OMFG WTF!!! Introducing…**The Official Facebook Page of “The Love Life of an Asian Guy!”**


Yes, that is correct. I, Ranier, am going to be a used car salesman for the next 5 minutes to tell you about this great new offer! Introducing…


The Love Life of an Asian Guy!!!!


Yes, I know what you’re probably thinking…”AWWWW LAWD, THIS IS SURELY A MIRACLE!” And you know what? It kinda is! First off, as you may have already noticed, my posting schedule is about as frequent as your birthday. But it’s not my fault! I mean look: I could easily write shit blogs every week, but they would have no substance, no thought, and none of my falconian style. So how the hell am I going to fix that? Let me explain:

You see, I only write when my creativity is at 100%. If it’s at 80% or even 95%, I won’t write. But the best way for me to gain inspiration is to talk to you folks. I need to talk to you so I can hear your stories, your rants, and your questions, that way I can get more writing inspiration to start churning out masterful blogs!

"Ranier, I loved your last blog almost as much as I love my abs."

What I’m trying to say is this: I want this blog to become BIGGER, SEXIER, and ASIANER! I want this blog to be the Chairman Mao of blogs! I want this shit to be so big, you’ll skip your newspaper and head STRAIGHT TO THIS BLOG! But most importantly…

I feel pretty guilty for not responding to all the comments you guys post. And honestly, it’s a bit difficult since a lot of the comments have overlapping points. So, to curb that, I’d like for you all to “like” this Facebook page and to see it as my “Office.” Feel free to drop by and ask questions, talk to me mono-y-mono, and chat with your fellow sexy blog readers. This will be my castle, my lair, and your second home.

"Uhhhh... hey man... where are the extra towels at?"

So come on in!

Let me pour you a cup of coffee…

…and lets talk about how much you love being Asian/how much you love Asian guys!



11 thoughts on “OMFG WTF!!! Introducing…**The Official Facebook Page of “The Love Life of an Asian Guy!”**

  1. Lol its Ebony-Dominique =D

    I signed up just to read your blog Falco!

    and I can’t even find the page on FB. >=T

  2. I smell awesomeness. *sniff sniff* Oh wait… its just Ranier. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for this.

  3. yay, yay! you know i totally went and liked it even though this involved me giving out my government name lol 😉

  4. Awesome~ I’ve been waiting for a fan page for this blog, it’s too good not to share with the rest of facebookers~

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