Across the Realm

Citizens of LLAG I have a HUGE SECRET that I’ve kept from you for TWO MONTHS!

I’ve been in contact with an AMAZING WOMAN OF COLOR writer to present her latest project:


Welcome to the universe of Across the Realm!

Created by Isobel Mitton, an award-winning, Black-Canadian writer,Across the Realm is an immersive sci-fi book series set 600 years into the future where two worlds and ideologies collide: The North, a racially segregated land where Black, Asians and Caucasians live apart, and The South, a society where people of all backgrounds live and love together.

Why LLAG is supporting this: This is POC EVERYTHING!!!


Isobel is a Black woman, the artists creating the artwork are POC, and the entire storyline centers around POC characters! You have Korean commanders, Black high priests, and strong, kick-ass female protagonists.

The world of Across the Realm is vivid and magical and DIVERSE AS FUCK, and it reminds me of a POC Star Trek or a POC Star Wars. And if we support it, who knows? Maybe they’ll turn this into a screenplay the same way they turned Isobel’s previous work into screenplays. Can you imagine how awesome that would be?! On top of that, the series is ongoing so you’ll be able to read more into the galaxy, find more artwork AND they’re making a manga!


PLEASE check out the Across the Realm website, read the character bios, and purchase the first book. It’s only $10 which costs less than a bagel from Whole Foods lol:

THIS IS IMPORTANT! We MUST support POC writers and artists!


11 thoughts on “Across the Realm

  1. Hi my name is Erick Obregon. For some weird reason I got blocked on your FB page. I’m brown peps. I say nothing mean. Can you look into that. I was called a troll.

  2. Hi. Sorry that the comments here don’t seem to be on point to what you’re discussing here.

    Anyhow, I saw an interview with Isobel Mitton on That Social Asian Guy show. She discussed how she was an award-winning writer who has a number of stories that have been sold as screenplays, but I can’t find any real information on this writer to back up these things and she’s pretty vague about these accomplishments. I’ve been to her website and Facebook and Twitter accounts, and I’ve looked at her YouTube channel. There is no mention of her past achievements at all, which I find strange. Is this woman on the up and up? Just because she’s Canada-based doesn’t’ mean that I shouldn’t be able to find anything on her, as this is the internet. I can’t find other books she may have written at, there’s no biography of her nor any other interview except the one that I’ve mentioned. She reminds me of that black woman who claimed to have been the originator of the Matrix series but had nothing to back up that claim.

  3. I love your Facebook page and agree with so many of your views… I don’t know why I got blocked 😦 Any comments I’ve made have supported your message. Sorry that this doesn’t have to do with this article. I’d like to still follow your FB page if possible. Thank you!

  4. Dude, you totally blocked me from your FB page simply because I asked if those stats were correct? Just a simple question, that’s all it was. That’s so fucked up if you to respond by simply blocking me, no questions asked, when I’ve been a supporter of your work for a long time. Seriously man, that’s fucked up.

  5. God forbid if any of your thoughts end up being questioned. Your word is scripture I suppose, and if anyone so much as raises an eyebrow to even a single sentence, then “BANNED”. Seriously, unfair, and low-key fascist. “I will not tolerate any dissent! Opinions differing from mine, or even a question will result in “BANNED!” I demand total obedience, and all must kiss my ass. LLAG is scripture”
    -sincerely, a disgruntled, and upset former fan, banned for asking about a single statistic….fucking jerk

  6. Hey, so I’ve seen a lot of Asian Hillary Clinton supporters come out of the woodwork lately and I have to ask, what makes an Asian American so absolutely buttfuck retarded as to be a democrat? You realize that democrats have literally done nothing, nor could give a flying fuck, about or for Asian Americans. They only pander to POC because they want the combined 100 million Latino and African American votes, they don’t give a shit about our measly 15~ million US population.

    Asian Americans are just as fucked by affirmative action as whites are, unfortunately we break the narrative that minorities can’t do well in this country because whites don’t want us too.

    Grow some balls and Make America Great Again,
    A Hafu.

    • Hafu-san,

      Number one, you are not talking about the subject at hand-which is about this comic book.

      Number two, America was never great. There are many countries that are far superior to the US in education, income equality, healthcare, etc.

      Number three, who do you think benefits most from AA? Blacks, Latino? Native Americans?


      It’s White Women. Period. Google it.

      As for being a Democrat. I agree. I don’t like them either, but if you think that being a Republican is any better then you really are a member of the walking dead.

      As a matter of fact, I can’t understand why anyone would be so stupid as to believe that voting in this broken system is worthwhile at all.

      If you honestly think that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are different, then you are blind.

      Both would rather have Oprah Winfrey sitting at their banquet table before they would ever have you.

      To them you are just a vote.

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  8. when all the trolls that are really crackerboys just gonna get wrecked up the ass by the big black cocks they obsess about all the time? literally cannot tell who sucks big black cock more, white women or their faggoty ass triggered loser ego-broken whiteboys.

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