The Love Life of an Asian Guy – Episode 2: Sweets and Sushi

After the positive feedback from our last video, we decided to post another! I also considered one of the comments stating that the background music was too loud so for this one, I took it out while we were talking. Hope you enjoy this series of videos and all of the ones that are coming soon! Our posting schedule will probably occur once a week, maybe even more.

Enjoy! 😀

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Interracial Dating Rant #4 – AMBW Movement = Bullshittery?

As a man, I have very little reason to actually start crying. Unless I’ve been shot in the testicle via slingshot, or a truck full of puppies and kittens derails off the road and into a pit of scorching lava, my tears will be stay safe and sound in the pocket of my eye. However, when I go on Youtube to check out the widespread support for AMBW relationships, I gotta admit, I get a little misty eyed. Well, not really, but it is very exciting!

"I LOVE AMBW videos!"

Despite the rise in openness of Asian Men and Black Women and their vocalization of their interest in one another, I find one thing very puzzling: The AMBW “Movement.” What the hell is that about? What are we gonna do, assemble the Black Women and Asian Men in an orderly fashion, blow a horn and say “Ready? Set? Makeout!“?

I know, I get it, some of you are totally new to the concept of AMBW relationships, let alone interracial dating – that’s fine! Believe me, many years back I went through that phase of “Black Women interested in Asian guys? Am I dreaming?! Quick, somebody karate chop me!”

"I said pinch, you retard!"

So for many of you AMBW N00BS who just found out that Yellow and Black mix, you’re just in extacy over this new idea. So welcome, Freshman class of Ranier’s School of AMBW learning, please, have a fortune cookie (which is also made out of cornbread since, ya know, we like mixing things up a bit.)

As an Asian guy drenched in the silk wrappings of an already amazing AMBW relationship, I will tell you this: Livi and I don’t even fully realize each other’s ethnicity, let alone acknowledge it. Our ethnic background isn’t why we’re together. We are together because we respect and love who we are as INDIVIDUALS. Once in awhile we notice (I often crave meat and rice, and she loves to watch Basketball Wives) but it never becomes an issue, let alone a topic of discussion.

Livi: Babe, Basketball Wives is on! Wanna watch?! Me: Uhhh... sure!

So stop worrying about race so much. Stop trying to make this movement an actual “movement” and just go out and date whoever the fuck you want. I see so many of you underclassman trying to decipher each other as if Asians and Blacks are foreign species that need to be looked at under a giant microscope. Fun fact: this is dating, not honors microbiology.

Yes, from a cultural point of view, there are overlapping qualities that exist within the Asian and Black culture. Even though it’s beneficial to study up on things like “What qualities do Asians typically dislike in women?” or “Are Black families more conservative or liberal?” I think that if you really wish to snag some black and yellow lovin’, worry about that SPECIFIC person before you concern yourself with their race. In my experience, I’ve encountered girls who  study up so much that when they try to speak to me, they end up sounding like a big ole’ racist.

If a rise in AMBW relationships is what you wish for, then do so by getting into one yourself. Don’t go off like a jackass trying to preach AMBW as if it were a religious group. Be your regular old yellow and black selves and you’ll do just fine. So to my newly introduced freshman class of the Ranier’s School of AMBW Learning, I say “Ni Hao, son!

The Love Life Of An Asian Guy – VLOG Edition! – Episode 1: Hookey

One of the things that always irritated me and Livi were the posts made by Asian Male + Black Female couples saying how “taboo” they were. They paraded their relationship around like it was some rare Pokemon that everyone had to know about. Does that even make goddamn sense? If you’re looking to be treated equally, why single yourself out? That’s like trying to sneak into a movie while shouting out “OH MY GOD, I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M DOING THIS!”

So to combat those types of posts, I wanted to capture the type of “AMBW” relationship that I myself have. I want to show you that in my relationship with Livi, there aren’t any ethnic struggles, family members hating on our race, etc etc. We’re just two people madly in love with each other, with a love for great food, sweet sweets, and quality time with each other. In all honesty, this wasn’t really planned. I was just supposed to take pictures but I decided to turn the camera dial to video.

Let me know what you think, and if you wanna see more!