Do Asian Guys Like Thick/Curvy/Big Girls?

Let me guess: you’re single, ready to mingle and you’re ready to say hello to the brothers in yellow. Unfortunately, despite your love for Asian guys you constantly look in the mirror and ask yourself, “will an Asian guy be able to love and handle all my love handles? Can he handle all of this meat?! WILL HE STAND TALL AND ERECT WHEN I STRIKE DOWN UPON HIS BODY WITH MY THUNDER THIGHS?!!?!” In other words…



Generally speaking, most people tend to go after and date those who have body types similar to their own . If you take an anorexic, sucked-up guy with arms as thin as noodles, chances are, he’ll end up with a girl just as noodle-like as himself. On the opposite end, a guy with a beer baby sloshing around his gut will probably go for a girl who also has more to love. Of course, there are exceptions and unfortunately, you’re more likely to see a bigger guy with a skinnier girl as opposed to a thick girl and a skinny guy.

I know, it sucks! HOWEVER, that’s just a general way of approaching the subject. When you zoom in a bit and focus on specific cultures, you start to notice that certain ethnic groups are actually open, if not IN LOVE, with thicker, more curvacious ladies. By now most of us are aware of the countries/cultures that are more likely to breed lovers of curves: Brazil, Mexico, parts of Africa and even Hawaii.

Here’s The Bad News…

“Damn you Asian culture! Why won’t you accept my love for thick women?!”

As a whole, Asian people tend to not like bigger people. Save for the Japanese Sumo Wrestlers who are all men, most Asian cultures have a standard of beauty that says the thinner the better. While some might say this is a highly superficial and vain way of thinking (to which I do agree) you also must understand why Asian people think this way. First off, based on the fish and vegetable heavy diets that Asians have, we are simply less likely to get fat by the logic of nutrition. Combined with the reality that much of Asia is actually VERY, VERY, VERY poor, the result is a population of people who simply do not have the money nor the diets to sustain any curves.

Second, Asians are incredibly conservative when it comes to social status. Everything they do revolves around maintaining and upgrading their status in society. Part of that is to be just as skinny as everyone else. As an Asian competing against other Asians, you have to drive the same expensive car, take your kids to the same expensive University and you need to be shopping at the same expensive designer boutique while wearing the same size dresses and jeans. To an Asian, being bigger and heavier is almost an automatic deduction in one’s social status, despite how much money you make —Β  especially for women.

Here’s The Good News!

“Hey there lovely lady, are you new to this buffet?”

Everything I said in the previous two paragraphs mainly applies to Asian-born Asians and not Asian Americans. Also, most of the discrimination against women with junk-in-the-trunk stems from OLDER ASIANS, aka, people in their 40’s and up. Asian guys my age (I’m currently 23) honestly don’t care too much about weight so long as you’re not double our size. So if we weigh 150lbs and you weigh 240… yeaa…. you might want to reconsider. But hey! You never know! He might wanna dive right into that body of yours like a scuba diver! It all depends.

Now, this is the part where I complicate things for just a second: relative to Asians, there are a few Asians that are more likely to discriminate based on your body weight and they just so happen to be the big three: Chinese, Japanese and Koreans. “OH NO! ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT I DON’T HAVE A CHANCE TO FIND MY OPPA BECAUSE HE WON’T LOVE MY LOVE DUMPLINGS?!” Ehhh…. kinda? You see, the big three just so happen to be some of the more conservative Asians so you’re MORE LIKELY to encounter Korean, Chinese or Japanese guys that won’t date big girls. That’s simply what I’ve noticed but as always, there are exceptions. If anything, try a Filipino, Thai or Vietnamese guy! They MIGHT be less critical.



So if you’re wondering if having a big ass or wide hips will turn-off an Asian guy, I’m pretty damn sure he’ll love it. In fact, you might blow his goddamn mind with how attractive you are. How much will he love it? It depends on how conservative he is, if he’s been with a big girl before, what kind of Asian he is MIGHT have an affect, and most importantly, how husky is he himself?

When it comes to whether or not Asian guys date big girls, the deciding factor is YOU and SOCIETY. Exactly how BIG are you and how much does the rest of society care? The reality of the situation is that your weight shouldn’t matter in a relationship. Unless your weight affects the sex, your ability to go on activities with your boyfriend or your tendency to eat a certain diet that your Asian boyfriend doesn’t like, unless your weight negatively affects your relationship, you should be just fine. But you still have to define: how BIG are YOU? And are you too big for other guys who aren’t Asian? Do you also have trouble with Latin guys or White guys or Black guys? Because if you have had problems in the past with guys accepting your weight, then I can be certain that simply switching to Asian guys won’t exactly change things.

“Where can an Asian guy get some decent THIGH ACTION around here?!”

If all else fails, hire an Asian personal trainer, tone up, get fit, take him to the locker room, compliment his biceps, pretend to drop something, bend over, show-off DAT BODY and make him LOVE THOSE CURVES!


66 thoughts on “Do Asian Guys Like Thick/Curvy/Big Girls?

  1. This made me Laugh! So funny rain man…Ok So I’m going to throw my two yen in to this. First Yen I have Dated Japanese, Chinese,and Korean men, In the no so Distant past. And I can Honestly so I am No Size 2 ! I am an Island Girl with Curvy hips and thighs and A nice pair of 36dd dumplings! So the first Chinese guy i dated was Born and raised in China he had only been here a Year or so, so he was not Americanized at all, so what did he think of my curves? He Loved them, Literally! Cuddled up at the Theater he would gently pinch the fat on the underside of my upper arm, He said he loved that ,because His mother had arms like mine! Go figure! The second Was Japanese Raised in Japan and Live in America 8 years well this man loves his mushu! When he saw how curvy I was he Literally told me, He said ” most women think that Asian men only like skinny girls. Its not true though, we love curves!” And I can say that I found this to be true. So lastly my Korean lets just say, His jaw hit the floor when we met and stayed there during our whole date lol! So ladies don’t let curves stop you!!

    Some Tips On what to do if your curvy!
    1. Dress well, wear nice fitting leggings or jeans, that hug your curves and maybe high waisted if you have a little tum tum!
    2. Always present a clean well groomed appearance! Nails, Hair, and teeth should be GQ!
    3. if you got tigohbitties wear a great support Bra Asians are still men and love a good pair!
    4. If you could use a tune up go to the gym, you dont need to be skinny, but at least dont be over 190lbs! lay off the Wontons and have steamed veggies instead!
    5. Every asian guy i have met works out or eats healthy and they love to help you work out or eat better to! So just ask your sugar buns to pass the broccoli!
    6. Lastly be your self!!! Thick or thin its who you are that they fall in like or love with!!

    • Hey, good response! The only thing I disagree with is the 190 lb bit. Actually, size can be very misleading to weight, an example being I have curves in “all the right places” but people think I’m dead wrong when I say I weigh as much as 234 lbs. When I first got my Driver’s License, I told the lady I weighed 200+ lbs and she looked at me skeptically and put down “185lbs”. It was the best compliment of my life and really put that into perspective. Maybe I’m one of the lucky ones, lol.

  2. from what I’ve noticed in Chinese/HK forums written in their own language (so most of ‘ghost girls’ cannot read it) even if they are in your age they like mostly small girls – can be little bit taller but they don’t really like curves, only big boobs are OK but the rest should be petite. the most often complaint is ‘Armstrong’ a.k.a. chicken wings – Chinese rised in Chinese culture will be carrying really much about their face and how people see his partner is part of his face. I must say that in real life is quite true, people will make a comment about it and even once my husband said ‘I’m happy you’re so tiny’. But then… everyone knows people falling in love change their mind or preferences – it’s from me, I read something similar on one of the blogs and I love that girl for saying it out loud: GIRLS, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, don’t try to fit Asian standards, you just cannot do that, be yourselves, love yourselves and they will love you πŸ™‚

  3. Currently I live in Mexico, and many times have I asked what Chinese visitors think of Mexican women. The answer is almost invariably disheartening: “too fat, too dark.” Their threshold for “fat” borders the pathological.

  4. It depends how big the guy is, for me, im an average size , so i cant get a big girl, and big girls are not interested in me either.

    • Maybe try to show more interest, and make it a little easier for the approach..i love Asian /korean men. Not for the looks, but because i grew up around Asians in NYC and i absolutely loved their culture and have a deep respect an admiration for them. I am Puerto Rican, and i feel like we’re closely related by culture.. Asians often mistake me for Polynesian or Hawaiian.. However, none has ever tried to approach me.

  5. I don’t know about other Asian countries, but in Korea, many men expect women to be thin, but with large breasts, pretty–with straight nose, big eyes, and a slim jawline–thus the prevalence of plastic surgery. Women, on the other hand, expect men to have a large income, be tall, attractive, and have graduated from a good university. Because there are less women in Korea, plastic surgery is seen as an investment to make a good match. Society really has messed things up for the individual and it is unfortunate. But life in Korea is hard, and money makes it easier to live. I don’t think people in the U.S quite understand the pressure people go through to achieve a middle class life there, because it isn’t the same.

    • How about a curvy girl with large breasts, large-but-not-too-large butt, thighs and arms with a little fat, as tall as an average white person, and not petite? *Sigh* My Korean dream is over, Yoo Youngjae doesn’t like girls like me

  6. I am an Asian guy born in Asia but grew up in the West and I would take a voluptuous African/Middle-Eastern/Latina girl with hips and curves over a tiny petite Asian girl any day!! I am well aware of the poisonous status-obsessed mentality a lot of north-east Asians have and it really disgusts me, as I got older I did my best to wrest myself away from the toxic crowd that had such views. I guess growing up in the west had made me highly individualistic as opposed to being a slave to the collectivist ideals most Asian-born kids are raised under. So yes, I could care less what other people think when it comes to my preferences for girls with curves. Most of my family members already know and accept this (even my grandparents) so they would know what to expect when I bring a date home LOL.

    Also, it’s not just one-sided, a lot of girls can be judgmental and will assume a slender guy won’t be able to handle curves, and hence think guys like this aren’t right for them. Mind you, I’m a quite slender guy myself and with my high metabolism I don’t bulk easily, but I push weights quite regularly (able to lift more than my body weight) so I consider myself quite fit. It’s a matter of girls not making assumptions based on a guy with a smaller build, because many us are highly capable of piggy-backing or carrying you up high with your legs tightly wrapped around our waists!! So yes, as guys we have to prove ourselves for the most part too, the self-consciousness is a 2-way thing, nevertheless the attraction between slim guys and curvy girls does exist and we just have to make it BOLDLY known!!

    • This ^^ comment just made my day lol :)! I work at a gym and I seen slender guys lift up a lot of weights if not more than the bulky built ones so this is very accurate. It sucks that when someone preferences to something outside the “social norm” they get so much crap from other people. As an African American female who is mostly attracted to Asian/Latino men, it is nice to hear that men of a different racial background do appreciates our lovely curves and natural beauty!! I have to admit society can take toll on one’s self confidence especially if your people is represented poorly on a daily basis. Like i said before nice comment and I hope you find your lovely curvy dream girl lol!

    • Hi there so tell me more about you.. And also thanks for accepting and thinking modern.. As for other asians i do not like way they think about or so judgemental about chubby or curvey women but i highly respect that to each it own different strokes different folks…

  7. There is a lot of wrong in this post. As a Chinese skinny, not short-not tall (5 8) man I like big women of all races. I also like slim, short and tall ones. It is not the case that because you’re skinny you would only go for similar people of your stature…. more likely (as is the case with me) is that it is extremely difficult to start up a conversation, especially one of a flirty nature, without the physical differences somehow getting in the way. As in, we subconciously associate like for like, so a skinny short guy approaching a tall curvy lady would be daunting in more ways than one, especially if he is asian too because of the whole race stigma thing with us.

    So whenever a woman who is not skinny or slim gets “ignored”, don’t think it’s because a guy doesn’t like bigger women… if he’s a guy he will like women, period… more often it’s because he doesn’t know how to arrange social contact without making themselves look awkward to others – and yes, this is a problem with society and their narrow definitions of who should be with who.

    • We asian girls are happy enough that a guy wants to approach us (as long as he isn’t overbearingly suspicious seeming) and take it as flattery, so you guys shouldn’t worry about awkwardness, sure it’s awkward at first, but I know a lot of couples that were formed due to this pick-up thing. What about a tall asian girl?? πŸ˜€

  8. Great post πŸ™‚ when I was studying in Beijing, many of my Chinese friends would always ask me to introduce them to some “Black girls” because they loved curves.. I think it really depends on the person and the society. If one guy in a group of friends start dating a girl with curves, its more likely that another of the guys will start dating a girl with curves, as its “accepted” in their group of friends. I dont know if this is correct, but it seems like it, from my experience.

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  10. I soo enjoyed reading this and it gave me hope to finding myself a nice Asian guy! As a black girl it’s really confusing what Asian guys think about us and whether or not they’re attracted to us, so it’s great reading their different opinions πŸ™‚

    • I have gotten a lot of attention from black girls. So here is what you need to know. The asian guy is like any guy, nervous, uncertain of his surroundings when amongst women. Even the so called confident ones, the players are scared. With this piece of information I suggest play it to your advantage. Do what girls do when they want something from a guy, wink wink

      Lastly I know there are you know these propagandas floating around saying Asians don’t like black girls. But Guess what, can a guy really resist looking at an attractive girl of any color. I seriously doubt one factor such as skin color changes that much, no. It wouldn’t. Next time, stand next to a random asian guy and see if he stares at you for more than 10 seconds. I mean seriously this isn’t a big secret right, cause girls all have this hidden 6th sense whenever a guy checks them out, they just know, don’t tell me I am wrong on this one. Test it out, and let me know.

    • I think it depends on the guy, but I see a lot of inter-racial couples so I think you have hope! Asian guys are actually more open minded than you might think.

  11. This article is going to break a lot of hearts by sending out the wrong message.

    Listen up:
    1. There is nothing wrong with a little meat and curves. If you go by western standards you are fine. If you go by eastern standards you are still fine. The people that don’t think is fine are a lot dating materials for you. They are most likely suffering from their own inadequacies to even dare think of telling you what to be.

    My advice, be who you are, the unique

    • Darn got cut off there, ok this is still me jay. You girls are unique individuals who are beautiful so don’t let your figures worry you. Then again, girls are always worried about guys think about their figures. So let me answer that for you. As an asian guy, as any asian guy if they value who you are, they will like your looks even more

  12. I’m lucky too – I found a Japanese guy who loves my curves. πŸ™‚ They’re out there, just like anywhere else everyone’s an individual. It is true though that in Japan being skinny is important culturally – it was surprising to me how much girls fussed over the gain of one pound, and how much they could notice slight gains in each other.

    But just like how the measurements of fashion models and the measurements of playboy models differ significantly, I think what girls consider to be attractive may be a little different from what the boys find attractive.

    Of course there’s exceptions to every rule, so whether you’re skinny or curvy there’s a guy out there that will find you beautiful.

  13. I’m sorry but I find this article both offensive to asians and untrue. I live in southeast asia, and we aren’t ‘really, really poor’, in fact Asia’s developing countries are doing well while its developed countries have some of the highest standards of living in the world. Also, more about your article. Our asian guys prefer skinny girls with flat chests and no asses (don’t ask why, I’d like to know too). Rather when dating a Caucasian girl the guy looks more at the face, because asian guys find Caucasian features beautiful. I don’t think they’ll care so much about the figure, so don’t worry. Perhaps though this view and truth is limited to just my country (we’re a developed country) so don’t get your hopes up (or down, depending how you take it).

  14. Ha i loved this. However as a curvy girl, i lived in korea for two years and korean men were very interested in me BECAUSE of my figure.

  15. I’m a thick girl, extremely far from plus sized but I wear a medium-large.
    I met a guy who was Korean and lived in Singapore for a while, came to America for a year for college. He loved the way I look, so much so I thought it was a trick, lol.
    He said he preferred thin Asian girls and then he met me and basically went “WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MY LOVE LIFE?!” lol
    He’s a sweet kid!
    Weak spot for Black girls now XD

  16. I agree guys tend to date body types similar to their own.
    I’m 5’7, 135 pounds and 36C/D-24-36
    He’s 6’0 185 pounds and a inverted triangle shape

  17. *sigh* I just wish I could find someone that likes me despite my horrid appearance and that doesn’t look like shit themselves… I am sorry but I am sick of having to settle for slobby, creepy, lazy blobs…. not to mention they are gross and ill mannered

  18. I am definitely not your typical Asian.
    I am a 24-year old Vietnamese Male, weighing 140 lbs, standing at 5′ 7″, and am picky. I will never be (and never have in my life been) in a relationship with an Asian Female; I consider ALL Asians to be blood siblings.
    First 3 things I look for in a female partner: She is NOT Asian; she is older than me; and she definitely has a LOT to love. (Being taller than me is a plus for me.)
    Most of my relationships consisted being with females that are bigger than me, and I don’t regret any of them. πŸ™‚
    I consider my most previous relationship with a thin White/Caucasian girl to be one of the biggest learning experiences in my life – it solidified my preference and admiration for the thick/curvy/big girls.
    I love my family, but I have forced them to accept me for my preference and who I am.
    I honestly wish there were more Asian guys out there who have the same preferences as I do… (I admit my last sentence is a subtle rant to the Accepted Society.)

    • Great minds think alike!! I’m an Asian male too and have never dated an Asian female before and don’t intend to either (I’ve dated both white and brown). I’m also almost identical in size and stature as you and did once date a white girl who was taller than me. I agree with you on being frowned upon as the ‘odd one’ in Asian circles due to the stifling collectivist nature of Asian culture. But I could care less what others think and my individualistic nature pushes me to seek what I desire rather than succumbing to the disapproval of others. My preference for non-Asian women and the fact I’m NOT into the petite Asian female that is so sought after in Asian cultures makes me an anomaly in the eyes of many, but I’m proud to be the exception and my family and relatives have gotten so used to it that they just let me be πŸ˜‰

    • I feel I am on the same boat as you except I am much older.
      I wouldn’t mind dating someone who is taller than me (in fact that would be like a paradise for me) but I would prefer not to date Asian girls (not being racist or anything but just personal preference). Living here in Asia leaves me no choice but to settle with Asian girls that are all over the place.
      I am Chinese, 6′, 196 lbs (considering I am 37 yr old). I love curvy and tall girls.

  19. I’m a slim asian guy, 6 foot and 170 on most days. I love “meatier” girls. Probably because I grew up in the hoods! haha. So I don’t their preference depends on their race, but rather, what kind of upbringing they’ve had.

  20. Reblogged this on Zany Epigram and commented:
    Bulls Eye …. If you take an anorexic, sucked-up guy with arms as thin as noodles, chances are, he’ll end up with a girl just as noodle-like as himself. On the opposite end, a guy with a beer baby sloshing around his gut will probably go for a girl who also has more to love.

    I am over 100 lbs.. guess being fat is really an eyesore to men… but they don’t have any idea how hard the situation they are putting as into…


  21. I’m an asian girl who is a little bit curvy and I’m over 100 pounds which is the societal standard here in Japan. My boyfriend demanded that I have to lose weight because his parents wants him to have a slim girlfriend. He was divorced 3 years ago and his ex-wife was slim. Everything became vague when I started to putting some weight on me. We had conversations about marriage before and he was really intimate but everything changed when I gained weight..

    He became aloof and cold towards me and suggested that we should stop talking about marriage for a while not until I lose weight…

    Now, I am totally hurt because I think his love is based on what I have and not on what I truly am…

    • @Zany Epigram

      Wow, I am sorry that is rather cruel. Who treats someone they love like that?

      In all honesty if you feel like he fell in love with one side of you and refuses to love you after you changed a little than maybe there is someone better for you out there and he needs to learn not to base his happiness on what pleases others.
      I have a feeling you wouldnt treat him like that if he gained a few lbs.
      Love cant be based on someone elses standards. Love should be about you & the person you love that Loves YOU.

    • Yes I have had lovers of mine who come from china (I live in Britain and most Asian men over here happen to be Chinese) say some openly hurtful things about my weight. I used to see a Chinese international student who openly told me that he thinks “chubby girls are fun and sexy but I would never marry one”. Needless to say I burst into tears there on the spot. He did all he could to comfort me even saying he did not mean it but I know he did. I have had Chinese men openly think it’s ok just to bite, slap and pinch my fat bits without asking me if I would be ok with doing kinky/aggressive things like this and they have left bruises or hurt me. I am a white female who is 5’3 and 155lbs usually. I am only romantic with East Asian men. I am pregnant right now and gaining a lot of weight. I know I will be bigger when I give birth.

      • Ignore these unkind people who only make jokes out of others and not of themselves.
        Wish you all the best and a smooth delivery Hannah.

  22. I’m exclusively attracted to asain men. I like thin short or tall asain men who are naturally toned and married one for 10 years but due to personality differences it didn’t work out. I’m nearly six feet tall with very curvy hips and butt but a small chest. I find no trouble finding asain men who are crazy about me and 3 are currently pursuing me at the moment. I love asain men so much, their clear skin, their shaply wirey toned arms and chests, their deep black eyes. I don’t care if I’m taller than the man I fall in love with either and contrary to what one might think a lot of asain men don’t care either. Let people stare. Who cares. I gotta have my yellow man.

  23. I am a chubby white woman and I am with a Chinese man. I am around 5’3 and 155lbs although I am 5 months pregnant at the moment so I am heavier right now. I very much love east Asian men and I find them very very attractive. It is true what you say about conservative Asians wanting thinner women. Me and my bf often argue over some of his liberal beliefs. I believe very much in traditional gender roles and I am very much a typical girl. I got very upset when he told me he wanted me to dye my hair an unnatural colour and that he would like to pimp me out to other Asian men for money and I feel very sad that him and no other man will marry me. I slept with a lot of Asian men before him but that was only bc I was lonely and could not find a husband and I don’t think I ever will. If you are fat expect to be treated badly by all men and to attract the worst members of any race. I have struggled with my weight since childhood and the thinnest I can get with a lot of effort seems to be in the 130s. It’s not even like I have a nice curvy shape that some men would like. I have a fat belly and a very flat butt. I either attract men who only want sex or men who are way too liberal for me to really get along with. I am strangely only attracted to East Asian men and will only date East Asian men. On the plus side my bf does finically support me and he said I can have as many kids as I like of his. He did say he would like it if I made money but really I feel happier being a housewife. However I would prefer it if I had the choice to do things the proper way, instead of being a baby momma. I have had to settle.

  24. This was hilarious. ..Thanx πŸ™‚ I am plus sized and like asian men. ..I didn’t think there was any hope for me. .. but maybe there is.

  25. I am plus sized and have hooked up with more Chinese guys then I can count. My long term bf is also Chinese. I have had a lot of negative comments about my weight from Chinese men but the guys who have made those comments are the ones having sex with me so it’s still a win. I am white but I only like oriental men. If they did stop having sex with me I would be forced to lose weight.

  26. Your reasoning is completely wrong. Actually a lot of thinner or athletic guys do like chubby women because they want a woman to look different from them. I rea

  27. I’m a tall curvy woman, fair skinned, and sometimes people say I look like Grace Kelly. I’m simply smitten by a Chinese guy in my class, but am hesitant to express an interest as I’m rather terrified of being rejected for being too curvy (I’m not morbidly obese or anything like that, just more of a smaller busted version on Ashley Graham). I don’t want to lose face by putting myself out there, but at the same time I can’t risk not doing something. I’ve complimented him on his drawings (he’s very talented), but I’m yet to go any further. He feels a little out of my league. The man is a god. A beautiful tall Chinese god.

  28. My height is 5.11 Weight 180 pounds Chinese.Yes i like curvy female.Depends on how she treats herself and others.Sitting here its not going get me anywhere.Can’t wait to date one.So the Hunt begin ^_^

  29. Lol my boyfriend is 160 and im 224. He’s fit and slim and I have a muffin top. 4 years together, he’s also vietnamese and im Mexican.

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