Has Society Grown More Openly Racist? – When Racism Turns Into Hatred

As much as I can, I try to refrain from cursing too much in person and on this blog. But few words can explain how I feel at this moment but: what the fuck…

Perhaps it’s my recently heightened interest in social and political matters that has made me notice all this racism, but is it just me or do people seem extra racist nowadays? On a scale from Ghandi to Adolf Hitler the racism three years ago was at a cringing “Michael Richards” whereas now, we’re entering Neo Nazi territory. So my question to you and the rest of the world is, what the hell happened in these last few years? What particles are flowing through the faucets of America to ignite such horrific racism?

You see, it needs to be noted that the racism we’ve been seeing is not just a matter of comedians trying to be funny or individuals who accidentally/unknowingly make a racist remark (ex: “Wait, is it true? Do Asians really eat dogs?!) No. The racism we’ve been seeing is boiling at such a high magnitude that it’s entered the wake of pure hatred. Just as you would differentiate a killer who stabs a man out of self defense and one who knowingly plots a murder scheme, we also need to magnify the fact that none of these racist acts are an “accident” of any sort. They know what the fuck they are doing and they’re trying to communicate a very clear message.

When we look back at our history and examine the moments that have illustrated clear cases of racism, the element that seems to be a consistent friend of racism is fear. Not just any fear, but the fear of something or someone foreign taking over you and your people, i.e. Xenophobia. This is the underlying fear that caused the Chinese Exclusion act, current anti-immigration policies and this is the same fear that I believe to be the root of all this racism we’ve been seeing online.

I also need to note that a high percentage of people who have been making these tweets are remarks all seem to be young White Americans. Now, I could easily (and foolishly) arrive at a conclusion that white people are just racist fucks who are the cause of all this hate. I could, but I won’t. I know this isn’t true because for every racist white person you see, there are probably an infinite number of white people who would gladly punch them in the face. White people aren’t racist, just THESE White people are racist.

So what exactly is going on in society that might incite this Xenophobic fear? I mean, it could easily be anything. From the re-election of Barack Obama and him being accused of his nationality, the growing strength of China and our massive debt towards them, the war in the Middle East, nuclear scares from North Korea, increases in immigration and the list goes on. I think Bill O’Reily said it best during his interview with Fox News:

“The White Establishment is now the Minority.”

Can we read that again? The White Establishment is now the Minority. The “Establishment” part is what really juts at my side. It almost brings rise to a question of whether or not Bill and others like minded view the White “Establishment” as some sort of business with a plan in mind. But in some aspects, it sorta makes sense… With Xenophobia, there are two parties in play: the foreign group and the local group. The foreigners in these cases are Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, etc etc while the local group includes – based on the people who are displaying these racist behaviors – a majority of White Americans.

Ironic, isn’t it? Since White/European nations have  imperialized country after country, you would think they would welcome outsiders with open arms. Okay, so maybe these kids aren’t exactly scared of an Asian invasion or a Mexican wave coming in to convert all the Whole Foods Markets into Mi Pueblos. Let’s face it, our generation didn’t go through the wars our parents endured so their sense of nationalism may be different. In that event, I’d like to suggest that it’s plausible that Xenophobia is an effect and the cause of some individuals is actually the fear of White identity slowly eroding.

It doesn’t take a social scientist to notice that some of the most privileged people on this planet are heterosexual, Christian, White Males. That being said, most modern movements challenge every single one of those things: we’re fighting for same-sex marriage, there’s a large rise in Atheism, most ethnic minorities voted for Obama during the election, and Women are gradually chipping away at the glass ceiling above them. These identities are being protested against and the power of the straight white male identity is shrinking smaller by the day.

So then what’s up with all the racist Tweets? Think of it like this: When America wanted to keep its army bases in the Philippines in the late 1890’s, the Filipinos reacted by protesting and engaging in war. When Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese the Americans reacted by dropping an even bigger set of bombs. My guess is that, since much of today’s fears exist on conceptual realm – no one is mass murdering White people, they’re just moving next door and working at their job –  the reaction has to be greater or equal. So it doesn’t make sense for waves of White people to go off and kill Asians because Psy performed at the American Music Awards, instead they just yell “CHINK!” on Twitter. To them, this is a logical equivalent. It’s a form of protest that fits the problem they see.

The bare bones reality is that all of their fears really do exist. Asians are the highest paid ethnic group in America. Gays can marry in Maryland and Maine. More Women are being elected into top-tier political positions. Mexican immigrants are establishing homes in the states . Things are changing and although you and I see this as a good thing, others do not. And that’s okay. That’s actually understandable. The straight white male has long dominated this world and our country has benefited from the minds of many of these men. But the new generation needs to understand that Blacks, Gays and other immigrant groups don’t have some agenda to take over. We simply want what they want: a chance to succeed and make something happen in their lives. It just so happens that we’re doing fucking amazing things and we’re giving these men a run for their money.

Racism in America will always exist – I’m sure of it. There will come a day when a new majority is created and perhaps they will behave just as poorly. All we can do is sit back and watch this thing unfold before our eyes. We can change things. We can prevent some of this racist behavior by voicing our opinions. By writing blogs and sharing articles we can highlight that this thing exists. Racism is getting incredibly nasty nowadays and its abundance has been growing quicker than spoiled milk under the sun. So stand the fuck up and post something. If you feel what I feel, even just a little, then do something. Now take that hand of yours, craft a message, and throw that wrench into the cogs. We have work to do.

46 thoughts on “Has Society Grown More Openly Racist? – When Racism Turns Into Hatred

  1. As usual, you’re right on the money with this article. I haven’t seen Red Dawn, but after seeing the massive amount of psychotic racist tweets and posts about it, I’m very sure I never will. American media is a sick thing and always has been. All it’s ever done is tell the “majority” (middle to high class white people) that they are the only ones who should be able to live in nice homes, have nice cars, or go to nice schools.

    I was actually thinking about this during the election. I figured that the Southern jerkface xenophobes would be spouting their racist BS louder than usual because they didn’t want Obama to win. What shocked me were the high volumes of racists that kept popping up in my own hometown in Jersey! There were houses that proudly displayed sickeningly rude anti-Obama epithets and pro-white Romney paraphernalia, people with t-shirts and signs and all types of visual media displaying their hatred of “the un-American nigger.” In a town so racially mixed, a majority of the white people suddenly began acting this way. I’ve heard that Jersey has a lot of racists, but in over 15 years of living in different cities and towns here, I had yet to see them until that horrific week.

    I hate to sound like a pessimist, but I honestly don’t think that things will get any better in years to come. We can try to protest the disgusting nonsense of racism, but it’ll steadily get worse–as will its negative effects on those it’s aimed toward. 😦

    • asians need to celebrate being asian and endorse asian unity. we are too endorsing of multiculturalism. fuck blacks whites browns

    • I honestly agree with you there. I don’t even agree with comedians using what is called inappropriate humor which is an accepted comedy style. Kids do it because they worship people like Seth MacFarlane and find his shockingly racist cartoons that show descrimination against anything but your white male who is not a jew and doesn’t have religion funny. At first I thought the show was for shock value but now I see Family Guy as just balantly racist in every way shape or form and though this man is a “documented” gay rights activist I find it hard to even believe that with all the horrible jabs he makes against the GLBTA. He says he loves black people but I wouldn’t believe it from the content in a number of shows he puts out either. Yet the show has been on for more than 7 years and with the rise in comedians putting out simply racist or even 9/11 jokes on the internet, the Malysia Flght jokes and other crap like that these kids watch and love it. All these comedians serve to do is make it into a cultural norm. Because its what most comedians do these days. Many Comedians have thrived without using these kinds of hateful tactics long before this day and age and now it seems to be a requirement. That alone spreads hate whether its intended to or not and raising our children on it will teach them everything the white majority wants them to know. Just because a few people like a joke doesn’t make it funny. It’s not a grieving technique and its not comedy. All I find it to be is dispicable. Whenever someone even makes a Hitler/oven/jew joke i tell them to have some respect because those people lost their lives and suffer a pain you should hope you never have to feel.And its not just the whites spreading this racism like a wild fire. It’s the “Minority youth” as well due to the jokes they see cracked on TV.” It’s now a norm that is accepted by the state of our media. And as willfully as Fox News slammed Obama just because he was black questioning if he was even an America its no surprise that this racist garbage like Family Guy has existed on their regular network for so long. Mind you I don’t even like Obama as as a president. So that should tell you something right there on what I see.

  2. I don’t know about elsewhere in the U.S. or world for that fact, but in my own neighborhood I know for a fact that racism is against “white” people. It is passed off as joking but when a heated argument breaks out you best believe it isn’t “white” people saying the racist remarks. On our block alone there are “white” people, “black” people, hispanic people, Asian people and others that I am not quite sure of their ethnicity/race. I mostly stay to myself, but when I do go outside I observe this quite frequently. Even my own children (whose father is hispanic and I am “white”) get harassed and called slurs such as “white trash”, “cracker”, “redneck”, “stupid hillbilly”, etc. I find it a bit funny because it makes the others who say those things look completely foolish, but it also makes me very angry because they are kids and don’t deserve to suffer at others ignorance. I wish people would grow up and get over themselves already. We are ALL human beings regardless of what we look like on the outside, and if we expect some respect, then we should be giving respect to others. Stop with the stupid crap.

    • civilised behaviour is one thing, respect and solidarity amongst asians is another.youre not asian, youre white and female so its unsurprising youre only resort is the tired kumbayah commentary on an asian blog,

  3. The tweets remind me of my family. They say they support me dating outside my race but they make stupid racist jokes. They probably don’t realize it (being in the society we’re in) but it makes me uncomfortable. I had my eye on someone too…

    • I should also point out that their ‘jokes’ are like the ones that are stereotypes embedded into the people of today. Honestly it doesn’t help any of our cases. We already have the minorities divided up tryna’ be the best but this is what cuts off chances of us coming together. It sucks. Love your articles as usual.

  4. As a black woman yes, racism is at an all time high. We live in modern times but most people aren’t able to set their minds free. I liken this level of racism to one of the lowest forms of ignorance and simple minded stupidity that’s rampant in many people nowadays. The hilarious part is blatant racists as you’ve shown above, are too stupid to realize how they’re being controlled in what they say, how they think, how they view others and basically how they exist in society by the powers that be.

    As much as the comments sicken me, they also make me laugh my butt off, because you must be dumber than box of rocks to say those things and think that way. My goodness, it makes me feel great that I’m not like that. Imagine all of the negativity that’s in their lives? Imagine walking around every single day with this mindset? Wow, that would suck, hahaha.

    I empathize with them, because they need a lesson in humility. People such as yourself and others, including me, have other things to worry about as far as bringing positive energy into this world and to be of help to others in the ways in which we feel drawn to do so.


    • No, people who make racist remarks do not need a lesson in humility. What they need is a good, old fashioned BEATDOWN, followed by a lengthy hospital stay and more months of painful rehabilitation and recovery. Then they will learn to keep their man-pleasers closed.

      • nothing wrong with racism espcially when it comes from unspoken asians who should be more assertive. ask kenneth eng, apart from hawking his shit fiction, he had the right idea. if its okay for blacks to whine about racism, and beat up and pisstake asians, like every other non-asian race out there then asians can and should too. civility is another matter. and as for overcoming divide and conquer, thats up to people to speak out individually. but if people are too cowardly to revolt against TPTB, then its back to squeaking like frightened mice on blogs, regardless of color or creed

        blacks wanted a black president and got halfie obama. now hes sinking the country. if black males grew some balls and spoke out and voted with their brain instead of their dick and black women did more than eat chicken all day wed have more respect for you. when it comes to the real fight, blacks are fucking gutless.

        • Typical statment from a worthless scared meth smoking small dick whinning redneck ignorant coward ass cracker. I would like to see white trash like asinvaction placed in a morge.

    • Racism is at an all time high? LOL! Yep, racism is definitely worse now than it was a hundred years ago. Dear god woman, take your head out of your ass! lol…

  5. I have also noticed more racism recently, but that could just be because now I am much more involved in speaking about it online since someone I love is of different race.

    The irony is that humans are one of the most genetically similar species out there. One fly defers from another 20 times more than one human does from another.

    Seeing these openly racist remarks makes me feel frustrated and powerless. Let’s hope it’s just empty cries of their own powerlessness as they lose the lead. But I am afraid that you are right, and as long as we don’t advance our societies the ones in power will always discriminate all the others.

    • Im telling you they need to have a class in schools to teach kids about equality inorder to combat all the bullshit social media and suppliment the lack of knoweledge they get from it

      • Without a doubt that would be great.

        But like the writer of this post said, we need to speak up as well.

        We can’t always leave everything to the instituations. We are all part of the social media which you say kids are influenced with. That is actually the sole reason that I started my blog about having Korean boyfriend.

      • more like a class in ending global fake jew diaspora zionism, but that probably takes guts that most people dont have, easier to scapegoat those who are hardworking and mind their own business like asians.

  6. The comedian in the “Give me a chance” video needs to stop doing such clown acts. I know people are laughing, but bringing disrespect upon yourself is not funny.

  7. I wouldn’t say I’ve noticed MORE racism than in the past. I will say that people are much more outspoken about it, I believe, thanks in part to technology. Before, to get your racist thoughts heard, you would have to say them aloud in front of others at the risk of being physically reprimanded. Thanks to the internet, cowards are able to speak out with little fear of physical repercussions.

    It’s ridiculous and at times just leaves me shaking my head and wondering if these people will ever try to get help for their deeply rooted issues. The fact that a company even funded the movie, Red Dawn, is disgusting. As if we really need another film to help idiots come out from behind closed doors to spout of racist thoughts about a group of people they know next to nothing about…

  8. I seen the first Red Dawn movie with my friends 20 something years ago and left out horrified after the fact.I vowed that as long as Im on earth I would never ever look at movie again.I refuse to look at 2012 version of it.

    Back then,the enemies in RD1 ,if Im not mistaken,were potrayed as Russians. Looking at the movie scared me..even angered me,but it was movie.If those people on the Facebook page hate Asians because of RD,then people should hate Russians for the same reason.The irony of it is that I grew up during the Cold War years.I remembered some people being suspicious of Russians. I recalled an incident where a White American father telling a friend of his that he wouldn’t let his then 5 year old son play with Russian kids out of ridiculous fear of them being spies,but as a Black girl,I played with him.I found the experience to be odd but enjoying my friendship with him.

    I have no problems with Russians or anyone else. I only have problems with people who have it against me. Those people on the FB who are speaking against Asians because of RD just just hating them because of this movie.The racism in them was there.The movie just gave them a reason to gripe more about their hatred.

    • its media manipulation of the good old sinophobia thats been going on for eons because its classic anti-asian propaganda.

      just because you can respect a persons culture doesnt mean you have to kiss his ass, or not have friendships with him. civility is one thing. vocalising in the name of human rights is another.

  9. Homie, I’m in the South. Not the “Mississippi Burning” South, but the South nonetheless. I hate to say it, but this is business as usual down my way. I actually come across few people that might be identified as “red necks” by nonSoutherners – well of course bc I don’t believe Southerners really use this term. But there’s still a lot of racism and classism within races. Imagine a world where White people don’t think other White people are White enough… Now that’s some complex isht. People do act a fool online and say things they wouldn’t normally in public. But I think the root of all this lies oddly enough in this melting pot idea that never was. We have been brought up to tolerate difference, but not necessarily to embrace it or understand it in the US. As a result, we don’t know or want to know a whole lot about each other. Another issue is jacked up US, state, and local history. We are forced to learn this stuff in school, but it leaves out almost everybody’s contributions. That’s important bc our history is an important aspect of our culture. The Thanksgiving episode of This American Life discussed this very thing… How you could live and grow up in a place and not know any of it’s cultural heritage and how this alienates people. Idk. We definitely are becoming even less of a melting pot in some ways. Getting it together takes some conscious effort though, with each individual taking time to learn about the other people in their community and moving forward from there. And perhaps calling people on their racist bs, whether you know them or not.

    • theres nothing to learn, we live in a technologically modernised age, theres hardly any difference between us or anyone on the opposite side of the world. the only thing lacking, as the article says is collective social balls to revolt against a corrupt authority that has been doing this for eons.

      doesnt mean holding hands in kumbayah just means speaking out individually against repressed human rights to show that we all agree with each other. we can still do this within our respectful cultural boundaries.

  10. Racists and Bigots everywhere Ohh My…… No matter what progress we imagine, it is the persistence of “ignorant bliss” that is ever around us. It is the sole burden of the individuals that choose personal “enlightenment” to create the waves of such around themselves and to persist in this growth. The necessary action required by me or anyone who desires a “brighter space” is the action of our voice and deeds to those around us and in response to others vocal /(finger stroke) idiocy.
    note : Lengthy web arguments are not what I suggest but only interjection to some
    point to break the mindless spew of dimness that sometimes prevails.

  11. I was really interested in your article and you made a lot of good points. But, I’m going to have to say that I think white fear goes a little beyond what you’re talking about though or maybe even it’s a little more basic and instinctual. I live in the Midwest and grew up in a safe, middle-class neighborhood. My school was mostly white, with sizable Asian and Arab populations. Racism was an issue addressed in every history class and every literature class I took there with one general theme — white people bad, everyone else good. I know it reals sounds like I’m exaggerating, but hearing the other students responses to classes made me think that the amount of emphasis put on “white people bad” backfired and pushed people to put emphasis on the crimes committed by other ethnic groups in retaliation, at least that’s what I gathered from hearing people talk about it after class was over. I also know that it made a lot of my non-white friends very uncomfortable in the classroom. Moreover, white people don’t feel responsible for racism of others. As I’ll talk about later, white people tend not to see themselves as a close ethnic group. So you say, white people in the South used to have slaves. I certainly would never keep a slave, so I don’t feel guilty. I feel sorry for them, but no guilt. White people hold most of the power, other people should be able to work high-paying jobs and prestigious positions too. Sure, but does that mean that because I’m white I shouldn’t go for a high-paying or prestigious position? The problem of “white power” or “white majority” is easier to talk about when it’s in general, but at some point it is applied to the individual. What does the shrinking of white power mean for me as an individual and how does it change my life? I don’t remember where I read this, but when polled about who they thought was responsible for current white-black racism in the U.S., many black responders thought it was entirely the fault of white people and some thought that it was some mixture of the two, usually more white people’s fault. White responders had a decent number say it was entirely from white people, but most people said that it was a mixture of the two, tending more strongly towards a 50/50 split. Some people even responded that they thought that it now originates with black people and white people are only responding to black racism against whites. From the perspective of others, racism against white people often isn’t real or isn’t important. But it is real, and people feel it and react negatively to it. Like when that black dating site came out and was advertising on television (I think it was Black People Meet) and I heard a number of people say, “What if this was an exclusively white dating site? People would call it racist!” A lot of people treat that kind of response as a joke. What does it matter if there can’t be an only-white dating site but there can be an only-black dating site advertised like that on TV? Obviously the majority of people on any major dating site is white people, so they can just deal. However many white people feel like this kind of thing is blatant discrimination against whites. Then there’s the issue of culture. White people often don’t feel like they’re part of a white culture, so they can’t understand when people are exclusivists with their cultures. At my college there used to be long tables in the cafeteria. White people are the majority, so if you look around you see mostly white, with scatterings of Arab, black, and Hispanic people. But there’s one table where about thirty or forty Asian students sit together at any time. If you like Asian culture and you’re Asian, you can be at that table which is actually one large social group, but if you like Asian culture and you’re not Asian, you’re in a different group and you can’t be in the “Asian” group. Why? Because the “Asian” group isn’t a cultural group or an interest group, it’s an ethnic group. Since this group is so large and obvious, many non-Asians are put off by this grouping. One day a black friend and I sat at this table because we were sitting with a friend. The people there felt awkward about it and most of the people who walked by did double-takes. But it’s not just an issue of Asians having strong ethnic connections. There are clubs for students who are Arab, for students who are black, and for students who are Hispanic. For white people, though, there is no white club, either as a large social group or as a literal club. Again, I’ve heard again and again that this isn’t important because whites are the majority. However, I think it makes people jealous and it definitely makes people angry. It’s hard not to be recognized as anything. It’s actually kind of dehumanizing.
    I’m sorry, I’m trying to keep it short, so it’s pretty generalized, but it’s more or less how I feel.
    As a side note, I think you should look into how the internet tends to polarize people. Just like in politics and religion, the views people express about just about anything on the internet tend to be very extreme. I actually think that the internet pushes us to be more extreme than we would be otherwise.

    • the problem is that white privileged majority do not do enough to revolt against corrupt powers that be except bitch and moan and whine. if you are aware of racial social engineering, and you dont do anything about where it emanates ( media) , then you are just as bad. in fact, youre worse than bad, youre fucking pathetic.

  12. hi, being a Muslim does not equate one to be a foreigner. I know plenty of white American Muslims. Islam is a religion, Muslims are the followers of that religion like Jews or Christians. “Muslims” are not a race. Arabs,Black people, Asians, etc. are races. Just thought I’d let you know for future reference! Just because someone is a Muslim does not mean they’re Arab, that’s a very common misconception, it only means they practice the religion called Islam. Most people wouldn’t believe this but when looking at race the majority of Muslims that are found in America are actually African Americans not Arabs like most people may think.

    i love reading you posts! keep up the good work!

  13. the society has definately gone racist with the help of media/ popular culture, popularizing that what is accepted racism.

      • accepted racism against asians been around for ages,just social media being hijacked by zionist media, used to create divide and conquer, nothing new.

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  14. I don’t think people are more racist than before, but I do think that the changing times (decline of Europe, rise of Asia, election of Obama, massive changes in American demographics) are severely unsettling the racist attitudes of those who may have remained silent due to complacency in years past.

  15. This is nonesense.Does any one really beleive that north korea could invade america? This movie was made for the simple reason to increase racism against asians. America spends a trillion dollars on military, if with all this they can’t keep korea at bay then they should shut down their military. With this kind of hatred generated by a movie, can you really blame none americans for wanting powerful weapons? Americans are to easily lead by the media in america.

  16. An Asian complaining about xenophobia & racism… lol. Yeah, tell me how foreigners are treated in east Asia… that’s what I thought. The only reason the spotlight is on the USA (and anywhere else white people are the majority) and how it treats its minority groups is because the USA is the richest (and widely seen as the most successful) country in the world. When we think about it, it’s only really white people who have been put to the test when it comes to the modern, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious state. How would China, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt etc etc react to having millions of immigrants from around the world travel to their respective countries, wanting jobs, homes, equality etc etc? How would Chinese men, for example, in China, react to seeing Chinese women walking down the street, hand-in-hand with their black/white/Arab/whatever boyfriends? Exactly.

    If you’re not white and going to complain about how whites treat non-whites in the USA (and elsewhere), ask yourself the simple question – ‘how would my own ethnic group conduct themselves in the same scenario?’.

    Yes I realise the countries I listed above are technically ‘multicultural’, but the cultures that exist in those countries have risen naturally, over hundreds/thousands of years. What those countries haven’t done is engineer a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious society via political power. That ideology – multiculturalism – has only ever been practiced by Western governments.

    Let’s take a look at Japan, for example. A former advisor to the current Japanese Prime Minister, recently came out and said that if Japan was to stop the effects of depopulation, it would have to allow mass immigration into Japan… the catch? Apartheid.

    “Since I learned the situation in South Africa 20 to 30 years ago, I’ve come to believe whites, Asians and blacks should live separately,”

    Take a read…


    That’s just one, small insight, of course. But are we really going to kid ourselves into believing that countries such as China, India, Japan, South Korea etc etc (and elsewhere) would be open to mass immigration from Africa, Turkey, Arabia, Europe, Latin America etc etc?

    Clearly a country like Japan doesn’t believe ‘diversity = strength’, because they’d have signed up to the mass immigration/multiculturalism experiment long ago. The same applies to all of the countries I have listed above.

    Asians complaining about xenophobia & racism? Comical.

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