korean cuisine and he also listens to Japanese music.

So when Sally Johnson (who traveled to India, Thailand, and China) meets Peter Leung (who has lived in California all his life) the two of them have good chemistry. Sally senses Peter’s culture and Peter recognizes her open mindedness and intelligence. The two are psychologically perfect for each other and their passion for culture and adventure will keep them together, traveling the world, eating good food, and having great sex.

Vera Farmiga in “Never forever”

How your kids will look like:



Asian guys dating Latin girls



Ahh…the Latina: Her beauty is so unmeasurable that not even our Ti-89 Titanium edition calculators can explain it. I live in the East Side of San Jose which means you are either one of two things: Asian or Latin. Sure there are sprinkles of whites and blacks here and there but it’s pretty much 4o% Asian, 40% Latin, and 20% “What are you?”

For some odd reason I’ve noticed that as I flip through my mental black book of girls I’ve liked, the best ones (the ones who I had the best chemistry with) were ALL Latina. My first girlfriend in 6th grade was Latina, and so was my second. Latinas and Asians have one MAJOR priority that matches perfectly with each other: the importance we place on family.

A father at his daughter’s Quinceanera

BOYYY I’ll tell ya! Asians have big families. We have family back in the Philippines, Vietnam, China, and every major city in America. Similarly, Latina’s have ENORMOUS families as well. Have you seen a picture from a Latina’s Quinciañera? If you were to TRY to fit all of her family in one picture, you’d have to get one of those cameras they use to take the senior High School class picture. Bottom line: we have huge families which means we’re very affectionate and caring people.

So when Elena Hernando calls her boyfriend Brandon Manlangit (Filipino last name fyi) to cancel their dinner plans because of a sudden family dinner she has to attend, Brandon will understand, because Brandon shares the same values. Brandon won’t get mad and Elena will have a good time with her family knowing that canceling her date with Brandon was easier than she thought. They get each other.

Lastly, I personally think the chemistry between Latin girls and Asian guys works incredibly well. Generally speaking, Latin women are often more laid back than Latin men. Similarly, Asian men are more laid back than Asian women. Which means naturally, the two relaxed people make for a great couple. Both the Latin girl and the Asian guy enjoy having fun, laughing all the time, and basking in each others simple yet fun charisma.  It’s a relationship that never gets boring and ensures that every kiss is just as perfect as the first.

How your kids will look like:



What does this all mean?

White men have always been seen as the default in interracial dating. It’s as if society’s general understanding of Interracial dating = colored women dating white guys. But it doesn’t have to be that way! If you’re a Black women you can date a Punjabi! If you’re a White woman you can date a Native American! If you’re a Latina you can date a Kenyan! You have options! You have choices! Life isn’t McDonalds where you only have Vanilla soft serve – HELL NO! You’re at an ice cream shop on steroids! This is Baskin Robins 5000 flavors!!!

I don’t want people in society to keep thinking that Interracial dating is a white centric thing. I want you guys to try ALL of the ethnicities under the cancer inducing sun! But remember: if you want a man who is cultured, who understands what you’ve been through, who will worship the ground you walk on, who will be the father of your childen, who will laugh with you, who will understand your need to be with family… try dating an Asian man – we’re  AWESOME!

“High five for being Awesome!”

437 thoughts on “Interracial Dating: Are Asian Guys the Perfect Boyfriends?

  1. As a white women myself, I don’t understand what all the hype over Asian men is about, they don’t look as nice as White men.
    The truth is..
    REAL women don’t go for asian men that looks like 18 years old girl.
    Maybe it’s asian’s losers that is self-promoting!

    • “REAL women don’t go for asian men that looks like 18 years old girl. Maybe it’s asian’s losers that is self-promoting!”

      Where do I begin? hahaha

      I’ll save you from the embarrassment from the various intelligent people who frequent this site and say one thing: please, have a cup of tea, and think about your life.

      Reorganize the thoughts in your head – the few and the fewer – and come back after you’re feeling better.

      But you make a very VERY good point: Obviously you’re a white woman who doesn’t like Asian men, correct? And I think it’s safe to imply that your circle of friends includes a decent amount of white women, right?

      That being said, you mentioned that “I don’t understand what all the hype over Asian men is about” which MEANS……

      The “hype” has escalated so far that it has reached an audience of people who don’t even like asian guys! THE EXPOSURE IS GETTING THERE! The message is finally reaching the outer limits of civilization! WOOO!

      MUAH* Thank you my dear friend, for informing me of this great information. You can go back to your coloring book now :DD

        • Me too! I’m white and I actually prefer Asian men to white men. I definitely think it is something to do with the value of families, which is really important to me.

      • Listen She Boy Falco ! The White woman (ukhedhu) is right on the money ! You and your UNFORTUNATE kind of yellow she boys have the double whammy against you ! Not only do you pack extremely exceesive Oestrogen that gives you that Feminine Featured look, your asian she boys also have the smallest packages ! I have had some of your own asian women tell me that you got small dicks ! in addtion to Oestrogen girly looks ! (sorry for your kind man !)
        From the very first Non Asian female who was sexually attracted tour pathetic kind of small dicked she boys, every one of them HAS BEEN/ARE/ AND WILL BE Bisexual women ! No straight non asian woman like ‘ukhedhu’ has/ is / and will never be attracted to your kind !
        There are 5 Naturally Masculine male races starting with Black men, white men, Latino men, E. Indian men & Arab men who take care of straight women ! Yes, including the very beautiful miss Universe 2005 ! Who said beautiful women aren’t Bi ?
        All your asian APPOLOGISTS and DENIALIST non asian women who are attracted to she boys can do is, dig yourself deeper by being in denial even more ! Your right, Natalie Globova is very beautiful and very Bi !
        See, Bisexual women are more Masculine, dominant and they prefer their men with feminine features…….THAT’S WHY THEY SLEEP WITH WOMEN TOO ! WHATEVER WAY YOU CUT IT, YOU YELLOW SHE BOYS LOSE !
        Only non asian bi women go for You !
        How could you be in denial when overwhwlmingly your own Asian women run from you to other REAL masculine males ! Now, your right I have see 11 white girls with heavily pumped up Asian guys….but you wonder if they are real masculine and with real packages why pump up so much ? ! Obviously, all these 11 white women are ‘even’ more Bi., than other non Asian women who go for non pumped up asian she boys ! These women are the most pathetic, bec, if they thought for a second why do so many asian men pump up and not many males of other races, if they were smart they’d know the answer ! But, they can’t help it bec. they are Extremely Bisexual !
        Penis pumps, Penile enlargeners, ask any seller of these equipment who buys the most ? ! But, extremely bi beautiful NaTalie Glebovas fall for them…..hmm, don’t know why ?………B…!!!!
        I will rub it into you that Not even one non Asian woman has dated/ married you other than bec. they are Bi.
        (there ‘could’ be one non Bi. related reason, non Asian women, esp. white women marry you, bec. among ‘some’ white women you asian men are know as ‘Trophy Husbands’ ! ie, Money & success ! (sorry NOT natural masculinty & penis size !)

        WOULD, YOU LIKE TO DEBATE ME ON THIS TOPIC, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, Falco ? ! 9bring a couple of Kleenex boxes, she boy!)

        Please pay no attention to me. I am an insecure white boy whose girlfriend cheated on me with an Asian Man. That is the real reason why I post such hateful comments on this blog. I am simply afraid to admit that I myself have a small penis and I need to convince myself otherwise by trash talking Asian Men and the women who love them.

        I am a racist, ignorant, overweight man that believes in preserving the white race because, well, that’s pretty much all I have going for me. After I finish posting hateful comments I like to watch videos of Black Men fucking White Women because for some odd reason, I get turned on by it. I am pathetic.

        And Ranier, the writer of this blog, is my master.
        Woof Woof.
        Woof woof.

        • WOW! ukhedhu You didn’t have to go so far to pretend to be a “DUDE” to devalue our men. Or if you still trying to tell me you are indeed a “dude”, then you must be sweatn. You must not want to loose your last chance. haha

          I think all these women know what they are talking about and what they are in for. You just need to get use to it. The earth is not gonna stop moving because of you. Compare to twenty or thirty years ago, what do you see? EVERYTHING CHANGED AND IT’S STILL CHANGING, EXCEPT YOU! Maybe you should do something about yourself, not everyone else.

          As far as the Chinese men may look younger. I don’t mind be young for few more years. No one wants to be with a thirty year old senior citizen…BALDHEADED, BACKHAIR, NASTY NOSTRIL AND EAR HAIR, AND WHAT’S WITH THE MALFUNCTION DICKS OR DICKHEAD (Dysfunctional ERECTILE). REALLY? Well, here is one thing for sure our country men has the MAGIC STICKS! Works every time and it cries for government control. China did not over populated for no reason, sistas! Allegra hates them because they would put them out of business! haha Oh!, Not to mention that our men never ever forgets their wallets. Dinning s always ladies choice. Looking at the above pictures and the people that I know, I must say that our men do have great gene pool.

          One more thing, The Chinese men may look younger, but they certainly mature faster. CATCH BUD, YOU IMMATURITY MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A RACIST DUMB @SS!

        • I hope you get AIDS, Cancer and Hepatitis C. In the final moments of your painful agony, I also hope you get run over by a car, then as your laying their dying, some homeless dude rapes your pathetic excuse of a human body. And to top off things, I hope I get a chance to slit your throat and bash in the glory of your death.


          • Btw, my comment was directed to those racist, white boys (especially that Eric, douchebag).
            Live well and free my Asian brothers. The Hood has got yo back!

            • Eric already told himself that s/he had a girl spot. LOL. Yet anyone that would follow such retarded stereotypes, racism, and sexist ideas they would end up like that dude. Sad and inferior people… but my real good white buds would be WAY more accepting.

              By the way even if my penis was small, I don’t give a damn cause size don’t matter, it wouldn’t turn off the smart and sexy ladies because they know HOW to make their asian guys feel good about themselves and have fun while not wanting to leave them.

              I make way for white and latina girls in interracial coupling though. 😉

        • Wow, for supposedly being a dude, you seem to have very strong opinions regarding Asian Men, not to mention a curious obsession with Bi-sexuality. You obviously have problems, (just shooting in the dark, self-hate) but I doubt if Asian men are one of them. It sounds more like Asian men have gotten over on you once or twice in your life. My best advice for you is to internalize the mantra “resentments kill” and try to let go, or just accept yourself for whoever you are. The only “Denialist” in the room is obviously you buddy. Whatever the case, when Bruce Lee haunts you in your dreams and kicks you ass for calling out his entire ethnicity, your probably best off lining your sheets with plastic so you don’t ruin them.

        • ….
          Ok I don’t post much but this has just set me back and I don’t care how old this post is I need to bring something to the attention to ignoramuses out there as such. First of all falco looks like any other guy that has a hipster swag. If you see a “insert race other than white here” with style you don’t immediate try to belittle them as femanine. Which is racist. Yea it’s a brainwashed racist core in you of probably learned behavior because the apple does not fall far from the tree. Ok so lets say you would call them all she boys… Well then you are a homophobe. Any want who comes on the Internet and reacts like that has some personal issues.
          Your constant use of “boy” shows that you are seen as weak or out of control in your own life or around some darn hateful ppl…
          I have always liked swimmers bodies and basket ball physique. I don’t find it femanine at all because a man is about his word, his composure, and his ethics to others, not just his body. Boys throw tantrums and be little others.
          I promise you this, mentally balanced women flock to ment hat do not behave like crazy idiots. Just as you stated in your text, Asian women are more outward looking on marriage/dating because there is an attitude in the Asian male society they don’t like. This is partially true. However not in falco’s case. However your failure to deal with the fact that this rule does not apply to just Asian men… White men are applicable, you so absolutely no growth! Your girl friend possible dumped you because you treated her like crap and this post is an example of how you handle you anger or jealousy. Orrrr she was prob a bad pick and you ignored the signs because men tend to be physical-superficial judges from sexuality.
          He brings a goo point tho, that people these days are race chasing and trophy chasing verse substance.
          I have met the Pokemon masters (girls who date Asian men as a commodity to trade an compare like Pokemon cards), I have met Asian people who see white as an upgrade and a source of feeling accepted by mainstream society, I have seen girls of every ethnicity date for money (which patriarchal society created) and I’ve seen men throw money and power at women to get their attention….
          In all these cases they reap what they sew!

          So as Rainer states… How about dating for humanity?!
          Stop assuming you will have nothing in common due to your race!! Remember that compatibility is not about what you have in common but how you handle the things you don’t.

          • You have some good points Aniiko.
            It made me think of these kids who play together at daycare. A few were black, white, asian, and Mexican looking and they all got along just fine without prejudice adult interference. It just shows our children naturally don’t care about that stuff.
            Well I think we need to follow that blind love so to speak and disregard color.

            I know I have found love in a man who’s Asian and white. I didn’t know that when I met him and I didn’t care. I fell in love with his intelligence, generosity, good heart, and his love for me in easily letting me become part of his life. But I think all couples need some common interests like for example me and my boyfriend love martial arts and going shooting. We have a lot of other things in common too. But I’m saying that you need an activity you share together.

            All those people who say Asian men aren’t manly. Well to bad but your wrong, I have never been more attracted to somebody and more intellectually stimulated then I have to any non Asian boyfriends I have had.

            Just be open about love, if I had been racist I would have never seen my match in the man I love.

        • This is one of the saddest and most laughable comments I’ve ever seen. My boyfriend is Chinese and is by far the sexiest most naturally alpha/masculine man I’ve ever been with. And nit that it actually matters, but if you ever caught a glimpse of him naked, your mind would be fairly blown by how far off-base THAT stereotype is.

      • Hi FALCO, I’m from french west Indies (Martinique island) and I have to admit that three things still make me afraid about dating an asian guy:
        1) Traditions (people usually say that asian people espacially in France are very narrow minded)
        2) Dance (dancing is my life so i really don’t wanna date a person who don’t know how to dance)
        3) Sex (Everybody says that it’s boring to have sex with asian people)

        BUT…. When I red your post at least I think like why not … Maybe all of that are just rumors and I really appreciate the way you expressed yourself..

        • Open-mindedness is awesome. Never be afraid to challenge your own beliefs, let alone the supposed ones that other people harbor. =]

        • Let me tell you. I have slept with an a bunch of guys from different races before and the asian dude was awesome. It’s definitely not a racial thing…it’s a guy thing and whether or no he knows how to USE his thing.

      • Lol i dont agree either at all of what she said im not white or asian im black yet i can see a lot of better qualitys in asians rather then americans. Just saying :/

    • ukhedhu,

      Perhaps you consider yourself the one female that all other female’s will base their opinions off of. Unfortunately, this is a sad delusion of yours. Asian men look different, yes, but they are in no way less attractive than any other man out there. But maybe delusional white chicks feel the need to give every other white women, including myself, a bad name for being racist and unable to see the beauty in everyone, not just their own race.

    • Please what are you on about everybody has right to like who they like…if you dont like the site keep your opinions to yourself…people here appreciate other people cultures !!!

    • Thank you for this. I have seriously dated Asian men, and have found all experiences to be really great.
      I was also intrigued by your commentary about the ‘equality’ in a AM/WF couple. I’d never thought of it that way, but you may have a point.


    • Put it this way I live I’n Britain and there were only 3 Chinese guys I’n our whole school one a few years older than me, named the sexiest lad I’n his year. This is a White score btw , other two one of them was me, I look Chinese but fir some reason all the girls I’n the year liked me or loved me, for my personality and because they found me attractive. What you call good looks is based on your White bias views of what is I’n magazines, but although I look Chinese quite clearly girls thought I was more attractive. Attractiveness you cannot deny or copy. The 3rd Chinese guy was the smartest boy I’n the whole school …. So work that out girl. Maybe you should open up your narrow little mind and date a few Asians. Far better than White men, modern asians anyway….

    • One girl’s opinion: I’ll predicate by saying that I’m very attractive (not trying to be vain) but let’s just say I’ve had my choice of men ( heck, I’ve even been hit on by tom cruise [before Katie Holmes]) Secondly, I’m very tall (5’10”) and I’m very white ( German,Swedish,Norwegian). I’ve dated many men; an all American football player at Berkeley, blond surfers, lawyers, neuroscientists…but my favorite has been my Asian boyfriend! Why? Easy, I love that he is so open minded, sensitive and he listens. He puts priority on our relationship and spending time with one another. He was saving for he’s unborn children’s college funds before we even met, he values family, friends and hard work. He’s smart as a whip, mathematically minded and still a great communicator. He appreciates art, plays the violin and yet works for the NFL. He is the best of everything! Only a fool would get hung up on something so silly as his race and btw I think he is hot!!! Beautiful skin, deep rich eyes, full head of hair and great athletic body. Ironically, he will probably age much slower than myself. One day instead of: “Look at that Asian man with that white woman” it will be ” Look at that attractive Asian man with that old woman.” ha! Anyway, ukhedhu I’m glad you’re such a bigot; you will never deserve an Asian man anyway!

    • OH MY GOD how dare you say that you myopic excuse for a mind. I think asian men are beautiful and I don’t think that this was self promoting. I believe it was a simple act of putting out ones own opinion and view in a world full of such.

      I respect the fact that you don’t find asian men attractive but not the fact that you chose to call someone a loser for expressing themselves.

    • You obviously know nothing about Asian men if you think they look like 18yr old girls. The negative stereotype of Asian men has been they are effeminate and girly. That is a stereotype that has been perpetuated by un-educated foreigners. Have you heard of “orientalism”?

      There are Asian men who are hot and sexy jacked men’s men and there are metrosexual fashion forward Asian men just like with white men.

      This just leads to the conclusion that men and women are generally the same all around with little cultural nuances

      PS- I was with an Asian man for 5.5yrs and I’ll never go back to white men

      • ANDROGYNES: bec. you are either Asexual or NEAR bisexual, you are attracted to Androgynous East Asian men ! Out o all the races, ONLY east asians don’t have real males !
        They are androgynous, and thereforebec. you are not Straight, you like them ! Sorry !
        So have ALL non east Asian women in the Pat/ Present/ and hopefully Future ! Heterrosexual non East Asain women go for all Other races oof real men, with real Testrosrone and real packages than these Yellow skinned Freaks !
        too bad, you lose Asexual or Near Bisexual one !

        Please pay no attention to me. I am an insecure white boy whose girlfriend cheated on me with an Asian Man. That is the real reason why I post such hateful comments on this blog. I am simply afraid to admit that I myself have a small penis and I need to convince myself otherwise by trash talking Asian Men and the women who love them.

        I am a racist, ignorant, overweight man that believes in preserving the white race because, well, that’s pretty much all I have going for me. After I finish posting hateful comments I like to watch videos of Black Men fucking White Women because for some odd reason, I get turned on by it. I am pathetic.

        And Ranier, the writer of this blog, is my master.
        Woof Woof.
        Woof woof.

    • That’s not necessarily true. I myself would prefer to date Asians BECAUSE of who they are. All of my previous relationships have been horrible, and I’ve been with different races. But where I live, the Asians act just like the white men you never want to be with; aka, mean and prejudice. The only way to meet someone you are destined to be with is to realize that you can’t just worry about the race or looks, but the person behind the mask.

    • LOL even if this is so old ill tell you something, Asian gentleman are quite something… very charming, caring and there is nothing that they can be compared to a white guy, white guys are ok but once you go asian you cannot get out, or at last that was for me… and for kuddos asians are quite something in bed 😀

      • Julia, you are so correct! My guy treats me with such sweetness and care, he’s a true gentleman. I’ve never been happier. I agree with you wholeheartedly!

      • That’s right Julia, bec. they are Androgenous, and have ‘small’ dicks they love to go down on women ! your right, that’s the # 1 reason non East Asian women like Androgens for ! You though you could fool people eh, trying to say ‘they are good in bed’ ! I have seen this saying several times over from non East Asian women and they all say the # 1 reason is these Androgens perform cunnilingus bec. of small dicks ! Sorry, your deception didn’t work ! try again !

        Please pay no attention to me. I am an insecure white boy whose girlfriend cheated on me with an Asian Man. That is the real reason why I post such hateful comments on this blog. I am simply afraid to admit that I myself have a small penis and I need to convince myself otherwise by trash talking Asian Men and the women who love them.

        I am a racist, ignorant, overweight man that believes in preserving the white race because, well, that’s pretty much all I have going for me. After I finish posting hateful comments I like to watch videos of Black Men fucking White Women because for some odd reason, I get turned on by it. I am pathetic.

        And Ranier, the writer of this blog, is my master.
        Woof Woof.
        Woof woof.

    • UKhedhu

      I think i realize something that many others may not have. To help clarify and bridge ignorance, naiveness, and intelligence.
      1. Yes you are right there are some men that look like 18 year old girls and have fragile bodies… in case, i think of the guy from Napoleon Dynomite…. yea even white guys.

      However does that mean that all white guys look that way? No, and how would you know that? Through exposure. You obviously have had limited to no exposure to variety of Asian Men. Case in example, Military. Contrary to your belief, not all. But because you are “white” and have that exposure to the vast array of yummy vanilla images (media and social/community) you know that. Restricting your mind that there are other ethnicities in our military or around the world is almost as ignorant as believing all “white” girls are blonde.

      So lets not embarrass our self. People should also realize that UKhedhu is no more ignorant that the vas Asian men who have a racial fetish. Who only think “white” people are worthy. Her comment can be easily flipped and asco with the homogenous environment of asia, that she her self has had (through the help of a majority ran society) here in the US. There is too much throwing the rocks from a glass house in the Asian community when it comes to this issue. Especially from Asian men.

      I myself am dating an Asian male. Prior to him, i heard the comments from many oh asian men that UKhedhu says about White men, from Asian men. Hearing some one say to you “oh you can pass… you dont look like most ‘black’ women or think you are another ethnicity and thus they feel free to talk about specific ethnicities (not just asians do this around me) is really shocking.

      This response is neither this or that, the truth is, the only people that are able to change the perceptions of people toward them (despite help from the media) are those individuals them self. Asian men dont want to be stereo typed or seen as skinny dudes… Fix it. Black women dont want to be seen as Loud and bossy… fix it, “white” women dont want to be seen as needy and gullible….Fix it, Latinas dont want to be seen as overly sassy and religious then…. Fix it!(sorry if my stereo types are wrong as i dont use them)
      Dont apply stereo types to others if you dont want them done to you!

    • And guess what? Black guys will ALWAYS be superior to White Guys (which I know you are, because no White Girl would be as fucking dumb as you, ukhedhu). I’m sick of you pathetic white boys always trashing minorities; you fucking low-lives are BEYOND SCUM. Go KILL yourself.

      To my fellow Asians, ignore this stupid, jealous, pathetic white boy.

    • hey im 13 and my girlfriend is mexican. we love each other a lot and i dont think many american born asians like me look like 18 yr old girls. captain of my school’s lacrosse team and play basketball, and soccer.

    • im half white and half asian, I be honest white people do age quicker than asian people. Thats why think asian men look younger than their acutal age hahahahha. so dont be talking trashing, I can because im mixed

    • Dear ukhedhu, you’re obviously an insecure white male who felt the need to post this comment due to your unfounded fears and insecurities. There are people who make comments like yours all over youtube. Please be less prejudiced and try to see the world for what it really is. Asian men can look as good if not better than white men (as many other commentators here mentioned).

  2. ukhedhu,

    I’m a white woman, born and bred in the U.S.A., and I honestly have seen very little “hype” about dating Asian men. It makes me wonder what you are reading that lead you to believe there is a lot of “hype” about it? I would ***love*** to see a slew of links “hyping” white women dating Asian men. It would make my job so much easier. Would you please post them somewhere?

    I ask because I do matchmaking and date coaching for Asian American men seeking to date and marry outside their race. I constantly do internet and other research on the topic. There is so little out there, it’s not funny, other than a lot of posts by teenage guys looking to have relations with white girls. This blog is well written and the author is being honest about his feelings. I really respect what he is doing here.

    And please do not get me started on how hard it is to find stock photos to include in my blog and advertising of white, Hispanic or black women with Asian men!

    I would like to comment on the article directly instead of as a reply, but I can’t find the button for it on the blog. Note to Falco, please make your “comment” buttons more visible. I am subscribing to your blog and look forward to reading more from you.

    What I love about the modern Asian-American man is that he can be a wonderful mix of the traditional and the modern. Well, there are many more things that I will write more articles about.

    Thanks for the post Falco.

    • As far as the comment button is concerned, “leave a reply” is the same 🙂 I think depending on the theme/layout being used, the words may be a bit different. So feel free to “reply” and I look forward to everything you have to say!

      Actually, I think there IS a hyping of Asian men but it’s so underground, and so inconsistent we might as well not count it as legitimate: Youtube comments on Asian male videos.

      “And please do not get me started on how hard it is to find stock photos to include in my blog and advertising of white, Hispanic or black women with Asian men!”


      I honestly spend about 1-2 hours looking for pictures for this blog. Initially I planned on writing a section on Asian guys and Indian/Middle Eastern girls, but it was literally impossible. I couldn’t even find pictures of people who were half indian/half asian.

      I also could not find a professional looking picture of an Asian male/Latin female couple.

      • I am an Indian woman who has dated several Asian men (Viet, chinese). People always found us strange as a couple. I don’t know why but there aren’t many of us. Currently dating a middle eastern guy, people aren’t as surprised?!

        I can post pictures…but have no idea what halfies look like.

      • Falco… I think everyone is missing the big point. This is what is so sad. Just like back in the day when blacks were seen as “loud” and “angry” in the 50’s and no one “knew why?”… its the same thing.

        Its not hype at all.. its sad that it is being seen as hype. It is sad that this has to be brought to attention, it is sad that there is not an equal distribution of “notable hot or eligible” men…

        Why are asain men being brought to the for front… is easily answered with a question…

        Why were they over looked or left out of the picture!? That is where the concern should be. Because if this were a society where people actually saw each other as people and not as ethnicities/races/ religions/ threats….

        Sites like this would never be needed. Falco would not have a great blog about the truimps and tribulations of AM stereotypes… and Me walking down the street with a guy who happens to be asian would not turn heads…..

      • You could also consider asking your readers for some pictures that they don’t mind you posting. It seems like a good amount of your readership could be Asian males / non-Asian females. Personally, I’m a Taiwanese guy dating a girl that is Italian / German… a number of my Asian guy friends date non-Asian as well. We’re all pretty active in the second-generation Asian-American scene so I doubt anyone would overly mind… just throwing it out there.

    • Aww thank you for stopping by 🙂 Well, I usually use Flash Forward pictures because those are the only high quality ones i can find :/ There are always AM/BW slideshows on YouTube but i can’t access them. The only other option is to go on peoples facebooks and grab their photos – which I would only do as a last resort.

      but thank you so much for the links! as a blogger who constantly uses pictures and movies, sending me these links helps me SOOO SOOO MUCH. I just need to find pictures/stills from these videos that i can use 😀

      • Awesome article, Falco!

        I think we’re living in a new era where interracial dating is finally a good thing!

        Having conducted an informal poll among the unattached white women I know, let’s just state the obvious:

        Most of them are interested in dating an Asian man, but they automatically assume that they’re all taken. Do you have any advice for these women?

        • ALL these white women you talk about and all white women as well as all non Asian women interested in Asian men are Bisexual Michael !
          You see, they like the Oestrogen filled feminine featured, small packaged Asian men !
          Straight white as well as other straight non Asian women are attracted to naturally masculine men of all other races EXCEPT Asian !
          sorry to burst your bubble !
          Trophy husbands they maybe bec. of success, but they are NOT Real MASCULINE men !
          Feminine featured she boys !

        • Liar, Liar E Asian Androgen: White Womens # 1 Preference is Black Men ! You E asian guys are great Self Promoters !

          Please pay no attention to me. I am an insecure white boy whose girlfriend cheated on me with an Asian Man. That is the real reason why I post such hateful comments on this blog. I am simply afraid to admit that I myself have a small penis and I need to convince myself otherwise by trash talking Asian Men and the women who love them.

          I am a racist, ignorant, overweight man that believes in preserving the white race because, well, that’s pretty much all I have going for me. After I finish posting hateful comments I like to watch videos of Black Men fucking White Women because for some odd reason, I get turned on by it. I am pathetic.

          And Ranier, the writer of this blog, is my master.
          Woof Woof.
          Woof woof.

          • After I finish posting hateful comments I like to watch videos of Black Men fucking White Women because for some odd reason, I get turned on by it. I am pathetic.

            Not true.

            He likes to watch videos of Black men fucking White men.

  3. I love this article Falco, you did a wonderful job I love your writing style it is a lot like mines :). As for ukhedhu, you have obviously not seen enough Asian men they are gorgeous and very intelligent… this coming from an educated black woman who appreciates Asian culture. I hate to label people but your obviously ignorant and anyone reading this blog should discard your comment as spam. Ignorance is not bliss…

    P.S. Falco, Amerie is also a wonderful example of 1/2 Asian, 1/2 black mixture

    • Ms. Cece,

      Just curious: what got you interested in Asian culture in the first place? I noticed that across the board, women who are open to dating Asian men are often highly open to other things as well (new foods, music, religions, fashion, etc).

      and thanks so much for reading and commenting 🙂 too often I get people who read the blog, the verbally discuss their comments with me instead of typing it out.

      ps. Amerie is a DEFINITE hottie 😀

      • Well i wish i could claim one thing in particular but i can’t. I’m Caribbean American born and raised in southern California that being said i grew up around so many different cultures, Asian, Latino, pacific islander, Indian, Black, White and i pretty much befriend anyone with a positive attitude that’s just how my parent raised me. But to be entirely honest i think i started to become interested in Asian culture as a child. Because i was exposed to anime and manga which only fueled my love of creative writing. Then when i became 17 I discovered Korean Drama’s (showing me a variety of Asian males, the good the bad and the ugly lol) at first i didn’t take it too seriously, but i realized that i enjoyed learning more about Asian culture, from family life to, entertainment. Now I am into k-pop and the fact that i can’t speak the language has not stopped me from loving the music. I am slowly beginning to teach myself Korean. I feel like there was not such a huge leap from black culture to Asian culture. We may speak different languages but our difference do not out weigh our similarities. So, Falco its almost like a ripple, it started small but slowly expanded :). lol sorry for life story i can’t help it I a creative writing/ literature major 😀

        • No need to apologize, I loved hearing what you had to say 🙂

          I think it’s awesome that you’re so immersed in asian culture beyond the typical “oh yea! I LOVE chinese takeout therefore I LOVE asian culture!”

          A lot of people are hesitant about getting into asian culture for the irrational fear that all our music is the same, our people look the same, and our food is all bizarre (i.e. dog, pigs feet, etc).

          I was also pleased to hear you mention “I feel like there was not such a huge leap from black culture to Asian culture.” In your opinion, how is it similar? I’ve already mentioned the similarities in black/asian priorities relating to family – do you have anything you would like to add? I plan on writing a more in depth blog about black and asian relationships in the future so your input would be greatly appreciated 😀

          btw, are you from EWT?

          • 🙂 lol @ “oh yea! I LOVE chinese takeout therefore I LOVE asian culture!” I like the fact that there are so many layers in Asian history there is always more to learn.

            I think both Asians and Blacks are the most stereotyped in the media. Most Asian movies have to deal with martial arts or the Asian guys are super geeks who can’t get the girl (this pisses me off lol), while most black movies deal with prisons, loud ignorant women and pimps… and when there are together its some kinda fight movie, gangster flicks etc. I feel like the media didn’t offer us positive role models that actually looked like US.

            lol i am not from EWT but i actually was browsing the net and found it about a week ago and i was reading one of your articles and it lead me here. lol i might join just so i won’t get that rude pop up that i browsed too much and should register lol.

            p.s. Caribbean people eat bizarre food your not alone!:)

            • Yea, I definitely feel like we’re on the same boat as far as our portrayal in the media.

              well you should definitely join EWT! it’s a pretty cool site although I only go there to post articles :))

            • if ur ever in London, give us a shout. would love to take u to my favourite korean restaurant and while we are at it we can discuss all kinds of topics…kpop/kdramas/hangul(which am learning) and all things korean!!!
              U don’t know how awesome it feels to hear of someone who has as much passion for k-culture as I do!
              ps: i think korean guys r sizzlin hot ; ) (just had to say that lol)

              • Lol i have fam in England! I was in London last summer lol. But i know what you mean, I love k-culture and its nice to know we are not alone:) Hangul is def. different I’m still getting the basics down, I’m actually heading to the library tomorrow to find some books to help. (I’m learning how to read! lol not something i should be so excited about but its fun seeing signs in hangul and being able to recognize certain letters.) I’m not sure when I’ll be in your city again but I’d take you up on that offer 🙂 BTW this site has really been helpful :


                p.s. Falco i am thinking of joining EWT sorry for the delay in response I didn’t want to hijack your blog lol

                • lol oh don’t worry. comments are always welcome and encouraged ^_^

                  and feel free to add me when you join EWT!

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  5. Let me tell you a little something about me. I’m 22. I have no money. I have insane debt. I live at my parents’ house. I have grandpa-glasses. I have what will develop later in life into a unibrow. I have a beer gut. I’ve got a big beard and a neck beard to go along with it. Yeah, a neck beard.

    Now imagine that in your mind, and I mean really imagine it. Is this the kind of person who can attract a girl whenever he wants? Be totally honest. No? Wrong. Dead wrong. This is probably blowing your mind right now, and understandably so. This just isn’t the image that Hollywood puts up on the big screen. We are bred to believe that only the George Clooneys and Brad Pitts of the world, with their big chins and sculpted bodies, attract, court, and have sex with beautiful women.

    We believe that the only people who can attract girls easily are the people who have absurd amounts of cash to spend – they have nice clothes, drink Grey Goose, go to the hottest clubs, and they even have a perfect tan in the middle of December. This is a lie. It is simply not true.

  6. I love your articles about dating Asian guys. It makes me wish I’d thought of it back when I was single, sigh… I’ll always enjoy the pictures of the Asian dudes you post though.

    When I moved from California to Texas 5 years ago one thing I do miss is all the Asian dudes, well Asian people really. There are so many fewer Asian people in Austin then in the Bay Area. And this is the most diverse part of Texas!

    • Well, as long as you’re happy with the relationship you’re in now, that’s all that matters 🙂 But for now, feel free to stop by and check out the pictures all you want 😛

      Yea, I heard that Austin had an Asian community but I wasn’t sure how big it was. However, I heard that the Asian people there aren’t very “asian”. I’m not sure what they meant by that… care to explain?

      ps. would you happen to be one of the lady bloggers who added on Facebook awhile back? I know you’ve read my posts before, but I never had the chance to match a face with it all.

    • I would say Austin is probably most diverse city in TX as far as being open-minded, etc but if you wanna meet asian guys Houston is the place!

  7. No on the Facebook thing, sorry. I have been here before, of course, just not in a little while.

    Perhaps the “not-so-Asian” Asian people in Austin just means they’re less invested in the culture of the country of their ancestors. Which is actually true of the two Asian people I have met in the 5 years I have lived here. One was adopted into an American, white family when he was an infant, the other was 5th generation Chinese/American and her parents where so integrated into American culture that she didn’t really know much of Chinese culture. That is quite a change from the Bay Area, I lived near Cupertino and there were a lot of Asian people who had a much stronger tie to their culture.

    And yes, being married to my white husband is awesome. Sometimes I do wonder what it would have been like to date someone who wasn’t the same race as me… Someone with a different culture and who was raised differently would have been an interesting experience.

    • Hey Lady, you are NOT Heterosexual ! If you were, you would not have been attracted E Asian ANDROGENS with small packages ! You are what’s called ‘NEAR’Bisexual ! bec. even though you are married to a real man, you are fantasising about Androgens !

  8. Interesting article indeed interracial dating is a bit controversial in some cultures where you don’t see very many mashups or whatever you want to call it. I would say on average I don’t see many Japanese women or men going outside of their race to date, I see a ton of black, white and some asian cultures dating outside of their race. All in all I love learning about different cultures so I have friends from all areas of the world and I think it’s fine if you want to date outside of your race but many people don’t do it for the right reasons.

    I see black guys dating white girls because they “can’t get along with black women” to me that’s unfair as there are tons of very good and eligible black women. The same goes for every other situation, if its true love then great otherwise it’s just an excuse and you think the grass is greener elsewhere. Beauty and love is everywhere its not for specific race.

    • I think you make a very good point with the whole “I see black guys dating white girls because they “can’t get along with black women” to me that’s unfair as there are tons of very good and eligible black women.”

      Believe me, I am 999% in support of Interracial dating but I do think that there are people out there who do it for the wrong reasons. In particular, I know a lot of people will try to date outside their race as a way to jump up a class (social, economic). I think those reasons are wrong.

      But as far as not being able to get a long with your own race, I personally think it’s a permissible excuse to interracially date. I think this because what if you are a black woman living in an all Black/low income community. You would like to date black men but the majority of them are gang affiliated. At this point, it becomes statistically improbable that you will find a suitable partner under these environmental circumstances. So in order to find someone that you think will help you/satisfy your needs, you might date outside of your race.

      but this is just a hypothetical situation of course (although it doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibilities)

  9. I honestly have to say I loved your perspective on interracial dating. I’m Mexican and I just recently began to get highly interested in Asian guys, mainly after I dated my first Asian boyfriend (Vietnamese) things didn’t work out but after that experience it lead me out to trying out more Asian guys (I was stuck in my only Mexican dating phase) >_< When I read the comments Ms. Cee wrote I didn't feel left out anymore because, I really like Korean culture, I love k-pop and I am also trying to learn how to speak Korean lol :] well thanks so much for your article; I really enjoyed it … much love ❤

    • Esme,

      I think your experiences truly embody what other women feel about when it comes to dating Asian men. I’ve noticed that a lot of women are initially attracted to Asian men but feel like it might look “weird” if they were to date them. They think that “oh man, if i date an asian guy then what will all my Mexican (black, white, indian, etc) friends think?!”

      But anyways, I’m so glad that you’ve been incredibly open minded and I truly wish you the best of luck with your future love life and your endeavors to gain perspective on Korean/Asian culture.

      And thank you again for reading ❤

  10. I really enjoyed this post. My favorite line? “True love is true happiness”. Whew. Amen to that! I’m a Black lady in my 40’s who has always dated whoever I wanted and am now deeply in love with my Vietnamese boyfriend of nearly 2 years. Our connection is a truly beautiful thing. I love you Baby! (Even though he can not dance…at all lol)

    • Drkrbrry: I guarantee that if you play the right song, your Asian boyfriend will be tearin it UP! 😀

      For me, I always thought I had two left feet. I always avoided high school dances and I was constantly sitting in the bleachers during my middle school dances.

      But once I took my first salsa lesson, I was HOOKED! I loved it (and I still do) and I’m not half bad either 😉

      And thank you so much for stopping by! I truly appreciate your comment ❤

  11. Wow, this is a great article. I enjoyed this post very much! Thank you!

    It’s nice to find some people who also share a lot of similiar interest (kpop, jpop, picking up the language, dramas).

    I’m 100% in support of interracial relationships. I’ve been in one for 6 years. I’m Pakistani and my boyfriend is Korean, both of us are 1st generation US born. Regardless of the few uphill struggles, we love each other very much :).

    I’m glad to find some people who are open to dating outside their own race. Learning about one another culture is quite eye opening and some people might be surprised how welcoming families can be too.

    Lucky for me I found my boyfriend but to be honest (from my experience and listening to my close Asian guys friends) I don’t see many Asian men wanting to date outside their race. It could be the area I’m around, who knows. Either way, I hope this changes.

    • Mina,

      Congratulations! A Korean and Pakistani couple? I bet your kids will be incredibly beautiful looking 🙂 That is such a rare and unique coupling. Personally, I’ve always wanted to date South Asians but most of the girls I’ve met have parents that want them to date only South Asians 😦 But I’ll keep trying!

      As I’ve mentioned before, Asian men who do not seem open to dating outside their race are simply doing so because for years that’s what was “safe”. We’ve always had the mindset that we could only attract Asian women so in return, we only approached Asian women. But believe me, although we may not see many Asian men DATING outside their race, I can guarantee you that we are all INTERESTED in the idea. We just need the right girl who is open enough to try our flavor 😉

    • i luv ur blog!!! ur such a gr8 writer. its nice to see that people are becoming more open about dating. im just curious bt hav u ever dated a southeast asian? im actually first generation pakistani american and i luv asian guys but they only either see me as a friend or they hang out in their own asian cliques. would asian guy actually be interested in a southeast asian girl?

      • You are NOT Heterosexual aqeena, bec. if you were you would NOT have been attracted to ANDROGENS with small packages ! Either you are Asexual or NEAR Bisexual !

  12. I love your article. I literally spent all day surfing the web and wondering if any Asian men would date a black woman, let a lone cast a solitary glance. Recently I’ve found myself very attracted to Asian men but I’m not too keen on approaching them for fear of rejection or worse. Although I’ve always been very interested in Asian culture. Your article has given me some hope and I’m definitely open to new people, cultures, etc.

    Thanks for taking the time to write this. Now all I have to do is find an Asian guy around my neighborhood to get to know. LOL!

    Take Care…

    • Ana,

      Sorry for the HISTORICALLY late reply!

      Like I’ve said to some of the other women: What caused your newly discovered attraction to Asian men? Did you find yourself listening to more Asian music? movies? Do you hang out with a lot of Asians? Have you traveled a lot?

      Well, I hope you find your Asian prince charming and when you do….tell me! I can tell you what “type” of Asian guy he is and we can both figure out the best way for you to snag him >:)

  13. I am half white 1/4 asian,1/4 black of all the three races I am most attracted to asian men.It depends on the person – but asian men rarely never ever approach me even though I do look eurasian,its always white men.

    • Kate,

      That sounds like an incredibly beautiful mix! When you say “white”, what exactly are you? Irish? English?

      Additionally, where do you live? Sometimes it depends on where you live, who you hang out with, and how you dress.

      For me, I would date ANY girl of ANY race but it also depends on what “type” of girl she is. There could be a beautiful white girl but if she seems like those rich and snobby girls, then I wouldn’t be interested. Also, if a girl is more interested in drinking and partying than I also will dock off points.

      If you give me more details about yourself then I could probably assess what’s going on. Because come on! Asian, white AND black? Sounds gorgeous already 😀

  14. Great article. I’ve been searching around the web for something like this for a while, and I finally stumbled upon your blog.

    I’m actually in an interracial relationship with an Asian man right now; in fact, we’re engaged! I’m a Latin lady (Mexican Mestizo — quite a lot of European and Indigenous blood in me) with a cute and goofy Chinese guy. We’ve been together for over four years already.

    When I was growing up, I’d always hung out with boys, and there came a time when they started to hit on me a lot. Black, White and Latin guys mostly. I’ve always been attracted to Asian guys (the dark hair and eyes, what’s not to like?), but I always thought they wouldn’t go for a Latina girl since I always saw them with other Asian girls or White girls. Then I found my guy. I decided to talk to him first, and pretty soon we started hanging out and clicked. After a few months, he confessed to me that he loved me and wanted to be with me. I was so happy that he felt the same way!

    We’re both a couple of weirdo geeks with all kinds of crazy ideas, always making each other laugh and smile.

    One of the best parts is that both of our families are all for us tying the knot soon. His mother doesn’t have a problem with him marrying a non-Asian, and my family love him, too.

    Sorry if I rambled on too much! Just really excited with all of our future plans together. XD

    Peace. 🙂

    • Psique,

      Congratulations! 😀

      I’m sure you will be a GREAT example to all the women who read this blog 🙂 I think your story is genuine, it’s interesting, and it’s sweet. I can tell by the way you write that you’re incredibly excited and in a way, even though I don’t know you, I’m very excited for you too! 😀

      It’s also wonderful that you mentioned that bit about your families approving of the relationship. Many people who are interested in interracial relationships don’t go through with it for the fear of their family rejecting their decision. Additionally, It’s nice to hear this from a Latina. I always hear about white women/black women when it comes to dating Asian men, so it’s just PERFECT that you came here and commented.

      Thank you for sharing your story Psique, and I hope your wedding is everything you wanted and more 🙂

  15. (Just to start off, this is a new Kate, not the one who posted earlier =] )

    I wanted to say, this is an excellent Blog entry. Really interesting (I’m studying a Sociology course on sexuality with a focus on Racial preference, so yeah… =p)

    Regarding the “hype” about Asian men, I have to say I’ve always thought they were very cute, but I never really felt any inclination to be greatly more attracted to them than any other ethnic group…

    …That is, until I moved to Japan.
    Guys here really are so caring and sweet, they seem to make such good boyfriends. Actually, I’m a little bit dismayed by how their girlfriends underappreciate them. Many of my female Japanese friends are… I suppose you could say “on the lookout” for “better” guys even while in a relationship. And the majority ask if there’s any way I could introduce them to European men, because they “love” Europeans. I’ve also received shocked responses and choruses of “Whyyyyyy~?” when I tell them that, yes, I like Asian guys.

    It seems like I’ve stepped through the looking glass into some strange role-reversed alternate reality. Don’t get me wrong, I realise guys will be guys. When they’re with other guys there’ll probably always be a certain amount of macho-competitiveness, it’s just strange for me to see girls acting like this, I suppose.

    Anyway! I got a little off topic there. The whole point of this was to say that after all the Japanese/Korean/Chinese guys I’ve met here, I totally agree with you. They’re very caring and cultured. They can tend to be a lot more serious than white males, but all they need is encouragement, I think a lot of it is just shyness before they feel they know you well. They also seem (on the whole) Responsible and RESPECTFUL (a nice, rare bonus).

    Thanks for writing this, your perspective was enlightening. ^_^

    Time to grab me one, perhaps? ^-^

    • Kate,

      First off, do you have a blog yourself? I actually REALLY enjoyed reading about your experience in Japan – WE WANT MORE! 😀

      I think your comment is amazing for one big important reason: you talks about the CULTURE of Asian men. A lot of women nowadays misunderstand Asian men as being shy and weak when in reality, most Asian men are just polite and do not wish to intrude in your space. Unfortunately, if you’re raised in American culture, shyness and being polite is almost a negative. In this society, you NEED to be cut throat and vicious in order to survive; so when you compare American values with Asian values, it makes it seem as if Asians are shy and weak (which they aren’t.)

      I love that you came here and gave us your personal story and insight. Thank you so so much Kate 🙂

      I hope you find what you’re looking for 😉

      • I think I would fit in pretty well… People tell me that I’m really polite, but accuse me of being too quiet… =.=

        Aside, I can’t wait until the day I can find an Asian boyfriend. Might even go to Japan and volunteer once I’m in college (two loooong years away @.@)~

        Also, ladies and gents, best of luck to you all! I hope for nothing but the best for you awesome people~

  16. Hello,

    ok so reading your blog made me both hopeful and slightly stressed lol.
    A little detail first I’m Black British and i still live in England. I’ve been interested in Japanese culture since I first discovered anime (around 6-8 years ago), that lead on to Japanese music (my ipod is now 80% Japanese and Korean music)
    I didn’t become “interested” in asian guys until I got into the music and discovered Miyavi and Hyde (Japanese rock stars) two very sexy men lol.
    I also through this got into watching variety shows and drama’s/movie’s, I know quite alot about both cultures (I can sing in Japanese and Korean and know what I’m saying too!).
    So anyway your blog gave me hope that maybe there was a Japanese/Korean guy out there for me (although for some reason I only know Chinese women and a few Japanese women no men at all!)
    but then I realized your blog refers to Asian American’s; British Asian’s may be a whole other story lol, then again from what I’ve observed maybe not.
    I’m really shy around guys I like and reserved (I would never ask a guy out) so if he’s being reserved/polite how the heck will anything happen?
    I have noticed a couple asian guys looking at me (longer than was needed if your just glancing around) then again they could have just been staring at my anime t-shirts lol.


    • Sam,

      Unfortunately, my blog IS written from the Asian AMERICAN perspective but I do think the values written in this blog carry on EVERYWHERE else!

      An Asian-American will have the same values about family as an Asian-British guy, or even a native Chinese (the only difference may be in tradition or how strict they may act towards these values)

      I still think that there is hope for you, but the best thing to do is to figure out “If I want a Japanese/Korean boyfriend, how do the Japanese/Korean girls do it? Who goes up to who? How does the whole courting process work with those cultures?”

      Some cultures place high value on men doing the approach (in that case, you don’t have to worry so much) while others are open to women making the first move.

      But just remember: if you like a guy, and you think he’s interested, don’t be afraid and just go for it! I promise you, 100% of the time that if you go up to a guy, even just to chat, he won’t brush you off and think “oh my god, this girl is trying to USE ME FOR SEX! What does she think I am?! A WHORE?!”


      Believe me, no matter what kind of girl approached me, I would feel flattered nonetheless. You might feel bad being rejected by a guy but it’s not as bad as the regret you may feel for NOT approaching someone.

      Good luck with your endeavors 🙂


  17. this article is totally helpful… who will date a congolese who loves chocolate cake and learning about other cultures? (currently learning how to speak korean ^.^) Now shall my hunt continue!

  18. This blog is probably the most guilty-free, positive article that discusses about Asian/American interracial dating disparity that I have ever read (many sunrises, I welcomed doing this research).

    Please forgive me, I am a bit drunk so my writing probably won’t be fluent.

    This is the first time I am writing a comment on an article about Asian/American dating issue. I don’t know exactly what I want to say. The disparity, this sense of “Lose of our mothers/sisters” has left me with a permant footprint(finger print rather, it’s like your identification) through such an intense, journalistic progression in my life.

    I am in my late 20s, an artist, a college instructor, a Korean/American(moved in late 90s) and a child/man. My girlfriend is an Italian/American and she is sleeping on a bed at a hotel room in Newport, RI few feet away from this desk I have my Apple laptop on right now. We are both artists/full-time workers in NYC so we are taking our repose here on weekends.

    I have dated about four women in long-terms, two Koreans, a Jewess and the current one. K is my favorite, she is practical, beautiful, deliciously needy, fun and she sees things that I don’t, like social niceties and “being friends just because they are simply fun to be with” (I am very judgmental).

    I guess I just want to brag about the ‘progress’ I made from my enslavement to the collective self-worthlessness as an asian/american male to the sense of I-am-a-just-a-living-being., in the hopes of, perhaps, sharing some insights.

    What helped me the most was actually my psychologist/mentor/therapist I get through my school. He helped me by the 7 months of intense discussions about the way I constructed my self-image, my self-identity. I talk, he deconstructs, associates and reiterates the words I spitted out into a different formula. In a way, he “bullshits” about my life because he believes that I have such a firm belief in the ‘truthfulness’ to the things that I say to him about myself that I am blind to the other possibilities. He constantly throws out different ways of looking at things by word play (bullshit). That has been, surprisignly, the most helpful counseling I have ever received from anybody (including friends/family/other therapiest/professors etc.).

    My problems are my own therefore they can be solved on my own. — My mind is getting too hazy,,, perhaps I will continue later.

  19. As a black Latina I will tell you I love Asian men. I have had it said to me, “Oh I didn’t think you would be interested it me because I’m Asian.” So because of it I have taken it upon myself to be that one that approaches. As a New Yorker seeing interracial couple is not a big deal to most. Only once did I get a little whispering when a guy, who was trying to talk to me on the subway, said to his friend, “Wow, they are together.”

    Are Asian guys the perfect boyfriends? So far they are the best I’ve had. And yes, our mix makes the prettiest babies. :0)

    • Yay! I’m so glad that you’ve actually taken the initiative to go out and do some approaching yourself! I have a blog in the chamber, ready to be fired off (as soon as I get my creative juices flowing) and it will address the “shyness” of Asian guys. I digress…

      Black Latina you say? I’m already in love 🙂

  20. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of bigotry and elitism from Asians (both men and women) towards Latinos and Blacks. It seems the more I look into this subject, the more of this nastiness I find. I see many Asian guys either saying that they’d just sleep around with Latino/Black women but never marry them, to them outright calling those women uneducated, money-grubbing, whorish trash. One Korean guy saying to please not include Koreans in any discussion of love with Latinos; Koreans are the only ones with class and will therefore never date Latinos. That dating Latinos and Blacks brings shame and chaos and heartbreak to the families and would be a stain on the person’s reputation and standing.

    At first I’d seen mostly the former, but the latter is coming up more and more recently. I don’t know where all this hatred is coming from, especially since they obviously know nothing about our cultures. And I don’t know why is it that we’re good enough to sleep around with, but not good enough to marry or even bring home to the parents. That kind of behavior is just disgusting.

    Any thoughts on this, Falcon?

    • Psique,

      One of the key aspects of Asian culture that one must consider is the concept of social rankings. Like Indians, Asians are very traditional in their ideologies towards classes. The car you drive, the house you live in, and even where you buy your groceries all factor into your overall image in the eyes of Asians. If it doesn’t meet or exceed their standards, then you’re seen as lower.

      But keep in mind that this mainly pertains to traditional asians or older generations of asians (although of course, not all.) As an Asian myself, who has a ton of Asian friends, I haven’t really been engulfed in such problems. However, this may be caused by the fact that most of my friends are very American/Asians. Although we eat traditional food, our values aren’t as strict.

      My guess is that the people you hang out with are either traditional asians, or Asians who are online that live in Asia. The funny thing about IR dating is that a lot of non-asians think that dating a native Asian would be the best, when in fact, it’s often the opposite. A lot of native Asians (and anyone who is native of a certain country) will be more racist in comparison to say, Asian-Americans/Asian-Canadians/etc.

      Where are you hearing all of these negative thoughts? I read a lot of racist remarks on K-POP forums (6theory).

  21. Falco,

    I came to your blog via the link to your latest blog entry (Interracial Dating Rant: I only date Koreans…) by AM of AMR, who is a personal friend. You made a valid and important point; racial/ethnic exclusivity is a real problem in the IR dating scene.

    I’m a white American mutt who dates men of Asian descent exclusively, so while I’m “on your team”, so-to-speak, I also recognize that I’m technically part of the problem. Your post inspired me to process my own thoughts and feelings on the subject and potentially blog about them (I’ve been meaning to start a new blog for years now, but I’m lazy).

    I wanted to read the rest of your blog, and I haven’t finished it, but I have read a chunk of your entries regarding IR dating. As much as I agree with your message that Asian men should be open to dating a variety of non-Asian women, and non-Asian women of various colors should be receptive to dating Asian men, I feel like this particular post is rooted in stereotypes, and I can’t tell how much of it is in good humor. Certainly, there is some factual basis for most stereotypes, but to see you accept them universally as fact and play them up like this in your post is a bit disheartening. Both blacks and Latinas value and put emphasis on family, but white women don’t? (I know you didn’t say this directly, but there was no mention of white women placing emphasis on family, while emphasis on family makes up a significant portion of the segments for both blacks and Latinas.) White women never fetishize Asian men, and Asian men never fetishize white women? (This you virtually spelled out.) I can tell you right now from personal experience that these things are wrong. I can also tell you that while you may have grown up seeing whites as the privileged, upper-middle class, there are many white women who grew up in poverty and fought tooth and nail to become educated and self-supporting.

    Perhaps I take you too seriously, but if not — well, that’s food for thought, isn’t it? 🙂

    Stay classy.

    • Actually, most of the Asians I’ve hung out with were American/Filipino or Hmong, with the Filipinos being the most fun to joke around with. Most of these comments I hear from American/Koreans.

      Every now and then I go with my sister to a particular shopping district in SoCal because it’s nice and it has good shops. There’s a big Asian population in that city, and while I don’t usually pay them much attention, I have noticed that they tend to stick their noses up in the air and sneer in our direction. There was even once when I went into a more high-end store, the clerk, an Asian girl, kept following me around staring at me like she expected me to steal something.

      As far as where I hear all of this negativity, besides places that have high Asian presence, it’s usually on forums I come across here and there, most of them frequented by Amercian Asians. Some of the nastiest and most racist comments were made by Asian-Americans. I don’t remember the names of those sites because I would never visit them again.

      Is a lot of this bigotry stemming from the fact that in recent years Latinos have become an acceptable target for this kind of behavior? Or perhaps we’ve always been seen as garbage by the rest of the country.

      Oh, and as far as native Asians are concerned, I think it’s also a matter of what country they’re from. My fiance wasn’t born in the United States; He’s a Chinese from Singapore. They’ve got a multicultural society with people from around the world living there. It was pretty funny to have him tell me that before he came to the United States, he’d thought all the people here were blond and blue-eyed. XD That’s what he calls being a frog in the well.


  22. L,

    I’m sorry if my thoughts have made it appear as if I’m saying “White women don’t possess family values” because honestly, that’s not my line of thinking.

    There are many positive attributes about every culture, but if I wanted to be “fair” and “correct”, I would have to write the same thing over and over for black women, latinas, and white women. From a written perspective, that would be highly boring and would mean that I’m writing the same thing over and over again.

    The purpose of this blog was to highlight the HIGHLIGHTS of Black women, latinas, and white women. I wanted to talk about very specific things that truly stood out. But just because I talk about open mindedness in white women and not in the black women section, doesn’t mean that black women aren’t open minded 🙂

    And thanks for the comment! I’m glad you brought it up because some of my other readers might have felt the same way.

  23. I love this! Mostly when I hear people talk about this topic, there is no evidence to back it up but this gives interracial daters hope. I’m a black teenager and like many other rare black teens, I love Asian guys and Asian music. (I noticed Nuchkhun 🙂 Anyway, since I live in NY it should be easy to inter racially date but its actually very hard. I’ve heard Tenchijk talk about it on youtube and it made sense about how some parents don’t approve but even though some black males think us black girls should srick to them, I think we all need to explore. I myself would love to marry an Asian man, because they are the most attractive to me. Not all of them look like korean pop stars or Japanese rock stars but they are so nice, but I guess what I love most is the hair! I guess what most black women assume is that Asian men aren’t attracted to many of us.

  24. Great post! I’m happy for those who finds love through interracial relationships. On the other hand, sad to see Asian blood mixed with other races. Don’t get me wrong kids of those are cute. I guess love has no boundaries!

  25. I’m glad I ran into you’re blog. At least I know there’s somebody else out there who is opened-minded.
    I guess I feel like I would never get the chance let alone date anybody Asian because where I live it’s very taboo for Afro-American women date like that.

    I guess I just looked around and saw that I had other options around, but now it’s just seeing if I can make that happen.

  26. I think your blog is funny, and perhaps it can be seen as something that encourages interracial dating.
    But where I’m from, no one seems to hold the same views.
    Its the cruel world of racial/ethnic prejudices.
    Even if you start dating, you’ll eventually break up, either because families will corner either of the races till one is at breaking point or you simply realize that your relationship will never go past the bf/gf phase.

    On a completely random note, Will Demps is ridiculously hot.
    I’m Sri Lankan, and I my ideal is a Korean.
    But I think I’m coming to realize- that it’s impossible- well in Australia. (the multicultural world)

  27. I am a black female and I think asians are soooo hot! Especially koreans:) I think the culture is very fastinating. For some reason korean boys are extremely attractive to me. To my surprise, alot of other black females feel the same way as I do! I believe alot of black women think asians aren’t interested because am and bw seem to be the tiniest dating group. There is hope though it seems to be coming more normal and acceptable. I think asian boyfriends are the best. Great topic:)

  28. I’m a (fortunately for me!) attractive, blonde, naturally well-stacked (lol!), professional, caucasian female, who’s been with a mixed-asian guy (Korean/Chinese/Taiwanese) for quite a while now, and it has been the most refreshing experience right from the get-go!

    He was born in Canada, but his family moved to Hong Kong, where he was raised to adulthood. He’s also lived in Singapore, Taiwan, and London. He then chose to move back to Canada on his own, after pursuing his post-secondary education here a few years earlier. I believe he’s acquired his fantastic range of character and personality due to the mix of cultures he’s experienced.

    He’s a wonderful blend of old fashioned manners and chivalry, (while still respecting my independence), he’s confident, (he likes to takes the lead, but always after consulting me), dedicated and motivated in all aspects of his/my life, (he’s a generous, loving provider), he’s worldy, well-read, a GREAT conversationalist, honest, loyal, patient, witty, sophisticated, (without being snotty!), AND hilarious and quirky, (I have to tell him to shut up regularly so I don’t pee my pants), and THE BEST kisser/lover I’ve EVER had. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been with some pretty talented guys in my life, but he’s the TOPS, bar NONE! … and he smells absolutely heavenly, which is yet another scientifically proven fact about asian guys. (Less apocrine glands due to (commonly found) lower numbers of hair follicles on the average asian body, resulting in less smelly secretions.) I love his cinnamon-colored skin, his gorgeous, dark almond eyes, his smooth skin… gonna have to stop, before I get myself all hot and bothered!

    Two weeks after meeting him, I was scratching my head trying to figure out what was wrong with this guy… he was just too perfect. And the things I’d read about asian men “withholding in the bedroom” department? Well, not this one. I’ve never been so fulfilled, nor laughed so much in the bedroom, as I have with this man.

    And, if you want to talk family values, which is sacred to myself, you need look no further.

    Granted, he’s the first asian I’ve dated. (I had a (huge) crush on Bruce Lee, and Soon Tek Oh in that old Chuck Norris movie when I was seven, which has since, carried over to several more chin/etc – type guys over the years, up to Jay Chou… LOVE Initial D and his piano works. But, alas, I had never actually dated someone of oriental descent. I’ve always been interested in, and loved many, many aspects of the asian culture, so I started taking more active notice of asian guys. When I saw one that turned my head, I approached him. And the rest, they say, is history.

    I’m thirty-four, soon to be thirty-five, and wish I’d met him earlier in life, but then, I may not have as much to compare him to, and know exactly how special he is.

    I’d tell any race of woman; toss any stereo-types you’ve heard aside, and try a well-put-together asian man; I think you may be very pleasantly surprised.

  29. “We can handle you, and anything you may throw at us – be it a slipper, the remote control, or tobasco sauce.”

    Honey, if a black woman is giving you any problems/attitude/violence dump her. There are plenty of sweet bw, like myself, out here who would never act that way. I have no idea why men even think about putting up with women of any color who act that way.

  30. Hey, this is a good is a very good article. I have pushed back my trip to japan/Korea.. for a while i’m stuck because i feel that i shouldn’t go because of the guilt i have I was never interested into asian men i actually feared them… because when i was younger… I use to hang out with korean guys and girls we use to have a blast… But when i began crushing on a guy and the world got out that we were an item…… everything changed in a blink of an eye…… his mother made it very clear that it was not ok that we were a item……. and that we could not be friends…. i cryied but my mama raised me to be polite and to respect my elders so i did as his mother wished……. we stopped dating…. i thought that if we weren’t dating we could still be friends… we did stay friends for about two weeks and then we never spoke again and the other kids i hung out with didn’t speak to me anymore… to make a long story short i felt that all asian’s were goning to be the same so i told myself that i would never speak to any asian again….. and i know that is wrong but i was so hurt…. now i have a bunch of asian friends and i wanted to travel to japan/ korea with them to study the culture and history but i feel like a BIG FAKE…. what should i do… sorry it’ so long….

    • Go and fulfill ur dream don’t let the past ruin it for all the Good Asian guys out there 🙂 and fir the wonderful experience u have in Japan

  31. Heehee, I’m way late to the party, but this article is awesome! I’m half-white, half-Mexican and my fiance is 100% Japanese (yonsei). He is awesome, and everyone says we’re “That Couple” -the one that redefines romance and will last forever. I’m so lucky to have met him…he’d be a wonderful guy no matter what his race was, but I think Asian guys are hottest anyway 😉

  32. I’m Indian and I always thought asian guys were really attractive but I never really came into contact with any as where I lived wasn’t very diverse. And then I met a Chinese guy and we really hit it off and now I can honestly say his the best thing that’s ever happened to me which is why were getting married next year! His everything a girl could want from her man and so much more. I don’t think it’s just because he’s asian, who knows? but I know for me dating an asian guy is the best decision I could have made and no one else could ever live up to how fantastic he is.

  33. Falco, I am a Latina white looking young woman married to a Japanese-American (pure Japanese) man. We are so happy together and after dating many other races, I can say that this is the best in all aspects. At least for me. I would send you a picture if you would like of us for your blog. Just let me know where to send it.

  34. Great article.

    I know a lot of girls who like Asian men, girls I never would hav suspected.

    What I don’t understand is the ‘hype’ some people make about the fact that there are plenty females other than Asian who are into Asian men. What’s the big deal about that? It’s just a race, another type of looks, everything else is relative. I don’t think cultural differences matter that much if there is effective communication and willingness to create harmony and overcome the small differences.

    ukhedhu, I don’t understand your attitude, that’s what is hard to understand. What you said there is total BS and your post is completely irrational and unresonable. Fine, we get it, you’re not into Asians, why do you have to get on this page and bash? Do you feel other W women should feel the same as you do? You need to work on your logic, girlie.

    Anyway, I’m one of the women who is interested especially into Asians. I simply like them both physically and how they carry themselves. They definitely seem to be more thoughtful and sensitive, which is a huge plus in my book.

  35. I´m a Mexican, and also a doctor… can you send me an Asian boyfriend please… I have a thing for Korean guys, they are just soooo perfect, good looking, caring, kind, and is just the fact that family really has an important place in their hearts and lifes… is just ideal, besides they are not the MACHO men that we have in Mexico… I love your article, I promisse I have a big big smile right now 😀 tumbs up for interracial couples, such a shame that Mexico has so little Asian people

  36. I’m not going to lie, but I never seen an Asian with a Latina. Yes, I’m Latina. And since I never seen Asian man and Latina together, I use to think I never had a chance with this Asian guy I really really like. Now that I read this article and saw the picture, I feel much more comfortable. Thanks. Loved the article too ❤

  37. Hi! I just wanted to leave a comment for veronica. Dear veronica, I am latina and currently dating an asian, we are very happy together and have been together for almost 3 months :). He’s such a sweetheart, and I love that he truly cares about me, not just superficially.

  38. This article is beyond awesome, I’m Somali and have a Korean boyfriend by the way, so i totally have a thing for Asians,
    – Noticed Nichkhun ♥

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  40. Very true. Love this article! I’m definitely a white girl who LOVES Asian guys. In fact my last boyfriend of 2 years was Cambodian. It’s sad how few couples with Asian men and white women there are. In fact, I rarely see Asian men with any race besides Asian which makes me sad. =( But I’ve never once been turned down by an Asian guy! Which shows that there is hope! I date other races too, but damn I love me some Asian guys. ;]

  41. I really liked this blog specifically *your whole blog too* it boosted my confidences about Asians you know but the thing is I still wonder if its only those races they go for. Since I’m Somali. I’ve wondered if they are open to Somalis too. I’ve learned a lot about Asian cultures and it fascinates me.
    I live in MN and go to school here . I know a couple of Asians Filipinos,Vietnamese, Chinese and one Korean. But never had the nerves to ask them. But either way this blog was very interesting and excited me to know about actual views. *_*

  42. I’m all for interacial couples. Asian guys are my preferance. My sister’s still looking for a Korean. Asians are definitely perfect for handling almost everyone with a strong personality. Koreans are especially one of my favorite types of asians.

  43. Hey there, Ranier!

    I was brought to your blog by the Blasian Narrative. I absolutely love your blog ❤

    I'm mixed (Filipino, Native American, German) but predominately black and I'm a college student. I grew up around lots of Filipinos and Puerto Rican guys so I guess there's a reason why I find myself more attracted to them…but I love all kinds of guys. Race ain't nothin but a color! I guess my point in saying all of this is that I'm happy to see that I'm not alone in my search for my Asian man. I love how cultured they are and the importance they put on family, the food, and I love their features. I just find them so beautiful…

    Anyway I also wanted to share some stories of my interactions with the Asian males while in this new world of college. I was introduced by a friend a 1/2 Japanese, 1/2 White boy earlier in the school year. He was pretty cute and he was interested. The only downfall at the time was he was in NY and I'm in Georgia. We started to get to know each other more and things were going good until I learned what his real intentions were. He thought with his dick and I noticed more and more he wasn't very mature. We stopped talking all together. But that didn't stop me from searching!

    There was this cute, tan Korean guy that I saw everywhere on campus. I finally got to talk to him (we're best friends now) and after getting to know him for a while and hanging out, I asked him about his "preferences" were. He said he preferred asian girls (specifically Korean) and likes the whole cutesy, aegyo thing (which is something I have yet to understand). Although, eventhough he preferred Korean girls he never thought about dating out. (Hopefully I got him to think about it hehe)

    I say all this in hopes of girls like me or just in general, for them to read this and be open to just talk to that cute Asian guy that they see everywhere. He might be interested ^____^

    Thank you, Ranier for your blog!! It's given me more hope than I had before and it's also helped me talk to this cute Taiwanese guy in the Cross Cultural Networking club here at my college hehe!

  44. It’s refreshing to find that other Black women find Asian men attractive. I have always had major crushes on Asian men. But always thought that the majority of them fed into the stereotypes associated with African Americans. Or that as a whole really didn’t believe in interracial dating do to a strict upbringing or different cultural issues. Good to know that love has no boundaries. Even when it comes to issues of gender or race.

    • I’ve always found asians attractive the problem was asian males that I know of want nothing to do with African American women yet I see Af-Am men with asian women ALL the time!!
      It makes me sad, if the females of your race can branch out why cant you do it too you know?
      I’d love to find an asian guy to date but I just cant find any that are interested if someone would please tell me where they all are! Haha.
      I feel like Af-Am women are the least sought after of all the races and may have the strongest negative stereotype against them.

      • The truth is, most Asian men aren’t as open to dating women of any African background…whether they are from America,Caribean etc….

        White U.K. men and men from other parts of Europe are more easygoing. Take a trip there and you will see exactly what I am talking about. They are more open to marriage and introducing you to family, and not afraid of starting a family with you. I am not saying all of them, but a large MOST are…not to mention, they are open to teaching you about their culture and letting you be a part of it.

        The vast majority of Asian (korean,japanese,chinese,laotian,vietnamese,thai,burmese etc…etc…) and of course (“men from India etc…”) these men only pretend to be open minded and interested in getting into serious relationships and marriage with other nationalities and races of women (particularly of African background) when that is completely FALSE and untrue…

        Most Asian men will use the same usual excuses and say their preference being solely for White females does not make them a racist or anything like that because its just what they personally prefer…when in all honesty, there happens to be way more of an intense, deeper issue going on with that.

        If you don’t believe me, check out the Asian forums on the internet and see what the majority of them say about this subject. Try Asian avenue, Goldsea forums,Japan today forums, yellow world etc…
        You will see that what I am saying is true.

        As I have said, not all European men are open minded…but I will tell you that a much much larger majority of them definitely are wayyyyy more open and actually interested in becoming quite serious and marrying a woman of African background, its an absolute true fact.

        • I’m an asian male in my 20’s. it’s kinda true, I just am not interested in most black women. only some of the mixed women. there’s no deeper issue or racism, in fact i honestly like the personalities of many black women I’ve met. on the contrary, i am not attracted to most white women personality-wise. however, i just think white women are universally attractive. there’s very few men who find, openly or not, don’t find white women attractive.

          • “White women are universally attractive”

            Sorry mate, your whole thought process is racist, albeit covertly and it is in fact much deeper than you realize. Asian cultures, like many cultures around the world (yes even here in the west) have racial hierarchy whether they admit it or not and white is on top. That’s where the racism in your “universally attractive” statement resides. You just need to recognize.

            As for me, I’m an Asian Guy, filipino to be exact and my first girlfriend was a petite Jamaican girl who I thought I would marry.

  45. I actually had a really bad experience dating a Korean guy. I’m latina (1/2 Puertorican and 1/2 Domenican) and he was the first asian guy (and probably the last) I dated. We only lasted a month and within that period of time, he became very controlling and manipulative and aggressive, both physically and verbally. My mother warned me that asian men have strong tempers and didn’t see women as equal to the male gender. I blew all this off by telling her we live in the 21st century but I was wrong. He was abusive. And the sex wasn’t even passionate…I didn’t get anything out of it.

    This doesn’t mean that all asian guys are the same but, it pretty much scared me away, which is sad because I find asians very attractive.

    But this goes for dating any guy : Get to know who he really is before you date him.

    • You know, there are a-holes in every race. You happened to run over one of them, that’s all. I have run unto some Asian a-holes as well, so, I sort of know what you’re talking about, although, never got physical with them. Point is, don’t give up hope. There are far more Asian men out there than otherwise, this means you have plenty fish in the sea to choose from. Don’t give up for a bad apple.


  46. If you asked my folks about me,they would probably tell you that I’m pro-international and/or interracial. The subject has always intrigued me since I can remember. As a kid I would just be in awe thinking how beautiful it is

    I’m nearly 40 years old and I have never lived a racially segregated life. All I knew..and still know is, diversity. In high school,it seemed that everybody was in a mixed relationship.Most of my friends were in one or were children of interracial marriages.My folks also had a lot of friends who were in mixed relationships. I guess all of that great diversity rubbed off on me.

    Honestly, I’ve been attracted to all races of men since I can remember. Black men..White men..Asian Men…Latino men..Arab men..Native American men.. it didn’t matter.My lopsided initial thought was “If it look good,it was good”. I’m no longer an abstract thinking teen. Though my thoughts about men have become more comprehensible,my taste in them have not.

    I have preferences,but not racial and/or national ones . I believe in letting nature take its course with this matter. With me, I’m interested in men who just happen to be( fill in the race)rather than liking him because of what he is . I have seen people,including myself, losing out and being disappointed because of that kind of thinking…thinking that he will be good/bad because of stereotypical expectations. No matter what racial/national background they come from,if they are great guys and if it’s meant to be,it will be.

  47. Great post. I’m not even sure how I stumbled upon your site, but I’m glad I did. I’m half Asian/Black myself, so obviously interracial dating is a topic that I have an interest in. Especially the whole “black women dating asian men” “asian men not into black women” topics.

    In my experience dating Asian men is not tough like you say, but dating that Asian man’s family is the hard part…unless you’re not looking for anything long term. Most times you come across theold school Asian mother who’d rather not have her son date outside their culture and which can strain the relationship. Which is probably why you don’t see very many Asian men dating black women because it’s….”taboo” especially for certain Asian races like Korean.

  48. I’m an asian guy in my mid 20’s and have been dating Asian women all my life. Went to Vegas this weekend, and I shyt you not, ended up having a passionate night and subsequent date with a French/Portuguese dancer at Spearmint Rhino. If you don’t know where that is, search it up, the best strip club in the country.

    My girl told me that she LOVES asian men, and that they are the most wonderful lovers. that really took me by huge surprise! Granted I don’t look like most asian men, I’m very solidly built with some Mongolian and tiny bit of Russian blood in me. However, I do believe that maybe alot of WHITE women don’t take an interest in asian men, the reason is that white women are more aggressive/sexual and not so much SENSUAL. but women of other ethnicities generally seem to be more sensual and emotional when it comes to romance, and I think that is where Asian men really may have an advantage! Message me via email if you want the full story. The experience changed my life completely…

    • Dan Han,

      I too am Asian and made out with a Persian/Causasian stripper at Spearmint Rhino. I would like to hear your full story since it seems like we have a lot in common. I’m going back pretty soon, I don’t know if she really likes me as in relationship or just using me for my body but she’s been texting and calling once every now and then.


  49. Hi Falco,

    I loved your article and it is so true. I am a white woman 39 years old (so this isn’t a KPOP or Anime fan thing) and I find Asian men incredibly attractive and I enjoy the culture and food also. I am pretty vocal about my attraction and I guess some people (like the first lady that commented on your article) would be surprised at how many white woman say “me too, I find Asian guys sexy also”. I wouldn’t call it hype, its just more accepted and more and more people are comfortable dating inter-racially. I just wish more of you would give us girls a chance and/or get the courage to ask us out. I am a bartender so I meet a ton of people and there IS a large amount of white girls marrying Asian men now. I meet them all the time. They do seem to be younger though. Hopefully guys in my generation are open to it too.

    While the two Asian guys I dated so far we’re not good boyfriends– The Korean guy was trying to keep me as a casual thing (I broke it off of course). And the Cambodian guy I found out was engaged to a girl back in Cambodia (broke off immediately too) I don’t think all Asian men are creeps like that. Just like white guys there are good guys and bad. So I am keeping me eye out for a good one. I do live in the northwest so that should help right 🙂

  50. Hmm, I’m a Native American woman and I’m not particularly attracted to any one ethnicity but at the moment, I’m dating a very handsome (IMHO) Chinese man. So far in our relationship we’ve been fortunate to only have had one real culture clash so far but I think we’re doing alright.

    Recently he asked me what color our kids will be and I was talking to my mom, we’ve decided our kids will probably look more Asian (because most people mistake me for being Filipina) but most likely brown. lol

    Anyway great article. ^_^

  51. Love this article and asian men are the way forward this coming from a 19 year old somalian girl! kamsahmida for this article! :]] Glad I’ve stumbled upon it!

    xx Naymaa

  52. Yerh it is! What sparked ur interest towards asian its the obvious kDrama’s! Before that i never knew much about them..since then ive started to find out more bit by the language & music too! ❤

  53. Awww. What an awesome article. I especially enjoyed the one about the Asian-Latina, seeing as I am Mexican and my boyfriend is Vietnamese.

    I LOVED when you talked about the cut-throat old asian ladies. Perhaps that’s something that you should add in the Latina article… because if you have ever met an old Latina lady, you’ll know that they’re essentially the same. My grandmother is four feet tall, and she could kick my boyfriend (a juijitsu fanatic) and my grandfather’s (28 years in the U.S. Military) butt anytime she wanted to.

    Asian guys are great. I have only dated one, but what counts: he is THE one. I wish girls would give asian guys a chance. I love their culture, and as you said, their huge importance on family.
    Don’t get me started on their food. ❤ It's ALMOST as good as Mexican food.
    …. okay, and sometimes it's a little bit better. (don't tell my grandmother.)

    Love the article and your writing style. Keep on Keepin' on!

  54. I never thought in million year that I would be in relationship with an asian. Actually he was half white and half korean. I have always dated white man. I have always thought that asian men were very cute and sexy. But never thought that I would ever actually meet one . I’m a black female and I live in Mississippi, the last place you would meet an asian. But we actually met online in a chat room. We didn’t meet until years later(longstory). Anyway, we dated for 6 months and lived together for 3 of those months. He broke up with me a month ago. But now I find myself looking for my next asian relationship. I’m glad I came across this blog, it has help me alot. I just signed up on a website for dating asian men.

  55. I’m latina and still quite young 😛 Got my whole life ahead of me. I’ve always been in love with asian cultures since I was child, always involved into anything asian like (My dad was really into martial arts). It started with me watching a Bruce Lee movie, I saw an asian baby, I was around 6 years declared to my dad “Daddy I’m going to have an asian baby”. This slowly developed into liking the clothes, the comics, the anime, their music and of course the people. Men, have also become part of my interest,after all I do still want an asian child. but since I’ve never been exposed to asian families, friends or people, I just dont know how to approach one. I cant just say, I LOVE your culture. can I? I keep telling myself to approach them like if they were just any other guy, but I’m easy to read, and I know he’ll see the elation in my face as I talk to him, and how nervous I’ll be. I just dont know what to do. Any pointers?

  56. Falco,

    I love your article. You sound like such a sweet and romantic guy. I love any guy who is proud and confident of who they are and that’s what your article says to me. I am very pro inter-racial relationships. I am much more interested in guys of different colours and backgrounds. The only problem is their overprotective mothers- like some of your other bloggers. It sounds like you have courage and conviction and if your mother opposed it you would stand for what you wanted. I didn’t have that experience, but since, I have thought that he just didn’t want it enough. Onto the next mother who doesn’t want to know me cause I am not the right race for her son…..

  57. Hello Falco,
    Your article is very interesting. I see you have not repsonded in awhile and hope you are still reading these responses.
    I am a 45+ 1/2 american and 1/2 jamacian born female and I have always loved Asian men. I think they are so sexy and special. I am a army brat so I have always been around a mixed company of men, but the Asian man has always had my attention. I watch Korean drama just to look at them. I shop the Asian markets because it give me a chance to be in their company and to learn more about the culture as a whole. I have even bought a book on how to prepare not only Korean food, but Chinese and Vietnamese food as well. I am learning Korean in hopes of traveling to Korea and China in the future. My current male friend is half Chinese and half black but of Caribbean decent. My love for the Asian has also rubbed off on my daughter who loves manga, the music and who wants to study art and photography in China.
    I do wish that Korean men were more approchable, but they seem too shy, They will say hello and that is nice. Any way I love the culture and love the men.
    Thanks again for your article. Hope to here more from you.

  58. Yaaaayy!! This post makes me incredibly happy! It’s hard finding an Asian man that would like to be in a honest/long term relationship with a latina girl such as myself. Personally I agree with the author of this article. Asian men do seem to be the best of race simply because I appreciate traditions that carry on from generation to generation. Since my family is ‘old school Mexicans’ I like knowing someone from another culture has the same view of importance towards family. As family plays a very big role in my life.

    I am very attracted to Asian men not only because of their gorgeous looks and amazing bodies (when built) but of their attitude and maturity. I fell in love with the line that said that you guys (Asians) will worship the ground on which we walk upon. That was very sweet and made me wish I was worshiped in any kind of way haha 😛 Although my family seem to disagree with my choice of dating an Asian guy I would simply like knowing what it actually feels like to have an Asian boyfriend. They all seem so sweet and funny.

    Asian culture has always fasinated me in every way; from their food to their traditions. The down side is that most asian families are so up tight about whom their children should date. I was talking to this Korean guy in my history class. We hit it off very quickly. Knowing my attraction towards Asians would play a big part on my feelings towards him. After a few months of ‘talking’ he took me to his house so I can meet his parents.

    Honest to say I am the most friendly girl you will probably meet. I am very respectful when it comes down to first impressions especially parents.

    When I walked into his home his family seems disappointed on who he brought home 😥 Since his parents knew little English it was hard to communicate with them. Although their frequent eye contact and awkward staring at me and what I was wearing (simple dress down to knees with white flats and a cardagain) made it very obvious what their thoughts were.

    Few days after that he told me that we should stop talking. it broke my heart knowing it was because I’m Mexican that his family forced him to break up with me. What made things worse was in about 3 days I saw him holding hands with an Asian girl -.- Although we still keep contact 😉

    I’m not giving up on my search for my asian lover though. I will march onward!! Sweet post man, respect 🙂

  59. Great for the woman, very great, what about us gay hispanic men looking for love from an asian man?!
    So far i’ve gotten lots of homophobic reactions from the asian community, and my korean friends tell me it’s much too common with the Korean community.

  60. I absolutely adored this article you wrote! And I absolutely love the thought of interracial dating outside of my own culture/race–it’s exciting and I love learning about new cultures and people. Especially the people since I love making friends all over the world. 🙂

    If you don’t mind me going into my personal history a little, I am a white chic, but the Asian culture is like this precious diamond I’ve found and wear (along with the other, lovely diamonds I’ve come to love ^^); it’s become a large part of making who I am today. I study it, admire it, and am constantly renewed with a sense of wonder and absolute awe at its beauty. I find new facets and become enamoured–as if I haven’t become stolen enough already. XD

    As a little kid, it was pokemon. Getting a little older, it was different anime, and subsiding on taped anime shows. After, it was a public school camp with beautiful diversity and many different types of people clashing together upon a mural to create something wonderful. I went to a private Catholic school where diversity was a handful of black people (all of whom I was better friends with than my white peers) and survived on anime, being introduced to the video games and the music of South-East Asia. Then, high school, I set my true self free and explored everything. I read books of its history and culture, listened to different types of Asian music, watched the dramas, and fell deeper in love with the people. Then, over a year ago, confessed to an Asian boy my feelings, my first time ever confessing to anyone such strong feelings. I got turned down, but he was very gracious and a gentleman and set me down gently (did I mention that he was insanely sexy and cute and was AWESOME inside and out?). (I was the nerd Freshman year, who, at lunch, happily read The Tale of Genji while listening to J-Rock or K-Pop or classical Chinese music~)

    To be honest, I’m open to dating men of any race…except my own for the time being. Asian and black men have things about them, albeit different yet sexily unique, that just attract me more than a white guy ever could.

    For example, a friend and I were breaking after walking around a large mall for so long, and decided to people watch. and I couldn’t help but notice how I seemed to automatically zero in on the (hot) Asian guys as if it were hardwired into my mind. I feel as if I’m instinctively attracted to Asian men, since I feel real, solid, sexual and mental attraction that has yet to happen with a white dude (has also happened almost as many times with black hunks~). Am I crazy, or can this be logistically justifiable?

    To cut to the chase, I love this 5000-flavor Baskin Robins’ world us lucky, adventurous few have for ourselves to enjoy. I feel sorry for anyone who is too narrow-minded…or are just plain ol’ hatin’ racists.

    A crazy Junior in high school. 😀

  61. Everybody can give their own opinions (I respect that) but seriously this is nothing like how the real world works. There is too much variation in humans to truly group anyone (not even by race). I’m just going to go ahead and say it. I’m a shorter asian guy and if you put me in a room with the buffest-tallest dudes and fill it with the prettiest chicks I’ll still get hottest girl first. Yeah and they probably all have said that they would never date an asian guy.

  62. Falco,

    I appreciate your post because I feel that interracial dating occurs all the time, yet I have seen little opinion about the topic from asian men/regarding asian men. I am asian myself (a mutt of the asian variety – 3/4 Vietnamese and 1/4 Chinese) and am currently dating a half-Swedish, half-Mexican guy. And I’m sorry, but I bristled at your comment about whites dating asian girls because of some “fetish.” I’ve never heard of people with asian fetishes, sans “otakus,” but I am pretty sure they are a very, very small minority. I also don’t know if you are aware of this, but you make a lot of generalizations.

    I say this because I’m 18 and live in SoCal. Frankly, interracial dating is no big deal around here. That is why I find your glorification of asian men somewhat strange, and found that it contradicted your message of open-mindedness toward dating. Also, some helpful advice: Culturally, I’d say there’s a bit of a different between East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) and Southeast Asians (Vietnamese, Filipino). A lot of mothers are harpies. I’ve heard the same complaints of maternal abuse from blacks, latinos, etc. Remember, don’t lump us all together.

    P.S.) Really? You’re going to use those photos? I know you just wanted to give a people a look at what a mix between the two races could look like, but come on. These people are celebrities, models, actors/actresses. Of course they’re going to look hot. These also look like professional photos, so let’s just assume they’ve been airbrushed/photoshopped to perfection. I know it’s hard to find photos, but try looking for “normal” people. I’ve seen some not so pretty Vietnamese/White mixes.

    P.S.S.) Spanish and Filipino? Really? Many Filipinos already have a mix of Spanish in them due to a past history of colonization. This mix seems a bit redundant to me.

    I’m sorry if I come off as rude. Despite what I said, I still thought your post was entertaining.

    • Coming from a position of social privilege it is understandable why you feel the way you do. Also, your statement about interracial dating not being a big deal where you’re from only speaks to your lack of awareness of the big picture.There is a thing called racial gender disparity which you would need to be blind to not realize is there and it’s based on something other than true love. There’s no coincidence the the disparity leans in the same direction of the race/gender combinations that are hyper-sexualized in our society, that being Asian females and Black males. I suspect you probably are not aware and/or are fine with your own racist preferences but we can only let it go because you’re young.

  63. Hey! I found a k-pop video with some AM/BW action! Check it out:


    AM/XW relationships shall one day rule the world! :3

  64. I,m a black Caribbean American and after 23 years of being married to a black man and getting divorced, I started dating a Vietnamese guy. Because of his culture he was very shy but omg the sex is like nothing I have ever experienced, He is kind, gentle and spoils the heck out of me. What woman would not love that. Inter-racial dating is new for me but I love every minute of it.

  65. It sucks to be an Asian guy in America!
    In fact I would go one step further and say that white people are by fate the mortal enemies of Asian males. Think about this;
    In America, the white male steals all the Asian females in the dating scene, while on the other hand the white female practically spits upon the Asian male! Asian males are seen at best as “pets” to white females. Sexless friends and errand boys. The only time they are soo nice to Asian males is when they have an agenda such as a waitress!
    Furthermore, as if that wasn’t enough, due to massive cultural brainwashing by the racist media in America, high numbers of Asian males are turning gay for the white male because apparently that is the only thing Asian guys appear to be good for here in America. Yeah that’s right, get on your knees and then bend over for the white guys. Just look at all the porn movies, almost all are Asian women with white guys and almost zero Asian males unless of course it is gay porn!

    • The third age,
      Please speak for yourself. You ain’t looking at the right porn sites. I’ve seen many AM/WF porn. LOL !!
      Yes, I agree white predominately Jewish Hollywood is the moral enemy of Asians. They have been negatively sterotying Asians for about a century now. Funny thing is many Asian diplomats saved more Jews than Schnidler during Nazi rampage during World War 2 yet they don’t make any movies about them. How ungrateful.
      Anyway, there are many East Asian American men who are dating or married to white females its just not found in the media.

  66. Wish I could find a nice Asian Christian HOT man who is 45ish buffed and tall..what is that to much to ask for??? He can be mixed. I dated a half Vietnamese/White who looked like a Puerto Rican danced like a brother..buffed with green eyes…Um so not mad at that…anymore out there?? lol!!!

  67. I LOVED this article. I am from Europe; however, lived in the U.S. for many years. I gave up on white men a long time ago. Asian men are smart, funny, and handsome.

    Here’s my top 10 why Asian Nation Rocks:

    (1) They have a sense or FAMILY values.
    (2) They practice FAMILY values * Take note*
    (3) They treat women with respect, not objects.
    (4) They are great lovers, they pay attention and remember things that work.
    (5) Now this one may tick men off, but contrary to belief , Asian men do not have SMALL penises. My man is Vietnamese, he fits in my mouth perfectly. In fact, I feel so turned on by his perfect size ( he gets lots of oral ) aren’t BJ’s like flowers for men anyways?
    (6) Asian men have less body fat; therefore they are most likely to be in better shape . Never saw a fat Asian at the gym ?
    (7) Asian men kiss better than other races. Lips are smaller, and leave no slobber all over your face. Gross.
    (8) Asian men are not Hairy. Who wants to date Big Foot.
    (9) They make cute babies.
    (10) They have unique relationships with their mothers. Therefore, they carry that respect and love forward, to you.

    I can’t tell you how many times people stop and stare at us when we are out.

    White men tend to get angry when I say they’re not my type. It never fails, the immediate question, “why him?” They even get in your face about and elevate their voice. White men are the worst for being racially discombobulated.

    Black men are shocked ,and go right for the Penis comment. See above *

    Hispanic men are cruel also. Some have even become animated and mimic or belittle different types of accents. Really? learn how to pronounce your own words first pal.

    So yes – Asian men are number 1 and I love them long time.

    Age 37

    PS. Notice I didn’t mention “Money” – that’s because I’d love him for who he is, not his bank account.


      UGH, and not to mention if he’s the kind that doesn’t take care of himself much like the one I encountered you’ll be dealing with A HUUUGGEEEEE STING that might smell like the dirtiest laundry you’ve EVER SMELLED BEFORE!..

      • such a huge lie?? i don’t know who you have been hanging around sweety but which ever Asian you attract is your own problem.. I know i myself have found a perfect man from china who
        1. is the perfect size definitely not a 3 inch like the men you are accustomed too
        2. does not smell, in fact is very clean
        3. takes great care of himself, very well in shape
        the perfect in bed and and sweeties perfection with everything else all a woman could ask for… and i’m sure many other women have found that perfect guy. I am a Mexican woman dating a Chinese man and i couldn’t have found a more perfect match…

        what you need to do is keep searching or maybe do something to attract better men.

        • Liar, Liar your pants on fire, you’re an E Asian man pretending to be a woman !

          Please pay no attention to me. I am an insecure white boy whose girlfriend cheated on me with an Asian Man. That is the real reason why I post such hateful comments on this blog. I am simply afraid to admit that I myself have a small penis and I need to convince myself otherwise by trash talking Asian Men and the women who love them.

          I am a racist, ignorant, overweight man that believes in preserving the white race because, well, that’s pretty much all I have going for me. After I finish posting hateful comments I like to watch videos of Black Men fucking White Women because for some odd reason, I get turned on by it. I am pathetic.

          And Ranier, the writer of this blog, is my master.
          Woof Woof.
          Woof woof.

      • Hi Mia, any chance that you could get back to me, I’ve been looking for One HONEST non East Asian woman who tells the truth, than all these Androgenous appologists saying they have big packages and are masculine ! BS ! I have interviewd hookers and they say of ALL the races of men East asian men are he smallest !
        can you pls. email me @:

        Thank you

    • Ciara -That’s bec. you have a SMALL mouth stupid !

      Please pay no attention to me. I am an insecure white boy whose girlfriend cheated on me with an Asian Man. That is the real reason why I post such hateful comments on this blog. I am simply afraid to admit that I myself have a small penis and I need to convince myself otherwise by trash talking Asian Men and the women who love them.

      I am a racist, ignorant, overweight man that believes in preserving the white race because, well, that’s pretty much all I have going for me. After I finish posting hateful comments I like to watch videos of Black Men fucking White Women because for some odd reason, I get turned on by it. I am pathetic.

      And Ranier, the writer of this blog, is my master.
      Woof Woof.
      Woof woof.

  68. Love the article Falco, thanks for posting =)
    i must say i agree with Ciara.. i’m a Latina (Dominican) currently dating a Taiwanese and its been great..he’s everything she described above and most of all he has “swag” which makes him very sexy.. our chemistry is amazing..

  69. Great, blog!!
    Honestly, I don’t want to come of as a racist but, i really don’t find white males that attractive, I prefer Asian men but probably will never get the chance of actually dating one, mostly because lets see: I’m Pakistani and I’ve been born and raised in England by over protective slightly muslim parents lol (oh and i’m 18) so maybe thats why they are still a little over protective!

    My point is that all girls prefer some sort of specific characteristics in men (according to my cousin they like some one physically opposite to them) In my case thats true 🙂 I’m totally For the Tall, Dark and Handsome look!! And Just like characteristics, values are also important, I mean someone with a sense of family and culture would be awesome to meet, it’ll take time, 18 year old guys are sooo immature!!!! Not fair!

    Love your Blog
    Love Asian Men!!!

  70. I just wanted to say, I am a half Latina half White female, and I am proud to be engaged to a Laotian man! We have been together for 6 years already.

    There is just something about Asian men…I have dated Asian men in the past and have many Asian male friends. They are kind, loving, know how to cook, love their families and are full of respect and patience. Asian men are the perfect match for me and I have always been super attracted to them as well.

    I loved your description about white females who date asian men:

    “These adventurous and cultured women have seen life in its fullest and have carried that mentality towards dating. Why would she date a regular guy from town when there’s a hunky, cultured Asian man right next to her?!”

    that’s me 100%! 🙂

  71. Usually the female is the one to pick the male while the male tries pick any female so there’s some discrimination going on here in the U.S. Very rare to see asian man with non asian woman (or even a woman at all) but I see so many asian women with white men, seems unfair to me.

  72. HI! I’d just like to say this blog seems awesome. (My friend sent me the link 10 mins ago and I’ve been speed reading ever since). I recently got my first boyfriend AND HE’S ASIAN ❤ Here's the ultimate win, I'm south-asian (Pakistani to be precise), We are honestly the most rare of mixes. Gotta love Canada and mass immigration for making this possible! He's totally Canadian washed though which is convinient since I love Canadians and Asian boys.

    To all the Kpop fans out there I LOVE THEM TOO!!! Kpop, Jrock, Anime, every kind of asian food there is (MMmmm sashimi) Here's just one big shout out to all the greatness that is them! Falco keep up the good work. That bit aobut old asian women being ruthless TOTALLY lol'd! It is true though.

    Peace and love everyone ^___^

  73. “But maybe delusional white chicks feel the need to give every other white women, including myself, a bad name for being racist and unable to see the beauty in everyone, not just their own race.”

    Racist white American women who are plentiful really dont need to! Being Asian myself, I asked my nephew who has had not much interaction with white women what was his view based on movies. His single word was Racist. He had just seen the movie “The Help”.

  74. I’m an Asian guy, and I married a white woman. I have dated mostly Asians before, and started dating white women for the past few years (mostly 9-10/10.) My wife is the most beautiful and hottest woman I have seen, and gets hit on several times per day. Anyways, she told me that she married me, not just because I am attractive and smart, but I treated her the best out of all the white guys she dated. The fact that I am sexually gifted (multiple orgasms for every woman I dated) is a plus.

    • Liar, liar your pants on Fire !

      Please pay no attention to me. I am an insecure white boy whose girlfriend cheated on me with an Asian Man. That is the real reason why I post such hateful comments on this blog. I am simply afraid to admit that I myself have a small penis and I need to convince myself otherwise by trash talking Asian Men and the women who love them.

      I am a racist, ignorant, overweight man that believes in preserving the white race because, well, that’s pretty much all I have going for me. After I finish posting hateful comments I like to watch videos of Black Men fucking White Women because for some odd reason, I get turned on by it. I am pathetic.

      And Ranier, the writer of this blog, is my master.
      Woof Woof.
      Woof woof.

  75. ben walter 49j zoek een lieve slanke jongen aziaat ,zelf ben ik van deurne bij antwerpen en zoek die jongen die samen met mij leuke dingen wil doen

  76. I agree with your article…but you are a American Asian male correct?! It’s different for Asian males in their own countries. Korea for example, I lived there for two years and Asian men never asked me out.I I’m a black woman and I’m VERY open to dating all races, in fact I have. I find Korean men to be not interested or too shy to do anything.

  77. i really liked this article! 🙂 it’s a different point of view, i’m actually thinking of studying in japan (i’m latina by the way) and the thing is that my parents are very supportive but my mother told “if you go over there don’t marry a japanese guy” and i told her yes yes because i didn’t want to argue with her and she doesn’t want me to marry because sha had a friend that marry a japanese men and he was very cold, she had to walk behind him, and at the end they divorced and the wife took the daughter and he took the son and she couldn’t see her son… my mother was kind of like shocked abou it but i think that it was probably like that because the men was raised in a different time with different things but right now the way of thinking it’s different so if i go over there i want to have the experience of dating an asian men…soo i really like your post and the way you think of the latina! 🙂

  78. Ahh is that nikchun? Sorry I don’t know how to spell his name. And I’m a Latina and I love Asians ahaha. And idk the Koreans don’t really try to make moves on us Latinas:/

  79. I’ve tried getting the interest of some asian guys at my university, but a lot of the time they aren’t interested in me or we just don’t seem to have the same interests. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m awkward or just bad at the dating scene, but we don’t seem to connect. It makes me pretty sad.

  80. As a Group working in the African music industry “Interracial Dating: Are Asian Guys the Perfect Boyfriends?” is right up our street and we will keep checking for interesting additions to your post. If you want to know more about Somalian Music Videos visit us at %URL% … Well written, thank you 🙂

  81. Okay a white canadian girl, not only dated an Asian man but I married him. BTW the best one of the lot that i have dated. He was born here, and so was his father. However, his mother was born and raised in Japan. I have a great relationship with his family and my two kids are treated like gold by their grandparents. If you open yourself up to the possibilities you might be suprised what the world has to offer.

    It really started out as a friendship and the more I got to know him the better I liked him. Then he showed me his biceps and abs and the rest was history lol

  82. I enjo y asian men. I have dated a vietnamese man it was great it was quit because he had to go take care of his Dad. I want a friendship with a korean gentleman.

  83. I don’t get all the obsession with these girls about Korean men…..You know….there are more nationalities to Asia than just Korea or Japan….There is China, there is Vietnam, there is Thailand, there is Malaysia, there is Taiwan, Burma, blah bah blah….you get the drift. It’s particularly why so many of these girls don’t succeed in the dating field when it comes to Asian men, because they pick by nationality, rather than personality.

  84. I enjoy Korean culture food and I am studying the language. I have the right to say who I want to date and of course the personality would override. I sort of understand how you understood my comment. That’s cool.

  85. Hi all, I’m a black girl from London and some of my best relationships have been with asian guys 🙂 – I like whoever I’m attracted to, but I must say I do find asian guys incredibly sexy/cute. I notice that I’ve always had to make the first move initially, but they’re wonderful once you get past the shyness. Not all are shy though, so it depends on the guy.

    Still looking for a cool asian guy to come by my way these days, but here’s to hoping 🙂

  86. I guess whatever works. I’m black and I went on a couple of dates with an asian man. It wasn’t really for me but different strokes for different folks. Some kind be attractive but generally I’m not drawn to many in romantic or attraction-based way. I’m not drawn to almost any men in that way besides maybe white and sometimes hispanic. I wish it were it more across the board but it’s not.

  87. I mean the media wants to compare asian men and black women and in some cases we do have parallels but there is not a natural attraction there. Also, maybe we are chosen by the universe to prune ourselves through what we are facing at this time. Maybe there are some truths that asian men need to develop their masculinity far more than they have and black women need to develop their femininity far more as well. I think there are truths to that. I’ve always been feminine as a girl but I’m been totally expelling anything that might remotely be masculine in behavior and dress; learning how to be more elegant, working on my figure, face, and just the overall me. It comes naturally though so it’s not that hard.

    I am not attracted to my own race much so there is a high chance I will remain single throughout my life but I have to deal with it. I would rather be alone and childless than with a man I didn’t desire. That’s just me, but being alone and childless will give me the flexibility to move out of the US to greener pastures. Yeah!:-) Plus all the work I will put into myself during this time should pay off in my next life, so it won’t go to waste.

  88. I have never dated an asian guy cause I had the impression they like asian girls only for some reason… (I rarely had seen asians w non asians girls around me). I would definitely give it a try LOL!

  89. Should I write a book on this with my influential Asian female authorities? Please let me know your thoughts if you do.


    A new Book for women – How to find, understand, recognize/identify the various types of Asian men and then how to categorize, rank, see through, select, work with, maintain, care for, appreciate, enjoy and cherish and enjoy a wonderful relationship with one … or something to that effect.

    Wow, sounds like one of those books you would find in the Pet Store.

    How women view Asian men in the USA has been influenced by the timeline, world events, internal legislation, etc. Chinese men were the first Asian men to arrive in the USA in 1820 and were brought in as laborers. Back then … Asian and Afro American men were not at the top of the food chain, survival and providing well for a mate and family was paramount and so women did not find us attractive as we had little to offer. The fact that Japan bombed Pearl Harbor did not help either. Nor did World War II, the Korean and the Vietnam War and Chairman Mao and communism initially.

    So it taken perhaps the need for abolishing slavery, that passing of most of the generation who fought in the American Asian Wars. The passing of Mao Tse Tung, the emergence of Asia as an economic power, the blurring of the borders, and among many other moving social events that now makes Asian males more acceptable females within the USA.

    An Asian boyfriend or mate? Ornamental … uh … I mean Oriental Boy Toy.

    Or for that matter … many Asian men … for many purposes, political/government contacts, investment contacts, dear friends, mate and lover.

    Example: You could have a shrewd and powerful Asian Male business partner. Just accept him for what he brings to the table and overlook the fact that he is a womanizer with a desire to have a harem with women his daughter’s and even grand daughter’s ages.

    I am an ABC man (also known as an American Born Chinese). I can, perhaps I should write a book on this subject. I am 56 years old, have a higher education, and have lived, worked, and experienced people all over the United States from coast to coast, reside in the melting pot of Hawaii and also spent much time in Asia and somewhat in Europe.

    I have many noteworthy female friends and relatives within my generation who are extremely worldly, refined, socially skilled, connected, affluent and prominent attorneys, magazine editors, business women, and descendants of the ruling class and top of the food chain.

    To begin with, I feel the importance of clarifying what an Asian Male is. The article above seems to be isolating these various Asian Men. It does not specify whether they are born and raised in the USA or imported after birth.

    At last count by most sources the Asian population of the USA is:
    14,465,124 or roughly 4.7 %. Is it safe to say that almost half will be males. Also, what is the Bell-Shaped Curve considering their age look like?

    Just what Asian groups is this article referring to?

    Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Filipinos, Indians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis? What about the others like Laotians, Cambodians, Indonesians, etc.

    Asia is a large continent that encompasses many more countries and ethnicities.

    She too will agree with me that there are tremendous differences within the Asian cultures regarding men. There are tremendous differences just within the Chinese ethnicity alone. She perhaps would be a better authority than I on this subject as she is wooed by men of all varieties across the globe.

    I on the other hand … am a heterosexual. Now even though I have not dated a man or been intimate with one, I have a thousands of male friends, comrades, and acquaintances that I network with because of investments and business across the globe.

    Almost always when interacting with other males from other cultures, the protocol, procedure, etiquette, code of behavior, set of rules, practice, modus perandi, etc. when making friends, gaining trust, joining forces will involved sharing of ideas about money, power, resources, and women.

    The character of the various Asian cultures and sub-cultures are deep and diverse.

    The way the view, admire, adore, love, treat, mistreat, etc. women is just as diverse. They run the gamut /scope from a loyal, faithful, subservient, puppy dog to a promiscuous, diabolical, villainous, ruthless, manipulative, etc. SOB.

    To bring a few names to mind, Bruce Lee, Genghis Khan, Kim Jong-il

    This is prevalent alone within the Chinese ethnicity. Chinese culture of the variety of subcultures run deep. China alone is a conglomerate of many Asian countries originally.

    Besides the majority Han Chinese, 55 other ethnic groups are recognized in mainland China by the PRC government, numbering approximately 105 million people, mostly concentrated in the northwest, north, northeast, south, and southwest but with some in central interior areas.

    The major minority ethnic groups are Zhuang (16.1 million), Manchu (10.6 million), Hui (9.8 million), Miao (8.9 million), Uyghur (8.3 million), Tujia (8 million), Yi (7.7 million), Mongol (5.8 million), Tibetan (5.4 million), Buyei (2.9 million), Dong (2.9 million), Yao (2.6 million), Korean (1.9 million), Bai (1.8 million), Hani (1.4 million), Kazakh (1.2 million), Li (1.2 million), and Dai (1.1 million).

    There is a huge difference between and American Born Asian man and a Asian man born and raised in Asia.

    We are also products of our experiences, our upbringing by our primary caretakers, and our lines of ancestors and cultural influences. This could be synonymous with the line of thought that we are not only what we eat, sleep, exercise and take care of ourselves …. but also what our parents and ancestors did in these areas too.

    Religious trends
    Some scholars see a movement of religions, as Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism have moved into American culture[citation needed], and Christianity has been adopted by more East Asians. Most Filipinos are also already Christian (Catholic or other denominations)[63] when they immigrate. Many South Koreans, especially, are already Christian[64] when they immigrate to the US, and hence most Korean Americans are born into Christian families. Besides Indian religions, there has also been strong influence of the American adoption of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and vegetarianism from India.[citation needed]
    Many Asians Americans are also Muslim with ancestry from Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia and China[65][66][67][68] among others. Eight percent of Asian Americans are Muslim[69] and they represent 33% of the American Muslim population.[70]

    Asian American Educational Attainment: 2004 (25 and Older)[59][60][61]

    High School Graduates Bachelors Degree of Higher
    Filipinos 90.8% 47.9%
    Indians 90.2% 67.9%
    Bangladeshis 84.5% 41.9%
    Pakistanis 87.4% 60.9%
    Chinese 80.8% 50.2%
    Japanese 93.4% 43.7%
    Koreans 90.2% 50.8%
    Vietnamese 70.0% 23.5%
    Total US Population 83.9% 27.0%

  90. I’m a white girl in a relationship with AND having a child with a masculine Laotian man. I don’t get where this crap about Asian men being girly comes from! And I don’t understand why more white girls don’t date Asian men. I can’t wait to see how our baby turns out!

    • Masculine laotian man ! You know Melanie, DENIAL is the Refuge of the weak !
      Even ‘IF’ asian men wanted to, they cannot be Masculine bec. they have the most amount of Oestorgen, and their feminine features, girly looks and small ‘packages’ come from that !
      It’s true, If I was a Masculine man like you I would like Feminine men like your your laotian she boy ! (i mean masculine man ! ha ha ha )

    • MASCULINE ? Do you know what masculine means ? bec. if you do you woudn’t have made a fool of yourself ! of ALL the male races of the world, all racess of males are Maculine except for E Asian males who are ANDORGENOUS ! you have a baby with a half woman/ half man man Laotian you Freak ! and with the smallest packages !
      Know what you write before putting it down !

      Please pay no attention to me. I am an insecure white boy whose girlfriend cheated on me with an Asian Man. That is the real reason why I post such hateful comments on this blog. I am simply afraid to admit that I myself have a small penis and I need to convince myself otherwise by trash talking Asian Men and the women who love them.

      I am a racist, ignorant, overweight man that believes in preserving the white race because, well, that’s pretty much all I have going for me. After I finish posting hateful comments I like to watch videos of Black Men fucking White Women because for some odd reason, I get turned on by it. I am pathetic.

      And Ranier, the writer of this blog, is my master.
      Woof Woof.
      Woof woof.

  91. I’m a white girl in a relationship with AND having a child with a masculine Laotian man.

    Cool. Maybe you can share some pics.

    And I don’t understand why more white girls don’t date Asian men.

    To begin with, there are not all that much Asian men out there.

  92. Wow I must say I really liked reading this, I am an 18 year old white girl well…lol if you count English, French, Native American, Irish, Italian and a lot more then yes I am white. But either way I have never cared about a guys looks so much as his personality and especially his actions..which express more then words ever could. I do have to say that I have always liked Asian guys, I can’t exactly put my finger on it. But I’ve always been attracted to the intelligence and hard work that I admire in a man; and yes for this one I do like how Asian guys look. I’ve never dated an Asian guy, gotten close but I found that Asian guys at my school usually go for girls in there own race or are Asian. I always wonder why that is but I hope in whatever race I find my love in that I’ll be open minded enough to see. A lot of you ladies as well 🙂 It’s not our color that makes us who we are. It’s our heart and minds.

  93. I’m an Asian guy in his mid 20’s from Australia and I have to say.. us Asian guys don’t really get that much attention over here.. and by attention i mean some girls don’t even notice we’re there.. and if they do then its more like hes funny and cute but i wouldn’t date him.. now I’m not one of those guys who are interested in my own race.. far from it to be honest.. I’m more interested in European girls and sure, I have my fair share of friends who are Italian, Greek, Maltese etc and maybe I haven’t met the right girl yet but they seem to only want to be friends with type of guys like me.. but they wouldn’t date me which is disappointing.. don’t get me wrong I’m a type of guy who’s independent and doesn’t take shit from anybody and when I see a girl I like I’ll do whatever it takes to get her to notice that I’m there.. or at laugh.. so I have tried to ask a few out but usually it just ends with me sitting in my room alone.. brooding.. any thoughts?

  94. Oh that’s cool, have you picked up that accent? Lol just kidding! Well that’s surprising maybe the “hype” on Asian guys as some people say isn’t really that far reaching but who knows? Hmm I wonder why they aren’t. Just out of curiosity do you just like that European girls– because physically they are so different then you? I really can’t say I don’t know how people in Australia feel about interracial dating and couples. You sound like a decent guy, and I am certain you will find a girl who admires that in you. That sounds really sad, my thoughts are you should come to America haha. After all it is the melting pot of the world where everyone comes together. But even if you don’t it just takes one girl to change everything you know? So don’t fret, just be who you are and you’ll find someone.

    • Hey Katie, thanks for your touching words lol as for the accent, i can pull it off but that would just scare them off haha actually I speak more wog-ish or so I’ve been told.. probably because i grew up around a lot of Europeans.. And as for the part about me liking European girls.. I don’t know to be honest, i mean, sure they’re different and some are cute, gorgeous but I think they’re more attractive to me because some are very grounded, down to earth, open minded, respectful, they know what they want out of life and independent.. achieving goals.. or even having goals at all.. Some can be nice and aren’t stereotype or racist for that matter.. I guess these qualities are what attracted me to the previous girls I’ve liked.. most of all, especially my friends.. they get hurt, heartbroken by other boys they like and from where I’m standing its hard to listen to that stuff because even though they wouldn’t date me, i just feel sorry for them and wish i could do something other then say its going to be okay.. From what I can see, the type of girls i run into only choose to date guys that makes it look more sense in other people eyes.. maybe its because they care about what people think or they just want a hot boyfriend who treats them like crap.. who knows.. and there’s always that part about how Asians have a big family tree and so I don’t want to date an Asian girl in case she could be related to me and that would just be wrong lol.. Australia and its interracial dating.. I have to say its very rare that you see an Asian guy with a white girl but there are some out there but when it comes to Asian girls with white guys, there’s always one every corner.. I guess that’s the trend.. I agree with your thoughts and coming to America is definitely on my to do list.. I hear its great over there.. land of opportunities and Asian guys with white girls apparently.. sounds like heaven haha sorry if I’m venting a bit much.. just a bit excited that someones actually reading what I’m typing.. but yeah that’s the story, in my eyes.. anyway..

      • Hey no problem, I understand that even in our modern day there’s still plenty of prejudice and all that. You’d think they might like it haha! Girls here love accents I’m not even kidding. Wow well I really respect that, There’s very few men and women who think that way…That’s exactly what I was writing about above but about Asian guys or most that I meet that are cool. Yeah that always seems to happen to me I put my hopes on a guy I care for and it usually ends with me being hurt. Yeah I see that with my own friends as well, and they say friends make the best relationships later on. I think those women are weak minded and are so insecure they can’t handle it. Yeah but I think
        that part about wanting hot guys is all over the world. You just have to find the right one for you that doesn’t care about what others think because she loves all of who you are…I think that big families are nice, my family is all spread out so it’s hard to ever talk much less meet them all. I never thought of it in that way that you may be related but who knows maybe, maybe not. I know I usually see lots more guys with Asian girls then the other way around. Where I live I see a lot but not as much with white girls and Asian guys. It seems like more like the Asian guys want to be with Asian girls though, it seems like only a small amount of them want to be with anyone outside their color or race. But maybe that’s just because that’s what there comfortable with. I’ve always been taught to love by someone’s heart and mind not if there acceptable in other people’s eyes. Other people can’t tell you because we are all different and need someone to love us because though were not perfect there is a perfect someone for everyone. It is pretty great over here, but like any other place has its ups and downs. But yes lol there are, people of all colors come together. It’s honestly pretty beautiful because its just nice to know that people can have great relationships that way…Haha no worries at all that’s understandable especially since I do too 🙂 Don’t let it get you down to much, also girls like confidence in a man and happiness I’m sure so try to be happy and it just comes naturally…So don’t worry there’s amazing people no matter what country your in.

        • Thanks Katie, it really means a lot.. I guess I should start smiling at every white girl I see from now on and see where it gets me haha but on a serious note, I very much admire you on how you see things, just wish there were more people here that were like that.. maybe there is its just I haven’t found them yet.. however I will take your words into consideration and be happy and confident in believing that my perfect someone is out there some where.. 😉

        • It seems like more like the Asian guys want to be with Asian girls though, it seems like only a small amount of them want to be with anyone outside their color or race.

          It does seem odd that exogamy is less common among Asian guys than Asian girls.

  95. Your welcome but I truly believe it I’m not just saying that to make you feel better. Haha just don’t go overboard or they may really actually run lol! Thanks I really appreciate that, and I admire your seemingly kind and responsive nature. Yeah I bet you will, I mean there’s billions of people on this planet. You would think that one might just be for you. Good I’m glad I could help you, I really like that I can. I will also take my own advice( so it’s not hypocritical) and await the day when I find that person wherever he may be. Oh hey so what kind of Asian are you? Just wondering because of what you said about the whole big Asian family thing.Forgive my curiosity, I always have been pretty curious. Oh and this is a ballad I did not very good but I hope it will bring you some happiness. I wish you a good evening :]
    Love Eternal
    There was once a love, a love that never ages..
    A love so strong, no man could break the bond that held our hearts
    — with his deadly arts.
    No sickness of the heart nor of the mind could destroy our love.
    Our love will never die, it is ageless and eternal.
    We have weathered the storm, found each other
    once more torn from each others arms.
    We have fought with fist and sword,
    but our love overcame trials to our faith
    The fight at an end, our gazes lock, our hands familiar touch,
    and our hearts and flesh surely become one.
    My heart filled with joy, as we were meant to be
    As we age and our bones become brittle,
    one thing will never change,
    the fire and desire in our souls dim not a little
    Life on earth lasts a moment,
    yet when our time is up
    Don’t be afraid my dear..
    for we will find each other once more in heaven
    Our love never ages, for our love is a love eternal

    • That’s really sweet.. To me it sounds good.. very moving 🙂 and it worked, it put a smile on my face.. lol as for your curiosity, I don’t mind at all.. I’m a Vietnamese Asian.. I don’t know if there’s many over in America but we’re not really a rare species over here haha.. I’m one of those strange Asians that don’t do Asiany things.. Sorry if I sound stereotype about my own kind, It’s just that I’ve been told its the way I talk, dress, possibly the things that I eat and the things i do but however i do have the Asian hair, can’t really do much about that haha speaking about backgrounds I see you’re of many nationalities.. that’s really interesting, I didn’t think that was even possible but hey you must be a rare kind 😉 ..Of course you’ll find that one person, he’s out there.. Asian or not, as long as he makes you happy and treats you right, that’s really all that matters..

      • Thank you, I’m glad it did that makes me happy knowing that I could make someone else happy instead of just myself. Haha species that made me laugh, no I see some Asians, wouldn’t mind seeing more but that’s me.
        But, my good friend is dating a Vietnamese guy and she’s also mixed white, Mexican and Native American. They love each-other deeply if that helps 🙂
        No I understand, and that’s the only thing you need the Asian hair haha.
        It doesn’t really matter as long as your happy with how you are.
        Really? Maybe it’s just more common in America because usually no one really cares who your with. Don’t get me started I’m at least 10 different nationalities most of them being European and I can them all but I think that may be rather excessive. Thanks, honestly I couldn’t say if I am a rarity or not my source of information is limited except for what’s passed on from word of mouth and my Genealogy book on my grandfather’s side. But maybe that’s normal as my ancestry goes back 8 generations or more. Most of them being in America. Turns out I’m lucky to be alive as when one of my ancestors came to America, he was almost killed by Native Americans but luckily someone claimed and adopted him into the tribe otherwise I wouldn’t be alive. I think you will also…Yeah and you too be happy :]

  96. I’m a latin girl and had an asian ex-bf.. so far was the best, I would like to meet other asian guys but the ones i end up meeting, I don’t know how to show them that I’m interested without looking somehow easy ..any tips? 😦

    • Where are you from? People should post what state they are from, you never know you might meet someone great online.

  97. I’m a white girl who is very attracted to non-white men, especially Asians. Lately I’ve been kind of depressed, because I’ve felt that no Asian guys were interested in white girls. (A gross over-generalization I know, but alas, that’s how the brain is designed to think) Articles like this make me feel a little happier.
    I always think, I’m not good enough/pretty enough for an Asian guy, and I know I need to improve my poor self-image.
    Anyways, good to know at least some Asian guys are open-minded about dating other ethnicities… Now hopefully I can just meet a couple 🙂

    • Do you know that your Aisna fetish guys are ANDROGENOUS, with small packages ? ! Check it out ……too bad, you are NOT Heterosexual bec. then you woudln’t have this prob. !

      Please pay no attention to me. I am an insecure white boy whose girlfriend cheated on me with an Asian Man. That is the real reason why I post such hateful comments on this blog. I am simply afraid to admit that I myself have a small penis and I need to convince myself otherwise by trash talking Asian Men and the women who love them.

      I am a racist, ignorant, overweight man that believes in preserving the white race because, well, that’s pretty much all I have going for me. After I finish posting hateful comments I like to watch videos of Black Men fucking White Women because for some odd reason, I get turned on by it. I am pathetic.

      And Ranier, the writer of this blog, is my master.
      Woof Woof.
      Woof woof.

  98. I’m a white woman engaged to a Japanese man and to be honest after daiting all diferent kinds of guys I have to say it, asian guys are the best! I’ll be getting married soon and I’m sooo happy! Wish me happines:)

    • Really??! Good for you!! I wish you the best for the rest of your lifes!!
      And i hope everything goes well!!
      I hope i can meet an asian man and at least i could date one!! I’m latina 🙂 so let’s see how it goes!!
      Good luck!! 😀

    • so you have dated guys from ALL races ? ! Liar, Liar your pants on fire, what’s worse you are not Straight, bec. if you were you wont be attracted to ANDROGENOUS Japanese or other E Asian men!

      Please pay no attention to me. I am an insecure white boy whose girlfriend cheated on me with an Asian Man. That is the real reason why I post such hateful comments on this blog. I am simply afraid to admit that I myself have a small penis and I need to convince myself otherwise by trash talking Asian Men and the women who love them.

      I am a racist, ignorant, overweight man that believes in preserving the white race because, well, that’s pretty much all I have going for me. After I finish posting hateful comments I like to watch videos of Black Men fucking White Women because for some odd reason, I get turned on by it. I am pathetic.

      And Ranier, the writer of this blog, is my master.
      Woof Woof.
      Woof woof.

  99. Hi, I’m a Mexican woman going through a divorce and just met a Chinese divorced guy.
    It’s the very first time I date an Asian guy, which I like a lot, but I don’t want to scare him away, and I very clueless, because sometimes he shows all kinds of interest, like he texts me all day through out the day, but some other times he ignores me completely, but when he does it he’s all affectionate and so.

    So I really would like to know if anyone here have tips about how to date Asian guys, or what is the deal with them. As Latina I’m very affectionate, and love showing my emotions, but as I said before don;t want to scare him away or make him feel pushed up. Need some tips, please! Thank you

    • hmm my bf is like that too, if I give him too much attention he completely ignores me, and if I just let go and ignore him too, he asks me 1000x if I love him lol. I noticed… he doesn’t talk about how he feels or what he thinks unless I specifically ask him to say so. Like, if I hurt him, he’s not gonna say it, he’s just gonna stop talking. and he gets wayyyyy angry if I slightly doubt his love (those times when he ignores me). I don’t know if all asian guys are like that… but if they are, they should talk more!! We can’t guess everything they think!

      • We don’t like to say “I love you” that often, because we like to actually do things to show our love. It’s not hard to say it, but we prefer to say it at the best moment.

  100. I’m half latina, half white and I date an asian man yeay!! It’s been more than 5 years now : ) Although not all asian guys are perfect… My friend just broke up with an asian guy that turned out so controlling and jealous she dumped him right away. She was so scared of him, she broke up in public so that he wouldn’t hit her o___O. So yah. There are jealous guys in every race so watch out for them ladies!!

  101. Chi Cao… ^^ You’ve just risen about a hundred levels of coolness.
    Excellent post, by the way! This (mostly) Caucasian girl wholeheartedly agrees; Asian guys really are the closest to perfection~~
    My Korean boyfriend and I thank you! 🙂

  102. The bad thing is, white guys don’t really know how to judge the Asian beauty, which makes the demand of Asian female rise sky-high regardlessly.

    To all the Asian guys:(including myself)
    Don’t be afraid and make a first step , spent more time and set your target to a non-Asian female to wider up your target range.

  103. I am a white girl from the midwest and I am dating (let me explain this in some details later…) an Asian guy of Taiwanese descent. Two years ago, I was a returned peace corps volunteer and was in two minds over whether to seek a graduate degree, so I took courses at an undisclosed Ivy League school (haha) while working night shift as a collection specialist in a research center where many grad students hang out and this is where I noticed this well-mannered, sweet-looking Asian doctoral student.
    As I said, I work the night shift and he often studies there until we close. We were both shy and we didn’t begin talking to each other until months later when I found out we actually live along the same subway line and we usually take the same last train home. So one night, I approached him, introduced myself and we then started chatting. I found him to be a very enriching person to talk to (on almost all kinds of topics since we are at all in our mid-20s) and is very gentle, caring and sweet, and his killer smile is especially endearing.
    Fortunately, I was accepted into a master program at this university the next spring, so we meet more often and start hanging out. We have been together for 2 years now. Our relationship is just natural and to be frank, we haven’t even hitted the second base as we both think it’s not necessary at this stage. Sometimes I am not even sure if we are “dating” but I just feel happy to be with him 🙂

    On a related note, I know you guys in this board are curious about those “asian physical characteristics” things. Sorry, no comment! Because we haven’t moved to that phase. All I can say is he looks a bit Eurasian, lanky though not particularly tall (about 5’11”, which fits me just fine (I’m 5’8″ and skinny as well)), but what I really like him is his super-sweet personality.

    Although it may sound cliche, here I encourage all Asian guys who are interested in developing a relationship with white/black/Hispanic girls to be more proactive, because I feel my asian boyfriend to be a bit shy and I am usually the person who takes the initiatives. I don’t want to generalize his shyness to all other Asian males, but all I want to say is we non-Asian girls are friendly and approachable, Asian guys don’t be shy!

  104. I have dated a chinese man before. And, I just think it was one of the most disappointing encounters I have ever had!. He was fat, smelled really bad ALL THE TIME!, and had a TINY wheener!!!! Which was just weird because I thought the height factor and size of his feet would play a role in that but, I guess that really isn’t always the case.

    I tried encouraging him, getting him to go to the gym with me ( because, i enjoy working out) but, boy was that a task made for mother Teresa because, he’d always come up with one excuse or the other and when he WOULD WORK OUT it was only for about 10 mins? or less… then he’d come up with some excuse to leave… also, the body odor got worse when he worked out!!!!!… It was a weird smell too.. the kind that blind-sights you and makes your eyes tear up.. sorta like he’d wear dirty clothes…I’d have to hold my breathe sometimes when I looked in his direction. But, I had already coaxed him into working out ( which he’d been whining about ) I didn’t wanna imply that he smelled because, he would have probably thrown another bitch fit.

    Also, another thing I found weird was that; despite allllll this.. he never seemed to loose any weight! but appear to put on some more pounds the next time i’d see him!. LOL. He had a really found moon face too with a double chin!… imagine what that looked liked!… lol.

    There were other character issues (such as; really cheap!, wanted to take me out on a date with coupons! )… but, gosh, I just know I am NEVER dating another asian man EVER AGAIN! omg… never ever! again! terrible experience! by far!!!!!

    Anyway, I am sure there are other good looking asian guys out there who take better care of themselves but, I just know I’ll never go down that route again….

    • wow! that was a bad expirience 😦
      It’s too bad because i think that because of that problem you’re not going to even consider dating another asian man….
      I understand your reasons however i feel that there are some men that are like that and they are not precisely asian man….
      but well it’s up to you!
      By the way….i know it was a bad expirience but i did laugh lol

      • Why would you even date someone and expect to change them? If you were together for years and they changed then yeah that’s different. But why on Earth will people BE with someone and try and mold them?

    • Rofl but that’s just one bad experience! You can have that with a man of any race. Stop being so close minded and while were at it why would you date a guy like that??? Body odor isn’t easily disguised so you shouldn’t have gone for that.

    • He’s fat and stink! Can’t you tell when you first see him? I don’t understand why you still date him. Well…I’m glad you learn your lesson, just don’t pick the homeless dude again~

  105. I think the first thing to keep in mind is that asia is a huge continent resided with a great variety of people, so the stereotyped asian image in american culture may capture only part of the asian chatacteristics there. I am a white woman who has lived and worked in china for 3 years. For me, I found chinese men there to be very outspoken and aggressive even to the point where a few of them asked me for a date and even even talked about marriage in our first meet…which totally freaked me out. I guess their fast-paced economic growth has probably transformed their traditionally moderate culture lol

    Same argument applies to some of the comments above. I certainly feel bad for Mia’s horrible experience although I did not find bad person hygiene to be a problem for most chinese men I saw there; similarly, Julia (two entries above) and her sweetheart both work in the higher education industry so their experience probably may not be generalized to most of us (not trying to offend anyone here).

    Hope everyone be more open-minded in dealing with interracial relationship and best of luck.

  106. This article makes …0… sense asian men have small peni, what Woman in her right mind wants a small peni!???!!!!

    • You see, Jacob, women actually want Asian males with a small penny. Too often you may meet foreigners who may not have gotten their native currency exchanged right when they came to America. I personally am fairly cheap sometimes, so meeting someone who comes from a penny-pinching culture who likes to be cheap is a blessed relief.

      Ah, you see how stupid I sounded here? How stupid you do? Why don’t you reevaluate your life up to this point and wonder why penis jokes never work? How about you stop watching porn that’s barely even real and has standards as exaggerated as yours? No one is listening, and far more people don’t even care. Like it or not, there are girls like me who want Asian because, frankly, we find so many good and sexy men who just happen to be Asian. We’ve found our greener pastures and love the hell out of it.

      If you have anything else pathetic and demeaning to say, please, take it elsewhere.

    • have you even been with an asian to know that for sure?… or are you just following what others say. Looks like you let your life be dictated by what others say.. so if someone said jumping off a bridge would be fun would you do it?… your thinking is quite pathetic.

  107. Real men…and real women…go for real men and real women whatever the shade of skin, shape of eye or type of hair (or lack of hair). There is only one race, the human race. There is no such thing as inter-racial dating…unless you are dating a chimp, but that is too kinky for me to contemplate.

    • True dat, and race as people use it is incredibly artificial, but, as forward thinking as deciding unilaterally to stop paying attention to race is, other people sadly still do. I wish everyone believed what you did, but otherwise, we have to face up to the prejudices society puts upon all of us, to be this way or that.

  108. I find beauty in every ethnic group. However, I won’t lie, I’ve ALWAYS preferred dark hair and features. That is why Latin men and Black guys are so sexy. White men are gorgeous too but I tend to go for the Southern European/Mediterranean ones due to their dark features. I didn’t really get into Asian guys until last year

    It is something about their almond shape eyes and high cheek bones. They are just gorgeous

  109. Hello all:

    First off, I would like to give kudos to the author of this fine article. I esp. admired the AMBW section as I am a black woman who was once involved with an asian man, Korean. There were some very valid points you’ve made about the connection b/t blacks and asians about their struggles, the things they value and even the upbringing and loyalty to the one they are loving.

    Even though there are qualities in an asian man that I love, there are just a few that disappoint me. Since I can’t speak for all asian men or even Korean men, I will simply state things I’ve noticed in him that I haven’t noticed in any other guy I’ve dated.

    #1: Submission: Every man wants this is a certain degree, but this asian guy couldn’t function without it. One day after we had a disagreement, he tells me “I can go out and get an asian woman and she will do whatever I tell her to!”, to which my response was “I’ll help you find one!”. Black women are not to be controlled and will never be submissive to her man, regardless of what ethnicity he may be. So it was disappointing when he wanted me to bow to him and take direction from him like he had authority over me, huge turn off. Expectation was also very high. Whenever I stayed the night, he wanted breakfast in the morning, and when breakfast is over he wanted me to clean the kitchen, then run his bath and iron his clothes…if he had things his way. I have heard that some men in asian cultures expect their women to play this house wife role and cater to his every whim, well I didn’t have a ring on my hand so I wasn’t down for that.

    #2:Family: He told me just months after meeting a few of his family members that half his family didn’t like me, because I am a black woman. Not mulatto, not biracial but a dark skinned black woman. I kind of expected them not to, but it did hurt knowing they didn’t like me just because of that reason alone. I also hated visiting his family. They always spoke in Korean knowing I wasn’t familiar with the language and never spoke directly to me, I was always uncomfortable and felt like I put more effort into making them like me than just visiting. That was nerve wrecking.

    #3: Pressure to be Miss Right: He was 6 years older than me and constantly talked about his future and wanting to save up money to settle down with “someone” “someday”. And without any confessions of love for me, he wanted that someone to be me bc I wanted to attend school and make more money. He constantly talked about how he didn’t want to end up alone and how he was getting old and had to start thinking about his future, marriage, and children. I was just not ready to be thinking about all of that with someone I had only dated for 7 months.

    I have never dated someone like him before. He constantly told me he it’s bc he’s asian, “thats how asian men are”. Luckily, I have met some very sweet asian men who reassured me they aren’t all alike. To answer the topic question, I wouldn’t say perfect bf but certainly dreamy lol. Definitely worth the experience as you learn more about yourself and what you’re looking for with each one…just really wanted to share my experience. Thanks for reading.

  110. For some reason, I attract Asians more than any other race – and that’s adjusted for population.

    Why? I don’t know. I’m tall (5’11), Middle Eastern, my hair is not smooth and straight – it’s long, wavy and unruly/thick, I’m not super feminine (aka those “imma baby bird, protect meeeee!!!1one” chicks, literally) (I’m more like an ass-kicking ostrich, and am tall like one, too).

    Plus, I don’t have enormous melons, or much fruit in general except for cherry….*ahem* x)

    And I have a very inappropriate sense of humor.

    So I don’t know why they like me, since I notice they usually go for more demure, traditionally feminine women – but I like ’em back. 🙂

    One thing’s for sure: I’d rather have a yellow Asian than an orange guido.

  111. I don’t know how I found this, but I’m glad for it. I’m a white girl dating an asian man. I’ve got to say, he’s the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. Asians may just be the perfect boyfriends.

  112. Hi, I am a half Norwegian half Filipino boy, (my father is the typical blue eyed blond Norwegian, and my mother has Chinese/Spanish/Filipino blood) I have had no problems with girls. They just love my semi-dark skin (almost hispanic?) and that i fit a beard perfectly, (i think its not that normal for an half asian guy to have a fully grown beard when 16?). Any ways, I am a multicultural cocktail on my own and I’m proud of it! The only thing I have had a problem with, is to be considered as a Norwegian when abroad, since I obviously isn’t the stereo typical tall, blond and blue eyed Norwegian haha*!

    • Hi Mr. Burns, haha… You are definitely not alone although I am black American I love interracial mixture, we are the intelligent ones. We all have a bit of mix blood in us and I passionately love the beautiful colors of the rainbow Asian Men/Philipino at the top of the list.

  113. I’m also (as the one over me here) half norwegian.. my other half is hispanic (dominican repiblic) soo Im a mix of white and latina? is that good enough? or is it even better?! 😀 I love asian guys (japanese and korean) and they’re the ones I aways fall for. So tell me I got a good score, pleease ~

  114. I’m Hispanic, and I never see Asian guys with hispanic girls here. Too bad, they’re so kind and caring. (At least the Asian guys at school)

  115. Hi Headrick,

    I agree with you, as an African American woman there is also stereo types about our men being drug dealers, abandoning there children and the like, and black woman only wanting to have babies, loud or un educated, as Asian guys are stero typed, (sorry for the misspelling) but I find Asian men very attractive because of their natural nature of being sensitive, gentleman un like most American men who are in the mirror longer than we are and don’t really appreciate the sanctified union of family. Although all American men don’t think this way, but for th most part what I have experienced or seen as a Paralegal myself being around attorneys, doctors and other professionals. There is something missing in our men’s structure of being naturally compassionate, and willing to invest in their woman. I love Asian culture, and the way when you love,…. You love for real.
    and Asian men don’t look like girls to me, I think it’s noble that Asian men are willing to be in touch with their inner man to discover their sensitive side to relate to woman. Love it! I’ll wait for my Asian Prince to come.



  116. Hehe. Just wanted to add that I find Asian men far more attractive than any other men. In fact I am in a long distance relationship with a Korean man. He is planning to move to the states and then we can live happily ever after. 😀

    • Just remember your Korena man is NOT a man, ‘IT’ is an ANDROGEN with a small package !

      Please pay no attention to me. I am an insecure white boy whose girlfriend cheated on me with an Asian Man. That is the real reason why I post such hateful comments on this blog. I am simply afraid to admit that I myself have a small penis and I need to convince myself otherwise by trash talking Asian Men and the women who love them.

      I am a racist, ignorant, overweight man that believes in preserving the white race because, well, that’s pretty much all I have going for me. After I finish posting hateful comments I like to watch videos of Black Men fucking White Women because for some odd reason, I get turned on by it. I am pathetic.

      And Ranier, the writer of this blog, is my master.
      Woof Woof.
      Woof woof.

      • Yeah Eric your completely idiotic I am dating a half asian half white guy who is the best man I have ever been with (and yes I am white with a mix of Native American!)
        Generally, I like to make my point about race not even really mattering at all. But you are ignorant and hugely so in fact. It sickens me when people point to race and stereotyping, everyone is different. In fact, race is not a factor that determines attraction or lasting happiness.
        Real love is not based on race either and you should remember that while your spamming away stupid remarks.

  117. I’m more attracted to/by latinas then my own!! And that sucks it shouldn’t be this way. But I understand why, you guys got it twisted believe me! I’m probably too “old” to even be posting here but.. We’re like that untalked about secret LOL.

    I keep finding posts like this online so I began googling, I have the same sorta WTF IS THIS? Reactions everytime I read these things because, “I” have absolutely no prob, so I don’t know WHAT they are talking about. Sore losers. I figure, it’s a mass plot by angry dishoveled boys who at one time lost out on an asian girl to an asian guy, got jealous toward him, went online, started posting all this garbage…..

    But don’t spread it!!! Even the mere fact this post EXISTS spreads it. Even if it’s “just kids..” yeah but those “kids” become our adults who lead and get jobs in corporate america and CHOOSE and DECIDE…

    I typed in “asian men dating” in google, and found this, and many others.

    I replaced “asian” with “latino” and then “black” and “white” and the results are like… Date a white guy!! Big black men… Latinosss… oh la la.

    I mean, c’mon. It’s a joke. Who ever is doing that or controlling it… just forget about it.

    Use your head, and intuition, and check real life…

    I have a saying. “If one must be so mean towards another unprovoked, that means he lusts for what that other has, or has schizophrenia”

  118. I was stuck in the white man rut. Let me tell you: boring, cheap, and ignorant.
    I fell for a Cambodian French gentleman. It was so exciting. I remember feeling brave and different, and he was so kind and had a great sense of humor, plus super sexy. It didn’t work out, so I went back to default white guy. Yeah, let’s just say I’m glad that’s over with. 4 months out of the relationship I’ve been chatting with and flirting with a guy in my class who is Chinese. He is so great! Not your average rule following, logic praising, over powering prick! He’s cute, he’s a little racy, he has good fashion sense, he’s courteous and he likes a strong woman. I’ll take it. I think I found the one

  119. I have no dating experience to share.. but this is about the default idea of interracial dating.
    I’m mixed and I hate when it’s automatically thought that I’m white/black. I honestly get a little offended – it’s just a pride in my race(s).
    I was filling out information for something and it was like “biracial (white/black)” and that was the only mixed option addressed … what is that??

    Any relationship I enter is interracial so.. yea not gonna bother addressing my thoughts on that.

  120. I am a white woman and love Asian men! Unfortunately there are always assholes regardless of what race they are. I love the idea of an Asian man that carries over the good aspects of his culture and is open minded, but I struggle to find them. I keep finding those Asian men who are racist, very closed minded about any issue and is very sexist! It’s kind of sad because I know the open minded ones exist, but I have such trouble finding them. I was raised by very controlling parents and we struggled in life, so I understand why some people are the way they are, I just wish I could meet one that rejects that bad aspects of their past! Even worse, I live in LA where there are a lot of different races besides white, but I have trouble meeting anyone. Any ideas for those white women who are a bit shy but open minded?

    • If you have Asian friends I suggest you ask them to introduce you to Asian men, so you have a much better chance to weed them out. Where exactly are you finding those Asian men? There will always struggles since we are raise differently. I can not pin point any area and break it down for you. You will just have to keep trying and hopefully you will find a good one.

  121. Hi The Falco,

    First of all, I just wanted to thank you so very much for your very insightful article. You are probably busy so you haven’t responded, but after reading through your article and reading through the comments above, it’s apparent to me that there is definitely some interest in asian males from non asian woman!

    That itself puts a smile on my face and definitely does give people (both woman and male) hope that are thinking about dating an asian male no matter what race or ethnicity you are.

    Honestly, the reason why I came upon your article was because I had been interested in Hispanic females, and primarily due to the fact that they have a bigger chest size than most asian females I’ve encountered (not to say that all asian females have small chest sizes). It’s not just Hispanic females but I’ve found myself to be open to everyone else if they have that feature. For me, I just prefer to look for a woman who has a C+ to D chest size because that’s just my preference, hence I’ve been looking at other ethnicities / races as all the asian girls I know do not have what I prefer.

    A little about myself: I’m a 29 year old Chinese male, born and raised in San Jose, CA so you could say that I’m an Americanized Chinese/Asian male.

    I noticed a number of people were asking about some tips and thoughts about dating asian men, so if you guys want, you can reply to my post and I will be happy to try to help offer any suggestions/advice that will help you snag that asian male you have been interested in.

    Word of caution though: I will be brutally honest and I will tell you what some asian guys (that are nice and do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings) will not tell you. I’ve learned that being honest and up front with oneself will allow you to learn more about some what some chinese guys think, in particular my perspective and the conversations that I’ve had with my asian male friends throughout my 29 years, through high school, through college, and in the working world (I mention chinese because I can only speak for myself and not other asians as within the asian community, whether it be chinese, korean, japanese, vietnamese, laos, filipino, etc – each ethnicity within the “asian” category have various cultures and backgrounds as well)

    I will offer some insight into why some of the above posters had asked why asian guys are so shy. It seems to me that, myself included and my asian male friends have straight up have no balls when we are younger. I could not imagine just going up and hitting on a non asian girl and then getting rejected! It was too painful and there are some guys out there that will just hit on anything that breaths, hence some girls will date those guys because they just have the balls and nerves of steel to get rejected over and over until that one girl says yes to them.

    Perhaps due to the shy nature and overwhelming respect for the female counterpart, some asian males grow up being shy around girls, even if they find them attractive and would like to talk to them.

    Like some posters said above, if you ever do see a cute asian guy, feel free to go ahead and say hi and make some small talk, I guarantee you that they will not think anything bad of it or think you are too desperate (unless you come off as super desperate like asking him if he wants to get married/have kids during your first conversation). I’ve had the fortune of having some non asian ladies approach me and I’ve always welcomed the conversation and never thought one bad thing about them at all, whether it be african american, latino, caucasian, etc.

    I will give you a bit more background about myself being a chinese male so hopefully you girls out there will have a better understanding of why, in my particular case, how I ended up being so shy growing up as a chinese male (pardon for making this long but wanted to provide some valuable insights to anyone who’s interested in an asian male and hope this helps you see things and gain some perspective when it comes to potentially dating an asian guy):

    I myself was extremely shy when I was growing up all the way to high school and even in college. Part of the fact was because in high school, I thought all girls were angels, pure and innocent and I could not even fathom touching them for fear of tainting their pure nature (haha, looking back I know how silly I sound and how naive I was).

    I buried myself in academics, activities (clubs/sports, anything extracurricular) to go to a decent college and to get a college education as my parents, like most asian parents, wanted me to study hard and do well in school. I will admit when I went to college, I was still some what shy when it came to approaching girls, in particular the non asian ones – partly due to the fact that I was studying so much and hung out in the library to hit the textbooks that I never had the time and ability to fine tune my dating skills and just be comfortable enough to say some smooth lines to get a girl interested.

    My dad, would drop hints here and there that I should focus hard on my school work in college and not be in a relationship for fear that it would de-rail me from my studies and in getting good grades (hence not getting a good job, etc). Being the son that wanted to please the parents, I did what he wanted and did not date or have a girlfriend in college and focused my attention on my studies.

    Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean I didn’t have a lot of friends and people that I met throughout college as I was the Senior Vice President of a professional business fraternity at college and my sole role was to recruit new members, so I would always be approaching new people and getting to know them (to recruit them!) : ) But I never had the chance (honestly I was too chicken) to approach or aggressively pursue a non asian girl to date or anything even though I found them attractive.

    I came from a high school that was predominantly asian (>90%) and then went to a college that had about (>90%) caucasian so I was and felt like the minority going there being an asian. Because of this, my natural tendancy was to hang out with people with a common culture/background so I gravitated towards asians and even though I had some caucasian friends, I didn’t have any good or best friends that were caucasian or non asian. That’s just how it was for me in college.

    I remember clearly, sometime after college, that I mentioned I had an african american friend that was a girl (a good friend that I keep in touch with since high school), and one time my dad asked me if she was only a friend, and not a potential girl friend. I hadn’t realized it immediately, but it suddenly dawned on me that my dad was a bit racist! I was pretty shocked.

    Over the years though, maybe because I’m an americanized asian and I’ve grown up here, my dad has become more open and primarily, whoever I end up dating even if it’s a non asian female, he would be ok and open to it as long as I’m happy.

    My dad may object a little, but I wouldn’t care and I would still love him and keep family close as I value that very much (maybe that’s just the asian side of me) and the fact that I don’t have a big family here in the San Jose area so it’s not that hard to touch base with family/relatives here and there. I only mention my father because my mom passed away when I was 4 and my dad had a girlfriend afterwards, but I was primarily raised by my father.

    Maybe I’m lucky in the fact that my dad and relatives speak English and are open minded to the fact of a non asian female if I were to date her.

    For you guys out there looking for an asian guy – learn about their family, if they are hardcore traditional, then unless the guy falls head over heels for you, his family will probably dictate the type of girl he’s allowed to date. Don’t fret, there is plenty of fish in the sea and you can find another great guy! As long as you understand that, it’s not you, it’s just the parents and sad to say, that’s just how it is sometimes and there’s no way to get around it. Sometimes culture is so ingrained in parents, that they don’t even know that they are breaking up their child’s potential soul mate.

    I cannot say for all asian males, if they will worship the ground that you walk on, like The Falco had mentioned in his article, but what I can say with certainty, is that if the guy is really really attracted to the girl, then he will most certainly worship the ground she walks on.

    The best way to keep the guy that way and to allow him to love you for all you are, is to constantly show APPRECIATION, and to reciprocate the nice things they do for you. If you can take anything away from this, please read this and take it to heart. Guys are severely under appreciated from parents, from work, to sometimes even relationships.

    Everyone craves being acknowledged and appreciated, and asian guys are no different. My very best relationship was because my ex was not only attractive to me, had all the features I wanted in a potential soul mate, but also treated me very well, and always appreciated every little thing I did for her.

    That appreciation made me want to appreciate her even more, so I would start thinking and planning nice things to do for her, just because I know she would smile and she would appreciate it.

    I had some past relationships where I saw no appreciation, and it gave me no motivation whatsoever to plan or to do nice things – guys are like dogs sometimes, if we do something you like, appreciate us like crazy for it, and we will continue to do it (this wasn’t meant to be offensive to guys in anyway, just how I honestly think and feel).

    Another nice tip is to not have lofty or high expectations. No one wants huge expectations to shoulder or to bear. Maybe it’s because of some of the experiences I’ve gone through, but I’ve realized, and it’s a bit sad for me to say, that if I were to have to choose to date a younger girl vs a girl my age in the late 20’s to 30’s – I would probably choose the younger girl only because her expectations are low and she gets excited easily (for example, going to a low profile restaurant for a date) and is so happy not because she’s out at a restaurant, but the fact that she is there with her guy, and she let’s him know that he’s so happy just to be there with him, spending time rather than at a fancy restaurant. What guy can not be happy to spend time with a girl with low expectations and is appreciative of spending time with her guy?

    I’ve noticed the girls in my age range, have severely high expectations, and I’m very accommodating when I go out on dates. Meaning, if we were to spend the day together and hang out, I will ask the girl what they want to do, and do my very best to do those activities with them.

    I have decided to keep some of the girls in friend zones, purely because they do not voice any genuine appreciation for the fact that I’m doing what they want, and they don’t once ask me what I want to do. I just see that as being some what selfish and not giving – and in my eyes, not someone that I would like to potentially date or even marry.

    Another suggestion to snag the asian guy, is to offer to pay, and to actually pay when you guys go out on dates. I’m not saying that because I’m cheap, but because I get very impressed when I see a girl offer and actually sneak and pay for me.

    I usually pay 99% of the time (the 1% if the girl plays a smart tactic and pays while I go to the restroom or pays ahead of time – which no doubt will impress me), because I just feel that it’s the gentleman thing to do – as long as I earn decent income and I can support myself and my date, then why not? It just seems like the right thing to do, and it lets my date feel special, because they are when they go out with me.

    You may notice some asian guys could be a bit on the cheap side, or even use discounts to save a bit of money, BUT be very discerning in recognizing if that guy is just a very savvy and a smart person when it comes to personal finances, or if they are truly a cheap skate that is just using you for your money.

    I like to consider myself on the savvy side that if I can see a way to save some money, then why not? I most likely won’t be doing it on first dates, but once you get to know each other, isn’t it ok to save some money so that you can save up for that vacation or plan for something long term like buy a house or as another poster said above, save for their future kid’s college education?

    I spoke with one of my friends that’s still in school and he truly has no money to pay to go on lavish dates or anything, yet he found a girl who likes him and loves him for who he is, she even pays for him and tries to cook when they have time to help him save money.

    I just wish I could meet more girls that have that mentality because that is definitely an attribute that all guys can appreciate – just make sure that guy truly appreciates all that you do and loves you, and isn’t using you just for your money and taking advantage of you, if they are, then dump them right away.

    This is my first post in anything like this, I’ve never left any posts regarding dating or any other website, but after reading The Falco’s article, it compelled me to want to write something to hopefully help people out there looking to snag an asian guy or someone who just wants some insight.

    Hope this helps you guys/gals, and if you do have any questions, please be as detailed as possible and I will try to help answer any questions or offer any advice. I’m in no way an expert in relationships, but I can draw on my experiences and I’d be happy to share!

    Have a wonderful evening!

    Warmest Regards,


    • Hi Goodo123

      Your post was breathe taking and I really enjoyed your breakdown of how to win a Asian man’s heart. That being said. I truly believe in paying for a dinner date to show your man that it’s a kinship of treating your soulmate and showing how you appreciate him. Although I am passionate about life, I believe that to break the first date jitters you have to throw a few diamonds in the pot (meaning let him know that you are genuine.

      Again, thanks for your informative post!


  122. I’m a Chicana, who absolutely adores Asian men. In fact, I think they are some of the most handsome men on the earth. So far, dating has been smooth for me- they really know how to treat a women :)! I’m open-minded and look forward to even more happiness with these lovely beings.

  123. First of all, just wanna thank the Author of this blog who started all this… Rare to find Intelligent, intellectual, and inspirational conversation on the internet nowadays. Glad it has brought together people from all over…

  124. Secondly..I think a lady by the name of Cee Cee mentioned somewhere earlier.. “CeeCee

    “I am a white woman and love Asian men! Unfortunately there are always assholes regardless of what race they are. I love the idea of an Asian man that carries over the good aspects of his culture and is open minded, but I struggle to find them. I keep finding those Asian men who are racist, very closed minded about any issue and is very sexist! It’s kind of sad because I know the open minded ones exist,”..

    Well, all I can say is I understand how u feel and I’m sure it must be frustrating.. but you ARE RIGHT – there are many open-minded Asian guys (Be it American Born or even in Asia though maybe fewer).. who retain the strong values that Asian Culture has, but yet are mature and open enough with a global mindset.

    Haven’t heard many posts about Asian guys who were BORN in Asia… or maybe I missed it – but I AM Asian, BORN in Asia.
    Of course I’ve visited the USA, but I’m NOT American… so I guess I’m one of the rare few :):)
    I’ve travelled and lived abroad… so I have been fortunate to interact with various cultures

    Glad to read all the interesting posts…..

    Good luck to all and THIS BLOG ROCKS !!!! :):)


  125. I really appreciate this article. I’m mixed and I’ve had my fair share of good experiences as well as bad experiences with regards to my half-asian blood.

    • Mixed Blood,

      I concur, but I truly believe that true love exist for each of us we just have to let down the wall in our lives and stereotypes of what the world thinks. I agree I really appreciate Falco’s vision. Finding this site was breath taking.

  126. Well, being a young black female I believe, when it comes to love and such, it should not matter what color you or your significant other is. That includes dating Asians and Asians dating other races. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact, it is a beautiful sight. I would not have a problem dating/ marrying an Asian, they are very appealing and there is nothing wrong with admitting it. So I am all for interracial dating, and I support dating Asians, no matter what the race.

  127. Okay guys! Update! I am the assistant organizer for a group called Philly Asian Men/Black Women Rock! and we organized a trip to the big apple (NYC) to attend this land mark event called “Loving v. Virginia” celebration on the water front and it was amazing. There were so many Asian/Black married couples/boyfriend/girlfriends my heart smiled. I was able to grab the founder and his family for a group picture and let’s just say the event was epic. Thank’s once again, falco for creating this site, and all the wonderful comments displayed by everyone. It has made me believe that my Asian soul-mate is out there and I will continue to organize events centered around healthy supportive genre’s like ‘Loving v. Virginia”. As I writing this I am listening to the Commodore’s “Three Times A Lady”, for those who are not familiar with this group there from the mid 70’s Lionel Richie was in the group. An amazing song….

  128. The Loving v Virginia is a case that was based in the early 50’s 60’s where an interracial couple were arrested for getting married, but obviously won, and that’s why we have this beautiful array of interracial (Human) bonding… love it!

    • Hi Meowface. Am from Singapore and mixed chinese and Indian (my dad is chinese and my mom is of Tamil descent) and my “crack”/weakness is cute East Asian boys LOL; Chinese, Japanese and Korean. I’ve dated a number of chinese and chinese+caucasian guys in the past and they treated me like a princess and were fabulous lovers. Am 31 but thank goodness for my mom’s good genes i dont look it and am hence able to get away with dating guys who are alot younger. Even the Asian guys who are a decade younger are crazy sweet and chivalrous! But yeah like with all races am sure there are a number of @-holes, you just have to be discerning. Tomorrow night i have a date with this oh so dreamy Korean guy from Canada, he’s tall, gorgeous and a couple of yrs younger than me!..Excited would be a gross understatement!! lol..did i mention he’s gorgeous?! ^_^
      Asian guys are keen on dating Indian girls, you just need to put yourself out there and let them know that you find them attractive, trust me..they’ll be very flattered and open to at the very least a close friendship:)
      Learning/knowing their language/culture also helps a great deal(especially with parents/elders), i speak mandarin and Tamil fluently and it never fails to impress them;)
      Good luck!:)

  129. First I must say, I love interracial-ness, lol..I am in an interracial marriage. [My husband is white and I am black]. Anyways, I love your article. I have noticed on youtube that there are TONS of ambw vids, but in my small danky town, you don’t any ambw, maybe a tiny few in Memphis, but here…zero. The Asian guys here either date white girls [I’m not mad at ’em, lol] or girls of their own race. I’m not going to lie, if I had the opportunity when I was single, I would have dated an Asian guy.

  130. “meowfacee

    What about Asian and Indian? I have a thing for Asian guys but it doesn’t seem that they are interested in Indian women… Or maybe it’s just me.”

    Hi Ms Meowfacee,

    I don’t think there is any issue with you…
    I’ve known couples who were friends of my friends who were AsianMale IndianFemale, I myself have known some Indian girls.
    But I think that there is such a wide diversity when we mention “indian”, and not everyone has a clear idea that there are so many different “styles or “types” or Indian people .. be it from the North, South of India, of general Indian heritage but grown up in UK / USA / Singapore etc… (I don’t have a good idea either, but just that I’m from Singapore – if anyone knows we are highly multi-cultural here, so I have been slightly more exposed than others to Indians)
    Just the same.. it depends on what kind of “ASIAN” guy are you looking out for / interested to meet…
    Are you open to all kinds of Asians – Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Pinoy etc…
    Or you prefer American Born Asians..?
    So just as well, all of them are “ASIANS”, but they way they grew up, cultural values etc will surely have a big impact on the chemistry that you both have and how attracted you would be to his personality.. (I Say Personality because Physical preference is very subjective… so I guess I prefer to talk about Personality – which is also what I value much more than looks….. sounds cliche but it really is what attracts you to the person)


  131. I am a black female that is currently dating an asian guy and he’s so amazing in every way! He’s my first and hopefully my last, but I can officially say I’m sticking with asian men for long term. 😉 Best relationship I ever experienced.

  132. I have to ask, how do I deal with his family? I met his brother and we get along fine, but I am scared his parents won’t except me because of my race. He told me his family won’t except him dating any kind of girl at the moment. lol. He is from thailand, but his parents still reside there , but come here to america often to check on him. He’s way more americanized than his parents. Should I let this worry me? If me and him have kids I want my child to be accepted and know his asian family /culture. We had a scare and he was saying he would have to break away from his family and be with me to take care of me. So I just been trying to understand the asian culture more. My asian friends tell me most asian family’s don’t except dating blacks.

  133. I haven’t been on this post for a while, but now, looking with new eyes over the article, I really must ask you: ”Do Americans really like to generalize so much?”. ”Do Asian Guys Make The Best Boyfriends?”…No, because you can’t lump all of them in one box. And you shouldn’t discuss them as if they are some delicatese on the flee market. Hmm, yeah, let’s discuss how hot they normally are and what they’re like culturally and how they act on a general basis…No, every Asian guy I’ve ever talked to or seen is different from the next. There is really no telling whether Asian guys make better boyfriends in general or not. But about the generalizations; you may jump back at me and point your finger at me that I am generalizing here myself. Well, no, I am not. This sort of topic I only see discussed is by Americans. You guys really love generalizing, hence why USA is the land and the birth of stereotypes. People looove categorizing people and labeling them in definite groups. It’s quite sad.

  134. Asian guys are just like the rest of those other dirty-bag you have dated in the past. They are no difference than any guy you have been with. If you think that they are the “perfect boyfriend”, then you will be in for a surprise. Please don’t let a bad breakup with your white, black, Latino, or whatever bf you had led you into Asian guys. Be with an Asian guy for the right reasons and PLEASE don’t hate on your own kind and swear not to ever date them again.

    Why don’t I approach Latina or white? The reason is because most don’t like Asian guys. Simple as that! There are lots of them out there but just to damn difficult. For me, if I approach 20 Asian females, most likely half of those females would say yes. If I ask the same amount of Latina or white only one would say yes or two if I am lucky. Just based on those number I will simply stick to Asian female unless Latina or white approach me. Number just don’t lie! By the way, I am not one of those skinny, weirdo, videos game freak, and nerdy types of Asian. I am short, but that is only it.

    If you are in my area and would like to chat just reply to my post. never know who you might meet. I might be the “perfect boyfriend”, or just another dirt bag, find out. haha

    • I know that not all asians are perfect….there may be some of them who are as bad as any other white, latino, black, etc…
      But maybe, because the culture is different, its like something new for a woman..
      I think you live in the united states, and over there, there are a lot of different cultures so maybe that’s the reason that women don’t approach you that much, or maybe they have , like, different stereotypes about asian men, I don’t know….It’s silly actually, because in other countries, there may be some girls who actually want to date an asian men….In my country there aren’t any asian…well there are but they are old haha…and sometimes the do back to the country…so, it’s a shame that there are asian men….lost…without a date or someone to love them! lol haha ..

      • Yes, I do live in United States. If you don’t mind me asking, where are you from? You make them sound so pathetic. There are Asian women for them to love and date. Some people make such a big deal about dating non-Asian female. The last time I checked there is nothing wrong with Asian female. Asian female will always be my first choice.

        • Sorry..It wasn’t my intention to make it sound like pathetic…I was just saying that there are some guys that don’t have a girl when there are many girls in other places that would like to date them! 🙂
          I don’t see anything wrong on dating an asian female….I think that it’s actually good…since, probably, you share many things in common. I guess it depends in each person.
          I’m from El Salvador, by the way ;P

          • Too bad there isn’t much Asian in El Salvador. Are you into Asian men or are you just here to give your opinion on this subject matter?

            • Yeah….It really sucks :/
              Well..both. I think that it would be realy nice to date an asian men 🙂 I think that they are good looking, obviously, as you said, there might be some guys that are like, bad. But just like any other men, you need to search for the right guy 😛
              And well sometimes I just give my opinion, because, well some comments just incite me to do it haha

              • Since there isn’t much Asian in your country I am sure you got expose to Kpop or Jpop. I like having internet friends from different country. If you like to chat on yahoo or skype here is my yahoo address.

                • mmm well yes I was kind of exposed to kpop, however, It was way before that, that I got interested in asian man…so lets say that watching kpop was a reinforcement of what I already knew 😛 haha
                  Sure I’ll add you on yahoo : )

      • Do you know why you love E Asian men ? bec. you are NOT Heterosexual ! bec. you like ANDROGENOUS beings with small packages, not Natural men !

        Please pay no attention to me. I am an insecure white boy whose girlfriend cheated on me with an Asian Man. That is the real reason why I post such hateful comments on this blog. I am simply afraid to admit that I myself have a small penis and I need to convince myself otherwise by trash talking Asian Men and the women who love them.

        I am a racist, ignorant, overweight man that believes in preserving the white race because, well, that’s pretty much all I have going for me. After I finish posting hateful comments I like to watch videos of Black Men fucking White Women because for some odd reason, I get turned on by it. I am pathetic.

        And Ranier, the writer of this blog, is my master.
        Woof Woof.
        Woof woof.

    • @Asian in Long beach
      “Why don’t I approach Latina or white? The reason is because most don’t like Asian guys. Simple as that! There are lots of them out there but just to damn difficult. For me, if I approach 20 Asian females, most likely half of those females would say yes. If I ask the same amount of Latina or white only one would say yes or two if I am lucky. Just based on those number I will simply stick to Asian female unless Latina or white approach me. Number just don’t lie! By the way, I am not one of those skinny, weirdo, videos game freak, and nerdy types of Asian. I am short, but that is only it. ”

      Sorry for the late reply.But I had to chim in most people are initially attracted to people of their own race or nationality,its called familarity. Most non Asians aren’t familar with Asian culture and racist Hollywood sterotypes of Asian men doesn’t help either but I think more and more young non Asian women are being exposed to more positive portral of Asian men thanks to the internet.
      I’ve dated far more attractive white females than Asian females so stop sounding so bitter. My wife of 11 years is white, we have two beautiful kids. You being short might hinder your dating game but win her over with your personality, Most women aren’t as shallow as men. Then again I’m 6′ 1″ , wickedly handsome and more fun than a drunken whore at a frat party 🙂
      In all serious, most want to be taken care of feel secure emotionally and financially but don’t be so clingly give her space.
      Ok, going back to my man cave.

  135. I’m in a AM/WF relationship, and it’s wonderful.He’s actually the best guy I’ve ever been with, even if his family is super traditional and aren’t too excited about him dating a white girl. Though I don’t see any reason you should base your relationships around race. I’ve mainly dated white boys, but I’ve also been with a latin guy as well. All that really matters is if you’re attracted to them and if they’re good for you. Shouldn’t get upset about other people’s preferences.

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  137. I love your blog! Especially this post. I recently discovered that more than the ethnicity of a person, it is their upbringing that will mold them into the type of man a woman would want. Yes, some Asian mannerisms are more inclined to being “gentlemen” like but a real gentlemen whether white, black, latino or middle eastern, it comes from their background and great parenting. Living in Los Angeles, I find that most men here lack qualities of being a man.

  138. actually, there are quite a few ignorant white women when it comes to asian men. take this piece: no objectification? she speaks of viet men as if they should all up and leave their gf’s and wives to be with her, a goddess-like white woman.

    and i know quite a few white women (proportionately, those are the women in my acquaintance, which i know does not represent white women as a whole) who actually expect men of color to worship the ground they walk on. they get mad when they don’t get attention when they’re overseas. excuse me? what entitled them to the attention? their whiteness?

    y’all get just as objectified- just in a different way. not to say that it can’t be overcome. just see a flaw in your argument.

      • This woman you posted about was not ignorant or arrogant or anything else, btw. She did not expect men to leave their wives or gf’s for her. She simply wrote that after a year and a half in Vietnam, it was discouraging that no men there seemed to want to get together romantically with a foreign woman over 30. It also said a lot about Asian attitudes towards women overseas. Please read things thoroughly before you post things that sound as biased and ignorant as you would try and make someone else out to be.

        • Don’t direct this toward me. I am just going off of what Jessica wrote. Besides, I am referring to her second paragraph.She said: “and i know quite a few white women (proportionately, those are the women in my acquaintance, which i know does not represent white women as a whole) who actually expect men of color to worship the ground they walk on. they get mad when they don’t get attention when they’re overseas. excuse me? what entitled them to the attention? their whiteness?”

          • My comment was intended for Jessica, actually. And that author dismayed that she wasn’t getting attention from men there—just as being a single woman in her early 30’s. It had nothing to do with being white. I actually went to that article and read the whole thing. Jessica was so far off base and rude and arrogant in her remark, I was just disgusted by it. I could see black or Hispanic women in similar age categories encountering the same frustrations.

  139. Reblogged this on VIOLETventures and commented:
    I think the boyfriends become perfect when their upbringing is similar to the woman’s. No specific ethnicity can be the perfect person for the general public. You find love in the most unexpected ways and with whatever color they may be.

  140. Asian guys…? I think you should specify between Asian men and Asian boys. Maybe Asian men can be perfect boyfriends under certain conditions, but there are other variables that play a role in his ability to be a perfect boyfriend beyond his Asian-ness.
    The major reason there should be a distinction: financial independence. It seems like money is the way Asian parents keep their offspring in check: Don’t work, just study. I don’t suggest dating a college boy. I’ve dated Asian guys in college, and whether I won his heart or not, I can’t blame him for not wanting to jeopardize his college career or the stability of his family environment because his parents don’t want him dating a black girl.
    That brings me to another reason: family. When dating an Asian guy, most of the issues have to do with the family, not the guy. You two can be as eternally happy as you want to be until you two realize, “Oh, his/my family hates me/her for some reason I can’t explain because it’s not actually based on logic.” Unless he to some extent, disregards how his family feels, you’ll probably end up breaking up. I don’t think being strongly family-oriented is a characteristic that usually works in the favor of interracial relationships when prejudice exists within the family.
    Honestly, I think breaking up is the lesser evil. My family is extremely important to me, so I could understand the canceling on me to spend time with your family. I understand that family comes first. I can’t understand your starting a relationship that you knew was going to end anyway because the rush of negative backlash you got from dating a non-Asian/black girl is too overwhelming and you’re not in a position to deal with it, even though this all could have been avoided because, like I said, you knew the situation before you asked me to go out with you.
    I can’t seem to grasp why some Asian guys would enter a relationship with a non-Asian girl when they already know how their families feel about interracial dating; when they know that the result is going to be a break-up unless, of course, they hide her (which is why I am no longer with my last boyfriend; hiding to be with someone is not my idea of happiness).
    So yeah, I’m a bit bitter. And no, I don’t believe perfect-boyfriendness is exclusive to, or even a defining characteristic of Asian guys. He’s just a guy. And foremost he’s just a human being. Humans aren’t perfect, and sometimes, well, they lie, make mistakes and hurt others. Your post sounds nice, but I don’t see how it’s very realistic. Maybe you can make a post suggesting questions to ask an Asian guy to see if your relationship will actually go anywhere the next time one asks you out.

  141. Nice guide. You should label it intro to segregation and ignorance.

    Any “mature” human being can be considered a good mate. Get your focus on the bigger picture and stop dragging us back into the dark ages.

  142. As a young black woman, I think Asian men are beautiful and I would not mind having an Asian man as my partner.

    It’s impossible to blend an entire race of man into one general category, and people who try to do that are just plain petty (or scared). You can’t base the possibility of having a good relationship solely based on ones ethnic background. If you do, you’re basically saying that THAT whole population of people pretty much share a single brain and could not possibly think for themselves about ANYTHING.

    Not all black men are the same, not all black women are the same. Not all Asian men are the same, as well as Asian women, European men and women, American men and women, etc, etc

    Good and bad people come in all shapes, sizes and colors and from all different backgrounds. . .and I really can’t believe I have to point that out. And as far as ones family being skeptical or disapproving with their loved ones dating outside the race. . . .I think it’s only natural for older generations of ANY race to be more disapproving of anyone dating/marrying outside the group (I’m not saying it’s okay, I’m just saying it’s natural). Humans naturally fear things that are different or things that they don’t fully understand. Still, I feel like people can’t really use that as an excuse for not wanting to be with a person of a different background. Personally, my parents already know I’m interseted in Asian men and they really don’t have a problem with it. And even if they did have a problem with it, that wouldn’t change my views on interracial dating. And what’s more, I feel like you just really REALLY can’t (and shouldn’t) pursue a relationship with a person solely based on their background.

    Do I find Asian men attractive? Hell yes. But is that the only reason I’m interested in them? I should say not. Physically I think Asian men are very beautiful and exotic looking. But under the surface, I wouldn’t want anything from them that I wouldn’t want from a man of any other race; someone who is intelligent, kind hearted, and makes me feel good (among other traits). And I wouldn’t want a guy to treat me differently just because of my race either.

    Culture-wise, some people may be more attracted/suitable to someone they share cultural values with. Understandable.But then you have people, like myself, who aren’t ashamed or afraid of going outside their “comfort zone”. People who don’t mind learning about different cultures and who wouldn’t find it so difficult to maintain their own cultural values while assimilating into another culture at the same time. (It CAN be done!) And by the way, you can’t always just assume that because someone is of a different background than you that ALL of your values are going to be totally different. . . .

    Finding a person you’re compatible with and truly respect should be like cake. And being physically attracted to that person, no matter what they are, is the frosting and sprinkles on top of that cake 🙂

    Personally, I’m not the type of person who just likes to have plain frosting and no cake (if you catch my drift).

    • Bravo Maya! That is the truth, it is not color that defines who we are. If it was we would never get any where in life. We would all be clumped into categories people see us for. But that is not who we are, and we should be seen as individuals. Different but the same in that we all want love. I am very attracted to Asian men. But I have never chosen to love someone based on looks alone. I am mostly white you know how the melting pot works in America. I am also native American, you wo uldn’t know from my blue eye or brown hair. But its in my genealogy and I am dating a half white half japanese man. I didn’t even know he was when i met him. I

      • (sorry my phone was acting weird) love him anyway for all of who he is.
        He is my tall, dark, and handsome 😀 I love him not because he is more Asian or more white. I just love him because he treats me better then any man ever has. I am blessed and I hope we will last and get married someday.
        He’s the type of man I would be more then happy to marry 🙂

  143. I have never thought of dating an Asian guy until I ran into one. For a mixed girl like me, it’s a big deal for me to actually be attracted to Asian guys. Anyway, this guy is truly wonderful. We hit off amazingly and there were a few times when I had a bad day and he was there to just listen and advise me about some things. It is actually nice because I feel like he could be my best friend and that is what I’m looking for in a boyfriend and a potentional partner. I think he’s a keeper!!

  144. I absolutely loved reading this. Me being Hispanic myself (Ecuadorian) I was always interested in dating outside my race because I enjoy learning about other cultures. As you said in one of your comments it’s perceived as a bad thing being polite and shy in America which is exactly me. From that it was an immense relief finding my Chinese boyfriend. I love that he’s really into his family as am I and we just mesh together perfectly. I find him to be absolutely gorgeous and he finds me beautiful, never failing to tell me everyday. My friends are thankfully open minded and accept us. His little sister is my little princess and I love her to death. When we met, he was a little shy so I did most of the talking and I was the one to tell him I liked him, with him telling me he did too it was perfect. We actually started dating on his birthday 🙂 We both have strong cultures and it makes for a truly interesting relationship. He is traditional as he just moved to the United States but love is love and that’s definitely what we have. Also, you saying our kids could look like Enrique Iglesias is a huge plus ;D

  145. I’m a white girl and I love Asian men! Although it isn’t always perfect as one tore my heart apart. Sad days… But Asian guys are hott nonetheless.

    • Sorry to tell You that you are either a) Asexual or b) Near Bisexual
      See East Asian men ( Yellow skinned) are NOT real men becasue they are ANDROGENOUS, (male &female characteristixcs0and with the smallest penises of all major races !
      So, when you say you love asian men who are NOT men, but are Anrogenous, you just told the world that you are either Asexual or Near Bisexual. Straight non E Asian women go for all other races but E asian bec. thet know that those guys are not men . However, there are other white and non white, non East Asian women like you who are attracted to Andorgens. That’s bec. to put bluntly you are NOT straight ! Now, you’ll have to go into DENIAL for the rest of your life bec. you and countless non E Asian women have been exposed !

      Please pay no attention to me. I am an insecure white boy whose girlfriend cheated on me with an Asian Man. That is the real reason why I post such hateful comments on this blog. I am simply afraid to admit that I myself have a small penis and I need to convince myself otherwise by trash talking Asian Men and the women who love them.

      I am a racist, ignorant, overweight man that believes in preserving the white race because, well, that’s pretty much all I have going for me. After I finish posting hateful comments I like to watch videos of Black Men fucking White Women because for some odd reason, I get turned on by it. I am pathetic.

      And Ranier, the writer of this blog, is my master.
      Woof Woof.
      Woof woof.

  146. Question for you guys and girls……… I’m a 35 year old Chinese guy. I am very well spoken, very American. People say I’m attractive, but that kind of makes me uncomfortable. It’s not my style to brag. I’ve owned a successful business for the past 10 years. I have the chance to move to Houston, Texas. Does anyone have any opinions about the place ? How is Houston for a single Chinese guy ?

  147. Uwah, I definitely understand what is meant about Asian men. I am 18, and primarily attracted to Asian men it would seem. Something about the culture and the appearance is very beautiful to me, and I find that interracial relationships tend to be more open and understanding and stand the test of time.
    The only issue for me is I can never find any singles in my area haha…

    • Where exactly are you from, Lupe? If you can’t find single Asian then there must be very little Asian in your area to begin with.

      • I live in the UK, the area I live in attracts a lot of Asian tourists but not many of them actually live around here… It isn’t a very large place. I’m hoping that when I move to university I will meet more people.

  148. All I can say is I ❤ Asian men! Who could be more beautiful?! I'm a white female and have found that interracial dating brings a lot more interesting things to a relationship, especially if your partner is from another country. So much too share thats new =)

    • sorry to here that you are either Asexual or NEAR Bisexual, bec. only women like these attracted to Andorgenous East Asian males with small packages ! Hetero/ Straight women are TURNED OFF by Androgens !

      Please pay no attention to me. I am an insecure white boy whose girlfriend cheated on me with an Asian Man. That is the real reason why I post such hateful comments on this blog. I am simply afraid to admit that I myself have a small penis and I need to convince myself otherwise by trash talking Asian Men and the women who love them.

      I am a racist, ignorant, overweight man that believes in preserving the white race because, well, that’s pretty much all I have going for me. After I finish posting hateful comments I like to watch videos of Black Men fucking White Women because for some odd reason, I get turned on by it. I am pathetic.

      And Ranier, the writer of this blog, is my master.
      Woof Woof.
      Woof woof.

  149. I don’t mean to be rude or a racist in any way what so ever but there are a lot of white/black people and other races saying that they love Asian guys and how they want to date one or is already with one. I think its great that all races want to date an Asian guy but what about us half black half white girls or other mixed races who want to date an Asian guy as well?! I’ve always wanted to date once since i first moved to Texas and saw a lot of Asian people/guys there. I was crazy to see so many Asians there but at the same time very exciting! In some weird way I started to want to date an Asian. Because I find them very attractive. Sadly I moved back to Albuquerque, NM where there are Asians which are mostly Vietnamese but their the type that only stick to dating within their own race. So, i don’t really bother but out in Texas I really wanted to an Asian badly till i made friends with a guys who’s half Vietnamese/Chinese&Taiwanese. Somewhere between us being friends and our friendship growing. I started to have feeling for him but i wasn’t sure if it was real. So, I told him how I felt and he totally started acting weird which lead to us having a huge random fight out of no where. To the point where we stopped being friends but we still talk sometimes on facebook still. We’ve never date only because I guess he prefers Hispanic/Mexican or half Asian Half white girls or whatever I’m not really sure but that’s how he makes it seem a lot of the time. Since that happened I started to believe that Asian guys won’t bother with me at all which killed the thought of even wanting to date an Asian guy. Because of my ethnicity which is half white half black or either I’m just not good enough/attractive. Though I recently started listening to Kpop and this group that’s actually split into two groups (EXO-M &EXO-K) but all together their called EXO. I have the biggest crush on a few of the members but at the same time I just all daydreaming/wishing of wanting to date them. There’s been a lot of people who have been asking “if any of the members would date outside their race?” Or “What kind of race would they prefer dating?” though none of these questions have been answered because no one really know or not. So, yeah though listening to them brought back my feelings towards Asian guys but I still have very high doubts on whether or not they would ever date me. What do you think?

  150. Personally I tend to agree, Asian men are amazing ❤
    I'm dating a Chinese guy and I'm an Aussie.. I've never been so happy in a relationship. He's the sweetest guy ever. I also have a few Asian friends (male) and they're all really sweet 🙂

    So yeah, Asian men are sweeties.

  151. I found tis article very interresting and found a a good “mix” of both well thought out as well as rediculously closed minded responses.

    I am Filipino. Born in the Philippines but immigrated to the states with my parents to the states when I was less than a year old in 1971. Being raised by traditional Filipino parents in NYC tends to have its difficulties (for me) as I was growing up. Being raised in NYC also exposed me to many races and beliefs.

    I went to school in a private school and was usually one of only a handful of filipino’s and other asian cultures. I was never dictated by my parents which race to date or even married. Yes, they preferred me to marry a nice filipino girl but they always knew it was my own choice.

    I dated many different ethnicities (Caucasian, Korean, African-American, Hispanic, Filipino and other asian cultures). Family members that grew up here in the states also did the same thing and for the most part, married caucasian men or women. The family members that immigrated here from the 1980’s to the present tended to marry Filipino.

    One thing that we, my family, were all taught was to treat our partners or spouse with respect and to always remember the values we were taught. The men were taught verbally as well as through example how to treat their women; with respect, love and reverence for our spouse. Being taught and shown this since we were young made us good men for dating and marriage, but this is just personal oppinion.

    The women were also taught verbally and through example on how to treat their partner or spouse. They were taught not to be “submissive” in the movie sense but to be supportive of their partner/spouse. This support meant to be the foundation of the relationship and family. If it meant to cook or just have dinner ready when they came home, so be it. They tended to their husbands BUT the husbands they married, regardless of race, also tended to their wives. BTW,we men also tend to our wives.

    I guess you can say, for both men and women in my family, we were taught that in order to be treated well by our spous, we had to set the example first. This is a trait that is very often taught by many asian cultures in one way shape or form. It’s not simply submissive wife / controlling husband. It may seem that way on the outside but it goes deeper and can only be experienced first hand and not as an observer.

    As for me, I dated many cultures. I married a girl from back home but unfirtunately, she had a different agenda once she arrived on a fiance visa. We were divorced a few years after. For those men that think getting a woman from the “old country” is the way to go … do your research and trust your gutt as well as the head on top of your shoulders.

    I am now married to a woman who also happens to be asian, but not a filipino. She is Indonesian. We met here in NYC and have been happily married for almost 4 years. We shared the same type of frustrations while dating other cultures here in the states. Hers was a little bit different only because she immigrated here in 2001 and still had a strong hold on her homeland traditions.

    Our frustrations while dating other cultures was overcoming the stereotypes that other cultures had of asians. We found each other and realized that our upbringings and foundations were very similar. After first meeting, we were married less than a year later.

    For those of you that are thinking about dating asians or are in a relationship with an asian, keep an open mind and don’t try too hard to impress or fit in to their family. They family will come around once they see that you are treating their son or daughter well. Don’t come off too strong while in their company or else you will be marked as someone trying too hard and not worthy. I speak from experience …

    The family members that married outside the Filipino culture are with spouses that just “go with the flow” and treat their spouses with love, respect and reverence (both the men and women).

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  153. hi, i really enjoyed your article 🙂 I am hispanic, born and raised in cal. My parents are from el salvador. For as long as I remembered I have always had a crush on a asian guy. For some reason that has been the ethnicity of my choice. I remember being 5 and going to the Dr’s office and seeing all the asian babies and thinking they were so cute. At that time my pediatrician was in San Gabriel ( big asian community). I guess I liked the food, the family values,and the respect that most asians have for their parents, oh don’t forget they are hard working too. Anyways growing up I was always shy, and most asian guys are shy too. So it was really hard for me to date any. Until i met my husband, he was such a good listener and musically talented. He is filipino, we just clicked. He was my one and only. We have been married for 7 yrs now and we have two beautiful boys 🙂 I am glad I married an asian, I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

  154. So I have posted on here before because I have always had an attraction to Asians, I am a mostly white girl I am mixed with native american. But there is so much white in me I only look white 😉 except for my facial features that is.
    Anyway I met my boyfriend 6 months ago and we were friends and just recently started dating. He is half Japanese and half white, and we fit together so well. We are happily dating and I realized we just share the same Christian Values and I just loved him. It aint color or race in the end it’s just who you love. He is my friend and my love I couldn’t be happier to love him this way.

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  156. I always wanted to marry an Asian man since I was a little girl and found out that my grandma was japanese ( I thought everyone was the same back then) but looking at my grandparents (my grandma married a black man) they are so precious and they love each other so much, and when they argue it’s just the cutess thing I ever seen… But I always wanted a relationship like that with a Asian man, but I always had the fear that Asian guy aren’t into darker skinned females (I’m black, native American, and 1/4 Japanese) I just don’t know where, and how I could find a Asian guy who is willing to date someone like me.

  157. So I just found this and wanted to chime in.

    I am half Hispanic (and some other hard to guess things) and my bf is Vietnamese-American. He is an f—ing pain in the ass, I won’t lie, but he’s also one of the most generous people I’ve ever met and one of my very most favorite people.Normally I’m not into Asian men. I like taller guys and guys who have a lot going on down south, if you catch my drift (in addition to intelligence, personality, yadda yadda yadda). I’d had a one-nighter with an Asian man before and it was badly lacking. My current guy has a lot more skill but…there is no replacement for some things. But going on, he’s a very atypical Asian in many ways and maybe that’s why we click? I think our uniting factor is our common AMERICAN culture and just our ability to be happy together as people. We’re not super young either. I’m turning 30 and he’s 32. I don’t know if it will last but it’s been over a year now and I’m glad he’s mine 🙂

  158. Interesting points of view here – I just wanted to mention that it is hard to lump all Asians together – for example, those born and raised in Asia are quite different psychologically from those born and raised in America (or another Western country). Values differ considerably from country to country as well – for example, this article talks about “importance of family” – Japan, you may find, is quite lacking in this.

    As for whether Asian guys will find certain ethnicities (black, etc.) attractive or not, I would say that it would depend on where that person grew up (and thus “absorbed” his sense of lust towards the opposite sex). I would guess that growing up where there were lots of Indian girls (for example) would initiate a tendency to be attracted to Indian girls, although not necessarily (due to the media). I hope this can help people find their right guy!

  159. I’m attracted to Asian guys only and being black everyone says I’m crazy. Am I really? And I really want to be in a relationship with but can’t seem to find any my age (18) If you know of any in South Africa would introduce me to them.

  160. I’m another white woman that loves Asian men, but the only problem I have ever seen is that they like young, petite women. So if you’re not that “type”, forget about it. I am only 5’8″ and curvy and not so young, so I don’t see ever getting into a relationship or finding someone but it never getting beyond dating even though I understand the culture of many of the countries and know what would be expected of me.

    • I agree with you Kelley. I am an african american women who has loved Asian men since i was 12. I did have the opportunity to date young man who is Vietnamese it did not work out but we keep in contact. I think Asian men are very handsome, just feel that the do not approach Women of Color because of their parents. That is unless they were born in the US and their parents have been in country for years, and have a true understanding of the different cultures here. I am still looking for just one who is willing to step outside the box and not just interested in sex and in actually building a relationship.

    • EVERY non Asian woman who WAS/ IS/ WILL BE attracted to asian men are BISEXUAL ! NEED I SAY MORE ! They like the oestrogen filled, feminine featured, small ‘packaged’ males compared to real masculine non asian males !

          • I am trying to figure what why you are so hostile…did you get dumped by someone who wanted an Asian man? If you preferred blondes over redheads, no one is going to run on you over that…beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and for the most part, I find alot of Asian men beautiful and respectful. We all have the right to choose w/o being dissed because of it…

            • Hi Kelley,
              Will get back to you in detail. But the crux of my arguemet is, Asian males are NOT Naturally Masculine, compared to all other races of men ! Their excessive Oestrogen gives them that feminine feature, and overwhelmingly small penises don’t help either ! It’s a double whammy for them ! Therefore, any non Asian woman who is attracted to them HAS to be Bi, bec. They are not attracted to the other 5 races of ‘Naturally masculined men, but this naturally feminine brewed of men ! Now, you must be thinking your ex Jap guy was ok, and yes, compared to other Asian men, ie, Chinese, Korean, Thai etc. they are better ! But, have yu been with black men, more than one white man, Latinos, east Indian men and Arab ? ! This is your give away why you and every other non Asian woman is Bi ! Bec, Yurok are attracted to the feminine features of these men, which means you guys High Testoroned females ! Opposites attract ! Where as REAL women, are mainly Orstrogen filled feminine women who are attracted to masculine men = Normal ! Non Asian women with Asian men = ABNORMAL ! Sorry to bust your bubble U R Bi ! No excuse can get U out of it, all a non Asian woman needs to find out if she is Bi is, even once whether she had 1not 2 sexual attractions ONLY to an Asian man ! (east Asian that is !)

              Please pay no attention to me. I am an insecure white boy whose girlfriend cheated on me with an Asian Man. That is the real reason why I post such hateful comments on this blog. I am simply afraid to admit that I myself have a small penis and I need to convince myself otherwise by trash talking Asian Men and the women who love them.

              I am a racist, ignorant, overweight man that believes in preserving the white race because, well, that’s pretty much all I have going for me. After I finish posting hateful comments I like to watch videos of Black Men fucking White Women because for some odd reason, I get turned on by it. I am pathetic.

              And Ranier, the writer of this blog, is my master.
              Woof Woof.
              Woof woof.

            • Furthermore to answer your q, whether I lost
              Y girl to an Asian, bluntly NO ! Never have Never will !
              See IF I lose my woman to. Black man, white man, Latino, south Asia. Or Arab man no problem ! They R all masculine ! However, ‘IF’ I Lose my woman to a naturally feminine man with a small package like an Asian ill jump In the sea !

              Please pay no attention to me. I am an insecure white boy whose girlfriend cheated on me with an Asian Man. That is the real reason why I post such hateful comments on this blog. I am simply afraid to admit that I myself have a small penis and I need to convince myself otherwise by trash talking Asian Men and the women who love them.

              I am a racist, ignorant, overweight man that believes in preserving the white race because, well, that’s pretty much all I have going for me. After I finish posting hateful comments I like to watch videos of Black Men fucking White Women because for some odd reason, I get turned on by it. I am pathetic.

              And Ranier, the writer of this blog, is my master.
              Woof Woof.
              Woof woof.

              • Eric, I think your opinion might be more than a little biased. I am Hispanic and not bisexual, however my current bf is Vietnamese. My previous romantic partners had been white or Latino. He’s my first Asian guy. While I admit to not being interested in them generally, I think this comes more down to cultural reasons than anything else. I simply relate better to white American and Latino cultures. However, my bf is also Vietnamese-American and so we share that common American culture. And ultimately, I’m with him because we’re compatible in a multitude of ways in terms of our personalities and interests and even sexually. I believe this is how it is for most women. You do us all a big disservice by insisting that only “real” women (what, as opposed to transgendered women? lol) are interested in hyper-masculine men of any other race besides Asian. It is also unfair and a disservice to act like you know a woman’s sexuality when she has never even told you what that might be. And by that same token, we could say that any man interested in stereotypically more aggressive Western women must be bisexual.That just doesn’t hold water. People like who they like and racial barriers get crossed all the time. Quit being tedious by insisting that your crap theory is right, lol.

                • ANDROGYNous East Asian Males !

                  this is WHY you Eileen, and ALL other non Asian women of the Past/ Present/ & Future Were/Are/ and Will be Bisexual ! Of ALL the Races of men, you ALL have to be sexually attracted to east Asian males who are Andrgynous ! (humans that have BOTH Male & Female Characteristics !) yes, even, the legendary tough guy Bruce Lee was Androgenous. He became tough by training….but, even any woman can do that !

                  Therefore, there has been NO Real asian male (even Bruce Lee) and the fact that you are sexually attracted to an Androgenous male, males you Bi ! Need I say more ? !

                  Cheers !


                  On Thu, Dec 13, 2012 at 9:07 AM, wrote:

                  > ** > Moxy commented: “Eric, I think your opinion might be more than a little > biased. I am Hispanic and not bisexual, however my current bf is > Vietnamese. My previous romantic partners had been white or Latino. He’s my > first Asian guy. While I admit to not being interested in t” >

        • ANDROGENous East Asian Males !

          in a nut shell Kelley, this is WHY you WERE and ALL other non Asian women WERE/ARE/ & WILL BE BISEXUAL ‘IF’ they get ‘Sexually’ Attracted to an Asian male (NOT Intellectual or Spiritual attraction, ONLY Sexual !)

          Sorry, but once you’re Bi, AS FAR AS I KNOW, YOU CAN’T GET STRAIGHT !

          That Androgenous Jap screwed you in more ways than one ! Now, I don’t know whther you had any sexual attractions to any E Asian males before (or after) but since U were sexually attracted to a human that has BOTH Male & Female characteristics, in my books you are DEFINTIELY NOT Straight !


          On Sun, Dec 2, 2012 at 4:20 PM,

          • I also think the country singer Alan Jackson is handsome…guess that makes me bi too…but to be bi, wouldn’t I have had to have been with a female…you all are seriously crazy…

  161. I’ve always had a “thing” for guys of other races after my first few vanilla boyfriends were unimpressive and lazy. I’ve dated a few Latin guys and an Egyptian guy (really super sweet), but never considered Asians. For some reason I never found them attractive. But then my current boyfriend came into my life and he’s just the sweetest, hottest guy ever. He’s half Korean, half Puerto Rican and grew up in Hawaii. He has the whole island boy attitude going on, but is extremely cultured, having lived in Japan and Germany in the army for a while, has traveled the world and the country, and is very much a “family man.” He spoils me rotten and tells me I’m worth it. He is sexy and giving! All of this came as a surprise to me. He’s the best boyfriend I’ve had ever! I tell him too! I was shocked and surprised when I developed a crush on him, but I’m happy I did because it’s worked out just great! 🙂

  162. Hello there!

    I am of Puertorican and Dominican descent raised in the most diverse city I know (NYC) and I love Asians!My first boyfriend was 1/2 Chinese and he rocked my world!! He was super sweet, romantic, charming, mysterious and yes, was very much engaged in his traditions as a Chinese.which essentially inspired me to check this shenanigans out! We broke up, in H.S however, a few years later, I realized that I was still physically attracted to Asian men. Funny because in New York City, people love interracial dating and they loveee looking at you and your partner when you aren’t looking at them. it’s very fun actually.I know there is a difference with foreign vs here and that is a very annoying challenge.

    Rather random but I couldn’t help but notice how several women in this blog are into K-pop! I’m into it too. My advice is a t.v drama is a t.v drama. Please do not base your feelings on a romantic scene with an actor who is famous for bringing awesome ratings in that particular Korean network. Honey, he’s an actor.

  163. I’m a white girl. Nothing ethnically special about me. I am six feet tall though. Woo hoo?

    Anyway, I recently dated a Korean man who pretty much was the best boyfriend right up until he…. wasn’t. That’s really neither here nor there, my point is now I’m mid-way obsessed with Asian men. I have always enjoyed cultures different from mine, and was especially intrigued by the Asian cultures. Long story short: I love Asian men.

      • You Love East Asian men bec. you are Near Bisexual – WHY, bec. East Asian men are ANROGRNOUS AND HAVE THE SMALLEST PENISES OF ALL MALE RACES ! sorry, now go into Denial !

        Please pay no attention to me. I am an insecure white boy whose girlfriend cheated on me with an Asian Man. That is the real reason why I post such hateful comments on this blog. I am simply afraid to admit that I myself have a small penis and I need to convince myself otherwise by trash talking Asian Men and the women who love them.

        I am a racist, ignorant, overweight man that believes in preserving the white race because, well, that’s pretty much all I have going for me. After I finish posting hateful comments I like to watch videos of Black Men fucking White Women because for some odd reason, I get turned on by it. I am pathetic.

        And Ranier, the writer of this blog, is my master.
        Woof Woof.
        Woof woof.

  164. Hi, let me tell you my story.
    When I was in elementary, middle school and high school. I had white girls, latina girls and black girls like me, and they would chase me during recess.
    But I was young, dumb and didn’t know anything about sex or girls. So I broke their hearts by not liking them back, dancing with them, talking with them or playing with them. Why they like me, I don’t know. I’m not cute, I’m not sexy and
    I’m not funny. I broke a lot of white girls hearts, and they cried in front of me, but I didn’t know anything and I never laughed or teased them, I was just quiet. I was always quiet. And as I grew up through middle school, high school and college, the same thing happen over and over. White girls would like me but I didn’t show them any affection, so they felt hurt. They were nice to me, they liked me, they liked touching me, liked talking to me. I don’t know why because like I said, I’m not cute, I’m not sexy and I am not funny.

    I’m older now. And shit don’t change. In my life I’ve had many friends that were girls but never had a girlfriend. And I am straight heterosexual. I have been to strip club. I’m still not cute, I’m still not sexy and I’m still not funny. And I feel so ashamed for the wrong I done to these white girls and black girls when I was young. I just didn’t know how to like someone. I just didn’t know how to love a woman other than my mumm, grandmumm or female family.

    I guess in my heart I don’t want to be liked. I don’t want any girl to like me. And I
    really feel uncomfortable when they do like me and show me genuine affection.
    And I hate it when gay guys approach me and offer to suck my dick. They assume that I’m gay. I don’t know why. I can honestly tell you that I like the
    pussy and not the dick. The pussy is good.

    But I’m trying Ringo, I’m trying real hard to be the shepherd. I’m trying to change. I’m trying to change my karma, my fate, my destiny and my heart.
    I want a future where I am comfortable with a women genuinely liking me.
    But it has to be mutual, I have to like her too. I think white girls, black girls and latina girls are nice and beautiful, but for some reason, my dick only gets hard when I see asian pussy. I don’t care if white women love asian men or if they prefer asian men or whatever the fuck bullshit they be talking about. The truth is if any girl sees a guy and their heart beats out of their chest, their stomachs suddenly gets hot and agitated and their pussies starts throbbing and pulsating all crazy then they like him, before their minds compromise their
    emotions and lull them back to their racial identities and societal confines.

    My point is for the young men or older men out there reading this; be kinder to the women, white black latina or asian, that show affection to you. Don’t just be quiet. Be honest if you like them and be honest if you don’t like them, but don’t be stupid like me. Be smarter. Be a real man.

  165. I’m Puerto rican an I’ve been dating Asian man for 3 years….their nice n know how to treat a woman ……my recent bf is Chinese …he is so hot….oh yeah he is…n very caring ….

  166. I’m Blindtino 🙂 ( Black, Native American , and Latino ) & I’m dating a Vietnamese guy & this has been the best relationship I’ve ever had and the best sex ! I Think Asian Guys Are Awesome ! They treat you better than most men out there, I usually date black boys but that has alll changed !

    • Yes I know, best sex, bec. being ANDROGENOUS and with small dicks they love to go down on women, AND THATS WHAT YOU LIKE ! Gotcha !

      Please pay no attention to me. I am an insecure white boy whose girlfriend cheated on me with an Asian Man. That is the real reason why I post such hateful comments on this blog. I am simply afraid to admit that I myself have a small penis and I need to convince myself otherwise by trash talking Asian Men and the women who love them.

      I am a racist, ignorant, overweight man that believes in preserving the white race because, well, that’s pretty much all I have going for me. After I finish posting hateful comments I like to watch videos of Black Men fucking White Women because for some odd reason, I get turned on by it. I am pathetic.

      And Ranier, the writer of this blog, is my master.
      Woof Woof.
      Woof woof.

  167. I love how you just straight up talked about interracial dating! I’m a white girl and I’d love to date an asian, although less because there’s a bunch of hype and more because I think they are awesome people 🙂

    • You are either Asexual or Near Bisexual bec. the men you like to date are NOT even men, they are ANDROGENS, and with the smallest penises of all the male races !

      Please pay no attention to me. I am an insecure white boy whose girlfriend cheated on me with an Asian Man. That is the real reason why I post such hateful comments on this blog. I am simply afraid to admit that I myself have a small penis and I need to convince myself otherwise by trash talking Asian Men and the women who love them.

      I am a racist, ignorant, overweight man that believes in preserving the white race because, well, that’s pretty much all I have going for me. After I finish posting hateful comments I like to watch videos of Black Men fucking White Women because for some odd reason, I get turned on by it. I am pathetic.

      And Ranier, the writer of this blog, is my master.
      Woof Woof.
      Woof woof.

  168. I love how you just straight up talked about interracial dating! I’m a white girl and I’d love to date an asian, although less because there’s a bunch of hype and more because I think they are awesome people 🙂 however even I have to admit I am totally into my fair share of kpop!

  169. There are tons and tons of gorgeous White men! They make the best husbands, boyfriends and they are open minded…especially the ones from Europe. The hottest ones IMO are the blue eyed blondes…brunettes can be hot too though. They are not afraid to date women of different races and they are just freakin smokinghot! Especially Irish, Dutch and German guys. American white guys are okay, but the guys straight from Europe??? HOT HOT HOT 🙂 Asian men don’t compare to the sexy hot European men, especially the ones with the hot muscle bodies and the seductive accents :)) WHy would someone choose an Asian men over a hot European man? There is not comparison…European guys are wayyyy hotter!!!!!

    • I think your being unrealistic any man of any race can be a total jerk. Attraction is different for everyone and understandable why that is. We are all individuals and want different things. I dated mostly white guys, I don’t date much as I was looking for a serious relationship (marriage before sex). I’m a 19 year old white/native American and I have not slept with any man. I was taught to value my body and my own reasons are having sex clouds your judgment on the person and I want to give myself to my husband. Waiting is a stronger test of love I believe. I am dating a white/Japanese man and he shares my values. He has treated me like a princess and though he definitely has his moments when I get upset with him I still love him. Take it from me ladies no man Asian or not is perfect. One time or another he is going to let you down. Attraction is good but make sure you find a man/woman who shares you’re values and loves you for you. Not what he’s going to get from you.

  170. There are a zillion of nice white and black men out there, why would you girls stick to asian guys? Why bother wasting your time on an inferior race?
    Go find youself a white/black man!

    • o.o why are they inferior? your comment, “There are a zillion of nice white and black men out there” i’m sorry is that the only two races to explore? That statement you made alone shows how close minded and uncultured you truly are.

  171. OMG, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU. Finally an Asian guy says it. It’s so frustrating, I’m a mixed white woman who speaks intermediate Korean and some Japanese and well why is it so damn difficult for me to date Asian men? Or woman….-_-.

    I have gone on like one or two dates with a few Asian guys but it just, I’m not getting where I want to be.

    But this gave me some confidence again. Thank you.

  172. Hearing all these “non-Asian” males complain and do nothing but try to demean asian men by way of their “manhood” or sexual prowess shows a general lack of the one thing that a lot of women find attractive in an Asian male. That one thing is just being treated like a woman needs to be treated. The size of your manhood does nothing for a woman if you’re just being a dick.

    If all you have in your arsenal of insults is calling an Asian man out on the size of their manhood, then you don’t have a leg to stand on. On the same not, not all Asian men are perfect gentlemen but the majority of them truly know how to make a woman feel like a woman, outside the bedroom. Inside the bedroom, we can truly do more for a woman because we pretty much follow the same M.O. LADIES FIRST 🙂

    Argue all you want, doesn’t bother me But your infantile, idiotic rants based on an inferiority complex only makes us REAL men, not just Asian, snicker and keep things moving.

  173. I’m of South Asian descent but brought up in the West (England precisely) and I do not find men of any other race as attractive as I do East Asian men. Actually right now they are the only men who I find extremely attractive, other ethnicities…meh not so much. I find East Asians to be so perfect and I don’t even remember how I started finding Asian men attractive, hehe! Too bad I’m too shy to approach one or even ask out for a coffee! You can just never tell what East Asian men are looking for and the fear of rejection stops me everytime! =(

  174. ahh! i love this . i’m Hispanic but my school is probably 50% Asian most of whom are Koreans. i’m crushing on one right now but he doesn’t really pay attention to me 😦 but we’ll see ha. i love Asian guys they’re extremely respectful and sweet!

  175. Hmm it seems like your blog ate my first comment (it
    was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.

    I too am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any helpful hints for newbie blog writers? I’d certainly
    appreciate it.

  176. hey there, i am taiwanese guy and always dating outside of my race
    I am glad someone wrote this on the blog, keep work on it
    all the best, also to all the asian guys and non-asian women couples ;D

  177. Thank you for sharing excellent informations.
    Your website is so cool. I’m impressed by the details that youve on this site. It reveals how nicely you understand this subject. Bookmarked this website page, will come back for extra articles. You, my friend, ROCK! I found simply the info I already searched all over the place and simply couldn’t come across.
    What an ideal site.

  178. I’m a black girl (17) but i’m quarter chinese and I’m totally for asian guys! Its crazy how everything stated (about black girls loving asian guys) is sooo true!

  179. Lol. You jealous dawg? That some asian men do managed to find women outside their races because of confidence and life lessons. You are probably bashing others because you yourself has the confidence of a child…so you get angry and bring others down to make yourself feel better. I say that because I use to do the same thing before. Haters are haters because they themselves know on the inside that they are lacking. Someone like me on the other hand….I actually use thst stereotype to my advantage…because it will blow women away with awe and fascinstion (omg…….! To an asian man!). So hey….go cry to your sleep and think all that unfortunate delusions, because others are too busy actually doing something with their dating life. Cheers mate!

  180. Falco, love your article I am a Latin woman in orlando, fl and didn’t know that Asian men like Latinas. I am very attracted to Asian men and love their (18 yr old girl lmao) look. They are intelligent, fashionable and have a laid back personality that meshes well with others, plus the family values is very important as well. Thanks for writing this article and don’t listen to the idiotic posts which are very racist within themselves or jealous.

  181. It’s truly a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you just shared this helpful info with us.
    Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  182. – Det er veldig bra, og det er det jeg prøver å bidra til med denne festen.
    Avtal treff på knull kontakt og ha ditt livs eventyr eller kanskje til og med en langvarig romanse.
    De liker ikke å gi opp sexannonser i avisa fordi de er redd for at det ikke er diskret og at det koster mye penger.

  183. Hello there! ^^ I happened to run across your blog today and it gave me a lot of courage and inspiration to follow the things that I want and not what others say and want. I wanted to ask you a few questions as well but that can wait until I explain my situation. I am African American girl and for a while now I have had an attraction to people of Asian descent. However, the things is that I like Asian girls.
    Do these same traits that you said about AM and BW apply to female Asians as well or am I asking the wrong person? I mean… I know your not a girl and cannot speak from experience or anything, but at least a thought on what Asian woman think of African Americans even more could help I guess..

    Thank you!

  184. I’ve started seeing this Japanese boy. He’s not the first Japanese boy I have dated, but definitely the one I am most in-tune with. Japanese culture and history has been a big interest and inspiration of mine for many years, and he enjoys that. Our values on every aspect of a relationship are spot on with each other and we’ve started giving each other Japanese pet-names. He likes that I can relate to his parents because of how much I know about their homeland and so it fits well together with us. It’s very promising…plus the sex is AMAZING.

  185. ukhedhu, Eric, roger, ruwan gunasekera, anonymous and etc.- foremost it is very pathetic that you keep signing on as different names to rant and rave like a lunatic. Do you really think you are fooling anyone? Your jealousy of Asian males is obviously stemming from an Asian male taking a girlfriend from you. Eric/roger or whichever personality you want to log in as today…. do you know how pitiful you sound having a tantrum and desperate logging on multiple times with different names and repeating yourself over and over again. Karma for you has turned your anger/hate and made you a lonely, pathetic, desperate, wallowing in self pity, insecure lunatic.

    I applaud the fact that both males and females on this site do the right thing and stand up to bullying and put this one lonely desperate soul in check. The next step is to ignore him, because when an insecure LITTLE boy is ignored they go away or when the whole stands against a bully the bully vanishes. Someday the hate/anger/insecurity will catch up with you and karma will return it to you three fold.

    I applaud the females that can appreciate Asian men for having discipline, manners, caring, class and being gentlemen. Also for not subscribing to the desperate male hater (whether white boys or other races) that talk trash& make up stereotype due to their own insecurities, jealousy.

    Women are much more advanced than men. It starts with good hearted women to evolve the world,So many women in this day and age are appreciating ASIAN MEN gives humanity hope

    *”when a man says hurtful words, they are announcing their own insecurities”.
    *“At the heart of racism is the religious assertion that God made a creative mistake when He brought some people into being” Friedrich Otto Hertz quotes
    *“Racism isn’t born, folks, it’s taught. I have a two-year-old son. You know what he hates? Naps! End of list.” Denis Leary quotes

  186. I have dated hispanic men before and eehh I didnt like! Im a 22 y.o hispanic gal and when I started dating asian men….aahhh! Loved it! Every date has been the best…..i aint goin back!

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  188. An interesting discussion is definitely worth comment.
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  189. I am physically attract to the Asian or half Asian ethnicity. I’m not saying men from another race other than Asian are unattractive. I have dated from a white guy to Hispanic to Asian and I’m sorry this is just my personal preference I love Asian men. I am of Greek and African American descent and like to fancy myself as open minded. Since we are visual creatures to a point im strictly talking ab looks. Asian men are exceptionally sexy physically in my opinion

  190. hey racist white boy or should I say…ukhedhu, Eric, roger, ruwan gunasekera, anonymous

    Trash like you can’t keep these games up any longer. the internet is breaking your lies apart by the day.

    btw, dumbfuck:
    -Asians have the highest level of testosterone (total and free) of all ethnicities.
    -China dominates the weightlighting competition in the olympics – guess what, they have no facial hair. Facial hair is hardly an indicator of masculinity.
    -There are more Asians on the planet than any other ethnicity..because they’re so asexual right? /sarcasm

    Italian women have lots of body hair, does that make them manly? dumb shit

    also, you small dick lie has been debunked all over the net.

    You and other racist trash like you are the BIGGEST losers on the planet. You have to use lies to keep other people down because you can’t win on your own.

    Whoever did those “studies” actually compared Asian flaccid length against erect white, black etc lengths. It would be like me measuring someone bending over and call that his height.

    Read it and weep

    Racist. worthless. trash.

    I find it hilarious that of the few places where people talk about asian males getting any attention, there will always be some racist white guy (most likely white) spreading lies. I rarely ever see that on Asian forums.

    So much for the honorable white “hero”….

    Do the world a favor you loser and stop breathing.

    No one will miss you.

    • I like this interracial . Amazing. But sometimes I have to find any men of other races that put us asian men down as inferior, racist, sexist, weak minded, and useless.
      And yeah, of course there will be men of other races (black, white, hispanic,, etc.) that are open minded as well.
      And that “honorable white hero” is definitely way overrated because of the media and how society portrays them.
      Even now they portray them that way… but I’d actually be much more glad to see an honorable alien hero than a shallow hero of a certain human race.

  191. hey!I’m brazilian and I would like to know what asian guys think about brazilian girls!I really like asian man especially korean boys but I’ve heard most of them think brazilian girls are I’m afraid I would be rejected..thank you and by the way this article is awesome!:)

    • I’m into white and latina girls. If you have the attitude and culture that asian boys like then yes they will like you! 🙂

      Myself I like to keep it simple, and I like very slim and petite bodies, light skin tones, open minded, and positive good girls. By the way I thought Brazilian babes were awesome looking! And to introduce myself I am Cambodian American.

      • Sorry dude most women want tall fair skin Korean guys with nice jobs who stay out of prisons. Most from my observation aren”t into Southeast like Cambodians. Viets, Laotians, Filipinos you guys are too short dark and seem to like prisons.

    • I know this is old but don’t you know most Korean and Japanese guys in latin American countries are married to latinas? Ever been to Sao Paulo Brazil?

  192. So good to see interracial couples getting more and more introduced to the male Asian. But most of all, JUST IN MY PREFERENCES, most of all I would take the white and cultured girl anytime. I love their pointy noses, nice eyes, and light skin tone.

  193. My Asian boyfriend is just the best in everything. I had dated so many men before I met my dearest Roger. He is simply an ideal boyfriend — so smart, successful, family-oriented, amazingly generous, kind, creative, hard-working, tall and hot in bed. White girls, give it a try, you will be surprised. I was! We have been together for 4 years and we are getting married this year. I am truly blessed and happy.

  194. Pingback: Interracial Dating in China is Not Just for White Men | Kinkementary Interracial Dating | Interracial Dating Only | #1 Dating Site for Interracial Singles | All Interracial Dating: Interracial Dating Site

  195. Howdy! I basically would like to give a huge thumbs up for the good data you’ve got here on this post. I will probably be coming once again to your weblog for far more soon. bdbkegdkbeeb

  196. But. But. I’m black and I’ve tried getting out of my shell and dating interracially. But Asian guys just don’t seem to be attracted to me. Only guys my race will come up to me. I’ve looked around campus and talked to asian guys there but they only seem to be interested in other asians. UNLESS they are girls. I see more girls breaking away and going with white guys, but asian guys at my college seem to stick to what they know.

  197. Rainer, I’m interested to hear your opinion on my experience. I am an Italian American woman and my last boyfriend was Asian, I have dated several others. His level of insecurity was paralyzing to the relationship. His father walked out when he was a teenager and it scarred him. He knew nothig about love or how to maintain it or what it required. My brother getting into Harvard upset him, that’s where “his dad wanted him to go”. I am a nurse, his dad “wanted him to be a doctor but he ‘only became an engineer'” (I know, as if that’s the easy way out). The sex started to dwindle a bit, once I asked for more he completely shut down. Everything was a blow to his self esteem.
    I struggle because I love Asian men but in my experience several of them seem to have grown up with a sort of rigid idea of love, rooted in expectations, achievements, standards. I will never have a future with an Asian guy until I can find one who knows love is about acceptance, respect and comes without conditions.

  198. I am Latin, I fall in love with an Asian guy,, but this guy is not a regular Asian guy.. he is very smart, he is very passionate, he knows how to make love to a woman and make her happy, he knows what respect means and he is an achiever. Unfortunately, I was married and while I was trying to get out of that painful marriage. He did not wait for me.. and it seems that he has put his eyes in a Mexican woman. It looks like I did not act quick as how he would like and then I lost him. Right now, I have, just to accept that I lost him and move on with life. I have friends from all over the world but for real friends I can only trust Asian men because most of them know what friendship means and also what respect means.

  199. I love asian guys (that… Doesn’t sound right.. -.-‘) … And at the same time I’m scared of them. I want to approach them but… I fee like… Their on a much different level than I. Also, with being a black woman, I feel as though the asian guys around me fear me. Or they just hate me (maybe like me, they glare when they’re shy?) I tried being friends with that one asian guy in my class… And sometimes I feel as though I’m talking to a brick wall with him. But when he’s with other people, he’s pretty social… I feel like whenever I meet an asian guy, I make his smile drop and ruin his day. I don’t think I’m fit to be an Asian men’s wife someday. I wish I would be lucky enough to experience the type of lovin’ the asian guys give their woman. I guess I’m not worthy of such happiness..

  200. Just wanted to say. It’s not the the race that counts. It’s the individual and they’re mindset that counts. If a two people vibe and connect and it can go further than just dating and physical attributes. Then you are in a true relationship regardless of ethnicity, culture, and race. Nobdy is perfect. Especially you ukhedhu. From my own experience white woman liked me very much. They would definitely, if given the chance now that we have matured and grown come back to me. I am a Filipino American currently dating an El Salvadorian American for 5 happy years and plan on taking it to the next level. I would love to say more, but in my honest opinion there is no point in saying more. It’s up to you to see beyond the boundaries you put on yourself that no single person man or female is superior to the other.

    Falco as I was reading comments. I understand that you guys were looking for pics to use in your blogs and so forth. Well you have my permission to use mines as I have pictures of me and my current girlfriend as well as former girlfriends on my facebook. Some may look professional, others may not. But you are more then welcome to use them in a positive and professional manner.

    P.S. I know I look like I am 20 years old. But I actually turned 30 in May 2015.

  201. I just started dating my longtime friend of 2 years, who is Asian American, and everything you mentioned is true for sure lol.

  202. I’m middle eastern and I think east asian guys are very attractive. I surelycant resist attractive men of any race.

  203. Hi I’m from Suriname where interracial couples are common. I’m black and I’ve dated a few Asian guys ( with Javanese and Indian backgrounds) and I really enjoyed it. If they’re not serious about you they don’t even bother to play games with you because they usually want a marriage. And they’ve got so much respect for not just women but also elderly people. I even came to like their slim and lean body, it makes them very flexible hahahaha

  204. I guess my only standards are… as I really don’t give a damn about race is… low??? 1) Don’t be a douche, 2) take showers regularly, 3) enjoy beer 4) have a job 5) pay your bills on time 6) limit your demons to a few 7) and stay off the drugs.

  205. So, this guy and I have started talking and its getting way more serious. When it first started out, he was asking me if I liked Asian men. I wasn’t sure how to respond to that, because I can’t say I’m just randomly attracted to just any Asian man. I think its the same as him not being physically attracted to any random black women. I like the shape and bone structure of his face, his eyes, and nose and lips, his strong solid body and he way his hair is. Hes got some “swag” to him…which is funny because I’m not the type of woman to even search for “swag” in a man, nor even use that word in my vocabulary lol He knows what he wants and he goes right after it without even thinking twice…hes so driven, and I really do love that about him.
    He says he very strongly attracted to the shape of my eyes, skin tone, hair color and texture, lips, body shape (having curves but not all big and overweight) he said I look kind of straight up Blasian. I can’t say that I am offended about that because he (just like any man) is going to be attracted to certain features in a woman in particular. Besides the physical, the strong sexual chemistry that is absolutely mind-blowing on so many levels..We share alot of likenesses. For example..we are both heavily involved in the art world, and there’s also a very mental/spiritual connection that goes beyond the physical and manifests in our emotions. This has to do with the entire “soul-mate” thing, Its just so absolutely crazy. Having so much in common with each other, music, food, travel, goals just all of it. When it boils down to it, the whole “racial” thing is really of no importance. The important things just like in any relationship is mutual understanding, communication, future plans, family, friends,financial goals, and the willingness protect each other from this evil wicked world we live in. I’ve never felt like this about anyone in my whole entire life. I thought I’d been in love before, and known exactly what it was all about. I think someone can come into your life and show you why it didn’t work out with someone else 🙂

  206. LOVE this! I am a 36 year old Latin woman who loves Asian men. My best experiences have been with Asian men. I agree with everything this article says.

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