The “Which Asian Guy Is Right For Me?” Guide for Non-Asian Girls

Don’t cha just wish that somewhere in the universe, there existed a simple to use guide on dating? Perhaps a blog of some sort that explained the types of guys that existed, with a list of qualities, tips and bits of knowledge? Don’t cha just wish there was a section on that guide dedicated to Asian guys, and how to understand the types of Asians, be it Chinese, Filipino, or Korean? … Yea… That would be pretty cool… If only it existed.




TIS I, RANIER! I am back my friends and I bring you jewels! Jewels I tell you! JEWELS!!! Well, they aren’t exactly real jewels that you can sell, nor are they ones you can find in your undies – these are jewels of knowledge that you shall blah blah blah — let’s get this shit goin, shall we?


You listen here, mmkay?

I already know what’s going to happen so let me say this once again: this is written from MY perspective. No, I have never dated an Asian guy myself nor do I intend to do so. If you feel like screaming into a megaphone to make yourself feel better about me rustling your jimmies, then go ahead and stick your little mouth in a blender. Sound cool? Are you emotionally prepared to continue? Good.

The Mystical Korean Guy

Outgoing: ★★★★ (out of 5)
Kindness: ★★★
Wealth: ★★★★
Romance: ★★★
Easy-Going: ★★★

For a large portion of my life, I simply forgot that Koreans existed. I mean, I knew they lived on planet earth but I never had opportunities to interact with a ton of them – till I got to college. Then one day, a giant Korean spaceship called K-POP hovered over the planet and dropped these pods filled with Korean guys, bulgogi, and abs – lots and lots of abs.

But what are Korean guys really like? Do they all look like Taeyang? Are they break dancing in the library whilst showing off their muscles? No, not even close. Being that I work in a women’s boutique, I get a lot of female customers (hurr-durr!) who are predominately Korean with Korean husbands and boyfriends.

Based on their interactions and my own experiences talking with them, Korean guys seem to be a bit aloof. They just sit on their side of the couch, looking at their phones, not really talking to anyone. It’s almost as if they live in this confined bubble of themselves, their close friends, and their girlfriend – not really jumping out or trying to interact with others. They truly stay within the Korean circle and are proud of it.

So if you’re looking to date outside your race and join the Asian nation, perhaps the Korean guy will be a tough place to start. Even the ones that are more Americanized seem to stick to other Koreans. Also, I do know that a ton of the Korean women who shop with us are housewives – very, very rich housewives. So if you’re looking for an Asian sugar daddy, then maybe the Korean man is your calling.

How to Win-Over a Korean Dude:

After bathing in kimchi and sesame oil, throw up an Asian peace sign and pour on all of that super cheesey Aegyo.

The Korean Guy’s Non-Asian Soulmate:

Someone half-white and half-Korean.

The Two-Sided Chinese Guy

Outgoing: ★★★★ (out of 5)
Kindness: ★★
Wealth: ★★★★★
Romance: ★★
Easy-Going: ★★

There are two things you need to keep in mind when referring to Chinese guys: family and money. Chinese guys (and Chinese people in general) seem to be very influenced by their family’s opinion. So if you’re not on the positive side of their parents, consider yourself unlucky. However, this only applies to half of the Chinese guys. The other half can be incredibly Americanized and the difficulty when dating them is fairly low.

One of the aspects that I’ve found true with Chinese guys is that they have their shit together. Most of em are successful, well educated, and very opinionated. Compared to Korean guys, Chinese guys can be a little less uptight but more strict with certain aspects in dating. Unlike Korean guys – who seem very picky about whether you’re Korean or not – Chinese guys are often picky about your actual attributes, e.g., what school did you go to? What is your degree? Is your family wealthy? Are you well mannered?

How to Snag a Chinese Guy:

Get your degree in Microbiology or Business Administration, buy a Lexas or Mercedes, sit in a chair at your local Pearl Milk Tea shop, and wait patiently for the Ying to your Yang.

The Chinese Guy’s Non-Asian Soulmate:

A White girl

The Party-Rockin Vietnamese

Outgoing: ★★★★★ (out of 5)
Kindness: ★★★
Wealth: ★★
Romance: ★★★
Easy-Going: ★★★

If you’re into partying, raves, going out, and having “fun”, then the Vietnamese guy is your future drinking buddy. I hate to say it, but Viet guys are the most likely to be ghetto. Years ago, Filipino guys were the primary Asian gangsters on the block. But as the years have gone by, Filipino gangs simply faded away like an old man’s libido. Unfortunately, Viet guys have yet to receive a memo since they’re still walking around in their all black outfits and dragon tattoos whilst staring down passersby.

Though they can appear to be unfriendly, when you actually hang out with em, Viet guys can be pretty damn cool to hang out with. They’re not as rich as our Korean and Chinese brothers, but they definitely like to spend their money on “duh Elle-Vee” and other designer branded bullshit. They party like crazy, they can get a bit rowdy, and they’re fun to joke around with.

Viet guys are also known to buy their girlfriends a lot of crap – be it a hello kitty cellphone case or a Louis Vuitton toilet seat cover. But the thing to note about our fist-pumping brethren is that they are D.A.F = Down as FUCK! A Viet guy will bring a machete to your nephew’s 8th grade graduation if he knew his rival gang member were showing up. On the flip side, he would also be highly likely to protect you and call upon his 5 billion DUMAS if someone were to take a peak at your cleavage.

How to Win Over a Viet Guy:

Wear a black L.V bra while playing beer pong and accept his invitation to the next trip to EDC.

The Vietnamese Guy’s Non-Asian Soulmate:


The Calm and Collected Japanese Guy

Outgoing: ★★★ (out of 5)
Kindness: ★★★★★
Wealth: ★★★
Romance: ★★★
Easy-Going: ★★★★

I gotta admit, Japanese guys are some of the most chill, well mannered PEOPLE on this planet. They can be very goofy and friendly yet highly professional and poised. Like Chinese and Koreans, Japanese guys can also have a lot of money yet they’re nowhere near as prudish. Whenever Japanese guys come into my store, they’re almost always buying something for their wives while they’re on a business trip. They seem to be incredibly thoughtful and respectful.

If you find yourself to be a bit on the introverted shy side, I highly recommend looking into dating a Japanese guy. Unlike American culture – which is all about more, more, more – the Japanese seem to enjoy their pleasures in life in bite-sized sections. They don’t seem as high maintenance as other guys yet they know how to have their fun. If you want a good man, Japanese is the way to go. Although, I do know that they can sometimes feel like they “wear the pants” of the relationship.

How to Summon a Japanese Guy:

Be interested in Japanese culture, be very well mannered, and be yourself. Either that or you can dress up like an Anime school girl in a latex costume and fulfill all of his crazy Japanese porn fantasies.

The Japanese Guy’s Non-Asian Soulmate:


The Laid-Back Filipino Guy

Outgoing: ★★★★ (out of 5)
Kindness: ★★★★
Wealth: ★★
Romance: ★★★
Easy-Going: ★★★★★

Finally, we arrive at destination brown-guy. I know this may sound incredibly biased but in all truth and honesty, if you are a highly Americanized girl who is more extroverted and out-going, I think the Filipino guy is your match made in heaven.

You know how the guys in those K-POP music videos all know how to sing and dance? Well, Filipino guys are pretty much the ones who do it best. I’ll say it now: Filipinos are certainly not the richest of Asians, but they are definitely the most culturally diverse and down to earth. Unlike Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese guys, Filipinos are one of the only Asians-Americans with very little ties to their culture.

So instead of walking around in our flip-flops speaking tagalog and eating Jollibee chicken wings, we tend to absorb the cultures surrounding us. That is why you see tons of Filipinos into hip-hop, K-Pop, Anime, and everything in between. We’re basically the Ditto of Asians: we can take the form of any and all Asians.

But the thing that resonates most when dealing with Filipino guys is their laid back personality. We brownies are the least snobby, least high maintenance, and most humorous of Asians. We’re always cracking jokes and we’d be willing to give you the shirt off our backs if you were cold enough. To me, Filipino guys are the ones you shoot for if you’re looking for a good, all-around guy.

How to Attract a Filipino Warrior:

With your feet planted firmly on the ground, belt out those notes and score a 98% on a Journey Karaoke song. After singing, go to the backyard, eat some Filipino BBQ and talk about how ridiculous that Manny Pacquiao vs Bradley split-decision was.

The Filipino Guy’s Non-Asian Soulmate:

Black Girls

The Reality Is That…

All Asians are different. The “types’ of Asians that I described simply illustrates the kinds of Asians that I’ve encountered through my own experiences. My purpose for writing this blog is to simply answer the question that many people ask: “What are (Korean/Japanese/Filipino/Vietnamese/Chinese) Guys like?” This post is a basic, if not somewhat stereotypical example of the kinds of Asians that I encounter. There is a wide variation within each and I encourage everyone reader to use this as just a starting point. Read this, get a better understanding, and go out in the world and figure out what the different types of Asians are like for your own self. Even better, go date a few!

Ranier, what about Thai’s, Cambodians, and Indonesians?

Shit if I know.


249 thoughts on “The “Which Asian Guy Is Right For Me?” Guide for Non-Asian Girls

  1. Haha, it’s a really funny post. Good job!

    I’m European to every last chromosome. I was lucky that my native Korean guy had no problem stepping out of Korean community. I heard many times that Koreans stick to Koreans, but I really found them all friendly and accepting.

    • The best would be Thai guy….Buakaw

      Outgoing: ★★★★★ (out of 5)
      Kindness: ★★★★★
      Wealth: ★★★
      Romance: ★★★★★
      Easy-Going: ★★★★★
      Badass: ★★★★★
      Legendary: ★★★★★
      Skin Color: ★★★★★

  2. This is very interesting and hilarious. I can literally read this again, plus its like a book with pictures. I love the pictures*

  3. Cool and informative generalization. I’ll be glad when the day comes when people hang up their hangups. 8D Thanks for keepin it real!

  4. I’d say Cambodians are a combination of a Vietnamese and Filipino guy. But that’s just in my experience on the east coast.

    • i agree, im happily engaged to one that moved from China when he was 11, and yet he stepped up to his parents and we are all happy now 🙂

  5. Haha! You are certainly going to get a lot of heat for this entry but you already see that coming. I enjoyed the post. It is refreshingly funny! To those who are concerned, I know these are just generalizations, almost fictional if you will. I am not one to believe in stereotypes, never have and never will. I take people as they come. Like Ranier noted, every individual is different and asians are no exception.

    Keep up the posts and by the way Ranier, I don’t think you ever posted the story of how you and Olivia met. You promised to post this like last year!

  6. Hmmmm..that is an interesting question.

    I did have my biases in the past,but no more. At the time, it was Japanese or Indian men. T

  7. I’ve been dating a Chinese American guy and it’s totally true in your description, we talk about him introducing me to his family, and there’s a total process for that. First I have to meet his mother and sisters, going out with them for lunch, and if they accept me (thing that he said they would), then his mom with talk to his dad about me as a good match for him, and then I would be introduced to his father and the whole family. Me as a Latina is a very long process, with Latin families you introduce your bf/gf almost right away, and they all accept you with open arms. But hey!, you have to do what you have to do for the person you love!

    • Hey Gina,

      I’m a Chinese American married to a Peruvian. (Her dad’s actually Columbian, but Latina culture passes down from the mom, right?) Meeting each other’s parents was exactly like you describe here! I had a very structured plan for her. And she just invited me to a destination wedding where I met 20 different Tias and Tios at once! I remember being a little shocked at the level of PDA her relatives did, especially the older generation.

      Funniest part was introducing our parents when we got engaged. Her mom’s quite good looking and vivacious, and when she went to give my dad (reserved, traditional, and 100 lbs) a good-bye hug, he got a look of terror on his face, side steppped her, grabbed her hand out of the air before she could hug him, and shook her hand with his arm fully extended. I’ve never seen him blush so much!

    • The best would be Thai guy….Buakaw

      Outgoing: ★★★★★ (out of 5)
      Kindness: ★★★★★
      Wealth: ★★★
      Romance: ★★★★★
      Easy-Going: ★★★★★
      Badass: ★★★★★
      Legendary: ★★★★★
      Skin Color: ★★★★★

  8. LOL RAINER! This is why I love you!! I\’ve been waiting for another post from you, and this one was very helpful lol! I only know one Vietnamese guy, but he\’d date an Asian woman before any other woman. Same with the Korean guys I know. Surprisingly I haven\’t met any Filipino or Chinese guys yet lol.

    • I’m a Filipino and I prefer dating a different race than dating a Filipina. It is not like I dislike Filipinas but just like the original poster of this blog said, our culture is very diverse and we like to adapt and to learn different cultures besides on our own 🙂

  9. You’re so awesome Ranier. I always look forward to new posts from you. 🙂 I really enjoyed this post. I have found that I find all types of Asian guys attractive, so it doesn’t matter to me what nationality he is. Though it seems the Japanese guy might be the route for me based on your description because I am shy and introverted, lol!

  10. This was really funny. I loved it. My ex is Filipino and you described him perfectly! I’m a New York Girl (Born and raised) So I like men with a little edge!

  11. lol. very stereotypical responses, but all stereotypes come from somewhere, right? and yes true about koreans only dating koreans. unless they think they’re white.

  12. xD This was super fun to read. My Filipino friend sent me this link since I’m all into kpop and other Asian things. XD Great read, guess I should start looking for Vietnamese guys then since I’m a Latina ^^. But it really all depends. My Hispanic friend is engaged to a Korean guy.. Though he does think he’s black since his step dad is one. But this is a very good foundation to know a bit of how most Asians can be.

    • That’s it. It really all DEPENDS! Whether you are Asian and think you are white, black, or think you are that specific ethnicity, people have their personal preferences. This was interesting to read. However, I understand this a general overview and stereotypes are stereotypes. Speaking as a Korean-American, and I definitely don’t think I’m white, black, latino or whatever nor do I act like it. Who am I? I am myself without putting my name here. I know who I am, simply put and act like myself because I don’t try to be like or act like anyone else. We are all unique in our own ways, and that’s what makes us special. For me, she could be Asian, white, latina, black or whatever because I like to get to know her and learn about her. Yes, attractiveness does play a role, does it not for anyone and at that we all have our own thoughts and opinions about what an individual considers as attractive in a person. I also have personal preferences which there’s nothing wrong with that. Who doesn’t, isn’t that your choice? People have personal preferences simply put which is completely normal. Just felt like commenting that’s all.

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  14. I’ve just started dating a Chinese guy (who was born and raised in China), so I was paying extra close attention to that part. You’re absolutely right; he does have his shit together and was very interested in my family. He’s also pretty laid back (except about work, which is good) and pretty good at letting me know he’s interested. There are some subtle, cultural differences rearding what is and is not appropriate interaction mixed in there, though. I’m sure we’ll navigate our way through it as we become better friends

          • What?? I can’t speak for all Asian nationalities but Korean guys are programmed to treat their women since birth. It’s a cultural thing. Even when we go out with group of friends the women in the group NEVER pays because all the fellas split the check.
            In Japan, its normal to ” dutch treat” on a date. Its their culture
            And I heard Chinese guys are notorious for being cheap.
            Don’t have any Southeast Asian friends so can’t say.

            • “Chinese guys are notorious for being cheap” For a Korean who makes assumption about Chinese man and generalized that Chinese man are cheap in a date is more of a typical stereotype. We Chinese man always have to pay on the first date (I personally pay for every date), because it is our culture. This shows we respect our mate and Is serious about our relationship. We are cheap in certain areas like clothes, games and other goods. I mean, why would we pay for the full price when we can ask for a discount. If the discount didn’t work out we just have to pay for the full price. We call that saving the extra cash. Now, don’t get me wrong, I personally never do that when I’m with my mates, because I know it will embarrassed her. And our relationship is more than just a 1% discount.

              • My Chinese ex straight up said he was “cheap with himself”. So cheap with clothes etc. I agree with as universal. He paid for most of our dates, but he did expect me to pay many times too. And he didn’t offer to pay on our first date (we paid for ourselves). Which didn’t help with the whole “cheap” stereotype…because most guys actually want to impress girls on the first date by offering to pay. Some Chinese guys are definitely very generous (which can mean to others, to who they are with, or only to themselves), so I know not all are like my ex (I have alot of male Chinese friends too), but the frugal, “cheap” thing can be frustrating and I think it is definitely cultural. And when I say cultural–not all Chinese (depending on where they were born and grew up) share the exact same culture.

            • You definitely heard wrong with Chinese guys. Go to a Chinese restaurant for god sakes they always fight to pay the bill. It’s called gaining face. Buying really expensive things for a girl is expected. You obviously no nothing of Chinese guys.

            • we always treat our ladies like princess and queens.. I always pay for everything everytime we go out for a date and I buy her flowers 5 times in a month. she’s french Canadian and I’m born and raised in the Philippines i bought her a ring from vancouver and we got engaged in thailand and we’re getting married here in whistler in 2015.

        • Your talking about ilocanos their as tight as some Chinese ha ha..they come from harsh environment and are not rooted in Spanish European water down tradition s

  15. Japanese guy, here I come!

    PS. am I the only one who can’t see the images, it says that they exceed bandwidth, and that I have to get photobucket pro to see them?

    • Thanks for the heads up! Because of you, I was able to take care of the situation and the pictures are now fixed 🙂

  16. This is a biased blog, he/she says “WE” you must be a filipino. Im filipino and i read this and once i got to the filipino section of it “BIASED” came to mind.

    • He’s a filipino..

      But it doesn’t sound biased..

      All has it’s pros and cons

      “Filipinos are certainly not the richest of Asians, but they are definitely the most culturally diverse and down to earth.”

      He said “We” b’coz he is a Filipino..

      and doesn’t mean He’s Bias…

      Filipinos are also hospitable.. and flexible..

      Not difficult to talk with.. 90% of them knows ho to speak english too well..

      I have visited Davao…. well, they’re really are..

  17. Hehehe I had a good laugh. I’m married to a Korean guy but he is not really a typical Korean guy- there are some things that are very Korean though. I blog about my experiences
    Nice to see something lighthearted about dating Asian guys.

    • HAHAHA… I thought this sh*t was written by “Non-Asian” Girl, then I realized it was written by a Gay Asian boy who is FAKE. I am glad you have “Non-Asian” girl dating experiences. A 6th grade Mexican, Facebook “Non-Asian” girlfriend(s), Not old enough to drink or handle a drink because your stomach can not handle it… Poor Baby…

      You said you have no intention of dating Asians, then how is this dating advise worth it? Did you get all this Dating advise from Facebook, YouTube, and Google? Well done.

      Me Love You Long Time…

  18. You must be a Filipino guy who wrote this, because you never wrote about how cheap and tight a Filipino guy is with his money, and how you Filipino’s are not Asian but more Mexican !!!! lol

  19. The homologated Asian: the Filipino. Got that right! Lol, I went to Korea just for the YG concert last year and I haven’t even been to the Philippines yet. Eventually went to Japan, studied in England and all the while born and raised in LA! All my buddies are Taiwanese or from HK and hang out in the 626 with the typical 626 car. At this point, being Filipino as defined by you is PC. Lol

  20. lol I’m a asian guy and like the author says at the end, kind of stereotypical but a fun read( this is how non-asian women see me…) if you dont take too seriously or as an all knowing definitive guide to asian men. I’m Chinese and I think I fall into the Americanized category(3rd gen) so, go me

  21. I really don’t see this as offensive; true that they don’t define everyone deep down, but it’s just a social reality that culture has a big part in shaping your personality, at least superficially. Of course, when us girls find our Asian princes, that’s where we get to discover their inner gems–easily the best part of any relationship~ ❤

  22. Internetz Logic:

    1. Write a personal blog about opinions and experiences
    2. Write a disclaimer stating that this is purely based on my own perspective.
    4. lolwut?

    • Internetz Logic:

      1. Insult you for your gay ass opinions and experiences?
      2. Make fun of you even more because I am a hater not a Lover.
      3. I am glad your experiences shows that all Asian Guys are F.O.B.
      4. Go Fuck your self. wut wut
      5. I love Fake Rolex and Lady Boys!

      Shit, this is Fun!!!

  23. i hang with asians of all types and backgrounds, and while this post is mostly true, you’re def biased in your view of filipino guys. the bit about flips is totally off based on my interactions with filipino guys. they are one of the most culture-centric, second only to koreans. what you wrote kinda speaks to that. think about it

    • LMAO you so butt hurt u fag. this writer said it was from HIS point of view.. obviously you aint gonna agree because youre not him. take it easy and just enjoy the humor from this blog

  24. ..if not somewhat stereotypical.. is a good starting point..? No I agree your assessments are bottom line gut truths. In a way these attributes are what Asians need to be freed from, accepted but not encouraged. Definitely strong starting points that empowers you to know what you’re most likely dealing with.

  25. Does every Asian guy must be a model to date a white chick
    White people have too many standards.. That’s why everyone is a critic, when we just have to be, be yourself.

    • What is it to you? Why do you care if they have standards or if they date you? It’s not like your life is going to improve because you are dating a “white chick”. People are people. Race doesn’t make them special or superior. Like you said, be yourself but more importantly, accept yourself.

  26. this is hilarious! I live in Houston and volunteered at a vietnamese non-profit. 99% of the people there were viet and were in their mid 20’s – mid 30’s and none of them or the friends I met where what you described. They were more a laid back mix of japanese and filipino…I was also around vietnamese people of different ages and they were SOOOO NICE! I was blown away. I don’t know if they would be just as nice if they knew I was dating a viet man as a black woman LOL…

  27. i just laughed when i read this article. everyone is different no matter what ethnicity you belong to and if anyone takes this article serious that person must lack basic knowledge of socialization.

  28. You will not notice Educated Viet guys. You might missed stereotype them as Chinese or K guys. For over 30 years, the highest ratio of medical school applicants in comparison to their ethnicity in the USA are viet guys. They will relocate everywhere in pursuit of their goals. Go to any hospital in the US, and there is a least one VietAm Doctor there, even in all KKK cities.

  29. I am the PILIPINO KUNO aka “the supposedly Filipino.” Having grown up in the states and randomly falling in love with all things Filipino, I found your assessment spot on… Filipinas = lovers not fighters. They compensate for what people think they lack in everything that makes someone a good girlfriend/boyfriend..

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  31. ‘abs – lots and lots of abs’…. so hilarious, yet so true :p
    I actually agree with your summary of Japanese and Korean guys, most of my dates have kind of fallen into those categories 🙂

  32. Love your classification… I’m in the Chinese group myself, and definitely support your diagnosis of non-Asian soulmate as a white girl. The “two-face” title does cast a little shadow on our group, but when i read the details, it was clearer and not a knock-down. Enjoyed this blog for sure !

  33. That was a really good post!!

    I’ve always thought the same about Korean guys especially here in London, they act that way. Most of my friends like K-Pop and think they are so hot and cute but really, the way you described them is the way I see them.

    I’d prefer any other Asian race to be honest.

    • There isn’t a large Korean population in UK or Europe in general right? Aren’t most Asians in UK, Chinese? Viets and Cambos in France,,Maybe that’s why they tend to be clannish. But it’s true its usually hard to break into the Korean circle. Koreans tend see themselves in high esteem. It can be either good or bad but once you earn their trust and become good friends with a Koreans they will be great friends and will give you their shirt of their backs.
      Koreans may seem aloof from a distance but we are passionate. We like having a good time. All the best Asian clubs in NYC and LA are Korean clubs, all ethnicities are welcome.
      If you show some interested in Korean language or other Korean related stuff you should meet a nice Korean boy.

      • Yeah, I guess you can say more Chinese and Vietnamese in my area. That’s true, I would really like to make a Korean friend or meet a nice Korean boy but at the moment, I’m going to more University Korean societies and trying to socialise more beforehand.

        Thank you however 🙂

  34. I’m a Chinese guy, and I find this to be true. Especially the “what school did you go to?” part, most likely followed by “So, what’s your major”.

  35. All you’ve done is exposed yourself as either a bisexual or near bisexual woman , bec. NATURALLY Asian men have huge amounts of Oestrogen and gives them the feminine features, added to their small penises. The pics. you have taken are of pumped up Asian men, Fakes ! why don’t you show them how they really are, like nerds ! of the six major races of the world Asian men are the lwast naturally masculine and look like women, having small dicks. Any real women gor for the most masculine of all men, Black men and other masculine races. As i said you are either Bisexual or Near Bisexual (attrated to feminine featured men) and ALL non Asian women like you who were/ are/ and will be attracted to asian men are not real women ! You like she boys !

  36. Who wrote this piece is rather limited knowledge and come up with stupid observation of Asian men. Many Filipino guys are uncultured, uneducated and rather ghetto in my opinion. Of course they don’t admit it but they don’t have the the typical Oriental culture.

  37. Don’t even pretend to know something you appear to be very little knowledge of. How many Asian Americans in your area you actually know, let alone in the U.S and else where? Especially you’re a Filipino, who don’t really share a whole lot of Asian value

  38. Oh, and stop calling your self Asian guy as if you’re somehow a typical Asian and give the real Asians a bad name.

  39. So this kind of non-sense garbage is what your brain got? You borrow and take credit of some dumb stereotypes out there trying to sell it, and have IQ low enough to not realize that Asian men and those who are interested in knowing them will just think you’re a stupid joke. Take a good observation of your self first before you talk about Asian men, wanna be idiot

  40. Lol

    I have many Asian male friends, and I am tempted to let them read this. As for the hanguk/Korean guys…. Would have loved reading this before hand lol. We are breaking all the rules! Korean and Carmel girl …. Yea those stereo types come from somewhere…. Lol

    Btw. Belated grats Reiner!

  41. I find this to be true from what I have experienced. My longest relationship was with a Filipino guy. He didn’t mind my kpop/german rock band craze (well for a while). My vietnamese boyfriend was always doing party stuff with his family, and they invited me to an engagement ceremony so i could enjoy myself, even though I had only dated him for 2 weeks at the time. The only Korean I dated was born in Seoul but adopted to USA. He had more of a white guy attitude on things. I’d like to date one of the million Korean guys on my college campus, but as said above “They truly stay within the Korean circle”. I could speak nearly fluent Korean to a guy [studied for 5 yrs] and he doesn’t bother to respond back (in english or korean) because I’m not Korean…

    • That’s interesting. Maybe they think you are being a show off when you approach them in Korean. Perhaps you should just speak your native language to them instead. If you normally speak English everyday then just speak English to them like you would anybody else. If you strike a friendship, let them discover your proficiency in Korean on their own either by watching you react to something being said in Korean or responding to a Korean non-English speaker who approaches you in Korean for help with directions etc. Just act like it’s no big deal. It will make them wonder about what other awesome qualities you have that they don’t know about. Trust me, this is universally better than being bragger who pulls out all their best cards and you just know they have no hand left to play.

      • Good point. I do use english most of the time. The example from above is like when my female friend would introduce me to someone (and she’d introduce in korean) and its just like dead silence towards me but chit chatting to her. She herself has also began to hang out with her korean friends more than us. I’ve gotten odd confessions that im just gonna take it one day at a time.

          • I hate when that happens- friends pulling away from you just because of ethnicity. It really sucks but what can you do? I say just live your life and don’t give them any special concern just because they are Korean. They are humans and no more special than the next person. If they can’t appreciate you just because you aren’t Korean, then screw them. You probably don’t want to associate with anyone who has such a mentality anyways. You will meet Koreans who are decent and when you do, treat them like you would any other decent person. You just ran into a few sour pusses as you will with other ethnicities or nationalities but don’t worry, not everyone you meet will be like this. Trust me on that.

  42. I think you have it wrong, the matter is whether or not the guy you are dating was born here or not. I’m Vietnamese and all the guys in my family and men I have dated are well educated and rich, there’s a lot of Vietnamese men in med school and just open the phone book, there are many MD under the last name Tran or Nguyen. If you’re non Asian there is more of a chance that you will be dating a professional any Asian race, BC Rhode fobby viet,Chinese,Korean,Filipino,kao etc are only interests in their own race. As for Americanize Asian are usually more successful only BC their family came here longer

  43. quite funny post :

    well i am from AFghanistan and i look quite chinese type , sine today not a single Aussie,European girl (living in Australia) has proposed me 😦

    i just feel ” European men /aussie Men look for asian girls, the other way around ( the girls arent interested in this )

    comment if you think i am wrong

  44. Filipinos best soul mate is a black girl????GTFO, i’ve seen fellow filipinos with ALL kinds of girls. In fact, we have the most interracial dating because our culture itself is very diverse. I been on dates with other filipinas, blacks, latinas ,indians, and had white girls who had crushes on me(although never dated one). My current girlfriend is ecuadorian. The fact is women in general love us because we’re the most outgoing and have the most game( no offense, to the other asians, but from my experience it’s true).

    • And what is so wrong with being matched to black girls? If you haven’t noticed, he designated different types of Asians to ONE race/ ethnicity of girls. So what you got black girls? Big deal. You should be flattered by it not offended. Many people will be very happy to see that even if you are not. And I hate to break it to you, there are black girls who, like you, will read that and take offense to being matched with Filipinos but I’m sure that didn’t cross your mind when you launched into your “diverse” dating portfolio rant that is apparently “unique” to you. Get off your high horse. You are no better than other asians who date interracially lol.

  45. Is this supposed to be funny? This is f’ibg racist and stereotypical. If I wrote something on how to get black girls and recommended that you buy a bucket of Popeyes and a large pickle juice to entice them I am sure you’d be pissed. F U you racist sack of shiet

    • You need serious anger management and why are you even picking on black girls? What about the latino and white girls who are listed here? At least the guy separated the asians when he was stereotyping. You just grouped ALL of a skin color into “popeyes and pickle juice”. Who does that? You need to go back to school. Maybe then you will learn that black people exist outside of America where they don’t even have or care for Popeyes and the likes. LMAO!! EPIC FAIL!

  46. This is so funny and well written. I really enjoyed this read although I did find it a bit awkward looking at those half-naked Filipino guys. Hahaha. 😀

  47. Hahaha loved it! I’m black and i love Asian men. I always think some or most wouldn’t talk to me because of the black women stereotypes -.- i LOVE filipinos! & their food :O you havent lived until youve had their food:3

  48. since the moderator doesn’t know any shit about indonesia and thai cuz i from indonesia i give you are the answer from my prespective as indonesian

    since you can posed a philip model.and give a critical point plus
    then i give this the picture of diverse indonesian guy

    well okay since indonesian is combining of phili,china tiongok,arab,viet,and minor indian.that would be a lot of choich. indonesian are country where the culture crowd and mostly visiting by tourist cause the beautiful nature,beautiful island bali,and candi borobudur wonder and lot more.yeah indonesian are most likely hard to understand from.the commodity can be meet from rural village to and urban elite,indonesian guys are tuff and some more likely korean get close to indonesian guys is going to bar karaoke.whatever but when it come to a more tradtional that would seemengly just like china.but in term of divorce is will be likely suprising to a whole family since indonesian has been teaching by parent and school ethic from middle school about marriage ethic and tradition, a man who divorce is meant has been put a same to his family that why divorce in indonesia is the lowest ranking,and the way i know non asian girl who date or married indonesian guy is latino brazil,american mostly meet in bali,and russian but not as much as you thinking.thats all i know since i was coolege too.

    why asian people sterotyping each other i mean,dont you see how white guys totaly stereotyping asian guys from chook to little penis,i meant time to stand together just like united europe.(asian century is underway)!sayed by australian pm

    40%indonesian are mostly toward china
    -outgoing ****
    -easy going****

  49. this my indonesian north celebes pics.we are splited here,java island more malayan and chine tiongook,bali more like thai hindus,celebes more indodutch,indopotuguese hence long colonialisation and phili cuz close to phili here,papua lol no they are like aborigin tribes in aussie,hate lolol that was hater made to hate.doesn’t matters its your biznis

    bad night res but better than falco have

  50. I’m a filipino and i have a wonderful 19 cm. Cock, filipinos are asians though my ascendants are spanic people which is known for their beautiful golden tanned skin (not brown) and i am 5″7 tall.
    I have deep creased eyes and full lips, and my nose is like rihanna’s. I have a very large torso even if i wanted to be skinnier, apparently i can’t cause i have a very spanish body stat. And most of my ex boyfriends or those who have a crush on me are white i mean italian sexy guys xd.

  51. oh hey its the fucking bitch again!
    seriously once again you gotta be fucking kidding me. you are stereotyping these guys based on what? your opinion? by the way, here is where your argument proved itself invalid on your idea of korean guys. a) you say you work at a boutique? and your interactions with them is only at your job? bro! you work at a boutique! what guy, ANY guy is going to be lively and happy shopping with their girlfriend fucking shirlock homes! of course theyre gonna look “aloof and in their own bubble” goddam you piss me off.
    “After bathing in kimchi and sesame oil, throw up an Asian peace sign and pour on all of that super cheesey Aegyo.” oh go fuck your self.

  52. Well, I have read all the posted comments here..

    It has Mixed opinions… Ideas.. and whatsoever… (and some nonsense post)

    Be it any Races.. It doesn’t matter if it is Black, White, Asian, Western, Midldle, Northern, Southern… you name it…

    Dating.? It’s your choice..

    Love.? You got Tons of qualifications…

    yet in the end you’ll make an exception..

  53. Asian girls, particularly china girls, would be jealous very easily. They would like to lie a lot when it comes to asian guys. They defame asian guys all the time due to their insecurity. Haters gonna hate, never listen to a asian girl, ever!

  54. Omg. My match is a Vietnamese?! lol! I have never met a Vietnamese dude though. I also have a question…what about the Hmong, there are a ton where I live. Just out of curiousity, if you could do me the favor…thank you. And the first Korean I met was super annoying, and only liked Asian girls *cough* Koreans*cough*, well, I don’t know about the annoying part since he’s super Americanized. Oh well. Because of him I was temporarily discouraged, but I came out of my hermit hole of despair and realized not all asian guys are like that. Or guys in general, this article gave me hope, I was just about ready to just stick to my Latino dudes. (Sorry if this comment offended you in any way! I didn’t mean it!!)

    • Wow, I didn’t realize how stupid I sounded, kind of like a racist bastard…? Ahh whatevs, it made me laugh my ass off, but I haven’t met any of these types of asians except one Korean! All we have is Hmong, thats why I requested it. 😛 Sorry, I apologize. The stereotypes made me lol. 😀

  55. This is some funny shit – gave me a good laugh. I live in London and I’m an African chick who works in Private Equity.There is one Chinese guy in my office who is lovely and makes a point of never forgetting my birthday. Gives me the most beautiful, classy presents every year and is wonderfully polite to boot and no, in case you are wondering, I couldn’t particularly influence his position in the company. He’s just really nice and no, we are not each other’s type either but he gives the impression of being open-minded and I quite like that. No wonder they are making in-roads in Africa. The one nihongo man in the company on the other hand (born and raised here), is so full of himself yet panders to every blonde that walks past (even though they are busy making fun of him behind his back at every drinks night out precisely because he panders to them like that). It amuses and infuriates me in equal measure that he looks down on me, apparently due to my skin colour, even though I’m one of the few that actually acknowledges him as a person in his own right and for fucks sake, I speak Japanese! Jesus effing Christ, I’d dread meeting a Korean at this rate. I used to be pro-Asian dating but I’m too fed up with the damned politics. I went to finishing school. Finishing school! Count on one finger, how many you know, that did that! Sheesh.

  56. OK. I’ve calmed down a tad. I apologize for the term ‘pro-Asian dating’. That makes it sound like some kind of sport and that is truly not my intent. I like Asian guys and I would love to date one who could see it fit to look past the shade of my skin and no, I’m not shoving my interests in Asian languages/culture down their throats either….

  57. I just recently started dating a korean. He is a veternarian.I am a Filmmaker/public relations person.We both moved to los angeles for career and met in l.a. He is the second korean I have dated. I am Black.Born and raised in New York but of caribbean descent(jamaican and barbadian). He was born in Korea but did his licensing at cornell. He treats me very well. My experiences with koreans have always been good. I didn’t go for him because he’s asian but we have similar outlook on life and get along well. We have so much fun together being nerdy. For instance we are both very into LOTR and can’t wait for the hobbit.We plan to get dresseed up for it. 🙂

  58. I think that Koreans are the most flexible with soul mates where I live it mother load of Mexi-Koreans and Black-Koreans! Maybe a couple of white Koreans, haha not really. For Filipinos I think what you said is 100% true haha, and they do like them black girls. Ahh, and Vietnamese, you couldn’t explain it any better party animals. Haha
    Chinese people: I find there soulmates are
    White and Black. Hmm….
    Thai people: white/ Europeans (: they like the exotics xD
    Indonesians: I think they stick with their own. I have a lot of Indonesian friends the kindest people ever.
    Japanese people are the craziest most hilarious Asian out there ^^ beside Filipino of course.

    Also Koreans I find are a little rough around the edges. (Almost half of my friends are korean) hoho, they can be very funny but they always had their inner k-rage! Rawr~

    • I agree with some of your post! except koreans—i think some are flexible, but the ones making half black koreans are probably women not men. maybe i’m wrong.
      haven’t met many japanese but everyone i’ve met has been really awesome and friendly (from japan, not westernized).

  59. This is a nice topic to read someone’s article. However let’s stop stereotyping one another. Asians should help each other. Filipinos are also asian in my opinion. If you like dating other nationality, you have to understand their culture. The guy who wrote this only explains his point of view. Just chill and don’t take it as a personal affect if you believe that the writer is wrong. But let us remember that we have to be very cautious when choosing the right word so no one feels badly affected.

  60. I really enjoyed your article. I’ve been reading it every now and it’s my first time commenting. I have to agree with a majority of what’s written plusiit’s entertaining.

    I’ve dated all Asians in here except for Japanese, Cambodians. Of course they were long term., hehe.Gotta say the Korean and Vietnamese guy didn’t like my strong person personality, said they were afraid of my fiery temper but they treated me very well. The Chinese guy respected me and was very accepting of me. But I might have to go searching for a Filipino man cause they seem to be most open-minded. Just my opinion. However., Japanese sounds kinda sweet.

  61. I just posted this on my online-dating profile so the non-asian ladies can understand the difference between us asian guys.

  62. Hmmmmm im a korean girl and i studied english in manila two years ago.. I strongly agree with the way you describe filipino guys… they are the sweetest, most polite and coolest guy in asia o.o though most of them are not really as rich as other asian guys like our guys in korea.. at first I thought filipinos are scary because of what my friends told me.. they said there are lot of bad guys in the philippines but trust me. Most people there have big hearts.. they are smiling people in spite of their unstable and low economy.. they very blessed with good hearts and i really proved to myself how gentle filipino guys are.. i remember when i used to ride a train in manila… filipino guys wouldnt let me stand though there are still some who would just wouldnt care but its very unlikely.. majority of them are really gentleman.. would say the most gentlemen in asia.. they are hillarious and very very easy to be with.. and oh i forgot.. they are really good singers and dancers too…

    • Hi how you doing? Im Filipino from Hawaii, wanna hangout? lol im just kidding, thanks for the kind words, and yea i love Korean girls 😉

    • i kinda know what u mean….i think SE Asian guys in general are abit nicer ? ive been to thailand before and theyre very sweet ppl…& kinda cute..ive never been to the Phillipines…i really want to go but i heard that Koreans are really hated in the Phillipines and theyre targeted for murder and kidnappings??? lol…

  63. asian is asian,, black is black,, white is white NOT SAME…!!! and Iam asian and I PROUD TO BE ASIAN…!!! I JUST LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT ASIAN… And who not asian is FUCKING HELL….!!!!!!!

  64. I am a red headed 35 year old living in Norman, Ok. at the moment. I fear that my chances of meeting one is slim because of my age and that I am a mother. I am very attracted to their looks but even more because of who they are and that they are so Family Oriented. Love it!

  65. wow. scary how accurate this is. I am a Vietnamese guy myself. I actually do have a big dragon tattoo, not to rich but well off enough to buy whatever girl I am going out with plenty of gifts. I used to go to raves all every weekends, but now I prefer going to the beach or just hanging out at someone’s house. The funny part of all this, is that once chased a guy down the street with a machete for touching one of my sister. I missed the California life, but wouldn’t want to move back.

  66. Oh, Now it makes more since why the Filipino boy in my physics class is always so nice to me and smiling at me. He even taught me some Tagalog. I’m the only black girl in that class.

  67. ACTUALLY—- im half chinese and half vietnamese… and all i gotta say is that its “Elle-vay” cuz only viet hill billy’s say it like that with the abbreviations and all that jazz… and TWO: viets usually drive lexus or acura…. chinese ppl just go for the BMW yo.

  68. BTW, on my viet side of the fam, all the non asians are black and mexican, and theres a lot of them in my fam… no fucking lie so this stereotype is on point. LOL

  69. Very funny article… some true… some not. I think across the board there are guys that are wealthy and guys that are not. I enjoyed reading the article but didn’t agree with any of the photos lol… the photos don’t represent the majority of each type of Asian guy. For example, 99% of Viet guys do not look like Johnny Tri Nguyen. lol

  70. The post is funny and entertaining, I like it. However, the monolithic premise is kind of backward. You can’t reduce every person to a specific cultural imperative. You’d may be surprised to know that the same variation that exists in the white guy world, exists to the same degree within, say, the Vietnamese guy world. It’s a shocker. You just gotta open your eyes. There’s a Vietnamese Tom Cruise or a Vietnamese George Clooney out there within that world along with all the slackers, fat dudes, stoners, gamers, hipsters, geeks…etc.

  71. Korean guys can be VERY scary when pissed off…they show no mercy…omg! personal observation…im Korean so ive seen it first hand…Korean guys can PMS real bad….

  72. I think south East Asian guys (Thai, Cambodia, Indonesian, Malaysian) usually have the same cultural upbringing with the pinoys. Due to our geographical position being in the middle of Asia we are exposed to other races since the times of our ancestors.

    We pride ourselves in our culture and for Indonesians, bruneians, and Malaysians, religion can a focal point to some people. We spoil our women if we love them, but if somehow we are tired of our women, we can be a true dickhead to them.

    We are very thoughtful, we are of a communial society that prioritize family and friends. But our culture promotes hypocracy to some extend. Just like the Japanese culture. It’s still a big face saving society out there.

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  74. First of all, what kind of ???? funny blog is this? Im American Chinese guy but dont fall for the outside appearance or their culture. I only see 2 type of people, the one who loves God and the one who loves the worldly ways. Find a man who loves God with all his heart, strength, and might, he will love you when things go bad. And trust me, when you stay long enough with anyone, attractions end and the annoyance begins. Doesnt matter how handsome or pretty is that person. Beauty is within the heart. Dont let the well mannered, high spending, smooth talking be your criteria. You really want a guy to buy you a 2k LV purse? Or someone spends that money to help the needy? I would marry any girl from any race that loves God first, then her man, and then I know her fear of God will keep this family together. As Christ loves the Church, may a man after God’s own heart love you as well. Peace to you all, hope you find your soul mate!

  75. Viet is not ghetto more like classy but don’t fuck with them because they all about money and home invasion. I’m half-viet. The ghetto Asian is Cambodian and Laotian. You need to come to Stockton, California. If you go to Sacramento, Fresno, Modesto,Long Beach, CA they tell you Stockton is GHETTO. Cambodian and Laotian are under the radar just like Stockton. The 2groupyou can find in TX,NV, AL, GA, MA, and MI. Why and how I know this? I got connection and I like to travel. The sad part there not a lot of non Asian girls that like hood-Asian guys. When I say hood, I mean hood pull the trigger to yo fukn head type shit,rob yo house and kill yo baby if you tell anyone. Them some crazy Asian here in the states. When the Patriot Act kicked in , deportation fucked up everything. This was some shit like from the 1830s Indian Removal Act.

  76. India and it’s men are disgusting. I met an Indian man who is a Hindu who already had a long time girlfriend in America who knew nothing until I told her. I am in Germany. His name is “Anmol Chandon” or “Nikka Anmol”. He cheats lies and is a lying piece of shite. He took photos of our visit to show his friends and used me. He uses online dating sites to find women all over the world and con them. He uses them to stay with or have sex usually until they see him in person……. He is disgusting with bad hygiene and clogged pores all over, very short, and dirty. He is doesn’t deserve any woman and all need to beware. He preys on innocent white women, filipinos, and anything with fair skin…. spreading herpes and worse. He is a coward and swine.

  77. Holy crap!
    Reading the Filipino part I remembered hanging out at my friend’s place with her step Dad’s Filipino family watching the Bradley-Pacquiao fight and going BALLISTIC after the decision was made.
    Like every other chick who likes Asian guys I have a weak spot for Japanese and Korean guys (especially when they can sing).
    And I’ve met both nationalities before, but Filipinos are my favorite. You’re right, they’re absolutely the most friendly and easy-going ethnicity I’ve ever met in large groups.
    “What’s your name? Here’s a beer and some awesome food, karaoke when we’re drunk!”
    I miss them.

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  88. I’m Hispanic/ Latina whatever, and my man is vietnamese. He is ghetto but he is definitely not an out going person. He hates parties. He is a jealous type when other men looks at me. He’s the kind of guy that wants me all for himself. It also depends on the kind of Vietnamese guy he is. He’s the kind of Asian that doesn’t feel like he’s Asian. He is attracted to Latinas for I know all his past girlfriends were. But one thing for sure is that he’s super faithful. He only has his eyes on me. I’m happy with my Viet guy. He’s the best boyfriend I ever had. Any Latina that want to date a Viet haves a good chance.

  89. I love your blog!!! Very informative and funny. I am in a AM/WF relationship with a Vietnamese man. It has been the easiest, most wonderful relationship I have ever been in. I enjoy the material you write and it is interesting to see how nicely diversity can bring people together in beautiful ways.

  90. well said bro I’m also a filipino and I find this blog of yours really amazing, Though different peoples have different opinions some are positive some are negative, But you got my thumbs for that ^.^ Regards sayo kababayan 😀

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  111. That was a very interesting post! I am from Vancouver, so I have met literally all kinds of Asian people. I am also quarter Asian myself. These generalizations are quite true to my own experience as well. Problem with Filipino guys is though, yeah, they are laid back, but too laid back. Most Filipino guys I’ve met had “no life” They are generally very lazy, they are barely ever successful in anything they do. They don’t care to study, and most seem satisfied working at their favorite church’s Chicken, sorta living up to their stereo type. It might be fun to date them for a bit, but not for anything serious. We women want men who can take care of themselves, who have some values and goals when we are choosing a serious partner. Filipino guys generally aren’t really that type. Same goes for Vietnamese folks, though they are a bit less lazy. East Asians are known for their hard working, except many younger Chinese generations. For me personally I find Korean guys the most desirable. They work the hardest among all these people yet younger generations are quite open and accepting, and they are more outgoing than Chinese or Japanese folks(though culturally Japanese are more often I find). Once they are into something, they are really into it. I mean REALLY into it. They can be really into their girlfriends too, but often to the point it gets a little annoying lol But whatever, that’s the trait I look for when I look for men. Maybe I am too mature and serious, but I’m old enough to be that way, and I don’t have time to waste on guys who just like to party and have no life. But that’s purely my opinion though.

    • Idk about your thoughts on Filipino being lazy! My man works 7 days a week, for himself, makes good money, he isn’t rolling in dough but I haven’t worked in months due to being pregnant and having the baby and I’m not standing in the welfare line…he keeps us up and believes in maintaining his woman and children, however he knows I’m his partner so he doesn’t mind working alone until I can get back to work, he is far from lazy! Lol but the rest? Yea you right

  112. This is the reason why my life feels whole. Without bloggers and media outlets, how could we all connect to the world outside of us? Thank you for taking risks and doing research. Have a bountiful harvest. 😉

  113. How do the different Asian fellas feel about a girl who is mixed Asian, black, and white? Laid back and fun loving but responsible as well

  114. Based on statistics, filipinos in the united states are second only to the indians as far as income is concern. Filipinos are ahead of chinese, japanese, koreans and vietnamese.

  115. Got my brownie man, Filipino, he is exactly as described and we now have a beautiful baby girl that looks just like him but with my green eyes and she has blonde streaks in her black hair…he is laid back but too much alcohol makes him an ass!!

    • You are so ghetto
      You basically agreed with what the previous poster said Filipino guys are lazy. Anyone who has been to the Philippines can see that. Still a third world run down corrupt country. And after 100 years of American colonization they still can’t speak proper English.
      Oh why do they claim Spanish hertiage when only 5% even have Spanish ancestry? They worship light color mestizos on tv but shun dark Malays which make up 95% of the population. Low self esteem.
      Too laid back and an alcoholic = lazy loser.
      Congrats in snatching a “brownie” and doing othere girls a favor. Hahaha.

  116. This was entertaining to read 😄. Like you said, all East Asian men are different. In my country(Ghana), it’s not uncommon to see a Ghanaian man or woman dating an East Asian man(mainly Thai, Chinese or Korean). But it all depends on the guy.

  117. The best would be Thai guy….Buakaw

    Outgoing: ★★★★★ (out of 5)
    Kindness: ★★★★★
    Wealth: ★★★★★
    Romance: ★★★★★
    Easy-Going: ★★★★★
    Badass: ★★★★★
    Legendary: ★★★★★
    Skin Color: ★★★★★

  118. someone half white and half Korean for their non-korean preference?

    no lol. Just like the rest of the world they think the same way about the hapas. if its non Korean they strongly prefer white lol

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