The Inevitable: My Facebook Page Has Been Deleted

Because of course, you can’t talk about racism without angry, white racists reporting you for “hate speech.”

Funny how that works, right? You stand up for Black Lives Matter and this crap happens? Oh, but when someone says THIS on Facebook….


…nothing happens?


Don’t worry, I’m ALREADY thinking of a way to come back.

Expect it.

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25 thoughts on “The Inevitable: My Facebook Page Has Been Deleted

    • And do me a favor stop being such a chicken shit and keep deleting my post, why cuz your scared somebody will know the truth about your racist butt.

  1. Make sure you keep us posted! WE ARE LIVID!!! As soon as we get a voice they try to silence us! Ready for you to return stronger than ever!!! We are in your corner!!!

    • Ohhh so said we need your racist voice against whit men only , yeh white women are ok cuZ they wont fight back…lol. do your history on the white slave trade you idiotic un intellagentaaaaa people

  2. Keep an eye out on this page. I’ll post here in the meantime and I’ll update you along the way.

    We’ll settle this.


  3. This is a travesty! We can’t have anything, I swear. The racists win again but whatever you do and when, I will be there to support you! Is your personal page gone, also?

  4. I really don’t get the WHY it was deleted…
    maybe its sangria I just had but I don’t see anything in the thing your posted here that should lead to a delete….

    or maybe its because I’m not so fly in the lingo….

  5. Hello Ranier,

    I’ve been a longtime lurker( as well as an admirer) of your blog and I’m happy that it didn’t become a thing of the past. You speak the truth and sometimes some people, like those racists on the FB page cannot accept it. Lets face it..society would rather listen to a lie before the truth.

    Also, I don’t have a blog page, FB, Twiiter or any other forms of social media as I don’t fool with them but I would like to comment about your impending move to the ATL. Congrats to Livi acceptance to UGA. It’s in Athens ,GA . I’m not sure if your girlfriend is doing online schooling or attending there,but in case she goes on campus, she may ( or may not ) like the city. It’s a pretty big sized town about 60+ something miles from Atlanta. To me…just to me, it’s a pretty nice place..with the occasional crazy ( I’ve read that you and Livi are laid back guys have tons of sense) party crowd. Otherwise, UGA is a cool place to be. I wanted to go there at one point.

    As a ATL native..a lot of the people on the FB page are telling you right about my city. If you’re interested in Asian/ Latino food of any kind, go on Buford Hwy . It’s miles long ( I think about 5-7 miles starting from Atlanta to Gwinnett County..particularly, Norcross, Duluth, Lawrenceville Doraville( some parts if it is in the county). They have tons of Asian restaurants for you to select from.

    Far as ATL, I like going to Midtown,but I wouldn’t recommend downtown ATL. Unless it’s the
    ” backside” of it, as a whole, there is nothing down there but five and dime stores and there is nothing in Underground ATL..and I mean NOTHING! down there, though some developers in supposed to restore it into some apartments/stores beginning in 2016..I’m hopeful of that..until then don’t waste your time going there because you will be disappointed and Uptown ATL is a little too hot and tot for me but you may have a different assessment of it.

    The arts scenes in the ‘hoods are really booming here like Kirkwood, Reynoldstown,The old 4th ward Castleberry Hill, Oakhurst , Inman Park,Krog Street and I love Little Five Points. Someone mentioned going to the Vortex on the FB page. It’s really cool with pretty good food. LFP is a place for those who are eccentric, emo artsy or people who just admire all three. I’ve been going there since the age of 8 and I still go there as an adult.Atlanta also seem to be a city with no shortages of annual /biannual festivals. I’m a festival freak and I love going them. If you make it to my city you should go to festivals like Carnival (though I’m not from the Caribbean, I just love it to death), Inman Park , the Dogwood festival, Sweet Auburn ,Summerfest and Japanfest. I’m trying to find info about the Juneteenth festival so I can go there.

    Before I sign off, I was just looking around the MEETUP page and discovered an “Atlanta Pinoy” meetup/FB page in case you may want to connect with other Filipinos/ Filipino Americans in the Atlanta area.

    Until then ,may you and Livi’s stay in Atlanta be a fulfilling one.

  6. You got to be one of the most unthankful disrespectful piece of crap of a child that i have ever come across. Poor you poor me. Before you attack white people why dont a little history research on the white people and how white irish and white greeks were one of the first race of people that were slaves to the pirates of The African Nations. Im not going any further just do your homework. Everyone and every race in history were slaves, everyone in history were treated bad and unequal in every way. You complain about white people how the held you back…..well thats just another exuse because of your lack of drive and not able to accomplish anything because the white man held you back………. what next you cant get a hard on cuz the white man held you down. Stop with your exuses, you know maybe with a lityle hard work you might get passed all that, your lazy and lazy people are always blaming someone else for there laziness.
    THE ASIAN COMMUNITY ARE ASHAMED OF YOU, BECAUSE ONE OF THE MOST SUCCESFULL RACES IN AMERICA, THE MOST EDUCATED RACE IN AMERICA, THE RICHEST RACE IN AMERICA IS THE ASIAN RACE. so you can go eff yourself that ohhhhhhh im so week i dont frel good about myself because im asian and i only date white according to my dateing site.
    ..haha ..ohhhhh im sorry you poor little man i forgot you only are racist to white men, sorry i forgot you bigot.

    • My foot. The “model minority” myth is the reason asians living in poverty don’t get help. Asians are supposedly making more money than the average white home, so they can’t complain right? But this is a lie. The average white home has 2.5 people, the average asian one 3.3 people, and since asians are more likely to have two to three incomes per household than the white one, it twists perceptions. On an individual basis, asians are paid less than whites, and yes that’s racism for you. For further information, check this good read : the model minority myth is a racist concept, created to shame other minorities especially blacks and make the asian men stfu about the racism they face on a daily basis.

  7. And your facebook page should be deleted, until you educate yourself on the history of the white slave trade in Africa by the Black African Pirates. All your page does promote unrest, hate, chaos, racism, and yes according to your dating site your only racist against white men. Did you know some of the asian population owned black slaves hey do did the indians. You just looking for exuses cuz you are do dumb you cant accomplish anything, and your so sterile ypy cant get a hard on…..why ohh because the white man held me back , or held me down. Your such an racist idiot do your homework you bigot then get back to me you you little boy

    • To “we the people for the people”,

      I understand your convoluted anger…but you are disgusting, and that fact will stay with you for the rest of your life. Please find happiness somewhere. Do not push your hatred on others. Everyone needs happiness. God bless.

  8. Hey, I just got banned from your Facebook page.
    Your latest post was about how Asian parents would beat their kids with a belt (and other devices). Although a lot of people found it humorous, some people did find it problematic and people were sharing their story of abuse. One poster was mocking people who were saying that it was abuse. I wrote, “You should learn how to spell before you judge people” and then I got banned, even though she was cussing. It’s your page, you can do whatever you want. However, I can’t believe you’d broach a topic that would remind a lot of people of child abuse and block people that tell rude posters off but not posters who would mock people for having a different opinion.
    It’s your page, you can do whatever you want but I’m glad I’m not part of it and you might want to review your moderation standards.

  9. May I ask, you say you’re asian, but I see big differences between for ex. chinese, japanese, vietnamese, korean’s. Are you chinese?


  10. The amount of racism and sexism both here and on that vile dump you call your Facebook page is staggering. The fact that your gang of angry black people verbally abuse any and all dissenters is saying enough about you, them and your hateful and divisive agenda.

  11. Your page is shit. Ban hammer normal people who are trying to explain their point. I deal with people who think lesser of me because of my personality and gender id and I use my “this exists might as well ignore it” ideology to keep myself from getting upset.

  12. Yet you delete all the intellectual comments and block the user from making them so how can you claim your page is a discussion page when you allow none of that?

  13. Cause your opinion is trash. I voiced mine on your page and immediately delete it and block me from commenting. I said nothing racist, ignorant, or childish. I just pointed out you’re quite racist yourself and tell irony is hilarious. Hope your rant on white power helped you feel better. Enjoy your life buckaroo. Poor kiddo

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