Shit White Girls Don’t Know: The Difference Between Dating An Asian vs Asian-American Man

Remember that scene from the movie Kill Bill Vol. 2 where the main character (Uma Thurman) goes to train with Pai Mei, the Kung Fu master? Well, lately I’ve been feeling a lot like Pai Mei. Not to say that my hair is turning Grey or that I know Kung Fu, but I do feel like some wise old Asian guy giving advice to a bunch of White Girls/non-Asians – literally.

“Say ‘Ni-Hao’ to me one more time! Say it!!!”

30 Minutes Ago… a random girl messaged me

Random White Girl: Do asian guys do alot of sweet talking?
Wise Asian: lol i don’t know, it depends on each guy
Random White Girl: What’?! you’re the asian dude whisperer lol. I read your stuff

The Asian Dude Whisperer?! THE ASIAN DUDE WHISPERER?! Well… I actually kinda like that name, haha, but still! You’d be surprised how many of these requests I get. I get comments and messages all the time asking me about how girl X can seduce Asian guy Y into Z’ing her V – the shit I read is cray cray! But it all leads to one very important issue:

People don’t know jack SHIT about Asians vs Asian-Americans.

Truth be told, a lot of Asians are actually JUST like the ones on K-Town (a show that I 100% support, believe it or not)

What? Did I hurt your feelings? You think you’re in-tune with your Asian-ness because you drink Pearl Tea while watching Naruto? Get the hell out of here with that crap! I honestly love it when I see these weeaboos who parade around their anime loving selves acting like they know what’s going on with the Asian community better than us Asians. In fact, I myself barely know what’s going on because there’s just too much crap swimming in our toilet.

Now comes the real Kung Fu Lesson: Although we are different and special, there are plenty of things you can keep in mind when dating us. Things that we have in common, things which you can read about in books that illustrate how “hey, we might be Japanese and Korean and Filipino, but we do share some characteristics and we do go through similar experiences.” So pick up your chopsticks cuz child, I’m gonna teach you how to catch yourself an Asian Prince.

Is He “Made In America”?

In case you didn’t know, Mr. Jay Park was made in America

As ridiculous as it might sound to some of you white folks out there, there are a crazy list of differences between native born Asians and Asian-Americans. When it comes to Asian-Americans (especially if they were born and raised in the States), there’s a high chance that they are completely and totally Americanized, thus you really don’t have to do much in terms of changing yourself. Treat them like any other American person you know and you won’t have a single problem. Can’t seem to grasp this concept? Think about it like this:

Let’s say that you’re a White girl. Chances are, you’re mixed between a bunch of European ethnicities which have all been stewed in a genetic cauldron for years and years resulting in this mixed mutt, aka, YOU. You might be mixed with German, English, Scottish, and Dutch; or you could just be half English and half Irish. But imagine if you were part Irish (born and raised in America) and an Asian guy liked you. How would you feel if the Asian guy taking you out decided to say “Hey, I know you’re part Irish so I decided to take you out to the pub for our first date. Hows’ about a pint while we sing folk songs and eat potatoes?!”

“The racism! It hurts my liver!”

Feels kinda weird, right? The same applies to Asians. Just because we’re Asian doesn’t mean we have rock gardens in our backyard and spelling bee trophies on our mantel. If we’re Asian-American, we probably eat macaroni and cheese, enjoy shooting a gun, and have a strong attachment to “I Love Lucy.” Hell, we might even be more Americanized than some of you!

General Rule of Thumb: Unless you can tell that an Asian-American guy is VERY attached to his cultural values and customs, treat him like you would every other American citizen.

“Wanna spread cheese whiz all over my thighs and lick it off?!”

What If He’s Fresh Off The Boat (F.O.B)?

If you’re dealing with a F.O.B, then shit… you’re on your own! LOL! Just kidding 🙂 If he is an immigrant from Asia, you just have to use your best judgment to see how culturally attached he is. Don’t be afraid to ask him questions. Figure out what his views are on religion, relationships, sex, marriage, and cuddling. Really talk to him and figure him out. Some of you ladies seem too scared to do that and you make the biggest mistake you can possibly make: you make very stereotypical assumptions. You just assume that “Well, he’s Japanese so he must be into hardcore Anime porn and living the Samurai lifestyle, right?!” Wrong.

Everyone from every culture is different. Sometimes we may be part of one culture but it doesn’t mean we adopt every single custom from that culture. Maybe the Japanese guy who just moved here from Tokyo is a fan of Sushi and Samurais but actually has a passion for Ebony porn instead of Anime? Or maybe the Vietnamese guy you’ve been tutoring for the last two weeks likes Indian girls more than he likes Asian? Who knows?! That is why it is so important for you to actually get in there and ask questions. We all have our quirks and hidden fetishes/annoyances, so figure those out.

“This Asian guy I’m dating is really hot, but he doesn’t like Basketball Wives and I don’t K-Town. How can we work this thing out?”

General Rule of Thumb: If he’s an Asian Immigrant, just ask him a bunch of questions and figure out how “Asian” he really is. Get a better understanding of how he feels about his culture because when you think about it, if he is an immigrant, he chose to immigrate to your country for a reason. Maybe that reason is because he dislikes his culture and is seeking a better opportunity – or maybe he just likes Black girls.

What Does This All Mean?

“It all makes so much sense now that you explained it again, Ranier! Thank you so much!”

A lot of you are really stupid – no seriously, you are. Some of you have your ever-expanding Asian-loving brains shoved so far up your dirty asshole that you’re blind to the fact that before someone is Asian, or African, or American… they’re a person. No one wants to be stereotyped and they sure as hell don’t want to date the person doing it themselves. If you do find yourself interested in an Asian guy who is of a culture you don’t understand, then just do a little bit or research. Figure out some basic cultural values and use it as a reference.

After you do your homework, go talk to the Asian guy for hours and hours, go out for coffee and sandwiches, let him touch your boobs, I don’t know! Just go out and have a spectacular and amazing date with him. Blow his mind with how interesting you are, your passions and aspirations in life. If you feel like he’s too different for you and you just can’t relate on any level – whether it’s through cultural similarities or your burning love for Radiohead – then just walk away. It’s not worth it. I’ve met way too many women who like Asian guys and are willing to change their own personalities just so they can attract him – that’s not how it should work.

“I don’t know about this girl… she keeps saying Ni-Hao to me! What does that even mean?!”

Your love and attraction should be effortless. It should be simple and the attraction should be as powerful as a red stick of dynamite bursting earth into the air. As one of my Communication Studies professors once said:

“If you like someone and you want that person in your life, it doesn’t matter if you’re a different ethnicity or you speak a different language completely. If you like them, your personalities will find a way to make it work.”

A Beautiful couple that I found on this blog:

**Yes, I know that the title says “Shit ‘WHITE’ Girls Don’t Know”, but it really just applies to any non-Asians. There. Happy?**

72 thoughts on “Shit White Girls Don’t Know: The Difference Between Dating An Asian vs Asian-American Man

  1. Hi Falco! It’s been a while, first off let me tell you. Amazing article as ususual and update. I am dating a Korean American who totally don’t agree with his cultural up bringing Yaay!!!! His best friend who is Korean is married to a Jamaican. Hola! Although I’m bonifide Black, I’m loving it. He is amazing and will keep you updated on our progress and maybe we can share our story on the blog to encourage people to be themselves when meeting someone no matter what race. That’s all I could think about when I was with him was what you said be yourself.



  2. Dude, just because you don’t like white girls, doesn’t mean you have to be so hostile about them. They are people, they make mistakes, and if someone doesn’t have much knowledge of Asian culture and Asians, they, of course, won’t know the difference. At least these girls are trying to be nice to you, but you definitely return their niceness with a snobby, hostile attitude. Not nice.

  3. Oh, and what’s the point of this article you wrote? It’s here to just pick on a certain group, to downgrade them and to insult them. The way you wrote is very arrogant, kind of like talking down to them, ”Here, stupid, I’ll give you an advice, you idiot. Listen up!”. How would you like that some White girl wrote something similar to Asians like you? I don’t think you’d give two shits about their piece of advice, when you notice how snobby, arrogant and insulting they refered to you. Why would someone want to take a piece of advice from a jerk? Hmm? Frankly, if I think about it, I don’t even know why you are so popular with your articles, because they are mostly here to favour one type of females (Black- because they are your preference), but of course you will try to save it at times by mentioning that it’s for ANY NON-ASIAN, yeah right. But when it comes to other ones, namely, cough, White, you’re as hostile and snobby as you can possibly be. I don’t know why rudeness and hostility works so well in USA, but I guess people just love that there. Can’t you express an opinion without having to get all bitchy about something? Like, downright hostile and rude, not just blunt. It’s okay to have a preference for a certain group, but come on, all this hostility for other groups is really unnecessary. Man, I am dissapointed, Ranier. Of course, I always thought you were kind of rude and tactless/careless about other people’s feelings, but this one piece of article is too much. You may be appreciated by many who find themselves on your good(prefered) side, but I think you’re very young, still, and you have a lot of growing up to do. Cheers. Now, go ahead and bash me, everyone.

      • OMG… Haha. “opinionsvspoliticalcorrectness” decides to tone police you when you’re frustrated with Asian guys not being treat as… gee, I don’t know… human beings and individuals, while in the process being passive-aggressive, arrogant, and domineering? OvsPC writes: “Can’t you express an opinion without having to get all bitchy about something?Like, downright hostile and rude, not just blunt. I ” And then fails to see the horrific irony… And you’re supposed to be *nice?* A+ Response.

      • Good article, but I absolutely love how people in America are so determined to split people into different racial groups. There are no human races. There are no definite Japanese, Swiss or Peruvian people, there are no definite folk groups at all. Every individual is different, and although groups like Swedes, Finns and Koreans are on the homogenous side, I still find this ridiculous.
        Of course you can be proud of the former nationality of you or your parents, but all of this racial crap is getting too far. Luckily enough, the world will be a multicultural paradise within no time. All shitty cultural problems solved.

      • Dude, your funny, your material is pretty bang on. I have an ever expanding asian love brain. And its so dark up here. Thanks for the heads up.

        White Girl.

    • Are you finished with your “white privilege” rant? Last time I checked this is a freakin’ personal BLOG! Not the New York TImes! In this post, he was fair and balanced to me, insulting all equally. What exactly were you expecting or wanting to see and read? The pictures are almost all white women and Asian men. Are you upset that there is someone, (Asian in particular) who openly states an appreciation for black women? Is the “SHOCK and AWE” that it’s NOT a white woman too much for you? Get off your high horse, or better yet that shrinking pedestal. It’s not PERSONAL, it’s his OPINION. If you can’t handle that–DON’T READ THE BLOG!

    • OpvsPc: were we reading the same post? The article highlights the difference between Asian and Asian Americans in a casual way, and not meant as a rant against Caucasians. (I’m gonna be even more pc than you and use the correct term.). All the points are really valid. Being Chinese Canadian many Caucasian men assume I am some delicate lotus flower or a dragon lady. It’s the immediate stereotyping that most people do when they meet me. Getting to know the person for who she/he is is the best way, as the article says.

      • Isn’t it obvious? OpvsPc just can’t handle the fact that a group other than white women are being praised and of all people, black women **gasp**. Where else is she getting the supposed “hate” for white women from? It sure as hell is no where in ANY of the blog posts by Rainer. Her world as she knows it, where she thinks everyone prefers white women is being questioned and she can’t handle it so she is seizing any opportunity to lash out lol!

        There is a saying, if you are too perfect people actively seek flaws. Too bad all the instituted negative stereotypes about black women and aggressive media domination of whiteness will never cut it! Her significant other is probably fantasizing about one dark chocolate when they get down and dirty lol!

        • I love how your comment is about her being racist and white privledged to him because he prefers African American women, yet you use cookie cutter racism to get your point across. Jaysuss. I’m so sick and tired of this Black vs White, White vs Black crap. One day all this racist seperation shit will be weeded through generation to generation and all you small minded idiots will die out. One day race won’t matter unless it’s to celebrate culture and not to crap on the colour of other people’s skins. Cut it out. Acting like fucking children.

    • Many non-Asians pick on Asians. they’re allowed to do it but Asians aren’t. that’s kind of messed up and racist so……

      • And you think two wrongs are going to make things right? You also must take into account that there are many Caucasians who don’t live by the bias and who don’t have any issues with race. You think it is okay for you to write shit about our race in order to…what? Satisfy your frustration and hate? Is that your justification? You mean, I have to suffer self-steem blows from you because some assholes in my race said something to you or someone else in your race? You think I deserve this? Do you think you Asians are saints? You don’t unwarrantly pick on other races? For all I know, some of the most racist people I’ve ever known were all Asians. You constantly belittle and put down Blacks for the way they look just because they don’t abide by your beauty ideals. You guys belittle anyone whom you deem ”non-good-looking”. You must understand that humanity isn’t advanced enough to look past differences, and that most of people think through their reptilian brains (if you can call that thinking). People are going to react strangely to differences, we tend to naturally feel threatened by differences. You adding more hate and discrimination to the plate isn’t gonna make things better. You’re just perpetuating the hate. And for this reason, you’re just as bad as the White people you complain about. Hypocrite.

  4. *clapping at Rainers response*
    *takes opinionvspotilcalcorrectness’s hand and says* Someones taking life (and this blog) a little too seriously.There is a point to this article and you totally missed it. No bashing will come from me because I believe everyones entitled to their opinion – I don’t need a verbal hug (aka political correctness) everytime someone cries foul at my race – because guess what? Just because you’re talking about my race doesn’t mean you are talking about ME.


    On another note, I’m half asian, and half African- I was raised in Asia and Africa, and I’ve heard worse from each of those races than anything Rainier has said here, even at his “best.”

    If anyone thinks Rainer hates white girls and thinks black girls can do no wrong, they obviously haven’t been reading the blog that long….oblivious nubes.

  5. Damn my Americanized Asian guy and me love Naruto and tea. Guess I should let him know we don’t belong in this country anymore. Our wholesome American life has been one big lie. I feel bad for voting and paying taxes now.

  6. Honestly, this comes down as offensive and stereotypical to me. I have plenty of friends of all races who act like this, and it was like you put all white girls in one grouping. If you attacked from a point where you didn’t call out one race that would of have been cool, but you did call out one group even though not all of them behave like this. It’s like you don’t like how white girls stereotype Asian men, but this post does the exact same thing towards white women. I just feel like you were making a big joke of this whole thing, and there was no empathy in your writing.

    • If you READ the post he clearly says several times this applies to white and non-Asian women. More specifically he is talking about women who group all Asian men together. Hence the beginning of the post ” White girl: Do Asian guys do alot of sweet talking?” … No because everyone is different stop grouping all Asian men together. That’s the basis of this post.

  7. Falco got this down right… As a fellow Chinese-American guy who grew up here — it’s a whole spectrum.. Some of us want to learn more about our own roots, taking Mandarin and traveling to China. There’s the other group – who are just not into that cultural exploration of their identity (I’m always puzzled by that group).

    The FOBs are a whole different thing – you girls have your work cut out for you !

    Yep, I’m into my own culture (and American one too) AND like white girls !

  8. Love it! I’m so glad you posted something new. 🙂 This makes total sense to me, because this applies to EVERY ethnicity, not just Asians. If someone were FOB from any country, they’re going to be different than the norm of where you live, what you understand, typical behavior, etc. I’m Latina, so I speak Spanish (hahahahaha–no. More like Spanglish) and meet a whole lotta relatives from every other Spanish-speaking country and about 6 of the 50 states. Some of them grew up in their own country, where everything is different from the country they live in/are visiting now.

    For example, my grandmother. (This may be a bad example, so just roll with it.) She hates Japanese people. She used to tell me it was because of Pearl Harbor (which was a lie to get me to shut up), but it’s really because of some bad personal experiences she had (she started telling me this stuff right after I got into anime) with that particular ethnicity, so she dumped them all into a little jar labled, “Bad People”.

    She lived and associated with a Japanese family that had moved from Japan to Nicaragua, where she lived at the time. The husband taught karate to locals and was very hard-hearted, she tells me. His little 5-year-old son, went around, following his father and saying “Chino, Chino, Chino.” (“Chinese, Chinese, Chinese.”) His Japanese friends would say, “You let your son call you that?” and the man would reply, “He’s the only one who can call me that, and live.” So, that’s pretty much why, which is stupid. And, being a strong-willed Cuban, she will not change her mind, which is why I’m being careful with the whole “being into Asian guys” thing.

    Once my grandma and her husband visited them, and she noticed the wife was the one doing everything–the cooking, straightening up, making sure the little one was behaving himself. When my grandma asked her why, she explained that she enjoyed and considered it an honor to serve her family; a custom she obviously brought with her from Japan, which goes along with what your article is saying.

    So, if anyone actually got through this, congrats. See you next post. 😉

  9. Also, if you don;t understand the underlying comedic principal in Ranier’s writing, then there is no point in all of you trolls with no lives reading his blog. There is a banner at the top of the page that clearly states this is about his personal life, therefore containing his personal views, experiences, perceptions, etc. He’s not writing a true-to-life-Bible. Geez.

  10. Ok first off-as a white girl, I don’t find this article offensive (now how often do you hear that??). I don’t think he was singling out white girls in this article. If he was, well he’s doing a bad job. Or I’m not very perceptive. Either way…

    I’ve been in a relationship with a Vietnamese-Canadian guy for over a year. Our activities include watching Arrested Development together, looking for good burger joints, him correcting my spelling, and arguing over our vastly different cleanliness standards (I was a teenage crust punk…don’t judge me!). I fucking hate both anime and k-pop, and guess what? So does he. My high school crush who happened to be Asian (and super popular) didn’t like me because I was “flat” and a “nerd.” See how accurate stereotypes are? (sarcasm)

    If you want to read about (East) Asian cultures/histories, do it because your legitimately interested. Learning about anything just to a) show off or b) get laid is tacky and unbecoming. Might work for a fling, but in all other cases, you’ll be seen through pretty quick.

  11. I’ve heard worse from other white guys about white girls. This is nothing. I’ve heard from white guys commenting on news articles here in Australia how all white girls are bitches, whores, gold diggers, have too many rights, etc (yeah I know WTF?) They say if you really want a decent girl, go Asian, you can slap them up a bit and they know they deserve it, they never talk back they do as you ask, blah, blah, blah. So you think this guy is bad? He’s nothing compared to other white guys I’ve heard, but that doesn’t mean I hate white guys as a white girl. You get jerks everywhere. Personally, I’m not offended by this article simply because there is worse out there in all races. I might be dating am Asian guy, an Australian-born Vietnamese, but most of my friends are white.

  12. Bahaha! As a white girl I do not find this offensive! I will admit some white girls are stupid! I am secure enough with myself to know I do not fall in that group of white girls. My boyfriend was born and raised in China and came to the states for school. In the beginning I asked and ton of questions and he did not mind at all. Two years later I will still ask I’m questions. He really enjoys answering them! I never set out looking to date just Asian guys…. He just turned out to be the best thing to come into my life.

  13. Hey, thanks for the unexpected shout-out! I would ask one favour though, that if you ever want to use a photo from the blog, I’d really appreciate if you’d drop me a line and ask first (thanks for at least mentioning the link though – it’s more than most people do!). 🙂

  14. Rainer! You Rock! Shout out to you and livi. Thank you for posting this….can you feel the heat! What the rock is cooking.haha as youbstated this for the grown folks and I absolutely love your take on the heat discussion, some people will never understand the blessing of a writers mind to be diverse. The devils advocate and the one everybody likes who agrees and goes along with anything. That being said please, please write more now that I decided to work in my second book through some mentoring from my personal coach. This inspires my work to add flavor.



  15. Haha, Asian Dude Whisperer! XD I do believe Asian-Americans or Asians speaking English are much more to talk to but I also love to talk to Asians and speak to them in their own language. They are very surprised and happy to talk to a Black girl with no Asian blood speak to them (however I can only speak Japanese and Korean mind you).

  16. Asian men and Asian American men may have vastly different psyche due to how they have been treated by the larger society.

    This is how Korean man is portrayed on American TV:

    This is how Korean man is portrayed on Korean TV:

    Almost exactly opposite.

    • Have to agree with you on that one, but some of the first video’s point is true a little bit and I am not talking about his accent because that is terribly fake and not true but I mean appearance wise Asian American men tend to be less fashionable and have short dorky hair like that. Not necessarily are they a midget though, that part is wrong. Asian men in Asia are more fashionable, really skinny and better hairstyles. Unfortunately most people who never go to Asia who live in America their whole lives think all Asian men look like that short midget on 2brokegirls show but they do not realize Asian men in Asia look different from Asian American guys. They assume all Asian men look the same if they are Asian from Asia or Asian from America.

  17. Hey Ranier, sorry people can be such racists! I dunno why some girls get so attached to the idea of dating an Asian guy they don’t try to get to know THE GUY!

  18. I am a white girl in a relationship with a Korean guy (born and raised in Korea).

    From my European point of view I also find it strange when someone who has lived their whole life in the U.S. says they are, for example, Italian, just because their grandmother was. In Europe if you are born and live in one country all your life then that’s what your nationality is.

  19. “…the Vietnamese guy you’ve been tutoring for the last two weeks likes Indian girls more than he likes Asian?”

    Okay, I just have to say this…India is located in Asia.

    Indian = Asian

    • Oh, please. You Indians are so stuck up! You talk all this shut about how all Korean, Chinese, and Japanese women look all a like. Also, when the white boys are making racist comments about Asians, you Indians THEN pretend you aren’t part if Asia. Fuck”in hypocrites.

  20. I hope you will be able to read this, reblog and share with others! 🙂 ^^

  21. AHHHHH!!! FINALLY!!! I am in an ambw relationship & have been for a whileeee. People seem to think since I love an Asian man I must love all things Asian….UH NO. And some girls I know that want to pursue an ambw relationship are those stereotypical kpop bumping, anime loving, manga reading twits. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with those things but liking them because you assume that every Asian dude must like those things is….IGNORANT. It makes it seem like you have a fetish & are not interested in the guy for who he is but just because he is Asian.

  22. Hey sweetheart!
    I really really really really love your blog.. it’s fantastic. I agree with every word you write here! Since I start learning about asian culture (mostly Thai, Japanese and Korean), I’ve realized that I would love to meet an asian guy (for real). By now, I’m wondering how can I do this? Babe, I’m Brazilian and there’s not many asians here… Once in a while I see a cute asian face. can you help me? how can we – the nonasian girls – meet boys just like you (regardless of where they live)? How can we start doing this? plzzzzz answer me! s2 congrats for your blog one more time! byeee

  23. Awesome post. Glad to see the next generation of Asian kids are growing a backbone and calling out bullshit when they see it. Keep the posts coming and feel free to stop by my blog as well.

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  25. Jay Park, Nichkhun AND G-Dragon? Boy this was a treat to watch…I mean read..READ! =P
    Being a British born (south) Asian I can understand the stereotypes and how annoying they can get! I swear you hear some of the most ridiculous shit and that too by white individuals….those truly are facepalming moments!

  26. LOL, this is just sad… Look, hate to break it to you Asians (read: EAST Asians), but white chicks ONLY want us (BIG) Black guys. We are simply THE BEST.

    Heck, even dem fine whit women would prefer Muslim/Arab and/or Indian/Pakistani men over any East Asian man. Sorry, but its da truth.

  27. I am a 24 year old “white girl” and I am dating a 33 year old Korean man. He was born in Korea but was broughten over here to LA at age 4. His mother barely speaks any english and knows nothing about me (which is fine I dont feel comfortable meeting her yet) but as americanized as he came off when we met he is still very “Korean” if that makes sense. I am a hippie at heart and he is materialistic, but we are still so attracted to eachother. You bring up asians as though white women stereotype them, however I have that I am being judged even more so than him. Asian women glare and are very rude to me almost any Korean resturaunt we go in. I am not an uptight person but the more I get to know the Korean culture I feel like thats what they are all about , having a stick up their ass. I love him so much but I also know how important a persons culture can be to them. Im just not sure if this a red flag or if I need to be less selfish and just deal with it if I love him. Any thoughts???

    • If anything I think they’re just snobs…. the korean and chinese and malay….basically all the asians I know are decent people. They’re probably just jealous of you..?

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  29. Jenna,

    I’m a Korean American, brought over to the US in my teen age years. I’ve dated Asian and White girls and I would so marry a White girl if I loved her. My parents would probably not like it but I wouldn’t care. But I’m much more “White” than the typical Korean American. This is just a sample point for ya.

    If any Asian women are rude to you because you are White and dating an Asian guy, remind them that Asian women date White guys much more than the other way (statistics vary from 2:1 to 3:1 between AFWM to AMWF in the US and probably the rest of the world as well) and they should have given him a chance before you did.

    – John

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  31. How would you feel if the Asian guy taking you out decided to say “Hey, I know you’re part Irish so I decided to take you out to the pub for our first date. Hows’ about a pint while we sing folk songs and eat potatoes?!”
    ”The racism! It hurts my liver!”

    I think you are seeing racism where there isn’t any and crying wolf. This is just a funny line, that is all. The worst thing it can be is ignorance. But hell, if there isn’t any racism there, some people invent some.
    A lot of comediants base their jokes on this sort of stuff, such as exaggerations, generalizations, I assume they’re all racist too?

    And the obnoxious guts of this author, to say to the readers, ”a lot of you are really stupid – no seriously, you are”. I assume this goes for all the white ladies reading this. Lol. Abso-freaking-lutely ridiculous! :))

  32. Please thank the Asian hating Jew controlled Hollywood and media establishment for keeping Asians down with negative racist sterotype portrayals.

  33. I think the issue here is that the article is irrelevant. At least partially. Asian people are not all good at math or love studying or whatever. We’re normal people and if we move to America or Europe or some other non Asian country all we want to do is fit in, not stand out. Most of my peers (mostly asian) don’t care about studies. It’s coincidence that the Asian immigrants in western countries fit the typical stereotype. Right-a word of advice. If you meet an asian person don’t go “ching chong chang” or something along those lines. Even if he is Chinese. Because those words are gibberish and is offensive to the asian, even if the guy pretends to laugh it off. It’s about the same as an asian saying dgiwbdgsjd (because he thinks its English) to you, if saying that word/thing/line aloud is even possible. Women don’t need to change themselves to get guys (asian or not they are guys) to like them, as all the girl’s friends has probably said (or wanted to say) to her. And anyway if the guy is a foreigner in your country he abides by your country’s laws and has to respect the local customs (as it is in any country. Probably) so there’s no need to ‘asianify’ yourself. It’s flattering but for the most part offensive (even if he doesn’t say so) because you’re treating him like a zoo animal is being gawked at.

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  41. Good article! I always thought Asian guys were adorable and wanted to date one. I met my fiancé who is nisei (born here but his parents weren’t) Japanese and I have learned a lot in our seven years together. This article is so accurate. My fiancé embraces parts of his culture and not others, is not like every Japanese person I’ve met, (they are all different. I’ve worked at a Japanese college so met many) They are people. Treat them as such. If some people don’t get your message because of the humurous tone, they are very insecure.

  42. Love it. Very spot on. After living in Asia for almost 5 years then moved to LA. The communitis are very different.

    I love your Irish analogy, though, the longer I’m with my husband, I notice more traditional differences and feel whiter than ever! Lol

  43. I’m dating a Vietnamese/Chinese man, which seems to be VERY, VERY jealous and overly protective of which I like on that part. What are his traditional traits of dating someone like me (native American?) His father didn’t like it at first, but just recently gave me a gift (a Bible.) My new boyfriend doesn’t accept my talking to other men and some people in general.

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