4 Tips: How To Approach College Girls On Campus

Winter Quarter is coming up and you know what that means? New classes, new teachers, and new girls. Not just any girls, but college girls! These are the objects of every man’s fantasy – 8 years old and up. But how exactly does one obtain one of these “college” girls? Do you trap them? Can you lure them in with makeup tied onto a fishing pole?

Before you crack open that “How to score chicks” DVD that you rented at your local library, take a step back and realize that in order to score with girls, you need to somehow find a way to get their attention, i.e, let them know that you exist in this world. So here are a few of my own personal tips that I’ve developed over the past few years in college. This isn’t a guide on how to take them out on dates, but rather, how to approach them. I’ll show you some of my rules and share a few tips on how to make an approach without looking like a desperate goon that whistles and hollers at women. Pens and papers out, fellas! Let’s begin the lesson:



Rule 1: Never Hit On A Girl During The First Week Of School

"I'll be BACK!.... in like...one more week!"

Picture this: You’re playing a game of football with a bunch of the guys when suddenly, your buddy brings over his new friend. This new friend (let’s call him: Whitey) seems quite normal, so all of you decide that he’s cool enough to be on your team. Suddenly, four minutes into the game, Whitey starts calling the shots and Whitey tries to tell everyone what to do. He’s obviously trying to take over as the new Quarterback – and he might even be a really good one – but the fact that he came out on his first day, guns blazing, makes you feel uneasy.

So you start to question his “motives” and eventually, regardless if the guy has any skills, all of you just think of him as a pasty skinned douchebag who needs to get his head slapped on straight. In essence, this is what it’s like if you hit on a girl on the first week. If you do anything on the first week, some girls might think “Who does this guy think he is? This is the FIRST week of school and he’s ALREADY making moves? Does he even care about school?”

"So like, school is for fools, and government is like the DEVIL, man! Wanna fuck in my parents basement?"

Now of course, this might be a far stretch, but you have to understand that while men think in terms of “I got the girl” vs “I didn’t get the girl”, women will categorize you as anything from: creeper, stalker, loser, jock, player, and much much more. So just to be on the safe side, wait till the second week. Let the steak cool down before you hack into it with brutal force. After all, you have the whole quarter, what’s the rush?



Rule 2: Make It Seem Like It Was An Accident

"I'm so sorry! I had no idea you were studying here! Sorry for exposing you to my perfect abs!"

Every time I listen to a married couple explain their “how we met” story, it usually involves some kind of coincidence or an event where both individuals just happened to be doing the same thing. Ex: “Well, me and Takeshi met during our Anime Club meeting. I was drawing a picture of a Totoro when Takeshi walked up and asked ‘Is that Totoro?’ We’ve been together ever since!”

No, I’m not saying that you should join the anime club and seek out desperate weeaboos. What I am saying is that when you make your approach, make it seem very natural and organic. So many guys nowadays feel like they need to go cold steel, walk up with confidence and say “Hi, my name is Erick and I think you are cute.” Unless you’ve been beaten with rocks as a child, you probably know by know that this approach (for lack of a better term) sucks balls.

"OH GOD! Is this the lady's locker room! I'm so sorry! Do you think you could escort me and my abs towards the men's locker room?"

Think natural. Approach her in the library and ask her where she found the book she just checked out. Sit down next to her on a bench and inquire, “Do you know what time it is?” Think realistically. If it sounds like a pick up line, it probably is. Never start a sentence with “Hi, what’s your name?” Put her in situations that seem normal and comfortable. Once you make that first bit of conversation, you can work your way into more advanced techniques such as “Hey, I need to stop by the administration’s office and pick up my educational plan, wanna come along?”



Rule 3: Don’t Eat Where You Shit

...not THAT literal

Granted that your college campus is bigger than your computer room, you’ll notice that there are lots of spaces where lots of girls hang out: the study hall, the cafeteria, the library, the bench area, the outside eating area, etc. All of these places are crawling with women and one of the mistakes I see many guys making is that they stick to one area. They only hit on girls in the cafeteria, or girls in the sports facility. Move around and sample from every area of the campus.

However, don’t forget this key rule: If you hit on a girl and you fail, even if there’s a girl two feet away that you KNOW you can talk to, do not, I repeat, DO NOT talk to her. The instant you walk off and talk to another girl within the same area, you run the risk of letting everyone in that section know that you are a player. And no, contrary to what rappers might say, being a player is not a good look. It might get you street cred but in the world of women, that can only earn you a spot on the naughty list (and not the sexy kind.)

Playas: Good for Snoop Dogg, bad for you.

So if you screw up in the library, move on and take your shots in the cafeteria, or maybe even the second floor of the library.



Rule 4: You Don’t ALWAYS Have To Get Her Phone Number

"My chocolate ladies, please! Be patient! There's enough yellow fever for EVERYONE!"

A common misconception made by many guys is that in order to actually get a “point” when talking to girls, you need to get a phone number, a facebook, or some way to contact them. WRONG! Often times, you could be doing more damage to the situation and even worse, you could be screwing up everything you worked on.

You see, the idea that I want to preach is the idea of being totally natural. No girl wants to be approached by a nervous, sweaty, and stuttering guy who’s fumbling his words as he tries to think of witty things to say. Girls want confidence and the best way to be confident is to be yourself, and act normal. So how do you do that? By talking about normal things.

"You ladies are absolutely right. I think a four-some would be MUCH more efficient, don't cha think?"

However, girls have laser beams installed into their brains so whenever a guy says a pickup line or tries to make an approach that is unwanted, a girl will shoot you down faster than John Rambo can shoot a helicopter. So even though you’ve made good progress and you’ve talked to a girl for a good 30 minutes, asking her for her cell phone number might blow your cover. She might think “Awww, I was having so much fun talking to him and then he got all serious. Well, I’m busy with school now and I don’t have time for boys.’

FAIL! YOU FAILED! Ya see? Not all girls want to be swept off their feet, and even if they do, some of them prefer to be eased into the situation. To some women, asking them for their phone number during the first 30 minutes is moving a little too fast. It’s too clingy and it makes them question “Why did he even talk to me in the first place? To talk to me, or get in my pants?”

I *slap* AM *slap* NOT *slap* INTERESTED!

Now What? Look, did you honestly think I was going to give you that nugget of advice without offering an explanation? Listen up: one of the things that I like to do if I don’t get a phone number is to say “Hey, well, I have to head to my next class but maybe I’ll see you tomorrow or something? Same time? Sure! Nice talking to you too!” You might not get her number but by saying this, you make her anticipate the next time you meet. What you did was you planted a seed in her mind which made her think “Wow… what a nice, laid back guy! He didn’t try to get my number or anything! I’d really like to see him again.”

Girls like patient guys.

"It took me 4 years to get my body to look like this. So baby, I'll wait FOREVER for YOU!"



***More Personal Tips and Rules***

DAMNIT PETER LE! I said personal "TIPS" NOT personal "NIPS!"

1. On the subject of getting a girls number, some girls actually want you to ask. What you need to do is you need to feel them out (no dude, not literally.) Test to see how flirty and how responsive they are to your advances. If they bite the bait, go for it. But do it with class. One of the things that I like to say which sounds much more mature and intelligent is “Do you want to exchange contact info?”

Think about it: What sounds better? “Can I get your number?” or “Do you want to exchange contact info?” They’re basically the same thing, only the second one sounds more professional and less like a pickup line. Words matter, bro.

2. Use creative methods to get a girls attention. Here are a few things that I’ve done myself:

Dropped a pencil “on accident” in front of a girls feet, then talked to her after she handed it back.
Look at the book she was reading and ask “Hey, isn’t that for Sociology? I tried getting into that class but it was full!”
Ask a girl sitting next to me “Excuse me, I’m doing a survey for my class (<<bullshit) and I was wondering if I can ask you a few questions.)

3. Most importantly, you need to go out onto a battlefield, and practice. Talk to a bunch of girls. Shit! Talk to two or more girls in a day! Back when I was super active, I would go out for one or two hours, every single day, and try and talk to as many girls as I could. Sure, I didn’t hook up with all of them, but I still made a connection. That’s what matters. The practice and experience matter. Once you get over that fear of talking to girls, it gets easier and easier and you’ll worry less about these four rules and more about what to do next.

Like Brad Pitt said in Inglorious Basterds:

You know how you get to Carnegie Hall, don’t ya? Practice.”

44 thoughts on “4 Tips: How To Approach College Girls On Campus

  1. Happy new year. I see a lot of nice tips for guys in the above article, so I thought I offer a small tip for you gals.

    If you’re ever looking for a new way to spend a summer, and make some extra money for college, why not try modeling in Asia? You may think you’re just another face in America, but in Asia with the massive pop culture there is constant demand for fresh faces from America and the west. There’s plenty of demand from fashion/music magazines, even TV variety shows and so-forth.

    The best place to try out are in the “4 Tigers” countries: Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Japan is more of a saturated and competitive market, so I would recommend the other 3 places to start. Here’s one girl who’s done it:

    So forget about waitressing and other low end jobs in this economy. Go take an Asian language class and seek out some opportunities you may not have thought about.

    • Haha…you ask girls if they want to model in Asia. Why? So they can be sold into sex slavery? Your offer sounds like a trick! Lol

  2. I know your blog today and love it! Actually, I agree with you when you say a meeting should seems natural. It sounds much more better!

    You usually talk about latinas but, and how about brazilian girls? I’m from Sao Paulo, in Brazil, where many asians live and interracial dating is common. I’d like to read something about the brazilian girls! Hehe.

  3. I earnestly believe that every guy in existence (age 14 and older) should read your blog. I feel like if more guys followed your advice there’d be lots of happy couples around. I honestly, really love your blog, it’s interesting and fun to read. A classy ladies man’s adventures in romance. Haha.

  4. Hey, loved your write-up. I’m in my last year of uni finally in shape and have yet to work out a good method for meeting and chatting up girls. This article is so much more better than all the ones telling you to make a move on someone at a party when they are drunk! They are what would be known as a player.

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  6. Speaking of “organic, normal” situations; how I made my first male, Asian friend, Yoshito! (We didn’t date, he was too old for me at the time.)
    I was in the hospital for a while and had just gotten back to school, we had a fitness test on the indoor football field; I told them I was still ill but they disregarded me.
    While running I got sick and ran to the locker room and puked.
    It was the boy’s locker room.
    I locked myself in the one stall when guys started coming in to shower. Yoshito saw me run in so he kicked them out and rescued me XD
    I was weak and stumbling and he helped me to a bench and got me water. I was 14 and he was 18. I fell in love XD

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  28. This article sucked ass. Rule 2 is especially horrible. The only time I’d let that slip is if you “accidentally” bump into her (physically) in the corridor and say “Oh, sorry. Hey, aren’t we in the same class” or something like that. Indirect approaches are for pussies. You either have to be very clever about it or you just go direct.

  29. patience is key. It also pays dividends to take more difficult courses as people in general are usually more prone to form secret alliances and teams with each other in order to share information on assignments and exams. Interpersonal Communication is another good course that is usually required for most majors and transferring to third year programs. Courses like that almost always force women to talk to you which is kind of nice; especially if you are one of those more reserved and quiet types of men. You still have to be semi attractive though. If you are but ugly with pimples forget it. You will get to the friend zone at best with the hotter girls. If you are semi good looking play the shy, quiet and mysterious guy who has his little nitch. It makes the woman you sit next to feel special if she thinks she is your exclusive source or you are her exclusive source of information about assignments and exams. You will find yourself texting with her about how lame the professor is on more than one lonely night. That is almost guaranteed. Hey why not turn that text chat into a phone call and then into an invitation to meet you downtown somewhere. Or maybe even a ” hey are you studying for the test right now? You want to meet up and study together?” Since she just opened up to you and basically talked shit about a very powerful person to you exclusively she now realizes you are also kind of powerful. You could always go to office hours one afternoon and show the prof. her thoughts. I did not start talking to this one girl until finals week. I was super into this philosophy course and then the teacher did not show up for class one night without giving us notice. We were sitting in there for about twenty minutes just chatting with one another and this girl started laughing at something I said and commented back using my name. Like she already knew who I was and I could tell she enjoyed getting to know me a bit. We were curious about the details of our final paper we had to turn in the following Tuesday night and the teacher was supposed to supply us with this data that night. So me and that girl exchanged numbers and promised that we would relay info we heard back and forth. This turned into a teacher bashing text conversation which led to me meeting her for coffee. nothing happened because I had a girlfriend at the time already but she was sexy as hell. I really wanted to bang that. Wish now that I would have.

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