Interracial Dating Rant #3 – Finding Love In Korea = Bullshit, Asian Men Who Are Assholes + More!

Some people really blow my mind with their stupidity. I mean forreals, some folks are so dumb you just have to sit back and MARVEL at how idiotic they are.

"The stupidity... it's so AMAZING!"

1. I Want To Visit Korea To Find Myself An Asian Boyfriend!

You're like the Women on Desperate Housewives... minus the Housewife part 😉

Are you fucking kidding me? If you can’t even hook up with Kenny Hong, the Asian guy that works at Subway, then how the hell are you gonna find yourself a boyfriend all the way in Korea? And even if you do find someone, what are you gonna do next? Live there? Or did you plan on smuggling him through airport security?

I find it so bizarre that SOO many women magically wanna visit Korea to find themselves Korean boyfriends. It’s like “DUUDE! Do you realize how IGNORANT you sound?” Think about it this way: The idea of you going to Asia to bring back an Asian Man, is just as retarded as the White Men who go to Asia thinking they can smuggle themselves a submissive Asian Wife.

Now, if you legitimately want to visit Korea to experience the culture and possibly live there, then sure! That’s fine! Or maybe you might wanna visit and you have this thought in your mind that “Oooh! Maybe I might meet a cute Korean guy!” If that’s the case, then that is also okay. What I’m complaining against is the idea that some women think they can just go to Asia and BRING BACK an Asian Man, as if he were a damn “I ❤ NY” t-shirt.

My Solution: Find an Asian guy in your town or go out of state if you have to. If not, meet them online and see if you can figure something out.

"Oh, I'm sorry, but I'm only interested in Asian men, so ummm... yeaaaaaa...."

2. Asian Men Who Are Complete Assholes

"Wat it DOH Shawty?!"

Alright, I’ve been involved in a fair ammount of Asian Male/Non-Asian Female groups, and I’ve gotta say: the majority of the Asian men in these groups are well composed, and very spectacular. They’re intelligent, funny, and cool to talk to. However, every now and then I come across some Asian dick-head who thinks he’s the next Pauly D (Paurree Dee?)

Now don’t get me wrong, confidence is a great thing and it can do wonders for your love life, but there’s a clear distinction between confidence and being a dick-head. Being a dick-head is when you comment/message a girl online and say “Hey cutie” or “Wadup ma?” Whenever I see this shit, I just wanna wrap my head in a burlap sack and throw myself in front of a train. It’s like, dude! I know you wanna break the “Asians are shy” stereotype, but you can’t go overboard!

Bro, we're yellow people - not orange.

My Solution: Take the Gentleman approach. Treat her with some respect and quit acting like this is all a “game.” I mean yea, in a weird way, dating is a game, but when you look at it as if Women are opponents that you need to defeat in order to “win”, you really make yourself a complete tool.

Here’s the thing: most guys have been lead to believe that, in order to get the girl, you need to be an Alpha-Male. In essence, you need to be very assertive, you can’t take no for an answer, and you have to be dripping in confidence. The ironic thing is that, when you deal with top-quality women who are constantly being approached/hit on, most of them are actually sick and tired of the overly assertive/cocky man. In their lives, they get approached by confident men all the time. So when you come up to her with all that swag, you look like every other guy that came up to her before.


If you want a good woman, you need to be a good man. It’s as simple as that.

3. Interracial Dating Isn’t That Complicated!

I was reading a few blogs and watching some AMBW videos recently and in these posts, people were delving into heavy shit: the effects of the media, the psychology of Asian Men, The Civil Rights movement, and a bunch of other historical crap. After watching/reading all of this, I thought to myself: what the hell is everyone talking about?! Why are you guys making it so much more complicated than it already is?

Here is the best advice I can give you about dating Asian Guys/Dating Non-Asian Women:

"Shhh! This is T.O.P secret advice!"

1. Have some balls (or ovaries) to approach them.
2. Get to know the person.
3. Ask them out.
4. Impress them with your skills in juggling, or whatever it is you do.
5. Fall in love.
6. Repeat step 5 forever and ever.








Quit acting like it’s a goddamn chemistry experiment that needs to be taken care of with gloves and goggles, examined, and solved using the scientific method. Stop trying to “learn about Asian/Black culture” and start learning about the person you’re interested in. In the end, you are dating a person, not an entire ethnic group. I say this because, in my experience, the non-Asian women that I have bonded with the most are the ones who talk about my race/ethnicity the least.

The women I like are the ones that talk about art, and life, and music, and funny things they saw at the supermarket – not the women who obsess about Korean culture.

My Solution: Relax. If you could just take the time to see each other as people first, then you’ll realize that all of these ethnic discussions (although very interesting to talk and debate about) are pretty pointless once you start dating someone.

You see? This couple COULD be having wild sex, but instead, they decided to argue about Interracial Dating - now they're not talking 😦


I know this is a relatively short blog, but I’ve been a bit busy lately. School is finishing up, I have fashion stuff to take care of on my other blog, and I’m also preoccupied with a box of Cookie flavored ice cream 🙂 Oh yea, and one more thing…
…I kinda sorta maybe met someone.

More on that next time 😉


Things Asian Guys Hate: Non-Asian Girls That Have An Asian Fetish

I‘ll tell you right now: this blog post might hurt your feelings. In that case, TOO BAD!

"Stop crying, you're embarrassing yourself"

If I may, I’d like to brag for a good moment. As it turns out, being an AMXF (Asian Male + Non-Asian Female) blogger yields a few kick-ass benefits. For starters: I get a lot of Facebook friend requests. Last time I checked (which was about 2 weeks ago), I received over 120 friend requests within the course of a month – and that was just from Black Women. Right now, I’m guessing that the full number is anywhere between 130 – 150.

With that said, I’ve received a ton of flirtatious messages/comments. I’ve gotten everything from “I love your writing, you are so talented!” to “Aye, you single?” to “We would make some cute babies!” And after talking to various women, I started to notice something…

"Hey! I just noticed that your eyes are green! ^0^"

A majority of the women who were flirting with me seemed highly aware of the fact that I was Asian. In other words, they kept saying stuff like “I love Asian men! Asian men are so sexy! Yay Asians! I love K-POP!” Now, that’s a very good thing. It’s good because a lot of Asian guys still can’t believe that non-Asian women are interested in them, SO, in effect, sometimes you Women will just have to spell it out in plain Engrish.

However, when this occurs, something very interesting happens: instead of coming off as flirtatious and romantically interested, you might actually come off as someone with an Asian fetish, or someone looking to catch an Asian man, as if he were some mystical Pokemon. In some cases, the Asian fetish girls go waaayy overboard…

Yea, I'd hit it -- with a brick.

Example (based on TRUE events):
A Black Girl messages me on Facebook for the first time.

Black Girl: Ahn nyeong ha se yo! (hello)
Me: Uhhh… hi!
Black Girl: Eotteohke jinaeseyo? (how are you?)
*translates on Google Translate*
Me: I’m fine, thank you! How about you?
Black Girl: An nyeong ha siut seum ni ka? (I’m fine, thank you)
Me: Ummm… you know I’m not Korean, right?
Black Girl: I know ^__^

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Are you a goddamn idiot?! Do you not realize how ignorant that is? Wait, no, here, let me show you:

Example (made-up):
Scene: Me messaging a Black Girl for the first time

Me: Aye waddup shawty!
Black Girl: Hey!
Me: Whas’ good lil ma? You got a man or what?
Black Girl: Ummm, no, I don’t have a boyfriend. Are you okay?
Me: Ya know, I LOVE me some Jill Scott and Dwele! Wanna hit up the mall sometime and grab a plate of fried chi—

SEE WHAT I MEAN?! Do you see how damn ignorant that is? I mean, not only are you assuming that I speak Korean because I’m Asian, but you also assume that I’m Korean! Okay, now that your ego has been shot down, let me offer a very easy, very practical solution that anyone can do:


Wait, no, that sounds kinda cliche – let me rephrase: If you’re a shy artist who enjoys Latin music and photography, then be the shy artist who enjoys Latin music and photography; If you’re a track star who enjoys short films and graphic novels, then be the track star who enjoys short films and graphic novels. If I’m interested in you, I’m interested in YOU.

I‘m interested in all your little quirks, your flaws, your beautiful smile, and your adorable laugh. I really don’t care too much about your love for K-Pop. I’ll support it, and I’ll listen to it with you, but to me, that’s not enough to get with you. You can’t just come up to me and shout “AHN NYEONG HA SE YO! I LOVE K-POP AND ASIAN MEN!” and expect me to drop down on my knees and give you head — it doesn’t work that way.

"You like K-POP? *yawn* NEXTT!!!"

If I wanted to date someone who was obsessed with Asian culture, then I’d date an Asian girl.

Yeaaaaa... no thanks -- I'll pass.

So please, stop trying to be so damn Asian. I LOVE that you’re interested in our culture, and it really shows that you’re open minded. But you know what would impress me more? I’d be more impressed if you could dance Salsa. I’d be more impressed if you were an artist. I’d be more impressed if you could sing, or write, or that you loved animals, or that you volunteer at the homeless shelter every Christmas.

THAT is the shit that lands you an Asian boyfriend — not your iPod filled with K-POP. Race should matter to the point that it doesn’t matter. Race should matter to a point where you accept their ethnic background, you’ve taken the time to understand it, and you’ll use that information only when necessary. But please, don’t go changing yourself just because you wanna snag yourself a Filipino Taeyang.

And most importantly…




In case you haven’t read my previous post, I have now created an **OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE FOR THIS BLOG, “The Love Life of an Asian Guy”** Be sure to “like” it and send me as many comments as you want. You can suggest future blog topics, ask questions about AMXF, or even get one-on-one advice!

OMFG WTF!!! Introducing…**The Official Facebook Page of “The Love Life of an Asian Guy!”**


Yes, that is correct. I, Ranier, am going to be a used car salesman for the next 5 minutes to tell you about this great new offer! Introducing…


The Love Life of an Asian Guy!!!!


Yes, I know what you’re probably thinking…”AWWWW LAWD, THIS IS SURELY A MIRACLE!” And you know what? It kinda is! First off, as you may have already noticed, my posting schedule is about as frequent as your birthday. But it’s not my fault! I mean look: I could easily write shit blogs every week, but they would have no substance, no thought, and none of my falconian style. So how the hell am I going to fix that? Let me explain:

You see, I only write when my creativity is at 100%. If it’s at 80% or even 95%, I won’t write. But the best way for me to gain inspiration is to talk to you folks. I need to talk to you so I can hear your stories, your rants, and your questions, that way I can get more writing inspiration to start churning out masterful blogs!

"Ranier, I loved your last blog almost as much as I love my abs."

What I’m trying to say is this: I want this blog to become BIGGER, SEXIER, and ASIANER! I want this blog to be the Chairman Mao of blogs! I want this shit to be so big, you’ll skip your newspaper and head STRAIGHT TO THIS BLOG! But most importantly…

I feel pretty guilty for not responding to all the comments you guys post. And honestly, it’s a bit difficult since a lot of the comments have overlapping points. So, to curb that, I’d like for you all to “like” this Facebook page and to see it as my “Office.” Feel free to drop by and ask questions, talk to me mono-y-mono, and chat with your fellow sexy blog readers. This will be my castle, my lair, and your second home.

"Uhhhh... hey man... where are the extra towels at?"

So come on in!

Let me pour you a cup of coffee…

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