My Love Life has been put on hold (for now)

Well hello to you too 🙂

As you can see, due to the apparent lack of any new posts on this blog, it’s easy to conclude that yea, my love life is pretty much in the shitter. Well okay, it’s not that bad. Let’s just say that my love life is on pause. It’s currently loading, in the making, and to be continued. But fear not! I have good reasons! EXCELLENT REASONS, in fact.

Right now, I am at the cusp of transferring from my current community college in suburbia, to a glorious University in the city (San Francisco, California to be exact). I mean think about it! San Francisco was considered one of the BEST cities to live in if you’re an Asian guy. With rich culture, open minded women, and more women, it’s practically the Costco of the dating world!

Who’s down for an Asian guy?! “ME! ME! PICK ME!”

As many of you may or may not know, I also run a fashion blog along with this blog. Basically, I drive over to San Francisco, walk up to random people on the street who I think are stylish, and I photograph them. Although I could get into a whole conversation about fashion and style, I’ll say this: San Francisco is awesome for all you interracial relationship fanatics.

Whenever I’m out and about, I like to play a game called “How many Asian male/Non-Asian female couples can you spot?” In San Jose (my current location), and if I’m super duper lucky, I’ll score around a 4 or 5, but usually I’m between 1 or 2. Sad, eh?  HOWEVER! In San Francisco, I’ll rack up numbers like 15 or 20! At one point, I saw an Asian guy with a cute blonde girl and just across the street, I saw another one! Can you say “JACKPOT?”

Why YES beautiful black girl, I WILL show you where the nearest ATM is! Also, allow me to take you out on 1...or 9 dates 🙂

Knowing that the grass is truly greener on the other side, I’ve sorta put my love life on hold. It’s kinda like those times when you know you’re going to eat at a really nice restaurant for dinner, so instead of snacking on junk food before, you just hold out so you can pig out during dinner. You starve yourself so once you get your dinner plate, BAM! You go crazy. You tear it up, and wreak havoc on that poor steak. And like that nice innocent steak dinner, I too will go crazy in San Francisco.

Things are really looking up for Asian guys these days. With Asian artists topping the Billboard Charts (Far East Movement), topping the Youtube charts (NigaHiga), and just plain T.O.P, our beautifully angled eyes are seeing a world of possibilities. Asians have found a crack in the system and are marching all 5 billion of us into that door. We’re establishing ourselves without the help of Hollywood, breaking through to the music industry, and improving our self image one haircut at a time.

So what’s in store for interracial dating? Well…I think this pretty much sums up our progress as of now 🙂

Masi Oka?! THAT'S YOUR GIRLFRIEND?!?!?! HOORAY FOR YOU! *confeti, balloons, streamers, parading animals, naked girls dancing*

22 thoughts on “My Love Life has been put on hold (for now)

  1. Really? all the ‘white’ girls i know think asian guys are ugly….Most of my White friends like either White guys or White Latinos. I don’t really dig the Asian dudes, I prefer white guys or Latinos sorry dude. I think that’s all the reject white girls that get Asians. No one wants asian guys, so get over yourself. i prefer an white guy over an asian guy anyyyday.

  2. Most white women prefer white women. Asian and black men are by far the most delusional group of men on earth. you are probably troll, but hot white men are way hotter than all asian men. i read your profile and even according to you, your own mother know that hot white men way hotter than asian chink bastard lol. No one is getting tired of white men. Their interracial marrige is on the rise. Also,white women prefer white men and are the majority of spouses for white women. o Women of all races love white men. Facts. Eww.. Ugly asian guys…….. and my vagina is bigger then most white girls and i’m going out with white bastards~ Because they r good at doing s-e-x ~ But asian guys suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk¬kkkkkkkkkkkk

  3. Asian men are not even hot were i’m from there last on the list.They have girlish figures, no abs and no muscles .Horrible posture and they have those really soft annoying voices.Laugh at anything that’s not funny.Need i say more.

    • Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you all for coming down to my laboratory to see my latest experiment. I have been working with a species so hideous, and so stupid that it MUST be viewed by all! Without further ado, I present to you….


      *snobby applause*

      If you notice in the comments above, there is a clear absence of any intelligence. HOWEVER! Despite this creature’s minuscule brain, you can still see how ignorant she is. And that my friends is the product of fucking your father…

      …and you uncle…

      …and your half brother…

      …and being raped by your neighbor’s half cousin’s step great grandfather.

      On a more serious note 🙂

      My guess is that you’re either you’re a crazy Asian GI whore or you’re a “husky” white hoe who has been sippin a LITTLE too much of that moonshine. But that doesn’t matter because you’re still an idiot. You know why? Let me tell you why:

      1. Asian and black men are by far the most delusional group of men on earth

      * ASIAN men and BLACK men are the most delusional? Oh, so is that why the President of the #1 world power is black? Oh, and is that also why the single most powerful man in the WORLD is Chinese? I doubt a “delusional” person could obtain such a title. LOL!

      YOU FAIL.

      2. You are probably troll.

      *HAHAHA!! WTFF!! This is MY blog! How am I the troll of my own blog?! Oh god. Are you the laboratory made daughter of Sarah Palin and Miss Teen USA 2007 South Carolina? You must be because god DAMN! Nature can’t even make you that stupid! LMAO!

      3. No one is getting tired of white men.

      *NO one is getting tired of white men? Then please explain to me why most white female porn stars are being fucked by black dicks. Please, explain this.

      AND please explain to me why 90% of the white girls on Maury and Jerry Springer are seen with black babies.

      Should I keep going or should I talk about the white girls who are seen with black rappers/athletes?

      4. [Asian men] have girlish figures, no abs and no muscles.

      Tell that to Peter Le :o)

      Should I rip you another asshole or are you done? I can keep going 🙂

      • Dear Falco,

        Please ignore that idiot Anna. Don’t go down to her level in ANYWAY. As I said on your inter-racial post. I am a white woman 39 years old and I know a ton of white women of all ages and backgrounds that lovvvvve Asian men. I see a huge amount of teenage couples that are Asian male/white female, and in the 20 year range a bunch of marriages. So it is definitely changing thank god. The biggest problem I think is Asian men thinking we won’t be interested and not making a move.

        And for those women that think Asian guys don’t like American women with curves. No worries there, just like white guys, there are guys that like voluptuous women and those that don’t. My figure is most like America Ferrara–full figured. And I have had no trouble attracting very handsome Asian guys, at my age too. You just have to make more eye contact and smile more often than at an American guy. And the Asian guy will probably take more time to gauge your interest than an American, before he makes a move. Also, even if he is interested and he knows you are too, he still might take awhile before he finally asks you out.

        Anyways, Falco I think your adorable and love your posts but…please don’t cuss and say horrible things to people even when they are saying horrible things to you. Stay classy and show your intelligence and style by thanking them for their opinion and sending them on their way. Anna is obviously has some issue, maybe she’s had a really bad experience maybe she is insane who knows. I find it curious how she even found your blog if she isn’t interested in Asians. Don’t worry about it. Good luck in college.

  4. It’s funny that you make all these generalizations, Anna. There actually happen to be a number of non-Asian women who love Asian men, either in addition to others or exclusively and the numbers are growing. People are starting to step out of the trailer park and realize that Long Duk Dong has nothing to do with a large and sexy percentage of Asian men. There are a lot slender Asian pop stars getting attention, but Asian men come in a variety of heights and builds. Simply opening one’s eyes would confirm this. And many people are tired of white people in general; the entitled, self-centered, superior attitudes, like your own, aren’t sexy & people of color are getting over it REAL, REAL fast. I close with this:

    • LOL! Love that closing statement 😛 haha

      See Anna? Being an idiot has some benefits! You get to learn so much stuff from the rest of us intelligent individuals! 😀

      “the entitled, self-centered, superior attitudes, like your own, aren’t sexy & people of color are getting over it REAL, REAL fast.”

      I can’t stress how much this is true. White BS has gone too far. As Louis CK once said

      “White people have had it great in the past, but I don’t want to know what’s going to happen to us [white people] in the future. We’re gonna pay for it. We’re not gonna just fall from number 1 to number two – no. They’re gonna fuck us in the ass forever.”

  5. LOL. Anna is a troll. Probably a weight challenged white guy with receding hairline. Why don’t you show us a pic? If you ain’t got boobs and vagina we don’t care who you prefer.

  6. Falco,

    Here’s a tip: If you like San Francisco, you will love Austin Texas. This might be counter-intuitive, but there’s less baggage in areas where there are fewer Asians. If they don’t know anything about you, then they don’t know about the stereotypes either.

  7. Lulz Anna, thank you for that laugh. I’ve been feeling a bit down because I’m missing my hot Asian fiance this holiday (some school thing he has to take care of), but your asinine and ridiculously misinformed and ignorant ramblings have certainly made my day. Though, that statement you made about your big vagina (eww) made me cringe. Have you been plowed in by your white brothers and cousins so much that you’ve been stretched beyond normal human anatomy? That’s the only conclusion I can come to, and the mental image ain’t very pretty.

    I’ve never once met another girl that’s specifically attracted to white guys. I myself am not attracted to them. Not that there’s anything really wrong with some of them. Most do have a self-important aura about them that’s just a big turn off.

    So, honey, please keep your trap shut and stop making the other white girls look bad. You’re not so important that you can honestly say that you speak for them all.

    Anyway, Falco, good luck in San Francisco. 🙂

  8. >.> lolz I agree with the comment of “Anna” being a ” weight challenged white guy”. I mean to not like Asian guys? psh, :p clearly has no taste. And I think you should continue with the insult because they are so funny!
    On another note,
    so lucky you are moving to such a racially diverse place for couples :/ totally not like NJ D: Best of luck though!


  9. Anna Clearly lives a sheltered life.

    Speak for yourself .

    I only really date Asian guys now. Last I checked i’m not ugly either.

    I agree anna is likely a jealous white guy. I get so much hate mail from jealous white guys it wouldn’t be at all surprising. Sad in this day and age but true.

    “You can come up with a list of hundreds of qualities that you think are important in another person, But in the end the heart wants what it wants.”

  10. Wow, Anna. You are so intelligent! Maybe you can find a guy wearing camo cut offs and a Metallica shirt with the sleeves cut off. Then you guys can get matching barbed wire tattoos! Signed, a white girl who is dating an Asian.

        • who was the first? lol

          Honestly, my surprise is more of a “oh wow! I didn’t know you were dating an Asian guy” instead of “wow! I didn’t know you were INTERESTED in Asian guys!” Based on your personality, I’m not surprised. You just seem like a very culturally open minded lady. The type who’s open to eating any kind of food, and open to listening to non-english speaking music.

          • One of my co-workers just can’t see me with anyone but preppy white guys. It’s so weird.

            Yeah, I’m definitely open minded. Race just isn’t something I even think about to be totally honest.

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