(VLOG) Q&A #1 – Are There Any Good Websites Where I Can Find Single Asian Guys?

This is my first official “vlog” so YAYYY! Hurray me! Hopefully my lazy ass will be able to do these as often as I can since I seem to have brain farts every time I try to write something out. This VLOG is still in a baby phase, so bare with me because I still need to iron out the kinks and figure out my groove. Got it? GOOD!

Enjoy!!! 🙂


5 thoughts on “(VLOG) Q&A #1 – Are There Any Good Websites Where I Can Find Single Asian Guys?

  1. Your video was a big “eye opener” for me concerning my efforts in perusing an interracial relationship with an Asian male. I have been on a couple of dating sites and one you mentioned and they were a huge failure, unfortunately. I’ve been attracted to Asian most of my life and now that I am newly single (after a very long marriage) the dating scene is new and coupled with dating outside my race, one can just imagine. Anyway, the VLOG was a big help and look forward to more good insight and information in the future.

  2. I met my Korean boyfriend on a pen pal site. I met so many people there, Asian, non-Asian, male, female… so it was even more special when he stood out among them cause we had so much in common.

    I agree that it’s the best to not look on dating sites. There are many reason for that, but it’s just so awkward when you’re talking to someone JUST to see if they will make a good dating prospect.

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    Give us a try sometime! We have a fun hangout camchat, forums, and more!

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