The Main Reason Why Interracial Dating Is Taking So Long To Catch On

We 2014’ers all know the feeling.

You’re downloading something and the progress window pops up: 5 minutes remaining.


Gaksital Kang To Crying


You stop the download, delete it, and spend another 20 minutes finding a faster download. But remember when you downloaded a SINGLE song from Napster and it took damn near a full day? Perhaps that’s the symptom of living a high-speed life: once you hit 90 mph you expect everything – from the time it takes to get an even, orange-julius shade skin tan to your quest to find 1-minute ramen noodles that cook in 55 seconds  – to go just as fast. Once you go fast, you can’t go back. Our impatience also extends beyond the microwave (the one in your kitchen and in the tanning salon) and into the world of Interracial Dating.

Every so often I’ll hear someone bicker about why Asian Men haven’t stepped and sped up in the American dating game. It’s like we’re in the Olympics of dating and love making and our coach, aka, society, is egging us on to flirt and fuck faster. “You call that a thrust?! THRUST THOSE PALE THINGS! THRUST! THRUST!”



Now, I could do to your brain what Anton Chigurh did to his victims’ foreheads in “No Country for Old Men” with my bare knowledge on why it’s taking Asian Men so long to step up their dating game, but I think we need to discuss an even bigger issue. One that I think is impacting the Interracial Dating progress of not only Asian Men, but Black Men and Women, and *gasp* White Men as well.



Do you know how long it took to see an Asian guy get some action on T.V? DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY SLEEPLESS NIGHTS WE’VE WAITED?!

Perhaps you need a refresher but the legalization of Interracial Marriage via Loving v. Virginia happened just shy of 50 years ago. It’s been 50 years and we’re BARELY starting to see Interracial Relationships gain visibility in the media. And even in those instances there’s still hostility against a goddamn Cheerios commercial. So if we can’t even get a collective “hell yea!” for the poster-child of Interracial Dating in America (Black and White couples) then how the hell can we expect faster progress for Asian Men and Non-Asian Women (AMXF)? Why are we in such a rush to raise our crosses and crusade towards the “Asian Men need to man the f*ck up and start asking Black/White/Latina women out on dates” cause when we can’t even get Black and White couples comfortably settled in?


Now, this isn’t to say that we should get lazy and stop our push towards a better, more confident Asian Man who isn’t afraid to make some Blasian Super Babies by the dozens, but we should be patient. This isn’t an iTunes song we’re downloading, this is social, racial progress. We have made great strides within these past few years but it will take even more time. And that’s a reality many of us find difficult to digest. To know that, sometimes, progress in life will take much longer than the 5 minutes it takes to buffer Grand Theft Auto 5.

So be patient, my Asian Man-loving, Interracial Dating brothers and sisters. I want to see that Blasian Super Baby society just as bad as you do but we need to chill out and let time take its course. Hell, it might even take another ten, thirty, or fifty years.

But Ranier, what should I do till then?!”


"Time to lube up!"

“Time to lube up!”

12 thoughts on “The Main Reason Why Interracial Dating Is Taking So Long To Catch On

  1. Love the words Blasian Super Baby, I hope to see them as well 😉 especially ’cause I know some AMBF (AMBW) couples 😀 so fingers crossed 😀 … although in London looks like AMWF seems to get better (especially asian man-italian woman, speaking by experience here)…but as I said, this is London, outside is still a super rare thing…

  2. So you’re telling me it’s going to take a bit longer than expected for my half black/half mexican self to find an asian/white guy and create super ethnically ambiguous children? lol. Love the post.

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  4. I found this article really informative and I agree with many of the points as well* it was definitely an interesting read, showing different sides of the argument and I liked it.

  5. I love your posts and I’m all for interracial dating, I myself am mixed with Indian and Arab(but apparently look also Black), and I don’t have much of a problem with Black men. But despite that why is it I almost never see much written about us Indians and Arabs when it comes to interracial dating? I myself am also Asian men but I see mostly about Black+Asian, and then of course White/Latina+Asian right after. I’ve never seen either of my races with an Asian, and it really makes me lose hope that I won’t have much of a chance against women of much larger known and and chased after races.

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  7. I love the pics of Rain and G-Dragon! The product endorsements are always a hit. I’m not a huge fan of K-Pop (or any pop, for that matter) either, but it is great to see K-Pop and K-Dramas have such a huge following among Americans. Some of the biggest girl-crushes I’ve had, and heard about from other women of all races and nationalities, on “that guy” have been with K-Drama or K-film characters. To see Won Bin, or So Ji Sub, as tough action anti-heros with three dimensional character development, is refreshing. To watch Shin Ha-Kyun and Lee Je-Hoon navigate dramas and films so adroitly is exciting. The fetishizing of Korean men, or Asian men in general, can be a strange side effect among the younger generations, but the growing exposure to Asian cinema, variety shows, and dramas have opened the world for many Americans, old and young, all races and genders.

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