Who Cares About Asians? Why Racism Towards Asians Still Exists

Whether you want to admit it or not, times have changed. In some states gays can get married, pot is finally legal, and (spoiler alert) our president is Black – again. It feels good, doesn’t it? The ability to step onto the wet cement, take a whiff of the cool air and not even catch a flicker of prejudice dancing in the wind feels relaxing, liberating even. But is that really the case? Oh wait…

The picture above is from a movie that just came out called ‘Cloud Atlas’ and it stars Tom Hanks, Halle Berry and that dude from the Matrix. But what’s interesting about this movie is the fact that it showcases a blisteringly bad case of yellow face. What is yellow face you ask? Ask Miley Cyrus or Joe Jonas. So when Jim Sturgess (the actor shown above in yellow face) was asked and criticized for being in yellow face, he said in a mind blowingly stupid manner:

You see, it’s so fucking easy for American media to pull off racist shit towards Asian Americans because so much of it is masked and disguised as something else. Oh, a bunch of actors are in yellow face? No worries! It’s all in the name of art! Oh, we made an Asian penis joke on national television? No worries! The Asian actor we made fun of was laughing with us! Oh, the Republican party doesn’t give a shit about ethnic minorities in this country? No worries! They only represent a small percentage of the U.S population!

And in all honesty, Asians and other ethnic minorities do represent a small percentage of the U.S population and, yes, Whites are still the majority. We cannot escape that reality. But we have to still ask ourselves this question: why do we keep seeing racist media after racist media? Why are Asians continually bashed and made fun of? Why do the Asian characters of Glee encapsulate Asian stereotypes and the model minority myth? WHY?!

I‘ll tell you why.

First, we need to accept the reality that a large population of America consists of conservative Whites. Second, we also have to understand that in being a conservative White American, often times (not always) you will encounter people who are very pro-America and very anti-foreigner. Are you still with me?

Third, we have to realize that compared to Caucasians and African Americans – who will almost NEVER be confused as being non-American – Asians are more often mistaken as being from “somewhere else.” Even if an Asian can speak perfect English, they can still be mistaken as a foreigner or some sort. Next, we need to digest the notion that because Asians are so frequently viewed as Aliens from another planet, they will be viewed as non-American and ultimately, NOT WELCOME.

And Last but not least, it is understood that from a marketing point of view, if you are trying to sell a product (in our case, a T.V show or a movie) you need to cater your product to your target market. In other words, if you are creating a new television show for White people (who are your primary audience  members) you need to mold and create a television show that will interest Whites and allow them to connect with your story.
So lets wrap this all together:

Uhhh…. sorry guys! Not that type of wrapping!

Due to the primarily White conservative audiences of America that oppose the notion of foreignness, we can begin to understand why we often times see racism against Asian Americans. Glee cannot make Mike Chang be the lead character just as much as American Idol won’t let an Asian win the finale. If an Asian wins at any of those things it almost becomes a symbolic message to America that “THE ASIANS ARE HERE! THEY WILL SOON TAKE OVER!” We may be eons away from Pearl Harbor but the concept of an Asian communist takeover/Red Scare is still very much alive.

That’s why America loves Psy, Long Duk Dong, William Hung and Ken Jeong: they allow us to see Asians in a non-threatening, comedic manner. In the same way that turning on the lights makes the monsters under the bed go away, making Asians look stupid and foolish is also a way to cope with the threat of the Asian Invasion by diluting their image and making it seem like they’re nothing. By stripping away any power that Asians may have, by making them look like wimps and morons who dance around speaking broken English we transform this Red Devil into a meager, defenseless child.

And in regards to the Yellow face bullshit in Cloud Atlas, if you are of the belief that it isn’t racist then please answer this question: would America still find it acceptable if Jim Sturgess went not in yellow face, but in BLACK face? To make things more worse, because the yellow face in Cloud Atlas was done so horrifically, what if we had Jim Sturgess and the Matrix Guy do a BAD version of Black face? Like this:

Could you fucking IMAGINE the kind of shit they would stir?! If that happened, I wouldn’t be surprised if the NAACP marched to the studio and shut the movie down. It would happen and the people of America would be okay with that because to America, that kind of black face is representative of a time when Racism was not okay. It represents a time when White people really fucked up. But now it’s okay! They don’t do that kind of stuff because apparently they know better. So then what makes it okay for actors to go in yellow face and not black face? Is it because Black people are more American and we just don’t do that kind of thing to our people? Hmmm…

Look, all I’m trying to say is that if we can bind together to fight for the equality of Women and the equality of the LGBT community, we need to understand that race related issues are not a thing of the past. We might not be lynching Asians in the street but lynching a mannequin of Barack Obama? That’s fucking racist. Writing “Chink” on the receipt of an Asian customer? That’s fucking racist. Denying Women the right to control their bodies? That’s fucking sexist. There’s a lot of work we need to do and the only way is for us minority groups – ethnic, gender, sexual, etc – to come together and vocalize our concerns and the concerns of others. I may not be a woman but I can fight for them. And you may not be Asian but we would be honored if you come fight for us too.

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  1. You. Are. A boss. *bows to your boss-ness*

    Being black, I’m a part of a minority group myself, so I completely understand the disgusting caricatures the media draws up of Asian people and other ethnic groups. I don’t get why the media thinks it’s okay to make racist jokes or have the token ethnic character on a show look like a bozo. It’s friggin’ messed up. And if somebody dares complain or protest, suddenly that person is “taking it too seriously” or some other such BS. There’s always an excuse for why it’s “okay.”

    Though I’m a huge fan of your lighthearted blog articles, I’m very glad you wrote this one. It doesn’t just bring the matter to light for Asians, but also for others affected by similar issues as well. I’ve written a few articles addressing this problem on my blog and it’s good to know that I’m not the only one dissatisfied with what’s going on in society.

      • Something tells me that you’re not even actually Asian, Mr. Vacation, just some scum trying to get minorities to turn on each other. It’s actually fairly common. Minorities together, Black, Asian, Hispanic, whatever, are much more powerful than minorities divided after all. Pay no attention to this hate monger. At any rate, the media is only getting worse and worse, and it’s simply no coincidence that nonchalant racism is all too prevalent these days. It’s appalling, and you’re absolutely right, Danielle. Any type opposition, and you’re automatically labeled as having no sense of humor or some undefendable crap like that. Nope, I have a sense of humor, racism is just not funny, nor should it ever be. Even commercials, like some advertisement for Ford, are including racist crap. Ford, the all-American car. Nothing’s more American than racism, right? We’re all just boiling away in the Melting Pot.

        • It’s fucking inferior racist cunts that piss me the fuck off. They deserve the bottomless pit of hell. Fucking Zionist media controlling rats, they’re full of shit making stereotypes and propaganda against certain people. Too bad we’ll have to eat them.
          I represent the minority but I will still fight if I have to. Dip shits should take a look at history. The mamluks, the crusaders, the romans, and the mongols were forming large empires during their times. Take no offence, but the mongols kicked inferior asses during their times.

  2. I “ruv” asians ❤ Once you go Asian, you can't go Caucasian… lol On a serious note, I do see how degrading society can be towards Asian males in America (and perhaps other countries as well, but I wouldn't know) and it does upset me, so I'm glad you make these blogs on social issues as well so that it can help raise awareness to it.

    • you ‘ruv’asians – is that supposed to be funny? are you another of those negro bitches that think ‘chinky-eyes’ are hawt? what kind of awareness are you promoting – that modern blacks are a crowd of compliant morons?

    • I diorvseced your site site on yahoo and check a few of your early posts. Continue to keep up the very good work. I just additional up your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader. Seeking forward to reading more from you later on!…

  3. I think you are exaggerating quite a bit.

    In Cloud Atlas, Halle Barry AND Doona Bae put on “whiteface”. I am Chinese-American and I don’t find any offense to the “yellowface” in this film. Robert Downey Jr. put on “blackface” in Tropic Thunder and there was no backlash because Ben Stiller intended it as satire. Maybe Lana and Andy Wachowski intended these yellowfaces, whitefaces, blackfaces as something other than racism. If you didn’t like the movie and the acting, don’t pull out the race card.

    From your rant, I see Hollywood as definitely changing; considering how more Asian-Americans are being cast in films, TV shows, etc. This may be due to the JabbaWockeez or YouTube celebrities, but I rarely see “racist shit towards Asian Americans” now.

    Also, I don’t think the American public is afraid of Asian “winners” as you mentioned. Top Chef had Vietnamese-American winnder, Christine Ha. Survivor had Korean-American winner, Yul Kwon. There was no cries of an Asian takeover.

    Americans also do not turn a blind eye to Asian prejudice like you mentioned. Remember the backlash and immediate firing of the authors for the “asian small dick” joke about Jeremy Lin?

    Your comparison of PSY and Ken Jeong is way wrong and not in the same category of Long Duck Dong and William Hung. PSY is not a caricature because many people see him as a great musician. Madonna put him on stage with her and his songs and concerts are ridiculously selling. His song is catchy and the music video’s editing, choreography, directing, aesthetics, cast, etc. was amazing. Also, Ken Jeong is a certified physician and started his career doing stand-up comedy. I believe he will follow the footsteps of Bernie Mac and George Lopez by playing an Asian-American family comedy, then hosting his own late night talk show.

    The American conservative view of Asians is also changing because the media is for sure changing. For the future, we can’t be colorblind, but we can be tolerant and accepting that some racists cannot change because it is deeply rooted in their beliefs and family values.

    • I really agree with this post, but want to temper it by saying there is still a lot of racism out there. Look, I love Asian guys, rain is my dude, and I actually live in China, but Gangnam style is awesome. And if it was all about emasculating Asians, then why do Chinese people love it?

      Another thing about Glee. Yeah, the two Adain characters are a little stereotypical in that they care about grades, but Mike Chang is downright hot, and he shows off his skills as an amazing dancer in almost every epepisode. But you’re right. He’s not the star, and it’s the same reason that Mercedes doesn’t get a solo in every episode even though she’s clearly the best singer. Because white people don’t want to see people of color save the day and have the spotlight. Well, maybe not that they don’t want to see it, but they want to see people who look like then doing it. So, yes, racism is a big part of it.

      I’d like to say one more thin about Adian other-ness. When I meet someone Asian, I like to ask where their family is from to pinpoint what ethnicity they are. Could it come off as racist? If they have perfect English, I assume they’re American, but quite honestly I find that most Asians are second or third generation here in the US. not that it’s a bad thing, I don’t see foreigner as a dirty word, but I’m wondering if someone might find that offensive. If so, how do I find out if someone is Filipino, Chinese, Korean, etc.

      • You “find out” by simply asking an individual (not a stranger) you have met as to what their ethnic background is. That simple.


        Also be weary of treating Asians like cultural objects. And no, whether they are Korean, Chinese, or Filipino is not the most important information about them. AS PEOPLE.

    • ” we can be tolerant and accepting that some racists cannot change because it is deeply rooted in their beliefs and family values.”

      So, what you’re saying is that it’s okay to let someone treat you badly and to not demand respect because the racist was just raised that way?

    • I am Chinese-American and I don’t find any offense to the “yellowface” in this film.

      classic online trolling from a whitey right there. film-promoting studio plant, no doubt.

      • You are a little coward pussy who has no dignity and is afraid to acknowledge the discriminated position of asians in the west. I have seen many yellow traitors like you in the states and europe. Thanks to pussies like you the asians are nowadays still in a weaker position than the blacks, latino’s, arabs, persians or jews.

        You are a typical masochist chink.

    • No he is not exaggerating. Ken Jeong is not some comedian to be looked up to. He has a lucrative career in movies because he is willing to play up the stereotypes of the small penis etc. He’s a disgrace.
      Please don’t insult George Lopez or Bernie Mac by putting Ken Jeong in the same category. And yes….American’s still turn a blind eye to racial insensitivity towards Asians. Songs like “Chinese food” are still being made and no one bats an eye. Also disagree with you that more Asians are being cast for movie and tv roles. Look at CBS’ Two Broke Girls and the pathetic Asian diner owner. If that’s what they portray…I’d rather there be no Asian roles.

    • Your opinion I guess, racism towards asian in the media gets almost NO attention. One quick apology and it’s swept under the rug, but say something racist towards blacks or even whites, peoples job and sometimes lives are on the line.

    • Stfu, you are a typical banana 5cents who is too much of a coward to face the daily discrimination against asians inthe west and stand up to it. Sissy like you makes me sick. You are the typical asian traitor who want to hide your yellowskin desperately and every time point out hoe discriminated you are, you feel too ashamed to admit the truth. Pathetic little Tom.

  4. Nice post but really are you surprised? It’s white America, they can do what they want. What bothers me the most is that Asians don’t do anything about it. Fitting in seems to be more important than basic human respect or rights. African Americans didn’t gain the little rights we do have by waiting around and hoping that white people will change. No, we broke down the doors. You don’t see that with other groups. If the character was in black face the only people protesting would be blacks. Asians and Latinos wouldn’t care. So sometime I really feel why should African Americans care if an Asians and Latinos are portrayed negatively? We care because of our past, we know how it feels, and its not right.

    • blacks broke down the doors by voting for obama, that other house negro, oprah, and they still raid chicken shops like no tomorrow. overcome slavery? theyre bigger mental slaves today than they ever were…

      • If there were only blacks who voted for Obama..he wouldn’t be president and it’s not like he’s the first person to run for presidency who isn’t fully white. If the fact that he is part black is the reason he is president, then there would have been many black/part black people before him.

    • You should “care” because it’s a good cause that ultimately benefits us all as a society. And before we’re African-American or Asian or Latino, we’re all just fucking people.

  5. What makes this whole debacle even worse than Blackface is that Blackface was in the pre-Civil Rights era; this buffoonery, on the other hand, is taking place now in the 21-century, post-Civil Rights society, where wonderful and talented Asian actors are in abundance.
    I haven’t seen the movie, nor do I care to…. but it seems to me that instead of going through all that trouble at the risk of backlash (surprise! People still get offended by STUPIDITY), they just take the respectable route and (duh!) cast an Asian-American for the role of an Asian-American.

    • When I was in middle school I had a friend who was Bob Marley for Halloween. He donned something that might be construed as “blackface” but it was done so as to look more like the person he was trying to be. To say “blackface” or “yellowface” implies a connotation of making fun of the “other” but as my friend was only trying to look like Bob Marley and was 12, he was blissfully ignorant of the fact that what he was doing might have been offensive because he meant no insult; if people cannot dress up as someone they admire and change the appearance of their skin pigmentation so as to do this more accurately, we as a society are failing and becoming obsessed with taking offense at everything. I would have preferred the author just ask the question, why not just hire an Asian actor because this is not Halloween!

      • Your friend was an innocent young boy with no fucking clue as to what blackface was. Excusable. However, we are grown adults who are fully aware of the demeaning history of blackface towards African-Americans in this nation.That is the difference. To be fully aware of it’s historical context yet to carry on with it as if nothing is wrong is just atrocious.

        I hate fucks like you who scream “EHMAGAD PC ALERT- OFFENDED JUST TO BE OFFENDED”. That hypersensitivity as easy offense you’re referring to has good reasons
        for rearing it’s ugly head.

  6. I understand where you’re coming from, but I disagree in a few aspects. I think Psy is a very positive phenomenon. He is entertaining and talented at a mega-star level. Many K-Pop guys come off as trying too hard to look good. Psy comes in from a totally different direction, and yet appears confident with himself and comfortable on stage. That is highly attractive, and the appeal is universal. Psy’s success also introduces Korean music to people all over the world. Many people who never listened to K-Pop are now more likely to do so. The dancers he has on stage shows the world how it’s done in Asia, and make Asians of both sexes look sexy. It also sends the message that an Asian guy like Psy can take center stage, accompanied by beautiful women, as opposed to how American media would typically position someone like him.

  7. Another aspect is that I think some Asians try too hard to be considered “American”. When people ask me where I’m from, I am always more than happy to tell them about my heritage. Remember, Obama got elected as President even though majority of whites voted for Romney. The days of fitting in are over!

      • Fucking chink traitor. See how pathetic this self hating troll is, there are many trolls like him, due to the daily portion racist attack from childhood, he hates himself, asians, and everything and everyone that remind him of the harsh reality and the real position the asians are in. This troll here is the living proof of discrimination against and stereotyping op asians in usa and europe.

    • They don’t try too hard to be “American” you fucktard. They simply ARE Americans and only wish to be acknowledged as such. It’s fucks like you who try to assign a foreign identity to an Asian-American just because
      they happen to look Asian.

  8. As one other commenter mentioned, Korean actress Bae Doona and Chinese actress Zhou Xun were made to have a “white face” as well as some characters change gender during the movie. Apparently, Jim Sturgess plays some future version of a Korean which could be a mix of different races. I can’t say my opinion about it cause I haven’t seen the movie.

    On the other hand, I agree with you that prejudices against Asians (and pretty much everyone else 😛 ) still exist. I wrote a post about prejudices against Korean men and two commenters felt that it’s a thing of the past. But I agree with you, while there has been improvement recently, we still have a long way to go.

  9. I agree with most of what was said in this post except for the bashing of “Cloud Atlas,” which I feel the need to defend.

    If you’ve analyzed any of the themes apparent in the matrix (rebelling against the establishment, celebrating humanity, etc.), you would have found it highly unlikely that the same people would make something so apparently racist as Yellow Face just for shits and giggles, and indeed they didn’t.

    Cloud Atlas is actually one of the most progressive, ambitious films I’ve seen this year. The purpose of the yellow face (apparent to Jim Sturgess as well) was to show the universality of all human struggles. As one character says, “Barriers are just social conventions waiting to be crossed” or something to that effect.

    Everyone of the main leads including Tom Hanks, Jim Sturgess, Hugo Weaving, and Bae Doona play cross race and cross gender throughout the movie (which is set in 6 different eras) to show that the human struggle transcends time and space, and of course, gender and race.

    You should also know that the Wachowski BROTHERS directed the Matrix and the Wachowski SIBLINGS (+Tom Twyker) directed Cloud Atlas. This is because Larry Wachowski got a sex change between the two movies and she’s probably just as sensitive to issues of discrimination, if not moreso, than you. In fact, she and her brother just produced one of the most expensive independent films ever to promote the transcendence of social barriers and took a huge financial toll for it (probably because they felt like it had to be made and big film studios wouldn’t support it for lack of marketability).

    Could Atlas worked for your cause and you should definitely go see it!

    other wise, agreed with the post.

    • this mundane ‘sci-fi’ ass-dung of a movie is promoting inter-racial breeding between whites and asians to dilute and de-power asian diaspora. progressive? go fuck yourself.

      • Thanks for showing your true colors. So you are not in favor of race mixing amongst asians and other races, and you said above, throwing around the word “whitey”, refer to blacks as modern day mental slaves and thieves of chicken shops… you can’t complain about racism if you are going to be throwing it around yourself

        • What a cool room! That must be one of the hardest paint colors to pull off, but it looks amazing here! I love the wall that is covered in frames, and the wild boheosklf tucked away in the corner looks great, too.

    • I think the theme in American pop culture regarding Asians is to accept/assimilate the female, isolate and stereotype the male. So often Asian women are depicted as admiring and being together with write men. But Asian men are deemed as asexual, not attractive, some one to be laughed at etc, and not someone a girl should be crazy about. Thus, in Cloud Atlas, it really didn’t surprise me that Asian actress were given roles, but Asian male roles were “yellowfaced”.
      The civil rights movement in the US is led by African Americans, and thus their well being is the top priority. No doubt Asians also befitted from it (as an Asian I feel grateful for that), but still, that people are sensitive on discrimination against blacks doesn’t mean they are equally sensitive on it when it’s toward Asians.

  10. I like your analysis. Here’s another interesting perspective…..


    I would hold judgement on whether there was racist intent, but the outcome and the fact that East Asian men were, once again, excluded from major roles, seems to suggest that the film-makers compromised.

    The result is that the movie may claim to be forward thinking, but is effectively follows race guidelines that insist that Asian men are unsuitable for mainstream American audiences to accept.

  11. I think white liberals and white conservatives can be just as racist towards Asians only the former are usually more subtle than the latter.

    • So true. It’s usually hidden, but it’s still there. When I listened closely, I realized that some people were just talking around their racism.

  12. I knew that happened! It must annoy Asians when someone who is non-Asian guesses their nationality and 98% gets it wrong. That’s why I don’t understand why people don’t just ask “Where do you come from? What is your nationality?” instead of outright saying “You must be Chinese, Thai, Korean etc.”

    I feel bad in the past when I was younger for saying it myself.

    Also when you wrote about the comparisons of Glee and American Idol not letting an Asian win or how Americans do not mind about PSY, I agree. That’s why with Gangnam Style I feel like Westerners treat it as how they would stereotypically see an Asian so I was a little concerned about his growing popularity.

    By the way, would you have the time to read and comment on this article? It involves interviews with Japanese men on dating and foreigners! I’d be very grateful! nynyonlinex.wordpress.com/2012/11/24/voices-of-japanese-men-towards-dating-foreigners/

    • Why would you ask an Asian-American where they “come from”? This obviously is insinuating that they’re a foreigner- from anywhere but HERE, their homeland. And what is your nationality is just as bad. Their nationality is AMERICAN if theyre Asian-Americans and American citizens. Both inquiries would be a fuckton more annoying to than a “You must be Chinese”.

  13. I come from a multitude of backgrounds, Sri Lankan(one of many Asian groups not recognized as Asian), Black, Cuban, French, Irish, Native American, the list may even end up being bigger. I’m atheist, I’m pro-rights of living beings, and I actively try to combat ignorance in my immediate surroundings. My point being that I get a lot of shit from people, as much as I do get support or reasonable reactions from people. Do I make racial jokes sometimes? Yes, but not because it’s all in good humor nor that I mean no harm by them. It’s because, at the end of the day, I apologize if I hurt someones feelings and I exude the presence of mind that I don’t believe it in the least bit. Because I don’t. And that’s big, because not a lot of people realize that jokes are supposed to be just that, a joke. Not something symbolic of what you believe in. And too many people believe in racial stigmata and the like hate formulated destruction of the rights of each individual person to be an individual, and not an automatic sum of their ethnic and cultural background.
    At the end of the day, and for reasons I don’t understand in the least bit, people genuinely hate other living things. And worse yet, they hate them based on a generalized assumption that all people and things follow a certain pattern of behavior based on what they are, rather than who they are. It’s sickening.

    • your a mixed breed mutt no wonder youre racist towards people as a joke and you dont believe in race. your token understanding of race is limited to blogs, best you spend time racially joking amongst your white/hapa friends and leave things you dont understand, alone. no sense in wasting time trying to find acceptance amongst ethnics when the big wide multicultural world is welcoming you on bended knee.

  14. I have to agree with this article. I think some people are putting Psy on a higher level than he is actually perceived. I have NEVER heard anyone say that Psy was a great musician that’s going overboard, but I’ve heard that it is a good song. It’s catchy. Next, Psy did a good job of at least exposing mainstream white america to k-pop (a very generic pop version), but I can’t say that he helped the asian stereotype. I don’t know anyone that now look at Asian men with anymore respect or find them more confident, manly, attractive, etc. because of Psy’s video. He just perpetuated the constant stereotype of the awkward asian guy, who just so happened to make a good song. I have never been more aware of the asian stereotype especially asian male stereotype and racism until I came to college. There are many people who say racist statements against asians, of course only in their little circle, but nonetheless it’s there. My college has a very very prevalent Asian society and I can tell you from first hand knowledge, the rants that people go on about asians are pretty ridiculous. Great article Ranier!

  15. Well, it is one thing to act tough on the Internet, but I bet NONE of these Twitter people will DARE say what they say to an Asian in real life.

    I for one thing, is an armed and very provocative Chinese American guy. If someone say something negative to me in real life, I IMMEDIATELY get in their face and order them to clarify what they just said. Usually, I get apologies and the perps walk away quickly. Sometimes, I get rebuttals, and THAT is when I get really intimidating and vicious. In three cases, the instigator got physical, tried to take a swing at me. ALL THREE ended up on the ground bleeding from the nose and face, ONE of them with a beer bottle shattered splendidly across his jaw.

    I do not brag and I don’t like to portray myself as a “tough guy” ( I AM NOT) but if you say something irresponsibly in front of me, you WILL have to answer for it.

    AND I do NOT care whether it is woman or a man who say an incendiary remark. Because my fists DO NOT discriminate gender once they start flying. And I love surprise knockouts without warning.

    • But, that sort of response to discrimination against Asians just gives them a reason to call Asians violent and dangerous. It’s why Black males are always seen as dangerous and threatening. Because a large enough number of Black people respond violently whenever something that they don’t like is being said. Are you responding for the right reasons? Yes, you are. But I think that you are responding in the wrong manner. You’re going about trying to end racism and prejudice in the wrong manner. Responding to hate, anger and violence with more hate, anger and violence only creates a circle of racism and prejudice. In my opinion, responding violently to racism is just as bad as the racism itself. Because you are actively building the stereotypes up and just adding more to the plates of other people. You want to stop racism against Asians or any other race? Show people that there is no reason to hate that race or any race for that matter.
      Hatred is an ugly and terrible emotion, and should never be directed towards a people or group. It’s bad enough that it’s directed towards individuals.

      • the only thing that is stronger than ‘love’ in this day and age is growing some balls and speaking. unfortunately, people like you probably opt for the vanilla-free, lite iphone-compatible version so probably wont get anywhere unless your bubble bursts.

        ideally courage and love is the ideal combination, but until we witness either of those in isolation in human society, seeing that combination may be a long way away…

  16. I know racism is thought, but you could help yourself out if you don’t read things like that. Lol i remember i had anxiety attacks and i’d think there was someone watching in the attic. SOMEONE LIVING in my attic. Anxiety attacks are painful in the chest, the mind and the heart so i cried for hours and why? Because i did that to myself.

    Stop looking up that crap and look up something that is worth while and calming to the mind. c: Because that stuff is depressing and angering.
    But.. you do have every right to curse

  17. I’m not going to get near the Cloud Atlas debate, as it causes a lot of tension which is what we, as Asian Americans should NOT be doing.

    Here’s the best way to solve this problem of racism in Hollywood. SUPPORT ASIAN ACTORS! That’s right guys, call CBS, demand more Lucy Liu and Daniel Dae Kim, support Charleyne Yi and go see “This is 40”, rent and buy “Harold and Kumar” movies. Promote positive Asian characters and actors! Sung Kang has a film coming out later this year with Sly Stallone. Go see it!

    Once Asian Americans are seen as a larger financial force that is supportive of their own characters and brands, Hollywood and corporate America will put more money into developing marketing and branding along with feature films and television that will cater directly to us. They see the almighty dollar. So show them that we can make a difference in everyone’s pocket books.

    Why do you think that there has been an Asian American family or character on virtually ever cell phone commercial over the last 2 years? Why do you think Jeremy Lin became such a phenomenon? Why was Psy so popular? Because of how much MONEY they made for their respective industries. Those J-Lin Jerseys sold like wildfire. Psy has over 1.2 billion views on Youtube.

    Even in politics, the Democratic party has already figured it out half way. Over 70% of Californian Asian Americans voted for Obama and Prop 30 to pass. We are the unspoken minority, people!

    So, when are we going to see our Oscar winning actors? Our big budget movie stars? Our films about OUR stories? When we prove that we can make heads roll and bankrolls roll even further.

    Support your Asian actors that are already around. It paves the way for more of them. Trust me.


    Kenzo Lee
    The T-Mobile Asian Guy/The Southwest Airlines Dancing Businessman

  18. @ Kenzo

    Well I also think that Asian-American actors need to step up as well and simply refuse to accept demeaning roles – as well as yellow face. Why aren’t Asian actors themselves boycotting these kinds of roles? When an Asian actor takes the role of a racist caricature then he has enabled Hollywood racism. End of story.

  19. Hahahaha. This is funny. You know why? Because most Asians are the first to discriminate against ‘dark-skinned’ folks. Now you get a taste of the medicine from those (most of) you are so eager to emulate. Isn’t the white man king in your neck of the woods? Now, now. Don’t complain, You don’t want to be branded as ‘aggressive or gasp…sassy’, do ya? Do you think ‘we’ wanted to respond to hate with more hate and violence? If any one of you had bothered to look into the history of Africa pre-colonialism, you would know that we were a society that placed importance on family, responsibility, taking care of your own, warriors who looked after community, not just one person, you know, all those precious things that you hold dear to this day. Then a man came who looked different from us, saw what he could gain from communities he considered ‘simple’ because they had the audacity to value a fellow mensch and decided he could eviscerate them just because he hunted with a gun when they hunted with a spear and born was the scorched-earth policy of drugs, tribalism, diseases,etc from which we benefit to this day and which most Asians, yeah, most Asians, have only been too willing to enforce. You have been as complicit as whitey has to racism, only more subtle and perhaps, more vicious. Grin, and bear it.

    • youre siding with racism against asians from whites, and youre black? whats that got to do with asians discriminating against blacks? if anything asians should and do, discrimate against anyone non-asian. fuck blacks whites browns. youre all washed up, asians are the future.

      you however sound like a beaten down nigger that got dumped by an asian.

      • Spoken like a true assertive Asian brother. It’s high time we reciprocate back the suffering that other races inflict on us. We should educate other Asians to become more Assertive and avenge everything negative that other races did to us. For example, if we Asians are deported back to Asia by the non-Asians then we should deport all non-Asians back to where they came from. We Asians must fight hypocrisy and do justice for our people.

    • OHHHH ok. There’s racism in Korea, so it’s ok or racism to exist in the United States?

      Iran’s government censors virtually ever piece of media, so is it ok for the U.S. to do that as well?

      The anti-asian sentiment is virtually non-existant in Canada, the UK, France, but it’s ok here?

      Asians have always had it THE WORST in the U.S.
      -1882 Chinese Exclusion Act
      -1924-1965 Chinese and Asian immigration caps
      -Raids into Chinatown an other asian populaces where shops were vandalized and destroyed, robberies, blatant murders and lynching with no punishment or retribution
      -WWII Japanese Internment Camps
      -Asians can’t even play the race card. We have a DISADVANTAGE, even though we were persecuted by the U.S. gov more blatantly and harshly than any other ethnicity.

  20. You know, recently someone approached me and asked me to model this footwear he had created with a Washington Redskins theme. Why anyone would make such a thing is beyond me. But I went on to explain to him that I’m opposed to that team’s choice of name and mascot, saying it was racist. This was like some mind blowing concept for this guy, but he responded, “I love the Redskins, though,” as if changing the mascot and name would change the team’s players. There are alway tepid discussions about the lil racist things we do in America like this, but people don’t pay attention until a politician needs your group’s support or there are some riots. What you think, Ranier? I’m with you like: “if we don’t get em, they gon get us all. I’m down for runnin up on them ******** in they city hall” lol. Cheers

  21. wow reading the racist tweets against asians from white kids and few hispanics, just pure trash…its funny because these same racist white kids hate everyone even hispanics lol …yes its whites who created racism, take the racism and shove it ..

    • its because western media train everyone including asians to be indoctrinated and adopt a sinophobic and colonised mindset. and as long as people do not revolt against it, and only coopt it, this shit will go on.

      racism was invented by fake diaspora zionist jews by the way. the same ones that should be the human collective target of our hatred. the human collective that should be led by the real jews who should be leading the rebellion against these fakes. however gutless complicits as usual, nothing happens. as we know, the more systemic power you gain the more compliant to the system you become. sad.

    • I agree. When the Asians become fully aware of how they are mistreated, they’ll make those Anti-Asian Racists eat their words. Also to anyone who call Asians racist, at least Asians don’t commit unprovoked deliberate cruel racist attacks against non-Asians in Asian countries (i,e. hate crimes) even if it should be reciprocated, can’t say the same for other races especially the Whites.

  22. Dude, have you ever been to East Asia?

    I mean, I spent some time in Korea, and let me tell you …the culturally entrenched racism was thick as mud. Kids in elementary school will tell you that black people are dirty and the news regularly warns that foreign men are sexual deviants and predators. The notion of racism is barely thought about.

    I understand it is similar in China and Japan…

    Yes, I know that this does not make racism OK over here, but realize that this is not a problem unique to your race. Other races face the same issue depending on context. Let’s try to be a little sophisticated about this.

  23. why racism against asians are accepted? because nobody is afraid of being beaten up or shot dead by saying ”chingchong”. simple as it is. All young generation kids growing up in the west know its important to act black, thats the true face of ”anti-racist” rhetorics. the real logic is power. people lean towards those who have power.

    Like South Park deliberately depicts a black character as a rich kid from a aristocrat house, like thats realistic. at the same time the makers of south park throw one cliche after another on Asians, why? because thats the sort of cliche fake ”intellectuals” they are. They know very well who they can piss off and who they better not.

    • the society is actually getting more racist thanks to popular culture. and popular culture has its base on the streets, among the people. if there were no dumbass morons kids in school who cant pull up their pants, who you were scared off when you were growing up, and try to act alike and hang out with, hip hop wouldve not been popular. and the girls who would want to be with a lill thug do it exactly from prejudice motives. to be with the strong ones.

      • so being a thug is good? thats just one side. asians should also combine smartness with their natural asian style. whites blacks jews and asians can never have the asian style. its uncopyable no matter how hard they try and ape it, which as we know they all try and it always ends up looking shit.

    • You have a point there. Reciprocity and Severe Punishment against those Anti-Asian racists is the only solution.

  24. While I don’t agree with every point in this post, the overall idea that racism against Asians is acceptable in contemporary American society is unfortunately VERY true. I feel that if more Asians themselves were less accepting and more defiant against it, it might help. While I am not Asian, my kids are, so I’ve seen this stuff over and over again. I have seen how when Asians do speak up people of non-white and non-Asian heritage often do NOT support Asians. It sickens me not to have other minorities supporting Asians when they try to garner more political clout and personal respect. We all (people of all races) ought to be fighting for this.

    • “It sickens me not to have other minorities supporting Asians when they try to garner more political clout and personal respect.”

      lucewriter, let me enlighten you.

      Oppagangnamstyle | December 2, 2012 at 4:05 pm
      Hahahaha. This is funny. You know why? Because most Asians are the first to discriminate against ‘dark-skinned’ folks. Now you get a taste of the medicine from those (most of) you are so eager to emulate. Isn’t the white man king in your neck of the woods? Now, now. Don’t complain, You don’t want to be branded as ‘aggressive or gasp…sassy’, do ya? Do you think ‘we’ wanted to respond to hate with more hate and violence? If any one of you had bothered to look into the history of Africa pre-colonialism, you would know that we were a society that placed importance on family, responsibility, taking care of your own, warriors who looked after community, not just one person, you know, all those precious things that you hold dear to this day. Then a man came who looked different from us, saw what he could gain from communities he considered ‘simple’ because they had the audacity to value a fellow mensch and decided he could eviscerate them just because he hunted with a gun when they hunted with a spear and born was the scorched-earth policy of drugs, tribalism, diseases,etc from which we benefit to this day and which most Asians, yeah, most Asians, have only been too willing to enforce. You have been as complicit as whitey has to racism, only more subtle and perhaps, more vicious. Grin, and bear it.

      As a minority of Latin origin, I have seen this Asian attitude that oppagangnamstyle refers to FIRST HAND…and more often than not. Too many Asians (especially those born in the US), are far too willing to jump on the bandwagon of the often played out hatred, discrimination and disenfranchisement of the Latino and Black communities in order to garner favoritism and to ensure their status as “honorary whites” and “model minorities” in American society. In other words, we (Blacks and Hispanics) are WELL aware of their game. Blacks have been denigrated, raped, have had their families torn apart and KILLED merely because of the color of their skin, yet they fought TOOTH AND NAIL for the civil rights that ALL minorities have today.

      So until these Asians are ready to show some spine and start speaking up for themselves, just like the Blacks and Hispanics before them, they’re on their fucking own.

      • Karen: you (and oppagangnamstyle) have no business being on this Asian American blog. You’d be better off on a website catered to Blacks & Hispanics. To the moderators: why is it that you refuse to ban racist comments on this site? I can think of several users who’ve left racist comments thus far. Always too scared to censor.

    • Fatma HnBeÄŸenmeniz ve farklı ÅŸekildede kullanmanız çok hoÅŸuma gitti ben teÅŸekkür ederim. Özelliklede kendi kendime düşünüp yaptığım bu nar sosunun beÄŸenilmesi ayrıca hoÅŸuma gitti:) bende ayva tatlısını sırf nar suyuyla piÅŸirmeyi düşünmüştüm ama kısmet olmamıştı ne güzel siz yapmışsınız artık onaylanmış olarak bende yapabilirim ellerinize saÄŸlık afiyet oluel:)Sevginsr…

  25. Racism towards Asians is not affiliated at all with Conservatives. If anything, I’ve seen more Anti Chinese BS on MSNBC And CNN than Fox.

  26. You know what? Fuck those racists up the ass. Calling for lynching Michael Vick and slaughtering Chinese b/c we “torture dogs” and shit no fuck them we should team up and go and bust a fucking cap in their ass and splatter their brains on the floor and fuck their mothers and slit their throats. Racist scum do not deserve to live. They only deserve death!

    • I agree. I wouldn’t mind those racists who value dogs more than Asians to perish in the most cruel manner; as a matter of fact, I encourage it. A good example of where the idea of reciprocity should applied in real life.

  27. You make some valid points. But not all Yellow Face / Black Face is deemed offensive. For example as recently as 2008 Robert Downey Jr wore Black Face in Tropic Thunder and also comedically mocked the African American Vernacular.

  28. I understand that you are trying to make the point that racism exists in America, but your interpretations of the media is very biased and wrong. The fact that glee uses asian americans is a big step in hollywood, first of all. Although Mike Chang is not a main character, Jenna Ushkowitz, who in real life was born in Korea but became adopted to an American family, is one of the main characters. (Keep in mind that all the eight students in the Glee club are main characters.) Secondly, the propaganda pictures that you posted are not anti- Asians but anti- Kim Jong Il/ anti- totalitarianism/ anti- socialism. Lastly, the reason why Americans like the famous asians that you listed is because,, like you said, they are nonthreatening; however, it is not because Americans are threatened with the rise of “Asian dominance.” The perception of Kim Jong Il and the Japanese during WWII made Americans assume that Asians are nonemotional, anti- Americans, and full of hatred. But people like Psy, for example, broke that image. In THIS perspective, the Americans like the celebrities that you mentioned. I would like to add that if you want to point out racism of asians in America, you should consider talking about people like Alexandra Wallace or other racist attacks from the local news. I believe that the media is actually trying to help ease racism in America, although the peace that people expect as a result is not evident in reality.

    • I agree with some of what you said Stella but as a non-Asian woman I noticed some of this as well and it made me uncomfortable. It’s true that people like Psy are breaking the image but other Asian artists have attempted to cross over while doing mainstream American music and have failed. Psy has had more luck with his song simply because he’s not considered sexy by American standards and because the video and song are pretty light hearted and silly. Can he last with more serious work? Probably not. Americans do find Asians to be exotic and strange and it’s very easy to find little comments all over the internet about “crazy Asians” and “small penis” and sexualizing the women as submissive drones who have no other value. American media may want to try to change some of this but it is being done very slowly with more stereotypes being presented than anything progressive.

  29. I like this blog post. I think it’s important to highlight the fact that it’s not just one group of ethnic minorities that are affected by this form of tasteless entertainment but almost all. Popular culture is supposed to help fight against these stupid kinds of stereotypes and racist jokes but instead it only recirculates them, making it seem like it’s okay. When it comes to asian people I feel that Hollywood’s portrayal of them is appalling. If his name is not Wong or he can’t speak any English then he or she is characterized as some sort of sociopath who wants to drop bombs on everyone. I think this kind of racism is worse when it appears in cartoons because what exactly is it teaching children. That racism is okay as long as the joke is on someone else?

  30. Wow first off i want to say thank you for this article. The content was very insightful and you know i think asba person of color I like many l tend to overlook other people plight of racism because we are cause we are caught up in the racist matrix we face. Iam completely digusted to learn about the yellow face in that movie!! the mainstream establishment play nice but never play fair

  31. Oh my,if this article did not specify the race I would think this was about black or indian people. In my opinion people of colour will always have these problems with whites. However, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t fight against those who try to keep us down at the ‘minority’ level : low self- esteem, low intelligence all that leading to … low power.
    Since some time I really don’t like the word ‘minority’ and prefer term ‘ethic group’. Minor means smaller, less important. Why would anybody call themselves that? It’s an unconscious way of accepting that you mean little and you matter little to this world/society/country etc.

  32. This is a great article. I had been wondering to myself why there are no Asian sex symbols on American TV or in any movies that I can remember. I find Asian men and women very attractive and just as in any race many of them are very beautiful and could easily be stars in movies. I figured that Asian men would have some issues because they could be threatening to the stereotypical attractive white male. Black men have been able to make the transition, not so much for dark skinned black women but there is hope. Charlie’s Angels is the last time I remember an attractive Asian woman having a staring lead and she wasn’t alone. I also don’t think that she was the love interest. Hispanics have been having some luck lately. It just seems that the Asian presence is so rare at the moment. Asians on TV and in movies are all neurotic students, someone’s lackey, a best friend, or a geek. It’s rare to see them as the love interest, the sexy girl or boy or someone who is balanced and successful and in general admirable.
    I was afraid that people were loving Psy because he was silly. He seems like a very kind and fun loving person but if you go on youtube there are plenty negative comments that people have posted while feeling shielded by the internet. I know that not all of his music is that way but you see comments like “All Koreans are k-pop stars, just look at Psy” = he’s talentless, “Damn that girl is HOT!” = Asian women are exotic sex symbols ONLY, “Is all K-pop like this?” = I’m too stupid to just search for K-pop and see that most consist of very talented young and sexually attractive Koreans who sing music that is very similar to modern American hiphop and pop music. What happened to Will-I-Am and his music with 2NE1 and Wondergirls? Why haven’t Asian women at least had luck since American men seem to lust after them?

  33. This really opened up my eyes (haha). I’m an asian who grew up in an area where roughly 95% of population is white and about less than 1% being asian. I saw racism everywhere and I just got tired of the humiliation and I started to ignore it. But seeing this post and reading this really allows me to see that even though racism is there, doesn’t make it right. It doesn’t make it alright to be racist because there are other racist people making racist comments. This really opened me up. thank you. I’m going to read this every once in a while to remind myself though racism exist, it isn’t right to allow.

  34. OMG what happened to you Hollywood, where’s the population i used to know and love? How can you be so thoughtless towards the rights of other human beings? Did Racism do this to you or are you so greedy and careless who just don’t give a shit? BURN IN HELL HOLLYWOOD!!!!!

  35. I loved this. Thank you.

    I landed here while trying to sort through how uncomfortable the current Alison Gold “Chinese Food” train wreck makes me feel. Would love to hear your take on that!

  36. As (gay) white guy who just read about the “human development index” (years lived/income/education) of racism groups in the US, I asked myself “Is there still racism against Asian Americans in the US?” So instead being a dickhead and calling my Asian and Asian American friends I decided I could “f—ing educate myself” and googled the question. I figured I wasn’t the first white guy (even with my elitist identity politics liberal postmodernist UC Santa Cruz education) to ask this question, and I figured there must be a lot of Asian persons with someone to say on the topic–and this one certainly answered it, in pretty much the same way I would have clumsily articulated. But can we talk about racism in this country without asking “what is racism?”
    It sounds offensive at first. But I think it is important to define the word “racism”, because the the word is used to describe such a wide range of oppressions. Asian Americans live longer, have higher, incomes, and have higher education than any other racial group (including whites) in the US yet are almost totally ignored in mass media and totally ignored by the Republican Party (which used to be the party of “opportunity”). That racism is very different than that faced by African Americans or Native Americans, who live shortest time, have lowest incomes, and lower education. All of that “big picture” systemic racism is very different than the racism (or sexism or homophobia of one minority group against another (blacks vs gays, gays vs lesbians, Asians vs Koreans, blacks vs Latinos, Latino vs blacks, Asians vs blacks, etc vs etc)–and that minority vs minority racism is at level that not quite on the same impact as large-scale institutional and systemic racism in this country. (As gay man, I am completely offended that gay people [and most other straight people] didn’t see or ignored the racism of the “Duck Dynasty” controversy.) And then all of that is different than an individual’s prejudices (eg, white guy who doesn’t date latinos, my mom mentioning the race or ethnicity of anyone who isn’t white regardless of its importance) in a particular situation.
    It’s this lack of definition that leads to some conservative’s and Republican’s lack of comprehension of the scale and nature of various racisms–because to they see racisms as acts of individuals against individuals (so they point out times a white person gets attacked by black person without it becoming news as an example of reverse racism, while completely ignoring the fact that it reported much more than black vs black violence or white vs black violence and completely ignoring the institutional and systemic racism (eg, prison population). And the lack of definition leads to gays being upset with “the black church” because of prop 8 or “my racism is worse than your sexism.”
    I tend to define racism in the institutional sense, so I wouldn’t call anyone a racist because I believe we are all racism, just like I am gay and homophobic. And calling someone “racist” personally won’t advance the conversation–it pretty much ends it. As a white man from with from an upper middle class family, I certainly know one of our problems is not listening to others and other points of view. But as often as I have been told or asked “what do you know about racism? you are white”–I think my point of view (the annoying liberal white guy) is important because I can tell you what a good public school looks like, I can tell you the racist shit some white people think is okay to say to other white people, and white people have the most work to do to in ending racism. And as a white gay man who didn’t know he was gay until age 21, I can tell you what it feels like to be in the dominant group with all of its privileges and what it feels like choose to be open about gay even when that involved going to jail or being physically attacked. I still can’t tell you what it’s like to be followed around by security every time I walk in a store, though or what it’s like to not have my whiteness and its diversity reflected in mass media.

  37. Pingback: “You mean it’s not okay to ask about penis size?” | An Inkling

  38. Come together my fellow asian brother and sister. We will not stand and let them oppress our race anymore. They oppress us for century by exploiting our weakness.They think we are inferior and we are subhuman in their eyes view. They manipulate our kid to think their race is inferior. But time have come my asian brother and sister to lauch a eternal crusade war toward this hatred and we will not stop killing everyone that oppress and view us as inferior!! For the unity of mankind!! And kill all jews!!

  39. You had me until the last part. You’re trying to compare women to black and Asian people? Really? I am a Welsh, young, autistic, VULNERABLE man and I have grown up being told that I can never be as intelligent as a woman and they can commit any crime in the world against me and nothing will happen because I must have done something to them. Some sexism happens to women, but they’re not a fucking minority! There’s more women than men in most countries!

    I am a Christian, a strict vegetarian and agree that other races are more often than not more oppressed than white people, including east Asians, but paedophile feminazis are the people that are controlling the balance of power now and the people that are affecting my sister’s boys’ future. I’m sure that some young, nice, feminists, a lot like me, will go through their life not hating men and that’s perfectly fine but my experience has been one of ugly, raw, socially acceptable hate. Please never try to equate what a race went through with what a gender went through. That’s just media savvy bollocks. And if there’s one thing I hate it’s media tits.

  40. If you look at the facts it’s white liberals doing this shit. Oh wait, it’s conservatives in colleges (white libs), media/hollywood – oh white libs again. Sports commentators and newspapers. oh shit it’s once again white liberals. Read the Oct 3 2015 of “the Economist” magazine published by UK news and they even put the blame on democrats (i.e. white liberals). Know what or rather who you’re fighting.

  41. I’m Japanese and the reason why I’m here is that I felt racism against Asians is accepted in a youtube prank channel. I think I’m so lucky because I wasn’t born in America. I’ve lived in a northern European country for a year, but I’ve never experienced racism at all. And ya, I had a shitty experience in America during 2 weeks travel.

  42. I am an asian but not American (a Thai). I got a feeling that the asian group that are the most conscious about racism is the east asians. Certainly, America is (still) a racist place. But other asians (south asian, most south-east) couldn’t really give much of a damn. They (east asians) are also the most likely group to complain about their OWN face. East asians constitute probably the biggest customer group for plastic facial surgery (at least in China and Korea) in the world. It’s almost like these east asians are trying to become white but fail, or something alone that line, so they are never happy about themselves. When was the last time you ever heard an Indian dude or a chick complained about how their faces look, or how dark their skin is? Never. The thing is I don’t really see how blacks, hispanics, or indians could be as image-conscious as the east asians. Those people just live their bloody lives. People like to joke about East asians’ being over-materialistic. I am guessing that the materialist culture of East Asia makes them want to compete all the time, but ultimately they stay unhappy. (Korea, China and Japan are the countries that have the highest suicide rating in the world too, just go figure)

    They sort of lack a deeper spiritual side, worshiping only success. East asians also don’t have as strong a community as Indians or hispanics. Do Chinese and Japanese and Korean get along and reciprocate? Probably not that much. They are more like one another’s competitors. Their parents hate one another. And they all try to date white partners. They couldn’t stand being a minority in a society they work so hard to compete. But they are still a minority and the whites won’t let them win. White Privilege is institutionalized here in the US. They don’t appear in TV or Movie because their over-achieving, certificating-collecting way of life is just not interesting to anybody. People want something more dramatic and human-like, not studying robots.

    If they think racism against them is so bad, get themselves together and launch a NAACP. Tackling the problem at the core. Do what you like and make people hear their voices. Don’t just stay in classrooms just to please your parents.

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