Interracial Dating Q&A #2: Do Asian Guys Date Girls From (Insert Country)?

I know what you’re thinking: “Another blog post within the same month?”

This actually feels pretty good – writing, that is. In case you didn’t know, I’ve been busy working for the man. Or should I say woman? Woman. Since my hire at Tory Burch, I’ve found my personal time dwindling down to a mere fingernails worth, which is then devoted primarily to “girlfriend time.” Which is no problem for me – of course – but for you readers? Ya’ll gots to wait! But fear not! I come bearing the goods!

So, my little reader, scoop up another bowl of that cheap ice cream you have in the freezer, pop on some fuzzy socks and let’s get to some good ole’ fashioned blog reading! Yay! Reading is fun!

"Mommy, look! I'm reading about Asian guys!"

Question # 1: Do you train kungfu?

Answer: Oh yes! I berry gewd at Kung Fu! Me rikey very much! You want dumpring? I make-a dumpring for sick dorrer fifty! CHING CHONG LING LONG TING TONG! … next question.


Question #2: Hey I read your blog often…..its really good but my question was I live in Columbus and Ive found myself checking out some asian dudes lol but I dont really know if they date east africans………

The whole “Do Asian guys date girls from (insert country)?” question is actually the most common question I get. From girls in Spain to girls in Cuba,  girls in East Africa to girls in India, I’ve heard em all. However, it doesn’t matter if you’re from Iran or Neptune, the answer to this question is the same: maybe.

Why maybe? Well, maybe you’re an overly jealous girlfriend with a diva complex, or maybe you’re a swinger who prefers to live her life on the edge [of the bed]. If that’s the case, then no normal guy, whether he’s Asian or not, would wanna date you. The real question is: would ANYONE (with a sensible mind) wanna date you?

Contrary to popular belief, the Asian guys of the world have yet to set up a big conference meeting to create a checklist of what types of girls we will date, and from which countries. We may be intelligent and organized , but not that much.

Now okay, I know this is sounding very PBS and family friendly with my whole “everyone is a winner” type of answer, so here’s the other half: when it comes to dating an Asian guy (or anyone) who was born and or lives in their home country, they will probably be less open minded to dating outside their race.

"Nah man, I don't wanna date that thing!"

The truth of the matter is that, unless you meet someone who was raised in a completely diverse urban city (or someone who is naturally an open minded individual) they’re probably going to date within their own race. If all the women they’ve ever seen in their life were Asian – their friends, ex-girlfriends, and coworkers – how can they really visualize a relationship with anyone else?

I mean think about it this way: you might be an open minded Black/White/Latin girl who is totally diggin Asian guys, but do you honestly think that ALL of the women within your ethnic circle feel the same way? So then why are you asking such a generalized question about us?

"Ahhh-Suh!! You ask-uh such-uh stupid question -suhhhhhhh!!!"

I will say this: a lot of Asian guys are into a lot of types of women. I mean come on! Look at our culture! We’ll eat raw fish, weird Asian candies, we have crazy Anime porn, and we even have some of the wildest fashions on the planet; what makes you think we’re not as adventurous in dating? All I’m saying is that Asian guys have it in them, but some of them just need to know (from you ladies) that you’re interested too.

To many, Asian people are the laughingstock of the world. We talk funny, we eat weird shit, our hair looks like it came out of a Dragonball Z episode, and we look incredibly different. Our culture is different, but inside, we’re still photographers, and dentists, and soon-to-be fathers, and bloggers, and readers – we just need a girl who can make us feel like we aren’t strangers from another galaxy. We want a girl who can accept and appreciate our culture as something that is different – not crazy and wild and reserved for the comic section in the newspaper, just different. If you can unlock that part of your mind, and if you’re willing to see our culture the way we do, then please, welcome to the list of “girls that Asian guys like.”

Question #… AHHH FUCK IT! I’m tired!