Stupid Stereotypes – Do Asian Guys Have Small Penises?


Right now, every single Asian guy that is reading this has his ass at the edge of the seat, butt cheeks clenched so tight he could snap a pinecone in half – he’s scared shitless over what I may, or may not say in this post. I think Timothy DeLaGhetto put it best when he said that “for Asian dudes, the small penis joke is our Kryptonite… It’s almost like the Asian penis joke is the ‘N-word’ equivalent for Asian dudes.”

But why do we get so offended? Is it really true? Are the myths of the Asian micro-penis as valid as society likes us to believe? Why don’t we unzip this belief and try to stroke out some truth.

Height + Body Size = Penis Size?

Hmmmm..... Could it be?

Okay, lets do a little math: based on the equation that most people use when determining penis size, the size of a man’s junk is proportional to his height and build. Therefore, the taller and bigger you are, the more well endowed you must be downstairs, right? Not quite. In the world of porn, we have two contenders: Sir Lex Steele standing at 6 foot 2, and Mandingo, standing at 5 foot 7. Based on the equation above, one should be able to deduce that Lex Steele has the bigger pole since he’s significantly taller than Mandingo. But upon further “research” (aka, extensive time watching films such as “Booty Talk 29” and “Ass Worship 6”) you will release that Lex Steele is a full 9 inches while Mandingo is a complete 12. Yes, TWELVE inches of terror.

Now you see, I understand the logic. The logic behind this assumption is that body types are proportional – which they often are. Taller guys have bigger feet while shorter guys have shorter extremities. Since Asian people have been shown to be on the shorter side of the spectrum, it’s an immediate response to associate short in height with short in dick. But as Mandingo has shown, sometimes, the only Goliath David must face lives somewhere inside his pants.

How Can We Tell If Someone Is Big or Small?

"What is that THING?!"

Whenever I encounter random guys on XBOX Live spurting shit like “You’re Asian?! All Asian guys have small dicks! Haha!” I usually respond with “… wait a minute – how do YOU know how big an Asian dick is? In order to come to that conclusion, statistically speaking, you must have had a SHIT load of Asian dicks in your mouth!”

So how do we really know what size anyone is? Unlike breasts which can be gauged and visually measured through normal clothing, penises can’t exactly be measured by the size of a bulge. You can’t exactly eyeball the Rocky Mountain of jeans on a man and say with confidence that a man is a solid 6 inches. So instead, many look towards a more analytical approach: “scientific studies.”

"Ma'am, in order to accurately measure your husbands penis, you'll have to stroke him off... NOW! "

Here’s the deal: apparently, scientists have found a way to gather a group of men of all races, jerk off their shlongs till maximum hardness, measure them, then get told by the man that their jeans make their ass look big and that they’re taking up too much of the blankets – but that’s just my guess.

All stroking — I mean joking, aside, my main question to this type of study is, how is this study conducted? Is the scientist a bald Mexican guy with a tape measure, or is there a pricey hooker with a ruler etched into her mouth? And as most men can agree upon, there’s a difference between getting it up, and getting it hard. The latter including side effects such as light headedness, and the sensation that one’s boner will rip out of it’s own skin and donk onto the carpet like a tube of frozen deli meat. This difference can have a great affect on overall size.

So? How do we really know? Seriously, how do we? And please, save your “well, they measured the dicks of babies and studies show that Asian babies—“ REALLY?! Are you really going to measure a baby dick and say that their adult dick is comparable? Because if so, then shit, ALL of us have micro baby dicks!

Asian Porn: Why Do They Blur Out The Penises/
Why Are The Penises So Average?

"Average? Where?"

During my quest to find my inner Angry Asian man in my teenage years, I found myself lost in a sea of chat rooms and forums. Amidst my cyber travels, I managed to talk to a handful of real Asian pornstars including the one and only, Keni Styles. In one of the discussions, we took a very deep look into some gaping holes of mystery, one of which included the confusion over why Asian porn blurs out the guy’s penis, and why the guys tend to be more on the average size.

According to the guys from the porn industry, Asian porn produced in Asia is primarily focused on the sole pleasures of the man (who is viewing the video.) With that in mind, the blurring of the penis allows a viewer to see the woman, and only the woman. There are no distractions and the viewer can concentrate on the girl’s face, and the fact that she is being pleasured. Additionally, the use of average sized men is not due to a lack of long dongs, but rather, it allows the viewer to feel empowered. It gives the man a sense that he is better than the man who is performing. He who watches is the real star, and he is the one in the video having sex with the pornstarlette.

"Wow! It totally feels like I'm being pissed on by Japanese School Girls!"

So for most non-Asian males, the only way that they can see an actual Asian meat balloon is to watch Asian porn produced in Asia (forget about Asian men starring in American porn, because we all know that won’t happen.) In order to see one for yourself, you’re basically given the options of:

a.) Watching Asian porn
b.) Jerking off your Asian neighbor
c.) Investing in high-tech x-ray goggles

So unless you have iron balls and can muster up the courage to knock on Mr. Takamoto’s door and ask to see his third leg, you’re really only left with one option.

Then again... if you're a single lady and your neighbor is Keni Styles, then perhaps you should...

Why Does This All Matter?

You see, the problem with the Asian Penis joke is that it’s incredibly hard to prove and disprove. As an Asian guy receiving the insult, what can I really do to make the insult go away? Do I just drop my pants and take out a ruler to prove you wrong? Or should I stand my ground and repeat in a loud voice that “I AM NOT SMALL!” You see what I mean? You see how difficult it is to actually do anything about this? How hard it is to convince someone otherwise?

Despite this stalemate situation, us Asian guys (and all guys in general) should realize one truly important lesson: who the fuck cares? I mean honestly, unless you’re making money shooting loads on people’s faces, you really have no need to be so concerned with your junk. Men stress so heavily on something that quite frankly, a majority of them will rarely get to use – if at all.

A penis is a penis. Whether you’re rocking out with your Mandingo cock out, or you’re cruisin’ on by with your Bart Simpson pecker, your penis is your own penis. You use it to piss, to masturbate, and to reproduce. That’s really it. It’s just a chunk of skin. Stop concerning yourself with the size of it because in the end, most women really don’t give a damn. And if they do, it’s never to the extent that men fear. I highly doubt that if you were to sport a rice-sized chode, a girl would look at it and say “Get away from me you circus freak! Take that millimeter Peter back to the laboratory where it belongs!”

So to answer your question about whether Asian guys have small penises or not, the answer is the same whether the victim of choice is Asian, Black, White, or Egyptian: yes and no. Yes, some Asian guys have small penises, and others  do not. Yes, some Black guys have big penises, and others do not. It all depends. Stop trying to conclude this question with one definite answer. There is none, and there never will be.

And to my Asian brothers out there: don’t give any guy, girl, or internet troll two seconds of your time when they joke about your dick. Your wang is the wangiest of all wangs. Keep it up, hold it proud, and use it wisely. After all, 60% of the world’s population is Asian which means one thing: we may have a negative stereotype about our shlongs, but at least we’re getting laid.


Oh, and for those of you who just aren’t satisfied till you see proof for yourself, well, here ya go: (NSFW)

416 thoughts on “Stupid Stereotypes – Do Asian Guys Have Small Penises?

  1. Please…I don’t need this discuss having anymore attention..but I was just curious to see what you had to say…I think it is stupid to be concerned about penis love who you love you like who you like….if that is a requirement before someone speaks/dates/loves you..then…THEY ARE A@#HOLES

      • Women do care about size.. I’m a female and my friends laugh at guys with 4 inches or less… the guy in this blog mentioned that some guys could have a rice sized pecker and it wouldn’t matter. Sex can’t happen with a micro-penis! I guess it’s cause I’m from the city, but sex is a very big deal where I come from. It destroys marriages and can strengthen them…. Great Blog 🙂

        • I am curious to see what your friends look like….. I am sure they have the perfect body….as your friends laugh at the dude with small.package, the guy is laughing at her small tits….or lack of booty….which all white girls possess….and you are probably white…..with Bologna lips

          • Really? Girls who speak up you want to call her names and make fun of. Well I can guarantee she will get more dick than you can with a small dick!!!!……Besides small tits and no ass white girls still get dicks. Their men buy implants. So I suggest you get a dick implant because they do have them!…..I would go for a size 8 or better!!!!…lol just saying!

            • You are dumb as shit. I hope you don’t kill yourself Trina to get stabbed and raped by tiny demons in the fire. Filthy man-slut. I hope you know who you’re messing with because karma is a bitch.

            • That is because men think of women as sluts/whores/something to fuck. Women are smart, they, like gay men go out and have sex whenever and with whomever they want. While all these straight men consider a woman like this as a (see above), because they follow society norms. Hey dumbass straight men you created all these societal values to your own depprement. Now go give your right hand some exercise and the rest of us go fuck all night every night.

          • Lol im 14 and measured it a couple weeks ago, 5 inches and 7 centimeters, we Asians don’t have a small penis and its annoying tf out of me right now. The only reason why some people have bigger junks than others are because of where they are from, like if u were born and lived throughout the US ur whole entire life, you’ll probably get a big junk because of the hormones(sorry if I spelt it wrong, not the greatest writer out there) in our food, unlike asia, where I visited recently, they don’t put hormones in their food, so basically we americans have chemicals in our penis, gratz :/

            • Anthony,
              you just might have something there. There seems to be an lot of guys walking around with female looking chests these days. Just saw a kid walking and thought it was a girl till I got up close. Size does not matter , take it from an old lady who knows.

            • Anthony I have dated Asians since 1989 here in San Francisco. I have slept with hundreds Asians (yes i’m a self proclaimed slut). The myth is wrong. It’s not the size of the ocean but the motion of the ocean. I can’t count how many 8″-11″ Asian cocks I have had the pleasure of enjoying. Racism, etc is alive and wild in the Gay/Straight arena. Since 1989 I have only and will only date Asians. Yes there is something to growing up on a western diet, but there are plenty of teeny weeny white boys out there. They are always he ones putting down the Asians.

              • Lol, yeah, Asians wif 8-11″ penises……measured from WUT?! The top of the crack of their ass???! Why aren’t they in porn? The biggest dick in porn right now is ‘The White Pony’, a German star. Look him up, he’s about as big as an Asians ARM! LOL!!!!………

          • LOL I’m Asian but my dick is around 5.3 inches. Im only 12 years Turing to 13 some girls love my dick (No there’re not sucking or shoving it up there ass but some girls want it up there mouth and some just want to touch it and jerk it off) and I’m a filipino. I also had the longest dick in the elementary department XD. It’s just depends on your family

        • You fail to see the bigger issue. The marriages you see are based on SEX. That’s not the point of marriage. If a marriage is teetering on edge and sex is what brings it back from the precipice of the shadowy abyss below then that marriage should not have happened in the first place.

        • I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone take the phrase “rice-sized pecker” so seriously. It was a joke. A micropenis is a medically-recognized pathology and it’s more prevalent in whites. It’s also not common.

        • It’s true that size matters. Same stereotype goes with women that they gotta have big ass titties and ass and coke bottle figure…. doesn’t feel good does it? So why gotta hate? If people were born with something that they can’t change, do you really have the right to judge them on it? I dare you to go up to Stephen Hawkings and tell him that he looks like a retard in that wheelchair. DOOOOO IIIIITTTTTT!!!! It’s ok, God forgives you.

          • I personally believe if anyone doesn’t get with a person for the way they look its wrong. But if you want to be satisfied you better have one because there are not that many woman who will stick with a man no matter the race if they don’t have a decent size. They are not going to want a tiny winkey to deal with. It can be small and still be satisfying if you know what your doing and you can eat some mean ass pussy! She’ll stick around for that alone. But most woman want a man with a dick that keeps them homebound….lmao!

            • Patrick, you’re a good example of white boys saying whatever they want on the internet to get their status kicks that they are lacking in reality.

              Thing is, yiy haven’t got it right. It needs to sound believable. 7″ round means your cock is as wide ad it is long. Think about that for a second… It’s not a cock, it would be a ball.

          • OK, I’d do it. Since Mr. Genius doesn’t believe in God (he deserves the abuse for that alone!) and he’s smarter than me, I have nothing to worry about then in terms of God forgiving me, lol, you idiot!…….

        • Any marriage that solely relies on dick size is shallow and insecure people use that method. You forgot to mention that being a great lover is important. In fact much more than sex.

      • That’s not stupid at all! it’s not as satisfactory with smaller ones cause you sense less so the men have to have better skills or you have to do more efgort to contract to feel more so it’s as important for girls who have a small penis’s boyfriend that the guy who compare it own with it’s friends

      • Hi, [sorry for any misspelling i’m french canadian (; ]
        First i’m a biologist that doesn’t really give me credits for what i’m about to say but here is some facts…

        Rare are the studies that are 100% true. Their people sample can’t be truly random for multiple reasons and one of them is that i doubt that they had find the same amount of volunteers with big than tiny pennis. The ones with bigger packages are more frequent to volunteer than shy tiny ones.
        But yes i agreed that is totally possible that asian have tiny penis and/or black bigger one.

        The natural selection theorie and the genetic proves it. In early Africa by example, males (who were always naked) have been choose for centuries by female and one of the first reproduction criteria was the penis size. So the bigger dick have done more offsprings with bigger penis and so on until now.

        Human are the primate that give more importance to penis size. That’s prove and that’s why they have the biggest packages of all primates.

        On the same hand, africa/caucasian/asian aren’t descending from the same ancestors they are really far from each other in the tree of life so they have many differenciation in their genomic (and phenotip) so like their body color, their penis size difference could really be the result of evolution.

        That can be frustrating cause yes the size matter for many (as for me) you have to accept it if you really like the person and the skills also count! Yes it’s more easy with a big one cause the woman can feel it antway. if you have a small one and you can’t use it we (girls) feel almost nothing and with a big one it’s easier for us to contract our vagina for a greater feeling cause you sometime feel usefull/skilless/feelingless with small ones :/

        Sorry for the three kilometers comment!!

      • Size does matter!…….Girls laugh about boys with small dicks. I feel for my boys because they are not gifted!!!!

        • You are shallow and insecure, it’s also a fact that you suck at life and girls think you are fat and ugly and that no man wants you. Faggot.

          • It seems you are talking about yourself considering your username. Anyway, what she said is true to a certain extent. A micropenis is useless (>3 in erect) Average is fine. (5.16 in)

      • As long as youre getting pussy do you. Im blacker than a spade amd my guys asian and trust we get it in. He pleases me just fine as my Mandingo brothers. I myself probably wouldnt bang Lex Steele. I dont need a big dick to get off. Everywoman is different. My man gets the job done and thats all that matters. Who cares if hes big or small as long as he makes me c*m who cares what others think. And hes a good size for me and can last minutes. He makes me tap out.

    • well I happen to bang quite a few Asian women from massage parlors and everytime without exception they say I have a big cock..7 3/4″ and they always..I mean always tell me that Asian men have tiny dick like their finger. Just passing along what I have been told by women that have lots of experience with the tiny dick little Asian boyz.

          • I’ve been married for 4 years now to a sweet Asian man. Everything in our life is perfect except for sex. Sex has been frustrating for me over the years because he has never got me off. He is 3 inches in length and 2 in girth.

            • I’ve been married for 4 years to a sweet white girl. Everything is perfect, but her vagina smells like Vegemite.

            • Buy a bullet vibrator, bend over, let him go to town and you get yourself off. You can’t play the victim in this, especially if you are inactive. Be creative.

        • actually, the man who supposedly has the largest penis length of 9 inches flaccid and 15 inches erect states that he has had difficulties since he was very young due to having a large penis. kids in school bullied him and lots of women think 15 is just too much. to this day he still has a very negative self-image due to his large penis. what we perceive to be the truth (bigger is better, for example) does not always ring true. whatever you find acceptable and sexy is highly personal and individual. just because some guys in high school said that their big penis is the best and girls dig it the most does not mean that after high school that comment holds much weight (as if it did in high school aside from bragging rights). to sum it up, what i like and you like a different but society and peer pressure have us pretending that small is bad and big is good. seriously, we should all mature from those lame high school stereotypes. thanks for letting me put in my two cents. cheers!

      • i’m asian and i banged a few white girls before and to their surprise, they said mine was the biggest 7 1/4 out of the other guys they banged (all white guys). are they’re asians with small dicks, hell yeah, but are there just as many asians like me, absolutely. not only that, they say that HOW i fuck them makes the difference. just putting it in and taking it out isn’t gonna do crap.

        • Sure thing Mark but I have 8 inches and most asian guys do have small dicks. I’ve seen enough Japanese porn uncensored to know that. Regardless size only matters to an extent if you are at least 5 inches and know what you are doing you should be fine. Plus you should avoid sizist women because they are shallow.

          • That means nothing! It’s already explained in the post. First you said that you were 7 3/4 and now you’re 8. Maybe you should look inside yourself and why you feel the need to feel superior to a whole race of people because of the size of your genitals. I mean your first post was rude.

          • John, did you read the post? Have you seen the dick of every Asian man on the planet?

            The Asian-small-dick stereotype is a construct created by white supremists to make themselves feel better.

          • I have had so much sex with white girls
            With black dick
            My girlfriends tell me you white boys have little dicks
            Why joke Asian dicks. When white dicks are tiny?
            I don’t get white guy, you white guys are scared of having small dick
            You whites love to make other people look small huhhhhh

          • LOL. I’m gay and white, and I would say based on experience that Asian (I’m talking East Asian, like Japanese) men are usually bigger than white men. There are some really small Asian men, too, but they’re sort of like black guys: often really huge or really tiny. Most white guys are sort of…meh…in the penis department.

        • Sorry, but just like the guy that posted above you, your meat is probably closer to 5″. Guys with actual big dicks don’t need to compensate with words. Sorry about your smaller than average package.

      • Man, they are saying that to every guy they f**ked just to make you happy so they can empty your pocket. I don’t need to pay any money to bang white chicks whenever I want- they are easy.

        • yes i agree with that but you know its true for sure if she makes a comment like “wow you have a nice big cock” after the sex and done and payed for wile you getting dressed. right ?

      • Lets face it … White and Black guys are generally bigger in size (body and height) than Asians and it is no surprise that, logically you would expect white and black penises to be slightly larger (in general, of course there are exceptions) than Asian penises. This is common sense but more important …. I want to point out that the stereotype that ALL Asian penises are small likely stems from the insecurity of our Western male counterparts (I am an Asian). Think about how many times you have heard the following negative remarks from white and black guys when they actually meant to use it as a cover/excuse for their own insecurity:

        #1 “Asians are nerds” … they actually meant = “Asians are more intelligent than us and we need excuses for our low intelligence”;

        #2 “Asian men are weak/pussies” …. they meant to say = “Asian men are more gentle and refined than us …. we need excuses to disguise our burliness and crudeness”;

        #3 “Asian men have small penises” … they meant to say = “We only know how to shove our big but flaccid shlongs roughly and lack gentleness and emotion during sex simply to please only ourselves and not our partners while Asian men are better at pleasing their partners during sex”

        and peeps, in case you fell alseep during biology class, a women’s G-spot is only a mere couple of inches in …. anything more than 5 inches is deemed redundant to really give a woman extreme pleasure. You just need to do it right i.e get the right technique and know her pleasure points. Simply having a big schlong isn’t gonna guarantee you brownie points from your partner. on the contrary, having a big dick and not using it correctly is merely gonna inflict pain and dissatisfaction. Next time a white/black guy makes another brainless joke about Asian penises … it is likely one or more of the 3 excuses stated above…… and most likely, his big schlong is inversely correlated to his brain (small that is) 🙂

        • I think you failed human growth and development.. the woman’s g-spot is the clit which is not inside. Obviously the “asians are smart” stereotype is not always true!

          • I am a woman and just so you know the Gspot isn’t the clit.. it is a good place to touch, but so you know the gspot IS inside the vaginal cavity!

          • “Asians are more intelligent than us and we need excuses for our low intelligence”

            Yeah white people are so stooopid, all they’ve ever done is invent everything in the modern age & send mankind to the Moon. Bunch of imbeciles.

        • Spoken like a dude who spent a lot of time being picked on…the first 2 seem specific to you, as the stereotypes are Asians are super smart and know karate. At any rate you also don’t seem to have ever bottomed out vagina. Girls love that.

        • I don’t know if I agree with our steps 1-3 but I do know that size doesn’t always determine if you can sexually satisfy a woman. You have to know how to use what you are working with. Some guys do not know how to yet or ever will. You also have to learn how to work that specific woman’s body. True, penises on the “too small side” may seem challenging but really there are positions that work better for that, multitasking, and really the woman can help out if need be. Im sex does take TWO people.. I know for a fact that there are men who are big and think that that alone is enough to satisfy a woman. Unless you are an extremely sensitive woman (some women are) that usually isn’t enough. So you have to know what you are working with big, small or average.

        • Hi Jason Sim
          Older Black woman here. You are dead on the mark with your comments. What you said needed to be said. This focus on size is so stupid when the most important thing is out side the vaginal canal. Ask any Lesbian. Has anyone considered that this size debate is a smoke screen to try and deflect how desirable Asian men are? Really folks Asian men got it going on. If size is so durn important, why are a lot of Black females with Asian men? By some of the logic presented here, a sistah would not give one the time of day. People size does not matter.

        • I’m Asian but I’m not a nerd I hang with the cool kids I’m not shy
          And I 5.3 inch dick is small for you I’m also just 12 year olds

        • I’m not sure how true the 5 inches thing is. (And obviously women are different for some it may be more/less. Thats why they have prefferances) But it does make sense since 5.16 is average.

      • That’s funny. The girls I’m with are generally out of breath and ask me to call them. Yours ask you to tip them. They want to make you feel good to get a big tip. I assure you Asians aren’t going to Asian massage parlors. They get it at home for free dummy. The bigger issue is that you don’t realize you have a problem, which is that you’re paying women to have sex. Pathetic. You make ALL men look bad.

        • well said bro jason. shitfaced white/black or brown guys wont understand it. WE ARE THE NEXT STEP TO EVOLUTION!! we are the future! even scientists says asians are the most evolved race which means, physically,mentally and spiritually . so its time to kick ass like ghenghis khan(temujin) did in the past to this fools.

      • I think you’re lying
        I’m black and have seen you white boys in the 24 hour gym
        You white boys have 1-2 inch dicks,
        I love how white guys make fun of Asians, but
        When I shower, all I see is tiny white little dicks,
        You white boys are so so jeaulous,
        You always want t win even though you have a small dick
        White men ESP. 20-30 year olds always have mouth wide open when I take a shower,
        My white girlfriend also says I put too much tightness in her pussy
        My dick is 10 inch schlong
        White guy wanna a pic of it since you like to have your

      • Gayboy has to resort to the Asians to feel better about his insecurity and shamefulness of his once tiny pecker. You never mentioned anything about our white women talking about your penis size.

    • Then I guess I would have to be called an asshole. Because if I am with a man and I don’t care what ethnic group he is from, he better have a dick to speak of. If it is little then I will not be satisfied and I will move around and they will be lucky if I don’t laugh before I go! For you to say the size doesn’t matter, you have a small dick!!!!….That is a small dick person’s comment……

  2. Well I don’t 12inches of nothing inside me (unless its a baby coming out) Good lord!! I don’t listen to stereotypes because you will find yourself disappointed! LOL!! Loved the post.

  3. Hello, excellent writing. I laughed a little. But you are quite right, size is not important at the end what matters is what you do with it (penis). I assume importance in the West is given to the penis, is because man reaffirms his masculinity on his penis, there is always a concern to reaffirm that they are men. That you can notice even something as superfluous as the colors of clothing. clearings are used by girls and dark for the boys. Also some women care about size because it is associated with sexual pleasure that you can provide in bed, or how good a lover you are. But a good lover is not by size, rather for creativity, romance and communication and trust who can give your partner in intimate moments.

    Sorry for my English. I know it is flawed, but I felt I should leave you something, I loved your writing. A greetings from Colombia.

  4. The same exact thoughts when it comes to this subject. It’s amazing how people know about Asian men penises. Did they measure every Asian men for them to come to this conclusion?

    It’s interesting how society put Asian men in this category and what does it have to do with their personalities? It’s not the size of the penis that make you a great lover,but it’s what you do with it and making her feel that she’s yours( and vice versa) in a romantic way.There are men with big penises who are dead in the bed and guys with small ones that can do wonders with you. I have had friends who blatantly have had these big penis myths on their minds only to come out feeling very disappointed because their big penises didn’t necessarily equate to good loving.

  5. “After all, 60% of the world’s population is Asian which means one thing: we may have a negative stereotype about our shlongs, but at least we’re getting laid.” Wow, Ranier, that’s just… this is just an awesome post. I think you just did for a lot of males what that black hair post did for a lot black women. Woah, way to empower so many people on both sides!!

  6. I think it’s best to leave this subject alone. Why should Asians entertain the subject just because whites like to talk about it?

    • because like it or not, white views, white media has disproportionate influence in the world. Internet, social media, Hollywood, news stations…. all contribute to it. So when whites (in particular, white men) want to talk about something – no matter how unsubstantiated or retarded it is – the world listens. Compare that to what the Chinese, Arabs, blacks say in their media, social networks – their views will never have a global impact, so whites can safely ignore it all.

      Other races do not have that luxury.

  7. oh no you didn’t…!!! lol. i was in a meeting when i saw this as i was checking my email. i’m sure the look on my face was priceless

    • mkay, so after having actually read the post, i have to say u are spot on as usual and totally hilarious. first of all, the myth that all black me are huge? so not true. i would say many are average size, though i’ve come across some scary big ones and scary little ones – not to put all my biz out there. also, what *is* average size in a woman’s opinion? well, it ain’t 8 inches. if most ladies (not in their teens) are being real, we know we can talk a good game, but really don’t want to throat/take 8 inches+ on a regular basis. it looks good on camera, but is excessive irl. how much does size mater? it depends on the person, really. i’m not gonna say it doesn’t matter; it most certainly does. however, i will say that there are other things far more important to women like thoughtfulness, strength of character, employability (let’s be real), and how you use it of course. big or small, technique makes all the difference. trust me, having a huge cock does not make up for not knowing what you’re doing. the best thing to do is to just relax and explore things with your partner. you have to get into a comfortable place as a couple and discover each other’s likes and dislikes. once you do that, size is not relly an issue.

  8. Yeah, I’ve gotten super tired of this “Asian men have tiny penises” thing. I am a 24 year old white girl, and I have lived in Asia most of my adult life. Back in America, I had sexual encounters with 2 white men, 1 black man, and 2 Asian men (neither born in the US. One a Taiwanese immigrant, the other a Korean immigrant). The smallest penis that I’ve ever seen was attached to a white man. Both the Korean man and Taiwanese man were (I assume still are) well endowed, with the Taiwanese man easily being larger than your average white guy (I didn’t whip out a ruler and measure him, but just trust me). I met my Japanese husband while living in Japan, and again, he is an average 6″, and more importantly, perfect girth. I’ve always noticed that the first men to debunk the “black men are bigger than white men” idea is white men. And, the first people to say “Asian men are smaller than us” are white men. In my experience, white men are actually probably the worst in bed. Most of the guys I graduated with (from a 99% white school) already have beer bellies. This could be, perhaps, the reason that I noticed that white men also don’t get as hard as Asian men. Asian men are in better physical condition, they get harder, they thrust faster and harder, and they last longer. But, ya know, overall, penis size isn’t everything. If you are hung like a horse, but are a complete asshole, no girl is going to want you anyway. So, there’s my 2 cents. Take it or leave it.

    • Ok Kari now im horny and im going to go get some from my “chinese” husband. And trust me you guys she on point about the harder and faster thrusting…oh yeah! Im african american so i can tell you the black men I been with werent hitting on shit compared to my husband.

    • Kari,

      I can’t agree enough! I am a white female who has been with men of all races. It took me a while to find the right one but I have been with my Vietnamese American boyfriend for going on four years now. I think it’s funny when dumb guys make comments about Asian men having small dicks, my boyfriend is by no means small, he is a big dude all around *wink wink*. In all honesty its not the size, it really is …well the technique. My boyfriend is the only guy I have every been with who actually pleases me first, which is so sad! Most of the men in our society really need to be schooled on intimacy. I’m just glad that I don’t ever have to fake an orgasm!

      So from these three comments from three different women, I think we can come to the conclusion the Asian men are great lovers….enough said. 😉

      • haha i have been with some asian women and they just say i want more 1 told me her x husband just gave her a quick poke then it was over i had to show her what love making was most of these asian women have said the same thing and 1 mid 40’s chinese widow was so tight she was like a virgin i asked why she said 3 words tiny cock before yeah i know maybe it was coinsidental that they all were saying the same thing but to have them tight around my cock must tell you something about the asian men

      • Kari, Victoria, Sammae,
        Finally comments from women –opinions that matter.
        Thanks for posting. The only reason for another guy to comment on this issue is his own insecurity if you ask me.

    • 1) You can’t say white men are worse based on two white men.
      2) Americans have high rates of fatness- black and white. There are white Europeans, Canadians and Australians too.
      3) Maybe black men are bigger- studies seem to show that young black men have higher testosterone levels.

  9. ranier, ive ranted and raved positively on many of your posts before, but this post right here….EXCELLENT!!!…..ON POINT (no pun). To me, its was so real and clear cut the point you were trying to get across and I WISH that this posts could be the be all to end all the stereotypes about what going on in a asian dudes pants, but sadly, i have a snaking suspicion its will not.

    Being a history major, i could never understand the stereotypes of asian men being weak or their penis when i would read about the rich history of japan and china, and even your own heritage (pinoys aint nothing to mess with if ya know what i mean…;)….)……i cant believe a bunch of westerners put it out there like that and now its one of the most top stereotypes of all….and dont even get me started on when they put that immigrant ban back in the day when the chinese
    came over during the railroad expansion…….i digress.

    Anyway, ranier,you are a wonderful, talented young man with a great future ahead of you and a many a ways to go. Whatever your pursuits maybe,i hope your wonderful and very strong talent in writing–blogging –is a mainstay,cause i surely, enjoy it!!

    P.S, (i was taken aback by the booty talk/ass worship flick references, but i understood where you were going with them….but……im hoping also they werent for your own reference point to research for YOUR own movie: “Vivid Entertainment presents: Grab a Raincoat…..’Cause Its RAINing Ranier!”..or .”Nina Hartley’s Guide To Hot Asian Men with Ranier Maningding”….LOLLOL!! Im just playing with ya, Ranier…keep on staying true to your self, follow your path, and always maintain that sense of humor your faithful readers all know and love!!! ^_^

  10. spot on spot on! I’m Chinese and ghetto ass people (mainly black guys and gals) to the guys I say “its not the size of the sword, its how you swing it” and to the girls, I’m just a complete gentleman and very shy *blushes* but definetly good post mate.

    • Nah if your Chinese then you’re srewed in the west your dick will be bombarded with insults from the white people XD.
      But the swing of your dick is a good point but girls wants this
      1. Handsome
      2. Have a big dick probably around 5-7 inches
      3. Good a swinging your dick side to side and how fast it go in and out

  11. Lol Big Bang. You’re comment at the end should also include the factor of the increasing number of half Asians there are now too (or the increasing number of girls becoming interested in Asian men which you can thank Kpop, Jpop, and Jeremy Lin for I think lol.)

  12. its pretty simple and ive discussed this with my girlfriends lol its definitely height proportional to penis size. so if u take a short white guy black guy or asian guy, his dick will be proportional to his height. ive dated 5’7 white and asian guys and they both had same penis size, ive dated taller guys both asian and white, guess what? larger penis size. and leme say the asian guy im with now is more than a good 6-7inches. its BS lies that the white man tries to push to desexualize the asian male while fetishizing and sexualizing the female. its a form of colonization onto a culture. watch out.

  13. All the white men I’ve slept with have had larger penises than my asian boyfriends from my early 20’s. However not by much, maybe half an inch or so.

  14. I am a white guy and I lived in Korea for a year and spent a summer in Japan. In Korea I was a member of a gym which had a large shower room and I went to plenty of public bathhouses, called jimjilbang. In Japan I also frequented public bathhouses, called sento.

    In this year and a half or so, I probably saw hundreds of asian dicks. And to be perfectly honest, they were almost all shockingly tiny. In fact, in Korea it wasn’t uncommon for my fellow gym members to come up to me and comment on our relative size difference.

    I worked with several other Caucasian men in Korea who all had the same experience.

    I guess it could be argued that I didn’t actually see any erect penises (at least I’m pretty sure I didn’t), and so this doesn’t prove anything. Well, that may be true.

    And I am not here to argue that chicks only care about penis size and thats all thats important. I am only here to say that from what I have seen, which is a lot, Asian men are small.

    • Hey njhju, not only is my dick bigger than yours, but you’re probably just mad because you can’t find an Asian girl who’s willing to go out with you.

        • TROLLOLOLOLL njhju get over yourself you little attention whore. you must have severe insecurities regarding body image to be such a fucking troll. you’re holding on to the fact that “tiny penis” is the worst insult you can throw. whatever, it’s so obvious you have a tiny brain.

  15. Most studies put black men to have the largest penis size, and asian men to have the smallest penis size. However, the difference in size is not nearly as large as people make it out to be, and there is likely more overlapping between the different races. These are just averages. Of course, there will be some Asian men who are bigger than black men.

  16. I love how you used pictures of TOP and Taeyang. You proved some excellent points, without making a huge fuss.

    Also, nice bod. 😉

  17. Lmao white men are the smallest on average and would love to believe MORE than anything that there is an entire race of men — billions in fact that are all somehow smaller than them. For one, you guys are obsessed with cocks to the point where I have to wonder what your ancestors did back in the day that made you so insecure and penis hungry, Secondly, look around! Every penis enlargement pill/gizmo is aimed at white men, every last one of them (its funny to note that the main active ingredients in those pills come from Asia btw, we sell it to you), every penis study is done by a white guy and btw what kind of insecure little dick actually goes as far as to study the world of penises lol? Some white guy in a lab coat literally measured upwards of a billion Asian penes just so he can sleep at night? Seriously? No, come to find out he measured the same number of people per each race, you nitwits cant even find the average and I know you can’t possibly be that dumb which goes to prove you had an agenda right from the beginning to set out to prove that you are not the smallest (at least on paper :P), hah! now its a known “fact” and undeniable and even though we are tiny we have data that says otherwise! Fucking brilliant… Wanna’ play games? Im Asian and Im 8 inches and it is thick, nice and heavy, Im banging your white g/f’s and they are loving it, lol go laugh it off, it is happening, they love the fact that Im not a sissy self-obsessed insecure mess with latent homo-sexual tendencies and they also love the fact that Im exotic and different, not to mention Im smarter than you! And because of your transparent propaganda you have made it easier for me, you talk so much crap about your own dicks and Asians that you made them curious, you did it to yourselves lol! Your insecurity is causing erectile dysfunctions left and right, you twisted perverts sit alone and masturbate like maniacs and know every porn star by name, what could possibly drive a man to be so insecure? I’ll let that rattle around in your cavernous brains causing your wood to go half-mast on you while you’re trying to rub one out.. It is no wonder why you are the most destructive force on the planet, you are the most insecure and you are fear-driven. You come up with this whole idea that Asians are small to emasculate them because you feel threatened by them, you tried the same propaganda with the Russians but hey, they look a lot like us! Oh noes! Our women might catch on! Can’t have that… Since you’re all so talented as utilizing Google to find the porn of your preference, why is it… Why is it you can’t just Google to find big Asian dicks..? Answer: You don’t want to face reality. Literally 3 minutes on Google and what do you know… Links below.

    Hmmmm, my psychic senses are telling me you’re going to tell yourself its all fake and photoshopped, it has to be, it… Just…. Has to be! AHHHHH!

    These are all Im willing to add since I don’t feel like staring at dicks at damned afternoon, maybe you can get that douche who did the penis study to lie on that grenade… Race has no bearing on size you neanderthals, you can wish it did but Im sorry to tell you the answer is obvious. I’ll leave you with one parting thought… If there are more Asians on the planet than any other… Probability says…. Where might the largest ones be found…? Derp. Rocket science.

  18. The picture is photoshopped.All Asian guys are small.These are nice stories ,but they are not true and all are myth.Way to help the Asian guys out.But it is not working.

    • Sorry dude, but women will still go out with the Asian dude especially because you keep saying thy have small penises, makes us curious!

      And in the end we find them not only better lovers by better looking than your white ass.

  19. I care if my man has a small wanker. I am sorry but if it is tiny I won’t have an issue telling a man to get the hell out of my bed. But fortunately for me my husband is a good 10 inches, and I am happy. But let me tell ya race has nothing to do with the size of your penis. I personally think it MAY have something to do with genetics, but I can’t prove it. A lot of what is us is inherited from our parents, so why not this? It was a great post, and this is my 2 cents, lol. I may be wrong, I may be right, but who cares. 🙂

    • @njhju , I bet you got an 1inch pecker only . You are the most weak pathetic white guy known to man period.. MOst white men like you are so arrogant and also most insecure to all mankind.. If you dont beleive Asian men have bigs ones too then , Lets set a time and date to where to meet up ? i’ll show you my big wanger if it satisfied your needs ??

        • You have a 9cm penis not 9inch , which is equivalent 3.54331 in inches .. I bet you only got a 3 inch penis little boy is why you are so insecure.. FYI i only fuck big women because it suits my big penis with the motion..

            • poor njhju, not getting women at all. bet you’re using those little fleshlights when you’re home alone in your parents’ home.

            • Mate are you actually Dumb? One day your life may be saved by an Asian as they are more successful than you (not all white people but specifically you). Your thoughts are plain, you’re probably the insecure and weak one. I’d like to see you pick a fight with Jet Li if you think you’re more superior just because you boast about your penis size. You said before you are 215 lbs? You are probably 215lbs of pure fat. Even if your penis is ‘8 inches’, your body fat will completely hide your, apparent ‘8 inches’ penis. Late reply, but heyho. Dam I’ve wasted 1 minute of my life on some trash like you. Better no waste any more time. Lots of Love, JustSkimmingThrough 😛

        • What’s wrong with having a small penis? Doesn’t make me insecure or anything to be honest. Good for you for having a bigger dick. But honestly, I look at it like any other appendage. Having bigger feet make you superior? Not really. Neither does having a bigger penis.

        • So from July 29th to August 7th of 2012, your penis grew an inch? You are a troll, and an ineffective one at that lol.

  20. Ha HA Nice article. nijhju you sound like your 12 yrs old . Come back and comment when your of age Dork. well to be honest I am a BI courious Cross dresser that prefers smaller uncut penises . So I guess the Asian man is perfect for me.

  21. Awesome article, I don’t know why- but I just had to google this topic and it lead me too this blog.
    Bravo 😀

  22. @njhju why do u care about the penis size of other men so much… u gay our something .and how do u know ALL asian ahve small penis…

    • you’re an idiot. i’m gay and i’ve had more “‘up close and personal” contact with Asian dick than you could ever hope for… whoever / whatever you are.

  23. Amazing. Ahahaha!!! This is definitely good to know. Was looking for average penis size malaysia. to gauge where I am in the world…. DAMN

  24. I have a theory, Do white and black men have bigger penises because white and black women have larger vaginas ? White and black women are loosey gooseys but asian girls are tighty righty ? remember to put the correct sized bolt into the corresponding hole or it jsut wont fit. or hammer it in with a Thor sized hammer.

  25. Idk , Im half white and asian, i know my dicks beast. I mean dude its your best friend and you just feel like the ultimate man havin yourself limp takin a break after fucking, walkin around a lil havin that big thing hang down etc. But really if your gonna think if a guy has a small penis then actually check his dick out to know for sure without sayin anything.. That should be th way to go but whatever

  26. I’m 18, Asian. When flaccid, my dick is around 2 inches. When erect, it measured up to 4.4 inches. I’m very disappointed with my size. I’ve tried various natural penis growth exercises but none seems to work. This is the reason why I’ve never tried approaching women for sex. Thus, I’ve never been laid.

    • Dude, most women don’t care. Approach them, don’t be limited by the size of a piece of skin. That’s way too sad!!!!!!!!

  27. I am thai and chinese. I guess I have a unique, but happy 🙂 problem..and I’m not making this up to disprove some idiot racist..mine is 6.8″, and 6.1 ” girth..but it looks even larger on my asian body schlong is approx the size of Billy Glide according to this other website…my GF insists on having me lube up, even if i prep her right 😉 I can barely get the head thru a toilet paper roll, but after that, it’s def. stuck. my first GF snuck her roommate into the room to look at me once..I guess that’s a compliment, cuz both were known to have seen many erect schlongs..they called me ” aye bellu-uh ” which roughly translates into something slightly less threatening than “gigantic”….My first wife said she was afraid my girth would stretch her out too much ( yeah, i know, that’s part of why she’s an ex ) ..I’ve had regular condoms break ( unfortunately didn’t have magnums )..but,I never measured myself accurately until my thai GF mentioned I was big ( I mean she says this almost every day)..she’d have me drop my pants every so often to remind herself..cuz you’d never guess it by lookin at me ..

    Then my older daughters started complaining about the racist white girls who would taunt them with this myth. So, my thoughts…the thing I think when I hear white guys or girls saying they’re unbelievably uneducated, narrowminded, and yes, let em join the only employer that’ll take em..the army..and fight some godforsaken war for no reason.their numbers will soon diminish..second, I don’t mind if people say asians are’s true we are, in’s just when they say it so triumphantly, as is it meant something. I hate bigotry and taunting.Been through enough of that in this country..”remember Pearl Harbor” day was big in the sixties and people don’t do it ..more sensitivity ? or is it they STFU when they see me smile at ’em in my Bimmer X5..the one with the two Ivy League college stickers on the back…I would love to show off my thing though, since now this issue is in the media limelight..I google imaged Kenny Stiles the lone asian hetero porn star, who is also thai,and I think I got him beat, at least on girth, but probably length too..he says he has never measured his own..too bad !..interesting guy though, definitely not an egotist, from the interview..last thing..I would love to compare notes with him or anyone with equal dimensions from SE Asia,about who their ancestors are…there must be a gene pool floating around thailand, who knows, I was thinking Kaffirs from the history..anyway..I can’t post proof of my claims on the net..I don’t want my schlong to be digitized ..or is there a way ? For the sake of asian guys ? I’m sure the naysayers would shut up if they saw me….cheers..

  28. lol, the comments prove the authors blog sentence concerning homo erotic tendencies. Also, why do women not get kicked out of bed for having total gaping vaginas. I’m definitely not small, but it still is like throwing a hotdog down a hallway sometimes. Kegel exercises anyone?

  29. Take it from a 71 year old broad, it’s what you DO with your penis that counts. And that includes your head, lips, hands, and most of all your heart! We women all want this same thing!

  30. This was such a hilarious post! Guys, if your partner doesn’t want the D, they don’t need it 😉 make good use of what you have, and I’m sure any lady (Or gent) will be thrilled.

    It seems like a lot of white guys make asian penis jokes, probably because they’re used to getting the whole black comparison. How would they even know about you manly bits? haha

    Besides, this is coming from a white girl who has had extremely pleasant oriental experiences.

  31. I think the Asian thing is just a joke..My husband is japanese and he is what they call a ‘grower’. The first time we had sex, I saw his penis and it was pretty average or above. (Not a huge monster but not small). Then, when we showered, I was surprised at how SMALL he was!! He grows 3 x his size. Anyway, I don’t need a bigger penis (lol), but it’s tough to judge unless you see the man in a completely hard state.
    Maybe there are a lot of growers among asians, more than other guys? Who knows. Who cares, if the girl doesn’t like the dick, shes gonna leave you. If she hasn’t, it’s cuz she doesn’t care. It will be what will be. That’s my 2 cents.

  32. Heyyyy! Wow great writing btw!! You made me laugh so much haha!!!! =) I must say that I used to care about penis size and I myself used to have my head stuck in the whole “stereotypes” but this was my “young-and-dumb” years lol.. I’m a White Canadian woman and throughout my college years I’ve had my fun with different races of males and it seems that white and east indian (India) males are smaller. This is no joke and from my experiences it does look it that way of my Asian partners are slightly larger/smaller than white partners. It looks to be of the same length but the white partners had slightly thicker penises but only a teency weency bit lol. My Asian partners, however, lasts wayyyy longer and are great lovers (both ways, mainly in bed haha) I remember this Asian guy I dated (He made me have orgasms lol I think I fell in love with him) his parents are from Cambodia but he was born in Canada. He was 5’9-5’11, 175 lbs. and his penis was 9.88″ in length and his girth was 6.43″(?) I remember me and him both measured it together lol he never thought it was “big”, he always looked at it as “average” (to him). It was interesting how he was very insecure about his size that he would get embarrassed and very shy about it. He kept talking about wanting to go through surgery to decrease the length of it because he wasn’t happy or something. Anywho, I regret losing him (I was so dumb =(…) I miss him and I wish I still had contact with him. I will always remember how handsome and charmingly-cheeky he was and goshhhh his voice is sooooo deep and so sexy!!!! I miss you R.K.!!!! ='(

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  34. size matters just as much as skill. a giant dick with not a clue is useless… and a dick thats so small u can’t feel it, well it doesn’t matter how u move it, if it feels like a thumb, thats no good either. if it makes u feel better to say that size doesn’t matter cuz u have a wee one, go ahead. but it does matter just as much as skill. sorry baby dicks.

  35. Yeaaah, I’m an asian guy with a 4 incher (yes, that’s hard, not all that much girth). The few girls I’ve been with were nice about it but couldn’t feel a thing. And believe me, we experimented with a LOT of positions/techniques, etc. Size matters during sex; if you can make about average, no worries, but my size and below, screwed (from what my girlfriends/female friends were saying). Sure, you get good at oral, finger-bang her, get freaky with toys, be a great kisser, etc. Orgasms are certainly achievable; but penetration? Ain’t going to happen. That particular point of intimacy is just doomed to not be physically enjoyable for my partners.

    When people say ‘size doesn’t matter’, I think that they mean either of two things:

    1. Being HUGE doesn’t matter. Size is completely not an issue if you’re at least average (which contrary to the internet, is somewhere between 5-6 inches; so if you’re between 5-6 inches, you’re average, and thus completely fine).

    2. Size doesn’t matter because sex isn’t the only part of your relationship.

    Second one is true. It really, really isn’t. But; sex is still A part of any relationship, and a damn pleasurable one at that. That a girl has to sacrifice that in order to be with me is pretty awful.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’m not going to sit in my room and cry about the unfortunate circumstances between my legs. I’m going to be out there, and keep trying to find that special someone. I’ll keep learning how to be a better lover in every way I can figure out.

    Its just that I know that any girl I’m with is going to have to be willing to sacrifice quite a bit on her part too. And… yeah, it stings to know that for her, this sacrifice is going to have to be sex.

  36. Hi, this is my first post ever. Single mum in late 30;s. European decent. You can not grind a penis that is over 7.5 inch as it is painful. No, small size is not an issue, my friends agree. Too big is an issue. You end up constantly getting thrush. Have dated guys with 2.5 inch and guys with 9 inch. Guys don’t get it. It is worse to have a big dick than it is to have a small one. Just put some effort into it. Be considerate. Remember the clitoris and the G spot (which is inside the vagina – put thumb on clitoris – index finger in vagina – bend index an there it is). Maybe most of you are young guys, but as you meet more woman, you will realize, It is important to have good sex. The quality of your relationship if far more important.


  37. been with many races, and i can honestly say that the asian guy was the smallest. he was also very insecure and always wanted me to tell him that it was big and it wasnt. mexican boyfriend was average. and two other white guys i was with were huge.

    and don’t listen to the people that say size doesnt matter.. try playing with a flat chested girl.. its no fun.

  38. Uh…is that you in the picture? If so…nice. lol. 😛 As for the blog…I found it hilarious but educational. Was googling if it was truly a myth and apparently it is.

  39. Just one last word – My friends and I are in our 30’s and 40’s. Most have been married at least once, and have had a few different partners. For SOME woman, size does matter. But, some like big, BUT some like smaller (as they are smaller as well – not all woman are the same either). A relationship is not just about fucking. Most of my friends have had a small dick and a large one. I think some people like to be rude and insulting and post stupid comments. If they feel your insecure about something like your penis, that’s where they’ll hit. (pardon the pun). With western guys, it seems from our collective experience, the ones with smaller penises did not sleep around much – I’m sure that is because of the negative way society portrays 1/2 of all men that are less than average. In the end, the quality of the sex, depends on the two people in the bed not the size of he dick. I can understand younger males with what they consider smaller dicks being insecure about them. HALF THE MEN OF THIS WORLD ARE UNDER THE AVERAGE SIZE, JUST AS THE OTHER HAVE ARE ABOVE. Just know, most normal girls don’t give a crap. (by normal I mean – does not need to take her shoes off to count to 20 and did not start haveing sex at 13)
    Just go fall in love, be passionate – forget about the size of your dick and have fun. The person who tries to put you down because of its size, is the same idiot that will try to put you down because of your other features. (i.e. big nose, too fat too thin too something, there will always be something) Don’t let insecurities about the size of your penis stop you from living your life. And yes – For me a 4 inch dick I have found to be the perfect size/fit.

    • Surely that’s the problem as well… because of the stereotypes men with – or perceived to have small dicks – simply do not get the chance to experience or experience sex as much. It’s all very well saying this from a woman who obviously knows what she wants after having gone through all colours of the rainbow (in terms of size)… but what if those choices simply weren’t open to you…so for men for example, you would want to sleep with a tall woman, short, skinny, “big”…. but because of society and stereotypes you could only be with small women???

  40. What a gr8 article and thanx for the laughs. Can’t believe I googled this topic but after conversation with girls at work yesterday, it sounded so stupid I wanted to prove them wrong lol

    I’m a blonde Aussie but I don’t have a problem with Asian sugar 🙂

  41. To the girl who said that height IS proportional to penis size and have done their “research” to prove it… it’s still a gross generalisation.. I am 5 7″ and 7 inches. Whilst I was in the army officer training thing they have at uni, I (despite doing my best to avoid looking) had to share showers with other guys (of whom were all white other than me – chinese and another south asian) and did glance at their peckers… a lot of the taller ones (6ft +) did have smaller ones than me…

    which shows the problem with stereotyping penis size, especially if its the world’s most populous race. Even if a woman (or man) dedicated their life to sleeping (or just pulling down the pants of asian men), and they were players – say, 10 different men every day for the rest of their lives – you’d still only come across a QUARTER of a million (I did the maths – asian…), out of what, nearly a billion, or nearly 2 billion if you count all asian men….

    so if scientists or the curious really wanted to prove or disprove the stereotype and make themselves seem more manly than us in the process… then better get busy…

  42. I’m Caucasian and I’ve had sex with three Asian guys including my ex bf. My Chinese ex bf had a big penis. He was average height at 178cm. I had sex with a Korean guy who was average, not small, not big and I had sex with another Chinese guy who was huge. He has the biggest penis I’ve ever seen and much larger than an average white guy.

  43. a chinese man is rocking my boat big time!
    Was married before and dated with European man but none of them gave me climax after climax. Found my previous men rather selfish or clumsy in bed and they never took their time for decent foreplay.
    This wonderful man however really knows how to drive me wild for hours: definitely a keeper 🙂
    European women fit fine with Chinese men; he complains that I am tight as hell and I am feeling every delicious inch 🙂
    So for me size doesn’t mean anything, I say technique is the most important.

  44. Lol. You guys are trying to say white guys have the tiniest dix. How cute. Sounds like a bunch of 12 year old girls XD

    And then you guys are trying to say height makes a difference…why…are you so concerned, with dick size? A bunch of little kids. Or it sounds like it. Anyways…

    Biggest dick, in the world. Jonah Falcon. A 5′ 7″ white dude. 13 1/2 inches. And a coke can, if you catch my drift. Don’t believe me? Then look it up. There is proof. Unlike any of your bull shit claims.

    • It’s interesting how guys validate themselves by the penis size of other guys their race. If that’s not textbook overcompensating, I don’t know what is. It’s like you’re saying your race is matters more than who you are. Gotta stop with this white guy vs. asian guy thing, everybody. It’s really pointless if you think about it. Focus on improving how others perceive you, not how others perceive your race.

      • Oh, and another thing… Notice how no girls are eager to jump in on these pissing contests? I think it’s safe to say that we care about this a LOT more than they do. I guess you could say they are just pretending not to care. Maybe you’re right (makes perfect sense that they would have to fight the urge to give their strong opinions about how huge penises are superior, especially considering this is an anonymous board where even a guy can pretend to be a girl if he wanted to). I don’t know if girls care. But what I do know is that obsessing over your penis size (and especially obsessing over the penis size of OTHER guys your race) really turn girls off. Maybe if you would direct some of that bloodflow away from your massive penis to your brain, you might have figured that out, loser.

        • honestly, as a woman, i do not care too much about size. then again, i have only had my husband and he is too big for my taste (we don’t have intercourse too much because it is painful) but we find other ways to please. so do not be too upset about size. some women, like me, are rather small down there and a big one is just extremely uncomfortable. if big was what was needed to ensure the human race, do you not think that through darwinism, small penises would have been weeded out? smaller penises and bigger penises are needed because women are not all one size down there either. so buck up and just accept that you are who you are and there is the perfect woman for you out there.

  45. You say some black guys have large penises, some small. Some Asians have large, some small. That misses the point really. The point is whether there is an average difference.

    I found your attempt to dismiss scientific studies unconvincing. If you are talking about one study of whites and one separate study of Asians then maybe you have a point but when there are numerous studies (some self measure, others measured by female research assistants) a picture emerges that there is no strong reason to doubt.

    btw I don’t know whether Asian men have small penises. I’m not saying that they do and I haven’t looked into the studies.

    • Well exactly. Everyone (white men) keeps saying “studies show asians are small dicks, whites are biggest…” – WHERE ARE THESE STUDIES THEN? Name the research institution, the sample size, the researchers, research method, and of course research paper with backup verification.

      • Actually, most acredited research shows South Asians (Indians) have the smallest penis size. Here’s a study by BBC. Most of my Indian friends have pretty much admitted this as well. I’ve also read that Middle Easterners have the largest. But honestly, what girl can tell the difference between a few inches when it’s inside her anyways? And besides, the ‘love’ thing matters. It physically feels better when you love the girl (and I’m sure it’s the same, or more so, for women). I think most guys who disagree with this are fooling themselves, or maybe they just don’t know.

  46. 75%+ of men(MAJORITY) around the world are between 5 to 7 inches (non-bone pressed), that is the average. Asians are at the bottom of the range and blacks are at the top. Generally speaking, Asians are small or average but some are big (>7″), blacks are average or big but some are small (< 5"), and whites tend to range from small to big. I've seen white people having some of the smallest dicks and also some are very hung. (although i am very skeptical regarding Jonah Felcon's claim of 13") Maybe this variation among whites explains why white people tend to be more conscious about penis size and talk about it more than any other culture or race, both white men and white women.This is especially true among white Americans more so than Europeans, a culture that is infatuated with size, big cars, big houses, big clothes, big meals, big muscle, big boobs, big booty, big dicks… u name it! THE BIGGER THE BETTER. With that said, i do not like the idea of generalizing ppl based on small statistical differences of race because a stereotype is often overblown into a "MYTH" by the general perception. (public don't tend to be educated in matters regarding other cultures or races) People that talk about all Asians have 3" penises and all blacks have 9" penises are just IGNORANT and RACIST! 1/3 of the people of the world aren't produced from the same factory with the exact same specification/ dimensions, its just NON-SENSE and ILLOGICAL. We are just PEOPLE and people come in all shapes and sizes.

    Personally, i am a 5"7 145lb person of E. Asian ancestry with a boyish look and sadly.. get racial profiled by women for having a small member even though i am legit 6.75" x 5"(non-bone pressed) which is a little bigger than average. I take shower at my gym everyday and have no problem showing myself.

    • There was a sex programme in the UK, had a bunch of men of all races in a line up….the two black guys had micropenises. Not small dicks, but actual micropenises.

  47. Ladies…please stop the size doesn’t matter bullshit. You know it and I know it that you crave a big dick inside you. That is why women cheat..seeking bigger meat.

    • I’ve never cheated on anyone and I’ve never been cheated on. But I’ve been the other guy a couple times. Once with a white girl who’s bf was black, and another time with a hispanic girl who’s bf was white. Not sure about the white guy, but I’m definitely smaller than the black guy (dude looks like a linebacker). But his girl still calls me up. 😉

    • Not true! Bigger is not always better! If the size is within average, then it’s fine. But toobig and iit’ll hurt too much, making it not enjoyable! Woman cheat to ‘newness’ not a bigger dick

    • Lol The attached image is needed to show westernised people, that the myth is bullshit. look for rice-sized.blogspot, hungasian, Peter Le and also look up Keni Styles work. & for all the hating insecure whiteboys above, you KNOW they have small dicks, otherwise they wouldnt of been searching “small asian penis” to make themselves feel better and come accross this page haha. Also for John up there the average depth of an arroused vagina is around 6 inches. Ask a woman around you now whether they would prefer a penis that fits them like a lock, rather than the 12 inch end of a baseball bat like there giving birth, i think u wont be suprised to find most girls wouldn’t choose the baseball bat, and if they would, then they have caves for vaginas and fuckin them would be like slappin a salami against a cave wall.

  48. Pingback: My ever-growing attraction to Asian men, and how the US prevented it from happening earlier | Mapping Words

  49. Im asian and my “Note 2″ is longer than my shit, no way in hell i can’t beat an”iPhone 5” though!

    PS: Look around you, your boss is ASIAN

  50. bullshit…all asian men have small cocks. I have fucked about 20 asian women and they all say asian men are too small to give them pleasure. Asian men know this. That’s why they cop an attitude. Little tiny dicks. ha ha.

    • The thing is, we don’t. We only know that white men keep on spreading the stereotype…. asian women wouldn’t know either, because 99% of asian women AVOID asian men – they don’t interact with them, so why would they sleep with them? Thus you are talking bullshit. As expected, from a white male.
      EIther that or you are bedding asian prostitutes and/or goldiggers/.visagrabbers, who will of course say whatever you want them to say to please your insecure white male ego.

      • And to add, you’ve slept with 20 asian women, then say all asian men….. only prostitutes can get anywhere near that figure of “all” (which is impossible anyway, since they must be fucking all the time for the rest of their life to even approach 1% of the asian male population)

        Sorry that facts are getting in the way of the white male lies

      • Asian woman avoid Asian men? not where im from bro, never had a problem with Asian woman or any race females avoiding us. iv seen Asian woman avoid white boys, blacks and Hispanics tho.most Asian American woman don’t want to be someones “Asian doll”. to think about it …the only Asian girls that would even think about avoiding an Asian male would be a white wash one and in that, the white boy deserves that particular white washed girl anyways simple minded females aint my thang lol

  51. What I would like to know is, despite there having NEVER been an official, verified and scientifically backed survey on male penis sizes with a good proportion of men, mainly white males absolutely INSIST that asian men have small cocks, that the asian women/prostitutes who have fucked them in hope of that white child or visa said so, or other white men on the internet say it so it must be true.

    The same white males who INSIST that black men do not have the largest cocks when someone mentions that stereotype….that spread slander about any other race’s males…. hmmm, it’s almost like they have an agenda, to discount the status of other men whilst promoting (or maybe hiding?) their own status – or lack of…. let’s face it, the white men who go to Asia aren’t you Brad Pitts… they’re your losers who can’t even hook up with a fatty of her own race, so socially inept are they. They rely on the white superiority-asian inferiority complex that many asian women have, making even the most pathetic of white males being seen as “Brad Pitt” there.

    And I leave you with an actual survey, of 20000 men, conducted in Britain

    5.1 inches….of actual, white men….. alas, this game is more about slandering and who shouts the loudest lies than actual facts, which is why white males (who make up the majority of the English speaking internet, certainly the ones who shout the loudest) have managed to enforce the small penis stereotype for so long. Having said that, I have noticed more and more white (and other races) girls who are actually in relationships with asian men, getting their voice heard on the internet to dispel their own races’ men’s lies….

    • Well… I first heard about the asian guys stereotype thing from someone who worked in the sex industry actually. She said that there was definitely a stereotype among the girls that asian guys were smaller, and she’d never seen anything to contradict that.
      5.1 inches sounds about right and we all know that the online claims to 7 inch dicks probably shouldn’t be taken seriously.

      About this being a slandering game.. maybe, but I’m not certain that its not without some basis in fact. The average is said to be between 5 and 6; as an Asian guy with about 4 inches when hard, I can’t speak for other guys, but I’m a fair amount below that average. I think I read that various surveys/studies in Asian countries verified a smaller average. Or hey, maybe I’m an exception minority.

      As for interracial couples with Asian guys, yes, its true that there are definitely more of them; I’ve definitely started seeing them more, more references to Asian guys as being sexual creatures in the media, though admittedly, not so much in mainstream cinema, and certainly not in hollywood (also related is the existence of Keni Styles, a new, hugely active and popular straight Asian male pornstar). These relationships though, are still a minority; Asian-american males (not the females) are the least likely of all ethnicity groups to date or marry interracially.

      • nope the porno industry is lying, it’s actually white guys with smallest penises and any website that shows the South Korean average of 3.8 inches is only showing the flaccid lengths, the average white guy is 5.08 inches with drug injections and 4.8 inches without drug injections while the average South Korean is 5 inches without drug injections, you know the main reason why I questioned websites like Target map and the self reported Kinsey studies is because I noticed America was in the pink zone while Germany was in the yellow zone, but that doesn’t make any sense because the majority of the white population in America is German ancestry, and the other thing that really didn’t make any sense is the difference between the Pakistanis and Indians, the Pakistanis were included more into the Middle East, while India was in the red zone with the rest of East Asia, but that doesn’t make any sense because Indians are Caucasian by ethnicity and Northern Indians and Pakistanis are practically the same race, so all these fake statistics led me to start doing some research on this topic, and one thing that I found is that white men were comparing their drug injected penises with the rest of East Asia’s flaccid lengths, because I actually found some medical reports from a South Korean Urology department that said that the majority were 5 inches ERECT, but without any drug injections and then there was another study in America that said that white men had to drug inject their penises just to reach 5.08 inches and they would have been 4.88 inches without the injections, here’s proof and evidence

        Korean men = 5 inches without any drug injections

        White men= 5.08 with drug injections and 4.88 inches without any drug injections

        and yes the Indian men are a little bit larger with 5.12 inches without any drug injections

  52. As a gay western guy who lives in South Korea – supposedly home to the lowest average penis size in the world – I agree with everything you say here. My experiences have run the gamut, from my very first Asian guy, where I was like, “wait…is it in yet? He’s thrusting…I guess it’s in. I’ll just lie back and focus on his abs,” to another dude named Aidan, who warned me he was packing down south. I rolled my eyes but when he dropped his pants…yeap. Put most of the (white) guys I hooked up with back in my native England to shame.

    Incidentally, the largest guy I ever hooked up with (a British guy) had ten inches going on. Was he a great lover? No. It was absolutely horrific. He seemed to think that his whopper meant that he didn’t have to have any kind of skill whatsoever. Shudder.

    As for now? I’ve been with my (Korean) partner for two years and am per-fect-ly satisfied. Plenty going on in his pants, not to mention washboard abs and a killer booty. Asian men FTW.

    • Out of curiosity; roughly how big was that first guy? Where you still able to carry on any kind of sexual relationship with him, or was it just too damn small?

      I ask because I know there’s a disparity between what’s considered average, and what tends to work out during sex.

      (FYI I’m very below average)

    • I understand where you’re coming from. As a gay man as well, I’ve had sex with guys who are 8-10 inches. Like you said, just because it’s big doesn’t mean you don’t need skill, especially if you don’t consider how the other guy feels receiving . At some point, size becomes more of a problem for some guys.

  53. Hahaha this post literally made my day. I’ve generally found people who make the “ohhh bro your dick must be tiny” joke are obsessed with penis size because they feel theirs isn’t up to scratch! Glad to have discovered your blog x

  54. Wow that website has some big guys. There are of course lots of websites of black guys who are huge. I recently saw a video of some of the biggest white guys imaginable…damn why didn’t I get some of that?

    These sure are examples that stick in your mind for awhile, but then…every day reality comes home and you realize it’s not them but “you” that is the reality that counts.

    Overall, I do think the racial stereotypes are true. Asian smallest, white in the middle, and black the largest. Do I need to say not all black are huge and not all asian are tiny?

    I have a small 4″ dick and am part white, most korean. I do blame the korean genetics, but who knows, maybe one of my ancestors was a tiny dick white guy (how did he contribute the genes???).

    A friend of mine is white and he claims a LOT of asian girls really don’t want a huge dick. They want a 6-7″ dick at max. He claims he is a bit over 7″ and half the girls don’t like it that big although they DO like to look at it and joke about it.

    But I do think white and black girls often want the big ones. All races of women DO like to tease small dicked guys. They get off on it actually. Women like to tease us I think because they know a small dicked guy can’t do anything about it and also is likely not to extract revenge for teasing due to lack of testosterone so they will also tell their girlfriends. I know this because it happened to me. To my shame, with my consent…yes, I’m a loser into humiliation now…thanks, small genes….and yes I hate all my asian brothers who are bigger than me…i bet your g.f.s joke about guys like me huh?

    and here’s a shout out to Singapore! Singapore girls are the worst fucking snobby bitches! Guarantee U the better looking ones want 1) tall chinese or 2) tall foreigner and for sex, it is #2 on their minds…some like British tall nerdy type and others want the Aussie surfer type.
    Fuckin rich snobby Sing. girls!

    oh well, life is a joke…

  55. I’m a black woman who has ALWAYS been attracted to Asian men. It doesn’t matter what’s goin on in an Asian man’s pants as long as I am invited to the party. 😉

  56. I’m full Chinese. I’m 5’5″ and I have a solid 8″ below. The problem is the media. Hollywood hates asians and love to portray us as outsiders who are all the same. Look at how hard it was for Jeremy Lin to make it into the NBA. I mean, sure he’s no MJ, but he’s at least better than half the point guards in the NBA, yet he wasn’t even drafted. And don’t tell me this was just a slip through the fingers. I, myself, was an Asian athlete in high school. I ran the 100 meter dash consistently under 11 seconds. I was clearly the fastest sprinter on the team, but not only did coach NEVER put me on a single relay or medley (instead opting to choose slower black kids, whom he thought had more potential to develop), he spent all 2 years that I was on the team trying to convince me to switch to the 800, because it was a race that Asians were more traditionally good at. Then there’s caricatures like Mr. Chow (from the Hangover) and Kim Jong Il (from Team America) and South Park parodies. Why do you think people just assume all Asians are the same?

    Statistically, orientals are not even the smallest – it’s Indians (South Asians). On average Indians of the same height are 10% smaller down below than Orientals. But you never hear comments about how Indians have small dicks. That’s because Americans have accepted Indians, but refuse to accept orientals. It’s not a recent thing. It’s always been like that. Remember Brown vs. Board of Education? Brown overturned a case called Plessy v. Fergussen, which upheld segregated schools. The dissent in Plessy by Justice Harlan is one of the most highly quoted opinions of all time. Harlan, a supreme court justice, and one of the FIRST champions of equal rights movement, wrote in his “Great Dissent” that no one should be excluded from American society EXCEPT THE CHINESE, because “they are just too different”. Look it up. American government can get away with this because the Asian vote is too scattered and weak at this point, unlike the black vote and the hispanic vote. In the end, that’s what its all about. Look at Affirmative Action. The whole statute is suppose to be a means of “correcting past systematic discrimination based on race.” Yet this only applies to blacks and hispanics? Did you forget the Chinese that were tricked here to work your railroads? What about the japanese americans you imprisoned during WWII? I’m not saying America hasn’t discriminated against blacks or hispanics or that any side had it worse (which clearly blacks have been discriminated the worst in America), but at least follow your own damn standard congress. Instead of just pandering to racial voters.

    I have a theory on why Americans hate Asians so much. Throughout history, Americans have always been prejudice against the (non-white) racial groups that they feared most at the time. During the civil rights, it was the blacks. During WWII, it was the japanese. After 9/11 it was the arabs. Briefly following the economic crisis where many people were let go, it was the hispanics. Now, because of the enormous amount of debt that America owes to China (and the whole deal with North Korea), I believe that right now it only fits that Americans want to discriminate against orientals. Afterall, wouldn’t it make sense to go to war with China. China has done nothing to deserve it, but Americans don’t care about that. They just want the debt to go away. So what better way to do it than to create animosity toward Asians and start another immoral war for economic benefit? American racial hate is especially true for Asian males because in today’s society, males are viewed as the competition while females are viewed as commodities.

    Ok, so a lot of that is just rambling but whatever. I’ve dealt with racism my whole life. I think I deserve a few paragraphs of unsupported rambling. Sorry if I offended anyone. I just had to get that out of my system.

    • BRO, i was feeling what you were preaching until you said “orientals”! lol really??? who the fucks says that freely these days besides racist imbecile . you seem like you know some hard facts. we are not no Oriental brotha. A rug is. Oriental . For the sake of yourself and the words you preach ….refrain from the use of the word Oriental to describe us East and Southeast Asians ,Asian Americans

      • No Carl, I think it’s just you. As far as I can tell, Racists are the only minorities left in America. My wife is white. And I met her when she was still engaged to a white guy. Truth is, some guys just have it, some guys don’t. Don’t blame your penis size for it. From my experience, the guys who just don’t have it are usually the first to hate. Looking at you, Carl.

        Whether you got a big one like that Green fellow, or you’re below average, if you’ve got no confidence, nothing can be worse. A lot of guys like Carl think that by making you feel inferior, it will help his prospects. I’ve dated plenty of women outside my race and I can tell you for a fact – you will get dirty looks from guys of other races. It is inevitable, and it applies to all races, not just white guys. They absolutely do feel threatened. Personally, I love it. It’s a great feeling meeting guys like Carl.

        As for my asian brothers reading these nasty comments. You’ve got to remind yourself who would even post a comment on an article like this: 1. Asian guys 2. Non-asian guys who feel threatened 3. girls who have strong opinions about penis size (which most don’t)

        • Hey ‘Asian Guy,’ you forgot #6 [of who would be posting on an article like this] Also –> white women who date Asian men. I can’t recall how I ended up here.. but anyhow.. I’m a white woman who dates Asian men. AND – if I were to catch my Korean boyfriend getting all worked up over the stupid replies on here I’d probably say something like, ‘Are you really gonna dick around replying to those 13 yr old boys online or hang out with me?’

  57. I’m not gonna say anything about a specific race’s penis size, but i will say, size does matter. i’ve traveled all over europe and the americas and have made many friends. none of them denied that penis size matters, just that “they don’t want it to feel like they’re not having sex, but they sure as fuck don’t want it to feel like they’re being cut open” or “below 5″ is too small, above 8″ is too big”. i’d personally agree with the first one, as i feel most women would. just likei know a lot of men who say they don’t want boobs or ass that are disgustingly big, but they still want a good handful. coming from a brazilian girl

  58. I really enjoyed your writing. As a Filipino-American, I’m only average in length, 6″ but smaller in circumference. I’m just curious though, from a biological and evolutionary perspective, why there is a difference among certain groups. For example, the type of hair common to Africans is suited and altered by the intense exposure of radiation from the sun.
    Stating that all of a group of people(whether ethnic, social, economic, etc.) are the same is stereotyping and promotes a negative image in the masses. That’s similar to saying all Hispanic immigrants who go to Florida only do agricultural jobs such as mowing my lawn and trimming the hedges. Imagine saying that all kids who grow up in poverty become criminals and are only poor because they’re lazy and free load from the government. That’s similar to saying black people aren’t intelligent enough to go to college or that there’s a 0% black population at Ivy Leagues (ex. Harvard, Yale, Duke). We all know that this isn’t true. I have many Hispanic friends here in Florida whose parents have high earning jobs, including doctors, managers, paralegal, etc. and have seen classmates go into college despite being poor. For all those shallow size-queens and insecure men who thrash others verbally to make yourself feel superior, you most likely fall into some other type of stereotype yourself.

  59. You can blather all you want about how everyone’s all the same and this is a big stereotype. Sorry to burst your absurd liberal bubble but having worked in a hospital sticking catheters in penises for 5 years, Asian men have smaller penises. Black men have larger penises. Whatever, drag out the Chinese guy with 8 inches, fine, there are exceptions, but the truth is truth and you delude yourself… And why is it so hard you people to believe that some stereotypes are true? It’s morons like yourself that give good liberals a bad name — you’re trying to force an opinion as fact. Shit man, the pubes are different too, gonna argue with that?

    • Jon, I don’t think the blogger is saying that stereotypes are not true, I think he’s merely saying that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Even you agreed that there are exceptions. I happen to be one of those exceptions and I hate how people look directly at me and say things like “Asians have small dicks” as if “Asian dicks” has anything to do with me. The only thing that is relevant to me is my dick, which I’m quite happy with. It’s not the biggest, but it’s not average by any means. You see what I’m saying. He’s not saying that guys with small dicks should pretend like they’re big. He’s saying that for those of us who are the exception, shut the F up, because there is no REASON for what your saying beyond racial bigotry. Hope I got through to you. Great blog by the way.

    • Seriously, Jon? We should take your word because you stick catheters up guys penises? Hm… unless you look like Scarlet Johannson, mind telling us how you got those penises sprung? I’m not Asian, but I’m starting to see the blogger’s point. Too much of this stereotype because of just white guys’ wishful thinking. In fact, I think there is as much wishful thinking coming from white guys about Asians having small packages as there is coming from Asians pretending to be huge.

    • I never denied nor refuted the idea that stereotypes may be applicable to some extent . I’m not deluding myself either. I don’t see how you got the idea that it’s hard for me to believe that some stereotypes are true when I never explicitly stated it. It’s just as easy for me as it is for you. Like Chuck said “you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.” That’s what my whole thesis was about. Also, I’m not a liberal. I am an individual, a Filipino-American from South Florida. Don’t associate me with one group because I might share a similar ideal or opinion. It’s a shame that no matter how civilized and unruly I make a comment, there’s always one person who receives it in an offensive and hostile manner. Try rereading it again. It was meant as constructive insight.

  60. Well I can only speak from experience (sexual): Asian men in general do have smaller penises, but it depends also what part of Asia. And there are big dicks in Asia but there are a lot of small ones lol. Yeah………… like embarrassing small. I’ll be like, I’m certain you don’t have a small penis. And they’ll be like yah I do you haven’t seen it. And when I see it I’m like, “shit….. I was wrong that is fucken small.”

  61. I dont know why people care about the size, to pleasure a women u dont need to have it big, the real deal is the clitoris not the vagina…

  62. I’m a girl and I must say…size matters! Well, it only matters when u’re extremely small or horrendously big…anything in between won’t matter as long as u knw how to use it. I’ve been with guys that are small, like 3inches when hard. I didn’t feel much!!! Was really frustrating. That was my first bf-hence ex. My husband is 7″, so slighly above average, but feels so damn good! Not frm the size, but frm his motion. He’s rock hard when he’s hard, thrusts really fast, lasts long! I’ve had a guy who was the same size as my husband. He was a lazy ass and did do much…sex was lousy. So if u’re within the average range..size doesn’t matter. However if u’re too big or too small…good luck. For me, anything bw 4-7 inches long and 5-6″ girth is good! Anything outside of that is not for me, either I don’t feel anything or it hurts. 4″ is the min I can stand..

    Oh this whole asian guy small dick thing…from mu experience, asian guys (esp koreans) do hv smaller dicks on average. BUT they have better stamina and more agile. I’m Chinese, my husband’s chinese.

  63. Strange, but I get excited by the person attached to the penis not the other way around. In fact the more I like him, the bigger his penis gets in my mind. It’s more psychology than the actual penis size. Use your imagination! I have been greatly fucked by small penises. Personally I have a bigger one than most but I am really bored stiff (!) with people getting off on that.

  64. Omo was that TOP!? Did I see TOP!? Sorry my inner fan girl couldn’t help it…btw I watch alot of porn, most of the times not the whole video just like minute or so…they’re kinda boring to me now. I ONLY watch asian asian porn in fact and I have almost never seen a dick bigger than about 4 or 5 inches (except this 1 guy..quite famous don’t remember the name though) they are allll small. It’s not that I care because I don’t…i’m just saying I think it’s more than ‘just’ a stereotype.

  65. ay my dick is 6″ inches that is all. kinda big kinda small but hey I beat the iPhone 4 tho (shrugs) 🙂 if she want bigger go ahead but put these -balls on your chin first- lol

  66. I’ve been with quit a few Asian men and its just a myth. A couple have been small, most were average, while some were freakishly large. I think it has a lot to do with the fact of the hormones in American meat. If a Asian male was born here in the us and consumed all the hormones in the meat that we have… Then he’ll be like every other white, black, or other guys here in the states. That is all 🙂

  67. great publish, very informative. I ponder why the other experts of
    this sector don’t notice this. You should proceed your writing. I am confident, you have a huge readers’ base already!

  68. I thoroughly enjoyed all of this!!! You are a great writer!!! I found myself smiling a lot. Haha. And here’s what I say: I don’t give the smallest crap about the size; even though I have wondered about it. Particularly in a guy friend that I have the hugest crush in the world on. And yeah, he’s Asian. And yeah, I’m white. I wouldn’t care about his wang size, I just adore him so much. I’m sure there’s a lot of girls in the world that feel the same way about their special someone. Thank you for writing this!!!

  69. I have a theory about penis sizes in countries relative to the size of the bananas the country produces. Check out my article. You’ll likely be offended, but your mind will be blown.

  70. So I’ve been in Korea for 6 months now and have had sex with plenty of korean guys.. So far, unfortunately, the stereotype has been proven to be true. I haven’t seen anything above 5 inches, and they’re all skinny. I saw one that was 2 inches, no lie. Don’t get me wrong, I love korean guys, they’re super fucking hot, but they are most definitely not blessed in the nether regions. I’m sure that there have to be guys here with big dicks, but they are few and far between, and most definitely not the norm. I don’t know about other asians, but Koreans in general have wee little peepees.

  71. That’s a quite funny point of view of yours. Although I believe there are large in Asian men.. most Asian men I met in the past can be quite small compared to white men. What I meant is there is more likely to meet an small Asian compared to small Caucasian. Sorry, I think they messed up the scale for Asian. Most of them are not on the large side, some are around 3-4, 5-6 is already considered large for Asian and that’s quite rare. Considered yourself pretty lucky if you have above 5 inches….

  72. Although people say size doesn’t matter, too small can become an issue in terms of intimacy. What consider as small? I will say anything below 3. However, I think there still other things can make it up to the size, e.g. oral. But, if the person really loves you, size doesn’t matter as much anymore.

    Also, I think for Asian, size is not a big factor to survive in the old days since mating is all about who can retained the status in the society. Most women are virgins when they married their husbands, so I am pretty sure they won’t know the difference. That explains why another stereotype kicks in, in which, might be true that Asian are good at study due to survival of fitness.

    check out some hot and hung asian men.
    Asian men don’t have smaller penis on average. Those people who say this are mean.
    I search Xtube for some asian and white webcam porn, the size is no different.
    So quit wondering about that and get a life.

    • You are wrong.. Some asians statistically are smaller on average. North and South Koreans have the smallest penises average in the world. I am in south korea right now.. I have never seen so many small penises in my life. I did hook up with one guy who had a HUGE dick but that was the exception, not the rule

      • Yeah, because North Korea allowed foreigners into their country to do a scientific study on dick size right? You are a disgrace to humanity, but on the internet you are Billy badass. Congrats

  74. Dude you’re hot and I’m not saying this cause I’ve seen your junk but your face ok I don’t know how to say this without being any more awkward but Kay and on a side note I have this really big crush on this Asian guy and my friends are always saying he’s going to be sooo small but I think this article will shut them up 🙂

  75. Thats racial nonsense..truthfully i think asians r cute and have had thoughts of getting married to one..i find the black and asian breed adorable & that korean men are skilled lovers..penis is a penis, height does not determine size its genetic or should i say hereditary *besides its not the size of the boat that matters but how well you sail** True th@ women care about size but when you love..that staff does not apply…(2.76in when erect is really sad though).

  76. Well “asian” porn as you call it is actually Japanese porn. We all know that’s where the industry is. You seldom see a chinese or korean work on the net. I can not agree with you on the reason why genitals are blurred, it’s not just the man and there’s another reason for that. Lastly, do you honestly think they recruit an adult video star by size of dong?

  77. PORN: Can’t believe you used porn as evidence, it’s clear evidence against your claims. The porn industry looks for the biggest cocks. Even in Asian porn they search for the biggest, & the biggest Asians are only about the size of the average white dude. So of all the big cock owners, Asians are the smallest & black guys are the biggest.

    CONDOM SIZE: Condoms are smaller in Asia.

    PROSTITUTES: Talk to a prostitute, they are the ones who’d know best about such a subject. Interviews with prostitutes always reveal that Asian guys are the smallest & black guys are the biggest & that their average customer is a 6″ white guy.

  78. Seriously no one gives a f-ck. Asians are an awesome race, and anyone who cares about an Asian man’s penis size probably has too much time on their hands because they don’t have a f-ckin job. Many people don’t realize that if sh-t REALLY hit the fan on this planet, the surviving race would likely be Asians. They’re quite superior even though many people don’t like to admit it. And they’re some of the most attractive men and women on the planet. Much respect

  79. As a middle eastern man I am so glad we have so much other stuff to be stereotyped about, that the stereotyping hasn’t reached to our sexuality!

  80. Well, my boyfriend is Korean and his penis is average sized, close to 6″ when he measured (but thats just when they get it “up”, as you say). The stereotype pisses me off because I have people make comments to me about how my boyfriend has a tiny penis and stuff because he is asian when he doesnt. I’m Caucasian, btw.

  81. Honestly, if the dick works, who the fuck cares.
    My boyfriend is Chinese, 6 ft tall, and has a 4-5 inch dick. With his height, I thought it would be bigger but I wasn’t disappointed. I had a long relationship with a 6’4, 8 inch dick Norwegian and his dick was TOO BIG! Made me bleed on several occasions…I also had a HORRIBLE one-night stand with a 6+ ft dickface with a tiny, crippled looking penis he couldn’t even use properly.
    Guess who of the 3 is like a GOD in bed? My Chinese boyfriend. He doesn’t give a crap about his size. He was even a virgin until me.
    If a girl needs a 6+ inch dick to feel satisfied, then she’s probably not Asian.
    My Chinese dick fits my Korean vagina perfectly.

    • Obviously you care or else you wouldn’t be replying… Go stick your Chinese dick into your korean claptrap some more

  82. Well. I guess im smack in the average with 5 inches. Does not stop the girls I banged from coming back for more. Im korean and I am honestly quite shocked with japanese sizes. But I wont generalise. The greatest PUA in my course is a japanese guy. And trust me, word gets around that he provides “excellent” services.

  83. Have a carefull look at the picture of the asian nude guy. The dick is not his…
    It is realy sad to read what people could write just because of size. Racism words just because of Inch or cm? What about a third war world ? One side all those believe they are big and other side those believe they are not small… Just imagine… All the cocks lovers would be sad at last. Do you know why ?
    Size does matter. But… There is a “but”, the dick´s holder makes the difference.
    Now fight if you want. Kill every of you. I just wait and with my tiny or enormous penis, I will be the only one on earth able to fuck.

  84. Ha ha! Great Article the pic at the end…. did not expect to see a pic at the end… lil traumatized but i’ll get over it. BTW size does matter to some girls, maybe not the girls you know, but every culture has it’s own ideas.

  85. I’m a white girl from Hawaii where Asians are the majority, and I only date Asians (from America and abroad). White guys are fun to be around, and kind of like big exotic birds, but I do not find them sexually attractive.

    However…I have tried! The two I was with were smaller than all of the other guys…so what does that tell me? That white men are delusional? That the stereotype itself is just an unfortunate mix-up?

  86. For those obsessed about the asian penis? Are you gay? It’s fuckin none of your business. Unless you wanna take it up your asses.

  87. I’m Asian and clearly people who think that they need bigger penises are idiots. Size does not matter, aggression does. Apes and monkeys have no problem attracting mates and the need no big penis. That’s the reason why I think most humans are idiots. You know it’s true. So deal with it.

  88. I’m not saying that it’s because I have a small penis. It’s below average though but I don’t give a shit. I’d actually rather have it small than large cause it’s way more comfortable and less messier….

    I do not give a shit for bitch-ladies who want bigger penises. Fucking gross. That’s all they care about, being slutty whores who get AIDS and HIV, etc. I’m glad to be an outcast from idiotic brainwashed dog people who think my dick is small.

    Also, people who say Asians have small dicks are faggots. Period.

    Asides from all of that one day I’ll find my white wife. We will have kids and live in the suburbs. Maybe a white wife from Europe perhaps. Maybe I should go to college then.

    • Lol, wutever AftG, but let me tell you, there is NOTHING IN THE WORLD like sliding a big dick into a woman, and feelining it stretch her vagina out as she let’s out a LONG moan, NOTHING! Am I right ladies???……..

  89. Thanks for your marvelous posting! I really enjoyed reading
    it, you can be a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will often come back very soon.
    I want to encourage yourself to continue your great job, have a nice weekend!

  90. I disagree…it does matter. Perception is reality, and the dating game now reveals a losing side for Asian men. I got a 6″ and in a long term relationship, but the game is stacked for those single dudes competing with other races. It is only once factor but an important factor. Japan seriously need to embarrass all Asians on the global stage. With that said, more reason for Asian guys to step up their game to compensate and reverse this negative stereotypes.

  91. I’m a complete sex addict. I’ve been dating for about twenty years now and I am certainly attracted greatly to Chinese, Vietnamese and Filipinos. The thing I like the most about Asian guys is that they are incredibly horny all the time and not violent. My current boyfriend is Filipino and has a nice 7 inches, but my previous boyfriends have been pretty sub-sized (less than 5 inches) with a couple who couldn’t even reach. I dated an incredibly handsome 6’1″ filipino who was built like a bull and was aggressive in bed, but surprisingly small penis especially considering his size. We broke up because he was incredibly needy and his mother and sisters were always around, ALWAYS. My one Chinese boyfriend told me he was “hung” during our pre-dating flirtations and when we got around to sex he was around 6 inches and really, really thin. I honestly felt nothing during sex and never knew when he finished, it was too bad because he was really cute. It isn’t that I only date Asians (I just find them cute) I’ve also dated non-Asians including four monster cock guys (10+), two happened to be Portuguese (one incredibly thick, too), one was Indian and one was Middle Eastern. Too big is also unpleasant. So I think my preference is between 7 inches and probably 9. So pretty much my conclusion is my experience Asian guys have tended to have smaller packages but I’ve found a bigger one that makes me happy.

  92. As a general rule, if you can not get through your head that Asians are smaller than average then you are in denial. While I am around 6 feet and 1 inch tall, and relatively attractive, I have to admit that I am on the smaller side down there. It used to bother me greatly, but not anymore. Asians are usually smaller in frame and thinner, so it would make absolute sense for them to have a smaller penis. Asian girls also tend to share these characteristics.

    There are always going to be some unique type of girls that will dig Asian guys. They like their culture, their look, and I don’t know, their penis sizes? I feel kind of stupid for even making the problem much larger than it is in the past. Unless you have a micro penis, then you are fine. If a girl tells you that you have a small penis, then you are not compatible. Period. Find a girl that you will be compatible with. Get a life that you love and enjoy, and the girls will come.

  93. i just found this blog and i love you. i don’t care about penis size. and i think asian dudes are smoking hot.

  94. I am caucasian but I am living in Seoul. I was just at a jimjilbang today actually and I certainly saw a lot of small penises. I also saw a Korean boy who looked about 16 years old with a monster swinging between his legs and he was definitely aware of his size. Some guys have small dicks and some guys have big ones. Get over it people.


  96. I’m American (born in America, with Korean ethnicity). Mine is 7″ and girth is on the larger side. I’ve heard the “Asians have small dicks” stereotype too many times to keep track of. Even to this day, people think its o.k to say this kind of thing online, and even in person. I’m not going to trip about it. Anybody with an IQ above 50 would realize that men of all races vary from tiny to huge. One thing I have noticed is that people who say this kind of thing are usually poor and uneducated. Their opinion makes no difference to me, as well as society in general. And women who make claims about penis size are retarded whores. Did they bust out a tape measure on every single guy they slept with? They can complain about wanting a 9″ penis, just as I can complain about their loose vagina which is akin to throwing a salami down a hallway. I’m happy with what I got, and all the stereotyping which has ever existed, exists, and will continue to exist does not change what I know to be the truth. Like someone said earlier, unless you had a lot of Asian dick down your throat and/or vagina/asshole, with tape measure out, you are just another white guy with a chip on his shoulder.

    • @Kane

      I’m a white female and I’ve mostly been with Asian men, 6 in fact. It’s my personal preference.
      And I can honestly say that I’ve never been with an Asian man with a small penis. I don’t know where this adolescent “Asian small penis” hype/rumor comes from but I think Asian men would be wise to use it as a way to weed out imbeciles. Jesus… I am embarrassed for the morons who like to say it. I don’t even understand the point of bringing it up!
      I truly think it really stems from jealous, insecure white men. In my opinion, women around the world are taking notice of how much more attractive, intelligent, better educated and stable Asian men are, compared to white men, in general. And that growing competition obviously scares them. I’ve actually been called a “racist” by several white men who realized I have a preference for Asian men, something they will never be. It’s pathetic.

  97. geez… there’s too much debate on this.. I’d like to say that I have dated a Spanish girl and she said that I am smaller than she’s dated before and I am Asian. So that’s why I’m climbing my way to the BIGGER ladder. And I am also thinking that big dicks go well with big vaginas and small dicks will get along well with small vaginas.

    And I just can’t stand why white chicks always talk about big penises and never discuss about big vaginas. Please don’t tell me all vaginas are big because I have seen a lot of videos of white women stuffing perfume bottles, lipsticks, scissors, huge champagne bottles, to unbelievable bowling balls into their caverns. I just saw few asian women stuffing beer bottles and fists into there holes. lol

  98. I wouldn’t worry about it . I never hear the before till today . I never been with a Asian man. I always been attracted to them.I think Asian men are sexy and handsome . As I do American or any other . And I’d date them if I had a chance . Never have just don’t know to many said men. But I do think they Asian can be as sexy as any other man.

  99. As a white dude who has performed oral on many dicks of all races, I’ve only had one Asian with a dick about 7″. All the others were micro-penises. I’ve also had micro-Latino penis and fat white boy micro-penis. So there are a lot of small penises out there, but in my opinion, it’s true.,, most Asians have small dicks.

    • What poor reasoning. So you’ve sucked some asian dicks, therefore “most Asians have small dicks.”… are you the “scientists” that make up the “world average” that people frequently quote as truth? There are around 1.5bn asians (3bn if you include south asians) in the world, that’s around 800m east asian males. You must have sucked over 400m (that’s million) asian dicks… then over 300m white dicks – in order to make a valid comparison. I doubt you’ve done that.

      Fact: there has been no study that has scientifically measured over 50% of the dicks in a country. Any country. No matter how often you repeat yourself you sticking a ruler and writing on the internet.

      And last of all, did it occur to you that asians whose cocks you’ve sucked are gay because they have small dicks? Some sort of complex about them not getting any female attention, thus turning to gays for any attention. The average and large dicked asians are far far less likely to be gay.

      • Wow… you’re even stupider than this entire question.
        Look, my friend, i’m gay and have sucked on more Asian dicks than you’ve probably EVER seen. Unless you admit you like staring at Asian dicks.
        Honestly… i’ve sucked hundreds of Asian dicks.
        And hundreds of Black dicks.
        And hundreds of White dicks.
        And i’m not ashamed because i’ve never lied about it.
        Homosexuality and dick size are NOT related… just go to a gay bath house and try and get fucked in your uptight little hole… tell me it’s too small to hurt.
        BTW… most people that give actual measurements either have never measured or are lying.
        Across the board.

        • Read my original comment.

          “Hundreds” is not 400m. Therefore it is impossible for you to have worked out an average.

          As for “Homosexuality and dick size are NOT related”…. how would you know? How many straight guys’ cocks have you seen or sucked???

          • Sucked?
            I’ve never asked for a membership card or the secret handshake before I put them in my mouth, but most guys that let another guy blow them are, more than likely, not 100% straight. But I certainly don’t want to open that can of worms.

            No, tens of thousands.
            In person.
            Up close.

            Regular guys, not porn stars in videos.
            Flaccid, semi-erect and fully erect.
            Circumcised and uncircumcised. Older, younger, hetero- homo- and bisexual, across the board, from virtually every culture and in every situation you could imagine.

            Seriously, an endless parade of gazillions of dicks.

            I’ve been on (and around) this Earth for a long time.

            One need not to see every weenie in the world to note a recurring similarity.
            Homosexuality and penis size are not related.

            I’m wondering how many gay guys you’ve seen vs straight guys?
            Could be wrong, but I’m thinking not as many as me and you’re probably not getting quite as good a look as I am.
            Nothing wrong with it if you are, but I’m pretty confident I can lay claim to being the “Official Pecker Checker” on this one.

            I view penis size as nothing more than a commonly-recurring physical trait found among people divided by the racial grouping i.e. hair texture, melanin, facial features; which are ALL variable within that group, and essentially meaningless.

            AGAIN: ALL variable within that group, and essentially meaningless.

            Function over form, thank you very much.

            • You keep on saying that you’ve seen THOUSANDS of straight guys dicks. Unless your job is shower room attendant, that’s impossible.

              And to reiterate:

              Still not 400m. Therefore it is impossible for you to have worked out an average.

              • A. 30 years in health care; we see a lot of naked people.
                B. Regular gym attendance: yes, i take showers.
                C. World travel: exposure to ALL races and ethnicities.
                D. Nude beaches, camping, bicycling and in one case; a game of nude horseshoe-throwing (i didn’t win).
                E. I’m also still pretty slutty; even more so when i was younger and cuter.

                And your obsession with a need for 400m is ridiculous by any measure of reality. My sample, while being stubbornly insignificant to you, STILL far outweighs any evidence (or hint of evidence) that you have offered.

                And i STILL don’t care… bring on the Parade of beautiful Asian men and hopefully one day i WILL hit the 400m mark.

                In conclusion:
                I WIN THE INTERNETS!

      • uhhh… they usually come from some notable and recurring similarity, fact or observation.
        Just like “All White men are bigoted.”
        Anyone that believes a stereotype is a 100% incontrovertible truth isn’t “getting it.” They are mere generalizations that should not be followed as fact, much less even a guide.
        Neither is someone that uses an exception to the rule making much of an argument against it. Example: “this Asian porn star has a huge dick.”
        Duh, he’s a porn star.
        I don’t think small-dicked porn stars get much work, unless it’s a fetish video.
        Anyway, I still don’t care how big someone’s dick is. If that’s all someone is looking for, chances are they don’t have much to offer, either.

        • Correction, they come from some recurring similiarity from the viewpoint of white men. Thus obviously biased.

          Great example – asians are bad drivers. White men mostly say this, then disseminate this to the media, and others take it in.
          Fact: white men, aged 18-24, are most likely per capita to be involved in road accidents.

          But because of stereotypes created by white men, it seems most people ignore this, and associate road accidents with asians.

          • Sorry, reading a ruler is exactly the same if you’re, White, Asian, etc.
            I’m pretty sure we all have AT LEAST that much in common.

            As to your weird “Asian driver” comment…
            Its silly and has no relevance to this topic whatsoever.

            The only accident i’m associating anything with is your completely irrational logic.

            Buckle up.

  100. btw, i’ve been with A LOT of men from the two most radical ends of the stereotype… there IS a basis of truth to it… and I DON’T CARE.
    Yes, i’ve met many exceptions to the rule. Though most are not.
    So what?
    Stop obsessing.

  101. If you are looking for another example of a well hung Asian Man in western porn there was actually one I was very fond of in the gay porn world, went by the name of Brandon Lee. 8″ and thick and he was always the top.

  102. Size downtime count its how you use it that does if u use it right then thiers no worries. I’m a female and I’m American (for u ppl bashing American girls) I don’t have bologna lips either lol but I’m saying size doesnt matter some guys have big packages but can’t use it correctly so theirs no climax and some have small packages and xan make a girl climax quickly its all on the way u use it Pfft Dick size isn’t everything … And fyi being from the city doesn’t make it right to judge a man on his little friends size . Ugh ppl these days .

  103. I think some of these ideas unfortunately are popularized by pornography. The US is a large producer of pornography by volume. China is not, although Japan is. Japanese porn does not focus on penis size and in fact most images are blurred out. So for western porn, you are left with Asian Americans who only make up 5% of the total US population. Despite this, there are a handful of newcomers in the porn industry for straight porn, and many more in gay porn with large penises.
    Even though this article cites Keni styles, there other asian male performers up and coming (pun intended). Check out asian schlong dot com, jeremy long

  104. Hi, [sorry for any misspelling i’m french canadian (; ]
    First i’m a biologist that doesn’t really give me credits for what i’m about to say but here is some facts…

    Rare are the studies that are 100% veridict. Their people sample can’t be truly random for multiple reasons and one of them is that i doubt that they had find the same amount of volunters with big than tiny pennis. The ones with bigger packages are more frequent to volunteer than shy tiny ones.
    But yes i aggreed that is totally possible that asian have tiny penis and/or black bigger one.

    The natural selection theorie and the genetic proves it. In early Africa by example, males (who were always naked) have been choose for centuries by female and one of the first reproduction criteria was the penis size. So the bigger dick have done more offsprings with bigger penis and so on until now.

    Human are the primate that give more importance to penis size. That’s proved and that’s why they have the biggest packages of all primates.

    On the same hand, africa/caucasian/asian aren’t descending from the same ancestors they are really far from each other in the tree of life so they have many differenciation in their genomic (and phenotipe) so like their body color, their penis size difference could really be the result of evolution.

    That can be frustrating cause, yes, the size matter for many (as for me) you have to accept it if you really like the person. The skills also count! Yes, it’s more easy with a big one cause the woman can feel it anyway. If you have a small one and you can’t use it we (girls) feel almost nothing and with a big one it’s easier for us to contract our vagina for a greater feeling cause you sometime feel usefull/skillless/feelingless with small ones :/

    Sorry for the three kilometers comment and hope that help you forge your oppinion! I’m open to all comments! 🙂

  105. You know nothing straight men.
    The “male pleasing asian porn theory” is bullshit, just watch an asian gay porn movie and you will see dicks are just as blurred and small as in straight porn movies. And believe me, gay men do want to see not blurred big dicks.
    Even in Yaoi (Gay Anime) dicks are blurred or pixelated, I thinks that’s because most asian people are just as backward thinking as they have small dicks, or at least their governments are…
    And I love Asian men! I find most of them quite cute and polite and also very loving of my dick.
    I think my penis is small, being 14 centimeters long (5.5 inches) and I’m really happy with it, it’s brought me lots of pleasure.

    • No doubt. I find it strange that so many non-Asian men are on here discussing the dick sizes of Asian men. I suspect foul play. I can’t recall how I ending up on this blog but it was probably because I was Googling dirty things in regard to my sexual preference for Asian men.

      Btw.. Your blog is awesome. 😉

  106. People who are talking about small penis of Asian then let’s have a competition between we Asians and others and lets see who lasts long and satisfy more. You idiot western people.

  107. A lot of name calling and hatred between races here. The genitals are designed for procreation regardless of nationality, stature or race. If it wasn’t for your parents, grand parents and so on……you wouldn’t be here to judge and criticize others for their stature. Better to measure your IQ than measure your appendages.
    If you cannot satisfy your partner try communicating with her/him. Most of you seem to be very content to communicate with and criticize strangers on the web. Try it with your partner but leave out the insults and criticisms.

  108. the most of you is liers. this is lie. stupid folks all say my pnis 4 -6 . 1000 inch why all of lies . you lies about your selfs stupids . the penis between 14 to 17 or 18 cm . the tall penis in the world is 24 and this the normal penis . and all of porn star penis make Operation like all the world now eat viagras thanks god of my body . and No relationship between height and length of the penis.
    اغبياء حقا من غبائكم الصنم قد بكى

  109. back after a couple of years to this thread. I’m an asian guy. I have nothing to prove. 3 children , onlybeen with asian women. However, it is probably likely that asian guys in general have smaller penises than caucasian, or african men. Here is my take, I have a large one, it beats about 92% of the male population in penis length and girth in all condom size ( lifestyles study ) studies, and therefore read these notes with amusement. I will likely post proof on my blog, AllThingsPenis on wordpress.
    It is possible I have some african heritage, my maternal great grandmother could have been 100% , all else is chinese.
    I have been thinking about the genetics of penis size as a result, and conclude that it is mainly from the maternal side, since the gen(s) are found on the X chromosome .

  110. I notice your comments board is EXTREMELY unmoderated & that you welcome racist commentary. If you don’t care about anti Asian racism, then why bother even writing the article??

  111. I think it’s hilarious that guys with small dicks are so insulted when women say size matters, and then they try to insult women for having small boobs or “no ass.” The size of a woman’s boobs and butt don’t matter much during sex. The size of a penis has a direct impact on the pleasure a woman feels during sex. It’s not just a pretty accessory to look at while having sex, it’s the actual sexual organ involved in the act of sex. If a woman had an abnormally wide vagina, then you would have an adequate comeback. But so far the rationale seems to be…you insulted my tiny penis so I will insult you. When really, you’re just pissed that women prefer a bigger dude. Grow up. That being said, if a woman is in love, she will usually be fine with a small dick on the object of her affection. I’m sorry to say, also, that the consensus from my own personal experience and the experiences of women I have known who have slept with Asian guys is that they do have small dicks (yeah, I asked). But some white guys are even smaller. And of course there will always be the occasional Asian guy with a bigger than average dick.

  112. Asians have sex so close because if they pull out too far the penis will vacate, they are so small it’s funny, haha. One entire race argued on a one and a billion Asian porn star. Please fact check.

  113. What kind of Asian are you talking about? Asian Mongoloid looking type like Mongolian,Chinese or Siberian? Or Asian Caucasoid type like Indian,Paki,Arabs?

  114. It’s not true at all. I had a Chinese guy,japanese guy ,Korean,and a Vietnamese . Vietnamese and japanese men have bigger penis than the koreans tho. Lol js lol . Biggest I had was from a japanese /vietnamese man . 9 inches. I about died.

  115. Asian men need to figure out a way to grow your penesis ,evrytime the question comes up about penis size asian men start demonize black people ,you start to show weird photos of black men if you have a little penis black men is not the fault black men did not cause it go and grow your penis and leave black men alone,a know a lot of girls who been with a lot of Asian men and they say that they have to use an binocular to view there penis, asian people God the white man use to kill black men thinking that can cause there penis to grow longer or bigger.

  116. I was with a Malaysian man tonight. WOW. His dick size was what I would say is average, nice girth. Filled me up nice and proper. He was very sexy> 39 for me 48 for him. He was rock hard and felt great, nice body as well. Dont be afraid American women, take the plunge. He felt great, was a great lover. Nice body, very sexy.

  117. I literally googled this after two experiences with Asian men with surprisingly tiny dicks. I’d say erect they were probably like 4 inches? And no girth.. That was rather disappointing.
    Largest I’ve seen of 3 Asian guys is 6 inches but did not have much girth.

    My experience is limited, but the white guys did have the bigger and thicker dicks. I’d say one was 6.5″ with very decent girth, and the other one was 5.5″ (curved).

    Sorry to say.. But girls do care about size.. Doesn’t have to be a monster but 5″ would be the minimum for me if he knows what he’s doing.

    I think that it’s unfair to say all Asian guys have small penises.. But I do think that the average size of an Asian penis is likely smaller than that of a white penis.

  118. well, maybe professional straight porn might be like that, but if you search for amateur porn and gay amateur and professional porn you find the same small dick size, it is really strange when you find a decent size, I love asian boys but let’s be honest, they’re small…

    • Use a bit of common sense. Asian culture does not support gays. So it would take somethinboretty drastic to make an asian male turn gay. Like, having a small dick. In line with white cultures emphasis on penises all the time (you hear white men talk about it all the time), these asian males will have had zero confidence approaching women when growing up, and would have resorted to entering gay relationships to avoid bring alone. Very sad to be honest.

    • As for amateur porn, are you serious? There are so many small white cocks out there, in an impartial world it would be white men who are stereotyped with small cocks.

  119. I agree with the blog. I’m gay with a very small cock (3′ when hard). I used to believe this stupid myth and figured I could measure up. But then I found that every asian man I’ve been with has been at least 2′ bigger than me. In fact most were at least twice my size. So I have a healthy respect for asian cock and find it unfair that they get labeled as below average and small.

  120. It’s time to lose this harmful stereotype. All men skew toward the average, race is not as real of a factor in penis size as many people think. From the perspective of a white gay man with a really small dick (3 inches rounded up), I quickly learned from asian men that I was with (and I never met one that wasn’t at least 2 inches bigger than me) that I was the one with an inferior endowment and would be taking it up the ass and sucking them off, not the other way around. There was nothing less masculine about them as this stupid stereotype would imply and I was with white men smaller than them (but bigger than me, low bar). So let’s all stop this nonsense.

  121. Pingback: 3 Stereotypes About Asian Men I’m Tired Of Hearing | Speaking of China

  122. Size matters and I definitely can say it’s a genetics and cultural difference. Well all know that people with an Afro descent, this group is known for very large -large packages (not all but majority ) , then the white guys are expected to have average size packages (not all, majority ) the. You have your Asian , Asian penis is small well all know it , it’s not just a hunk of skin , it determines if you can make a woman truly cum or not. The Asian culture knows there penises are not fun, they’re strictly for reproduction not pleasure , to the point where they ignore the woman’s needs. All girls already know this about dicks tho…

    • I’m a Cracker. Kno where that word comes from dumbfuck? From slave days, when the overseer cracked the whip on slaves. He was the ‘whipcracker’, than just ‘cracker’.Class dismissed, bitch…….

  123. So I was screwing this beautiful blonde gal. She kept screaming you’re so big. She said she was going to be sore the next day. I was surprised that she thought my cock was so big. I told her no, I’m not that big. I’m only five inches long, but she said I was thick, real thick. I told her I was only 5 1/2 inches thick and she said that is real thick. Because of how thick my Asian cock is she was going to be sore the next day or so. And, because of my Asian cock’s hardness it can last for more than half an hour. That time with this blonde babe I lasted about 45 minutes and she came about seven times.

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