Interracial Dating Rant #2: Cocky White Girls? Black Women = Angels?

Ahhh… I can say it all day long:  AMBW. Don’t you just LOVE how it rolls off your tongue like a piece of smooth and silky chocolate?

In an attempt to blog more, I’ve decided to write more short blogs that focus on my current thoughts towards Interracial Relationships, and the Race to AMBW World Domination. Okay, maybe not world domination… maybe just the U.S 😉


A few months ago I was having a conversation with a friend of mine. She, a white girl, was frenetically obsessed with Asian guys and would boast about her encounters with HAWT Asians. Due to her preference – or should I say, allergy towards anything non-Asian – for Asian guys, I was quite impressed and a tad bit flattered. But then, she started to go off in a direction that left me with a bitter taste.

White Girl: My ex-boyfriend was super hot.
Me: Nice! Chinese?
White Girl: Nope. Korean.
Me: Cooooooooooolllll Beans
White Girl: The other day, some Asian guy tried hitting on me but I wasn’t interested.
Me: Why is that?
White Girl: He wasn’t that hot. I only go for hot Asians.

Now, I’m no Sam Milby but all I gotta say is “WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!” First off, she ain’t even cute. If a gorilla punched a sack of potatoes and just so happened to make a smiley face, you would probably be presented with an accurate portrait of this White Chick’s face. Haven’t you heard of that old saying?  “If you’re an ugly white chick with a fetish for Asian guys, you can’t expect to pick the ripest of our fruit”?

"HEY, BETCH! Did I SAY I was interested!?"

But what’s even more troubling is that since then, I’ve come to notice more and more white girls acting this way. Acting as if, because they are white, they get “first pick.” They act like they’re the Queen of some far away country who can waltz in and be like “I AM WHITE! ASIAN MEN, YOU WANT ME! I SHALL ONLY DATE THE FINEST OF THE FINE!”

News Flash: Just because you’re white doesn’t mean I wanna jump your bones. Now, I know this sounds like George Orwell’s “2 Minutes of Hate” but I assure you, I love white girls. I also love Black girls, and Indian girls, and Latin girls, and girls, and girls, and girls. But I’m just sick and tired of these White girls walking around with a Kanye West sized ego acting like they “run this shit.” Cuz you know what? You know who‘s really running this? Do you really wanna know who the true stallions are, pushing the Asian men towards the spotlight?

Black Women.

The REAL Good.

Oh Black Women, how I adore thee! You are the noodle to my broth. The Kimchi to my Rice! The vinegar to my eggroll! I honestly can not express how thankful I am to the Black Women who have been making Youtube Videos, posting on forums, writing blogs, and supporting the Facebook groups that are dedicated towards Asian men and AMBWs. And unlike the White Girls that I explained above, the Black Women that I’ve met have been sooo goddamn humble, time and time again.

Even the RIDICULOUSLY HOT Black Women are down to earth. They talk with an open mind, and there’s hardly a spec of cockyness in sight. I mean, I have talked to some GORGEOUS black women who have every right to push their hands in my face and say “Eww bitch! I’m too sexy for you!” but yet, they’re willing to converse, befriend, and even flirt with some of the most average, shy, and nerdy Asian guys.

And that my friends not only speaks volumes on behalf of Black Women, but it instills a sense of hope for humans in general. In our society, those who are perceived as “gorgeous” (by the media’s standards) are often believed to be above the status quo. There’s this ideology that if you’re beautiful, you’re better than everyone and have no need to talk to us normal looking folks. Yes, I’m sure there are cocky black women out there who are like this, but based off the ones I’ve met and the ones in support of AMBW, I gotta say… they’re in a completely different stratosphere.


Okay, time to do some work on my other blog.

84 thoughts on “Interracial Dating Rant #2: Cocky White Girls? Black Women = Angels?

  1. Aww the kitty was cute lol…I thought i was the only one who thought that these white girls were gettin kinda cocky lol and whats funny is that i haven’t heard from many black women saying anything about it…

  2. Seneca you know if we black women say something then we are racist or jealous! man i wish you was there when i actually told this white chick to step off because i was clearly with the guy and she kept trying to get his attention! not pretty but you could tell she felt threatened! Anyway I love this blog makes me wanna write my own. If youre interested in Asian men then looks shouldnt matter! I just love learning about new things and people and an ego will stop you from that kind of much needed progression. Great job and soooooooo true!

  3. Ranier I ❤ this!!! It is so true that white girls think they got the pick of litter when it comes to men of different backgrounds. What's really going on is most men don't think we black girls are interested. As more and more men, Asian and beyond, realize that we're open to getting to know them too poor lil white girls are going to be left cold and lonely, aaaaaawwwwwwww……. 😉

    • I agree. Many races and ethnicities have no idea we are interested… And many of us have no idea they are interested, lol. And since media is controlled by Caucasians, they can–conveniently–leave this important bit of information out.

      • You are soo right about the media thing girl!

        And yea, an Asian friend of mine told me he was intimidated by black women because of their beauty. He thought we wouldn’t be interested or something. It’s like, we are human beings too lol. We wont bite….. unless you want us to.

        I think a lot of black women are old fashioned in that we won’t walk up to someone of interest. This is especially so for many African girls, myself included. We are coy like that no matter how strongly we carry ourselves lol. We would rather be approached. I was born and raised in Nigeria where guys are the aggressors and chase after you tirelessly and wont quit until you agree to go on a date with them lol!

        I must admit something horrible here. When an Asian guy is staring my way, the first thing I do is look around to see if there is an asian or light skinned girl behind me lol. I know it’s bad but it’s true. If they don’t approach me, I conclude the smile/stare was for someone else while they are probably thinking “this girl does not like me and is really going out of her way to avoid eye contact” lmao!

        I suck when it comes to men, period!

        Come to think of it, the asian men that approach me are always the ones that are fresh off the boat or have been in Toronto for less than a year. Given my “cluelessness” about men, it is pretty obvious these guys were unfazed and not intimidated one bit. I find that very sexy!

        • This is very true. I think a lot of Black women would prefer to be approached, I admit I’m one that would really be impressed with a guy if he approached me.

          And yes it true, there are tons of guys from various backgrounds I find to be so sexy, or handsome, or interesting, and I would love to be able to tell them I’m interested, but my upbringing always gets in the way. So I usually end up admiring from afar.

          • If you know it gets in the way change it! It’s not like its getting in the way and you don’t realize it yet. Or at least try it a couple of times guys like getting compliments too =]

    • As a white female I would like to apologize on behalf of that white female in the blog.
      When it comes to love & friendship I don’t believe in boundaries like only dating attractive people or only dating a certain race etc. I love seeing interracial relationships.

  4. I totally agree with this article!Thanks for writing it.I’m a Black Cuban woman(yes blacks live in Cuba) and i totally love asian guys!!!A few of my average looking white gurl friends think every black or hispanic guy that asks them a question wants to jump their bones.I hate to be ignorant but its easy to get a black or hispanic guy, all you have to do is look easy and BAM you’re in.So maybe it is true with black or latin guys.Black guys that interracially date arent usually nuttin to look at they just like white chicks cuz their white……..But back to the subject, I’m glad you wrote this!!!I hope to read more from you in the future!!!!!!!!!

  5. Peace & Love. I enjoyed this blog and would like to add my $2. I’d like to add that white women do this with ALL non-white men, and non-white men do this with ALL non-white women. To be quite honest, white people have a strong sense of entitlement and a superiority complex. Many of them do not even realize it exists within themselves. I regularly, frequently see unattractive white women with fine, FINE, FOINE Black, Asian, Latino men. And to be quite honest, this pisses me off. I hate to see a fine brother (Asian, Latino, Black, Native American) with an unattractive, out-of-shape white woman. It’s like giving pearls to swines!

    The problem is that many non-white men view white women as an “upgrade,” a come-up, a status symbol, a prize, a trophy, etc. Eurocentrism has spread this lie that white women are the highest and are the standard for beauty, femininity, etc. The whiter the better. You can even see non-whites act this out amongst themselves. i.e. A light skinned Black woman is treated better than a dark-skinned Black woman, Afro-latinos are treated as lower than others, the Hindu caste, Koreans and their own type of colorism, etc. I could go on and on, on this topic, but I’ll leave it with that.

      • PREACH!!
        I remember a couple of years ago, I saw this fione asian guy! He had that typical Cali boy dress style with the spikey hair, he was tall(I’am 5’7¾, sue me), had a nice build, nice tan, and who do you think his gf was? Unnatractive, pudgy, laundromat dressed, Sarah! Now I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and one’s personality can show their inner beauty, but COME ON DUDE!! I dropped 30lbs, and I know I was cute, but to see all my hardwork kind of get the silent “Don’t matter how pretty you are, White women are still the cream of the crop” statement was really annoying!!

        But on a happy note, I seriously think this Asian guy was hitting on me the other day, and yes..he was very hot!! Too bad I’m taken or I would’ ve taken his number XD

    • Well, the white men are secretly laughing because the men of color (good-looking or not) are getting their scraps. White men have gotten the pick of the finest women of color while the men of color complain, so the ground is even.

      • I respectfully disagree. There are many gorgeous black women that are overlooked for less attractive white women as I type this. It is only AFTER these black women are approached by someone of a different race do you see the black men whining. Before this, she was invisible. Now she is hot and selling out. No, the grounds are not even. All you need do is look at the number of interracial relationships that involve blacks. 99% of those relationships are with black men not black women.

        I am happy people are beginning to see that we are open to dating others. We all want happiness. We all want to find love. Why should black women be left out? This is why I really appreciate this blog by The Falco. We need more of this.

    • I just had to say, well said. I’ve always felt this way. Men of color see white women as the creme of the crop when most of like the manure at the bottom of the crop. I’ve always thought asian men were attractive and it’s NOT some type of fetish (which I feel reduces an attraction to something dirty).

      But, I wouldn’t feel it right to approach or flirt with “him” because I’ve always associated Asian men (or men or color period) with white women because that is what I am more accustomed to seeing–especially when they have acquired a certain level of success. White women have always been placed on that proverbial pedestal that regards them as the best type of woman to have. All other women should want to aspire to be them–though I’d much rather take a whole in the head knowing what type of stock black women come from.

      (To Ranier)
      This is a while written blog. I’m current reading some of the older postings and though I’m not big on reading blogs I really enjoy this one. You’re awesome! And thanks for all the wonderful things you’ve written about black women and the other positive and truthful writings. You’ve gained another fan 🙂

      Take Care

    • God, I wish it wasn’t this way. I’m a w girl, but I try to remain humble and polite. Your mentality really sounds like the best, and I’m sorry that dumbass white girls think this way. Personally, it makes me dislike my own race. I mean, sure, dating an Asian man (or of any other race, for that matter) because of preference is okay (hoping that that’s not the ONLY reason), but when it becomes “I’m a white chic and am therefore superior!!! DX:D

      Personally, I think that us interracial-lovin’, open-minded people will take over the world because our kids will be the smartest and hottest babies to hit the world~ >:}

      Let’s do our best, okay, everyone? :3

      • Sorry, something happened when I commented…left a lot out.

        I agree that this Caucasian superiority complex is the stinkiest shit ever. I have a white gal pal who is dating a black guy, but she isn’t into it because she thinks she’s superior to other racial chicks. She loves him for him, and it’s the same for him towards her. I’m also sick of the superficial white bitches and their egocentricisms. I want to punch them most of the time. That’s probably why I avoid chicks like them like a plague. Most of my friends are of different races besides white, and I feel waaay more comfortable around them. I think it’s the humble factor. They’re smart as hell, too, just like you~ Racist/narrow-minded white peeps are intimidated by people of other cultures. They can suck their 300 lb, white, handlebar moustached bitch’s fatrolls for all I care. I like my ice cream in anything but vanilla.

        In short, I think that Caucasian superiority thing sucks balls (sorry for the language). That’s probably why I love every culture but the white culture. It can go to hell for all I care. I’ll take my Asian, Black, Latino/Hispanic brothas and sistahs any day, since they just own at life.

  6. Going off what Makeda Mind said. I like this caucasian guy but like the stereotype I’m scared he’s only into the best of the best when it comes to black girls. I’m pretty but not hot and can easily be looked over when it comes to white guys I’m attracted to (known from experience many times over). I’m not trying to be mean but most of the guys I like aren’t even GQ worthy. I may not be hot but I’m nice. Rainier you’ve seen me before. sigh…

    This blog reminded me of a yahoo question I read a while ago. Check it out I’m sure you’ll find it interesting. Here’s the link:;_ylt=AvnfqD8Uawu52srnPPDjDl2.7BR.;_ylv=3?qid=20080819081827AAEON3z

  7. Haha!!! i got asked out by an asian yesterday. he saw most white girls way but of course not all of them are that way and i do see where your coming from. if you have a type you shouldn’t be too picky. but most of the asian guys at my school act that way.

  8. Just want to share this vid. Asian guy in his element, surrounded by millions of adoring fans:

    A different reality in a different part of the world.

  9. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I’ve been waiting to hear from asian men about IR but never had the chance (other than lovely youtube) until now. Never stop blogging!~~

  10. You are truly a creative writer! Are you sure mass media is where you want to go? I just wanted to say I love your blog and your diction. I wish I could have you as a source of information for my blog and magazine. Your insight is phenomenal! Keep writing! You’re awesome!

  11. ….and we LOVE Asia guys too! My boyfriend is Chinese, and he is amazingly wonderful. I am going to send him the link to your site!


  12. WOW I’m still getting comfortable reading your blog, and this article is another treat THANKS AGAIN, but seriousely I’m a sista whom had a serious crush on a co-worker at my job who was asian, he was an attorney that work with us on a case and OMG everytime I saw the man I’ll cheese up and just smile at him like crazy (the last time I did that was when I meant my husband) he’s was always nice even call my name in passing and course I melt each time. I never in a million years thought I could be attracted to someone outside my race, but he was a gem (too bad we’re taken). Getting back to your article, it’s very true in my area some that whites are diamonds and the other races was tarnish silver. I agreed with “makeda mind” on this part

    “I hate to see a fine brother (Asian, Latino, Black, Native American) with an unattractive, out-of-shape white woman. It’s like giving pearls to swines”

    This can make you feel little sometimes, but I learn my worth and that’s all I need.


  13. If a gorilla punched a sack of potatoes and just so happened to make a smiley face, you would probably be presented with an accurate portrait of this White Chick’s face.

    …is perhaps the greatest description I’ve ever read and I’m a wordsmith. Good on ya, baby!

  14. This blog is among the best I’ve ever read, because it speaks the truth. I have no hatred for white girls, but I have noticed that they believe their white privilege can be used to step on the toes of women of color. That is very offensive and irritating to no end. I refuse to allow for any woman, regardless of race, make me feel inferior. It was very refreshing to read the thoughts of an Asian man on IR dating. You’ve got a new subscriber 🙂

    • Amen to that! I’m a white chick, but I’m going to honestly say that my mom’s been feeding me humble pie since the day I was born, so hopefully I’ve avoided the media’s supremacist brainwashing. It’s so stupid. And yet, if you scrounge around the net a bit, men, regardless of race, seem to want a woman they’re attracted to. It’s unfortunate that the media is stupid, dense, and practical bigots.

      It kinda brings me back to watching the 2009 Victoria’s Secret fashion show. It’s pretty notorious for white exclusivity in the selection of models as far as I’ve seen. They had a few black models, and their FIRST Asian model (the gorgeous Liu Wen~). It’s sad that they’re overlooking two of the best looking races in the world. Then again, maybe they’re afraid that when the non-white woman’s beauty knocks the white woman off of that objectified pedestal, they’re white models won’t be so revered any longer. Not that I’d be complaining. We NEED more diversity in this country, don’t you think?

  15. I agree! This isn’t just aimed at white girls, but it does piss me off when I keep hearing these girls say
    “I only date Korean men, because they’re the hotttest asians! They’re so tall and fine!!”<–Taeyang only comes up to my boob!!

    Ugh, get your head out of that kpop/drama fantasy, its pathetic!! I'm an equal opportunity asian lover, I don't got time to be specific with "supposed" stereotypes for the hottest Asian men!! Its so hypocritical for some girls to complain that Asian guys don't want them, yet they have a distinct preference!!

    • I am sorry to say this but I realize this goes for some Asian men too. They say they like black women but have a distinct preference for light skinned and mixed black women. Some even go on to say hateful things like “unmixed and dark skinned black women are not attractive and that is why they are not in the media”. Are you serious?! The link below is to one of such Vlogs on Youtube. I watched it only to realize he fell into this category. His vlog was obviously a tribute to light skinned women. To him a beautiful black girl is the light skinned or mixed one “at forever 21”. Some of the comments on the vlog are pretty appalling too. Why not just go date a white girl already is what I am thinking!

  16. LOL….white girls are not very pretty to me in general. Asian girls look way better than they do and this is a black woman saying this. The Asian features are very exotic and pretty.

  17. I agree. Unfortunately most white girls do have this sense of entitlement because they are raised that way, and society and the media tells them this. I’ve seen white female celebrities who the media calls gorgeous, but they don’t look any better than you or me. Some are actually pretty ugly. *cough*Jessica Szhor*cough* lol

    I love this blog entry because it was funny and insightful. Especially your homage to black women at the end. It really touches a sistah’s heart. 🙂

    • Jessica is of Hungarian and African-American descent… Sure, she isn’t Aphrodite by any stretch of the imagination, but she’s hardly ugly.

  18. Omgggg! I love you dude! I dunno who you are but I love you! Thanks for realising that there are some hood black chicks out there! I’m another bw who is into am and this article has given me hope! Thanks and that’s a HOOTTT pic of gdragon! I love him so much :’)

  19. I am very happy to have found this. We have a new website that is especially for black women and asian men to dat and get to know each other. You can sign up, we have events, meetings and many things. So if you are an asian male and black or african american woman who would like to join our site please feel free.

    Come check it out.

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  22. I feel kind of hurt after reading this. I know it’s not directed towards all white girls but I am white, love Asian men, and do NOT by any means think I get first pick. After reading all the comments it feels kind of like a “let’s rag on all white girls who like Asian men” fest. You all should come hang out with me and see that not all white girls are evil arrogant snobs. Promise! 🙂

    • Sure you are a white girl and maybe you are not cocky but are you honestly going to say that you have not come across some of your peers who think they get first pick? I mean, come on! There is no way you have not come across and possibly befriended a white girl who thinks she is better than others and expects to have her way. If you are not that way then good for you but at least be honest about the fact that a lot of white girls feel entitled. It is like they have crowned themselves with some title and some how expect everyone else to be in on it and bow to them. Laughable I tell you.

      • I didn’t say there weren’t white girls this way. But there are also girls of all ethnicity who think that they are prettier, smarter, more desirable, etc. I do have friends like this and AM honest with myself about it but I’m sure you have friends who think that they’re better than some other girls too. I’m just saying that I don’t judge a whole race/gender by the acts I see committed by, for lack of better words, attention-whores who seem to stick out more so I would hope no one would do that to me.

        • I am not disagreeing with you actually. I was just saying that you should acknowledge where this blog post is coming from, that there are in fact white girls who do feel entitled mainly because they are white and for no other reason. That was the focus of this blog entry. Sure you will find people of other ethnicities who feel like they get first pick when it comes to men but it is hardly ever because of their race/ethnicity.

          • The thing I’d like to know is, how does Falco know that this sense of entitlement in this white girl is because of her race? Perhaps it is just the individual.

            Now, I know people will say that Falco never said all white girls are like that. I will say this, however. Whenever people talk about issues of race, it is very, very easy for others to misconstrue what you say as generalizations, especially when terms like “white girl”, “black girl”, and etc are used, even if that was not the writer’s intention.

  23. Kind of feels like a white-girl bash fest going on here 😦
    Yet I can see where you are coming from, just slightly frustrated that you guys would generalise us like this. Not all of us behave this way.

    • He’s obviously not talking about every white person (it’s impossible for him to meet them all). In HIS EXPERIENCE, most of the white girls that he has talked to acted like they were entitled. Why do people always get so offended as if someone is talking about them personally? Use common sense and understand that he’s NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU!!! He already addressed that some some black girls may act like that too, but again, in HIS EXPERIENCE they haven’t to HIM.

  24. What sort of shit is this? we’re all just trying to compete against asian women. most of the asian men I know only pursue asian women, and hell, half the white men I know too! You claim that interracial dating isn’t a big deal, that people make a big deal about you being asian, but you’ve basically written a whole blog about being asian! And you claim that white girls make too many idealistic generalizations about asian men, but you can say things like “even the ridiculously hot black women are down to earth”. hypocrite much?
    That being said…I’m a (straight) white women but I agree with you that black women are (often) ridiculously hot. And under-appreciated. Especially by white guys…But all this “white women are cocky asianchasers planning world domination” shit makes me mad. I’m not like that and nobody I know is like that. don’thatewhitebreadkthx.

    • He’s obviously not talking about every white person (it’s impossible for him to meet them all). In HIS EXPERIENCE, most of the white girls that he has talked to acted like they were entitled. Why do people always get so offended as if someone is talking about them personally? Use common sense and understand that he’s NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU!!! He already addressed that some black girls may act like that too, but again, in HIS EXPERIENCE they haven’t to HIM.

  25. Hi there Falco.

    I must say, I really enjoyed reading your blog up until now and I have to disagree with you on this issue. I have never met the girl that you talked about in this post, but even if what you say about her appearance is true, I really don’t think it is that big of a deal. You see, I’m an average looking Asian guy and I know that almost all of the girls that I talk to and pursue are way out of my league. I get turned down a lot, but every once in a while, I get lucky. However, no one gives me shit for trying to get girls that are out of my league.

    I don’t think what that girl is doing in your story is wrong. After all, even if she isn’t that good looking, why shouldn’t she go after guys that are supposedly out of her league? After all, aren’t we all just trying to find that amazing someone? We all fantasize about how perfect our dream girl/guy is. Is she deluding herself in thinking she can get those guys? Perhaps, but I don’t think what she is doing is offensive.

    Anyways, I would love to hear your thoughts on this, or anyone’s thoughts for that matter.

    Until then, keep on writing!

    • Billy – you have a point. I don’t think there is anything wrong with going after someone you think is attractive. You never know when, how, or whom you’ll find love with. I think the physical attraction is what gets you, but it’s the other things that keep you. Maybe Falco’s point (in a round-about way) was the irony of white women being portrayed as the epitome or “standard” of beauty; however, this less-than beautiful white girl is being picky about who she wants to be with: as if she can have the “cream of the crop” as a result of that. Now, we don’t know if she really thought that, but it appeared to be Falco’s take on it…..

  26. Honestly black girls can do that too, especially with black guys, they wont date them because they are black which is stupid, all of us aren’t angels. And I do say things that mean the other way, I told my friend once that there’s no cute guys at this one school even when I had secret crushes around every corner, and she got so mad at this. Your friend just excersizing her confidence that she can get guys. Also I stopped reading after your friend said i only date asian guys and you got really angry. Honestly she doesn’t know what she wants yet and will probably test this guy out if he could be better than the asian men she “stereotyped” to be prince charming who does karate, sings and dance, and has a 6 figure job. Like that’s true lol.

  27. I’m offended by this white-girl-bashing post. It makes me upset really. I’ve never thought because i’m white i’d get first pick… WTF?! C’mon you don’t honestly think that, do you? I thought you were against stereotyping? Ugh. Basically you’re saying that black girls are these modest, humble, kind, respectful and diverse people and white girls are superficial, stuck up bitches?
    Stop generalizing.

    • He’s obviously not talking about every white person (it’s impossible for him to meet them all). In HIS EXPERIENCE, most of the white girls that he has talked to acted like they were entitled. Why do people always get so offended as if someone is talking about them personally? Use common sense and understand that he’s NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU!!! He already addressed that some some black girls may act like that too, but again, in HIS EXPERIENCE they haven’t to HIM.

  28. Thx for the support. I have though run into white girls like that who also try to be black and leave a bad impression. Black girls dont judge on looks but on personality 🙂

  29. BLACK + ASIAN = two beautiful cultures coming together! LOVE IT! My sister just married a Japanese man ( LOVE him to death) & their kids OMG are soooooo beautiful! she was on America’s Next Top Model….You can guess from there ^_~

  30. So because the colour of my skin is white, I am automatically an ugly bitch that thinks of herself as superior to all the other races? It hurts. Being insulted by people I don’t even know because of the colour of my skin, really? I thought that those types of generalizations were so 18th Century but I guess I was wrong…. I’d like to ask all those of you who made those comments: Before being black, white, latino or asian, aren’t we all human? Do we not all have a heart? Yes, I am a white girl and yes, I am attracted to men of other ethnicities. However, it never even came to my mind that a guy would choose me over someone else just for my colour. Yes, some white girls might be like what you said but aren’t there racists everywhere, in every ethnicity? And isn’t it a kind of racism to assume that all girls with a skin that is pale will act the same way? Stop generalizations, please. All humans are different… and I’m not talking about skin colours.

    • Feelings hurt cuz you are realizing not everyone thinks ww are hot? Desperate to control the convo? Bothered cuz you arent the “star?” Doubt you’d be offended or be bothered to comment of this post was painting any other race of women in a bad light. Get over yourself already.

  31. I know this blog post is old but If the recent BTS Boys in luv video the American Hustle version doesn’t perfectly demonstrate this I don’t know what else does. The Black women were the only ones who patiently heard the boys invitations out and showed up to the video shoot even though they were really hot and probably hadn’t even even heard of the group.

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  42. I’m going to necro this post. I’m single for the first time in 4 years, while I was a white guy ony dating white girls in that time, while 2 out of 3 of those relationships were decent to amazing, coming back into the single world is a bit weird. I’ve noticed that all the white girls I’ve talked to have been pretty shitty. I never really talked to black or Latina women before, because I never thought they were interested. But wow! Not ony are they ultra hot, but they are also genuine when receiving and giving compliments, they enjoy holding conversations for more than 10 minutes and they’re really, really sweet. I never experienced the bitchiness of white women 4 years ago, but now that I have.. Fuck em. I do know that European white women are still sweet, this rant is about American white women. If any PC, holier than thou white chick ever replies, saying how bla bla bla, not all white girls are like that, then no shit. Of course not all white girls are like that, just a seemingly larger percentage of them are.

  43. This made me laugh because its so damn true! I don’t think all white women are like that, but yeah….some are. And the guys right, don’t have a fettish, that’s just weird, ya weirdo….

  44. I LOOOOVE THIS BLOG! I’m a young black women myself and I just love Asian guys. But not because of manga or Japan or because of the way they look. I love Asian men because they tend to not have their heads up their butts! Being raised in a black family in Cali on the west side (even though we were upper middle class) the “bad” side of town is where I pretty much called home. Even though my neighborhood is very nice and surrounded by any different races. But many of the men in my family are

    • either in jail or have abandoned their families. I can’t speak for every Asian man because I’m not one and I don’t have that authority, but I don’t know of too many, if at all, Asian men who don’t take care of their partners and their families. It’s the security and the love I see men of Asian decent show their lovers that makes me smile and wish I had that in my life. Again, I’m sure not ALL Asian men are like this, but from what I’ve witnessed, many Asian men have their priorities in check and they are sooooo sweet and so loving! It’s just amazing and I would feel so lucky to have any man treat me the way I see Asian makes treat their women and families.

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