Hi! I’m Ranier Maningding ๐Ÿ™‚

Few things in my life have been as consistent as my passion for writing. It’s been about a year since I started this wordpress account but believe it or not, I’ve actually been relationship blogging since I was 15. Yes, 15, aka freshman year in High School. I guess I’ve always had an eye (ear? brain? heart?) for this topic.

Random Facts about Me:

– 23 years old (Hooray for Aries babies!)
– I don’t smoke nor do I drink
– I’m an avid photographer who loves shooting peel apart film, 35mm and the occasional digital.
– I listen to a lot of music but my current favorites are: 1.) Sam Cooke 2.) Jamie Cullum 3.) Craig David
– I’m not a fan of reading but I try to stay up-to-date with economics, politics and communication based podcasts
– I have a 3 year old dog named Oso who I love with all my heart
– I’m Filipino, 1/16th Chinese, and 1/16th Spanish (but everyone thinks I look either Vietnamese or Chinese)
– My first girlfriend was in 6th grade and she was Mexican ๐Ÿ™‚
– I’m a college student majoring in Communication Studies at San Francisco State University

Oh, and one more thing…

– I’m madly in love with my woman of 2 years. She’s the kind of woman that gives money to the Salvation Army guy outside Whole Foods, she’s a chemical engineering major so she studies hard (and works out harder,) she can rock a 1950’s style dress like no one I know with curves no one else has, when I cradle her radiant face in my hands her eyes pull me in like an anchor and when she kisses my neck I can feel the hairs around my body stand with excitement.


It’s a promise ring, but we both like to think of it as an early engagement ring ๐Ÿ™‚

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104 thoughts on “WHO AM I?!

    • This has been a problem that I’ve thought about over and over and over again.

      On one hand, I would like my blog to be hidden from the girls that I write about. If I write a blog about girl “x”, I would prefer it if she didn’t know about this blog.

      However, I realized that I’ve already put so much of my personal life on the line that it really doesn’t matter anymore. This is my public journal. Though I do care about my readers, I first and foremost write for myself – I need a place to vent out my thoughts and creativity.

      So in the end, I chose to sacrifice my privacy for the sake of being able to express myself. I am well aware that any girl can google “Ranier” and EASILY find me online (I mean really, who else do you know named Ranier?) and manage to find this blog.

      If they read it, they do. At least I know I’m not hiding ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. I just started reading your blog but I must say, you sir, are awesome! haha I can’t believe a lot of your post had me bursting out laughing ๐Ÿ˜€ Actually I can, it was really funny but very insightful


      • hello,I just found your blog and love it…. I am a black woman from europe and always felt attracted to asian men and now that I discovered the boyband Bigbang even worse now I must visit Korea the problem is that i might want to stay there forever =D

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog. I REALLY like it! It’s fresh, it’s fun, it’s straightforward… I’m really impressed. I find the topic of interracial dating to be very very interesting; it’s a relatively recent ‘phenomenon’ so it’s the right time to start talking about it. So far i’ve mostly read blogs about white girls dating asian guys but not the opposite so it’s really interesting (and amusing, i must say) to read a guy’s point of view.

    However unfortunately there is still very little on interracial dating scene IN ASIA. See, you’re American and you’re describing the situation from the perspective of a relatively multicultural society. Here in Europe it’s fairly different, it’s still very rare to see a caucasian girl/asian guy going out together. Why? No idea, but it seems that both sides are reluctant to date outside their race. And having lived in Asia (Beijing) I have to say that in China the interracial dating scene is still quite immature… It’s a pity i guess, but there’s time, we’ll see what happens ๐Ÿ™‚

    I write toooooo much as usal, forgive me! Keep writing, you’re doing a great job!


    P.S. I love Frida Giannini too! She’s awesome!!

  3. I’ve been reading a couple of your posts. You’re great, dude ! ๐Ÿ˜€ And hell yeah.. you’re right .. Asian guys are awesome! Keep up ! I will follow you.

  4. Hey!

    Sorry for posting this here, but could you tell what is the name of that movie where you wrote: “If my calculations are correct, smoking this cigarette while wearing this suit will guarantee that you will fall in love with me!”
    I’ve seen it once, but i wanted to see it again and can’t remember the name of he movie.

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi, there!

    I came upon one of your posts today on facebook (of all places, lol) due to someone posting a link to it as an interesting topic to look at. I read it and was enlightened by a lot of the things said in it. It definitely put things into perspective and helped me understand a lot about Asian culture, plus it was HILARIOUS!! Definitely planning on staying tuned to your blog ^__^

    p.s.- The 60’s fashion photo on your homepage is incredible! As a fashion student, I’m thoroughly impressed! Ok, that’s all for now before I get too talky. (I’m a pretty wordy person lol)

    -Danny =)

  6. Hi Falco. Found your page Via tumblr yesterday and I must say you definitely have a great sense of humor which makes your blog a great read. I added you to my blogroll( hope you don’t mind, and if you do…too bad ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love your imagery as well.

    And thanks for liking my work on FB

    this is draco aka Jan

    Have a wondy day


  7. Hey Falco:

    I stumbled across your website and found it very interesting specifically your opinions on AMBW…I have to say I found validity in some of your points and validity in some of your critics points also. But there is no right or wrong answer…people are people and we all have opinions!! LOL

    As a BW who has dated outside and within my race…from my own experience I can say this men are men!! Penis is penis!! Either you make me laugh, I find you attractive, you have something intelligent to say or you don’t…it really is that simple to me. Idk why people approach it from any other angle…geez it’s dating people not some social experiment. Either a dude gets you hot or not!! LOL Obviously there’s more to it than that but you catch my drift…

    Anyways I just wanted to leave you a note, I like your style and sense of humor…another opinion to add to the rest I guess ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I came across your blog and it’s very interesting. So how is your love life going anyway? As an Asian man the dating scene a little different because of many cultural differences and stereotypes. Hope it’s all working out well for you,

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  10. Wow! My sis and I have been sitting here reading your blog for about two hours now! Very interesting and I appreciate the work you do. Wish I knew about this blog earlier! Can’t wait for your updates. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Hi! I’ve been reading a couple of blogs on interracial dating, esp. on the Asian Man-White Woman topic but all of them were written by women (white or black) dating Asian guys. So it’s really refreshing to read about the other side. haven’t read all of your posts yet, but it does seem like you don’t have problems dating ๐Ÿ™‚ While all the blogs I read before say that most Asian guys have issues trying to date non-Asian women, especially because of shyness and cultural differences. Maybe it’s not true for American-born/raised Asian guys. Do you have any knowledge or insight about this? Namely that Asian guys are just too shy to go up to a non-Asian girl and ask her out on a date.

  12. Hello Ranier!

    I really like your blog and your attitude!
    u’re a real young gentleman:)

    I found ur blog (a while ago) because u took a picture of my design at Arts of Fashion in SF.
    So yeah, thanks a lot, good shoot!


    Patricia. (Brazil)

  13. I picture this might be various upon the written content? however I still believe that it usually is suitable for just about any form of matter subject matter, as a result of it could continuously be gratifying to decide a heat and pleasant face or perhaps hear a voice while preliminary landing.

  14. Love, really like, Enjoy this weblog! You say every little thing that Im thinking and a lot more. Youve undoubtedly shed light on a subject that not numerous people can argue with. Youre so great at obtaining what you would like to say on the market in a way thats intelligent and entertaining. Im really impressed, man. Truly impressed.

  15. ur so cute, but why don’t asian guys think like u do. i wish more asian guys would date/marry more latinas and black chicks, then we wouldn’t have to complain about white chicks taking them.

    • I can’t think of a single thing that comes out of the body naturally that Mother Nature is like, &#a8Y0;2e2h, eat that shit baby.” So there are people who think drinking pee is a cure-all. Since I’m sure the anecdotal evidence is great for those pee-pee sippers, maybe we should all drink pee, eat placentas, and use snot as a lotion. SCIENCE, y’all. For the record, I just grossed myself out on an incredible level.

  16. Hello lovelies! Okay so being assisted by my best friend/sis, I am making an AMBW vlog to add my two cents and to get people’s views on the AMBW. I have questions for you all and it would be a great help if you gave me your answers in a video answer if possible (i want to compose all videos into one) and if not, please answer in the comment box) ๐Ÿ™‚ Without further delay:

    1) What is your ethnicity? 2) Do you know what AMBW means? a.) If so, how do you feel about it? 3) Have you ever dated a black woman/Asian man? a.) Seriously or just for experiment? 4) Would you ever consider dating a black woman/ Asian man? 5) What do you think of when you hear the term “black woman” or “Asian man”? 6) What would be the cultural barriers or clashes? 7) Would there be any problems if your family knew you dated a black woman/ Asian man? 8) Any extra comments?
    May you email your video response to TeaYanaW@gmail.com
    THANK YOU~~ ^^

  17. You also make me laugh ๐Ÿ™‚ so I have a question that I’ve been wondering about for a day or so. Do Koreans really like the cutesy things that girls do like making a heart with their hands or stuff related to that?sometimes I start to thing that tv is just making them seem like that.my friend grace is Korean and she told me that they like cute stuff like that but I can’t always believe her so yeah. Just wondering! ~Lia

    • They definitely do- both guys and girls. I’m married to a Korean guy and spent several years dating Korean guys before marrying my husband. Being cute like that is completely allowed whereas if I’d ever done those type of things with previous Australian boyfriends they would tell me I’m being annoying.
      It varies from person to person but in general being very cutesy is completely normal. I’ve gotten quite used to it but years ago that would have made me so embarrassed. But now if I’m saying goodbye to my husband it feels natural to make a heart with my hands and that type of thing. I’ve started blogging about my experiences actually and I draw crappy comics about being married to a Korean man and experiences with Korean culture. http://www.mykoreanhusband.com

      Sorry, not meaning to butt in here- Ranier has an excellent blog but just thought you might like to hear from someone with experiences with Korean guys.

  18. I am so loving your site!! It is thoughtful yet funny and relate-able. Where was photo taken in SF (nice!)? Curious, as I am in SF.

  19. First off, I really like your blog and consider it to be very informative even if it is just from your experiences. I see your blog as fresh, funny, and open-minded. I enjoy reading what you have to say and what the readers have to say. I also like to read Ask a Korean which also has some good answers to my questions (he is blunt, funny, and harsh at the same time). Then again the almighty google will procure answers to my questions also. Well the point of all that was of course to learn more about my boyfriendโ€™s Korean culture and because he refuse to even let me know anything about it (he is first generation in America and we are two years going strong). Anywaysโ€ฆI have read good amount of your blog and I have several thoughts in my heads that I canโ€™t leave alone. Honestly, I feel kind of off center about the whole Caucasian ruling the media (Iโ€™m not saying itโ€™s not true). It seems to be a staple in your blog and in readerโ€™s comments. Believe me when I say I know it is true with a capital T, but I also have to say that the media also puts out ideals of perfection that not even white girls can have. It may be ruled by white images, but those images canโ€™t be held by white females. As a little girl all I wanted was to have perfect straight hair and blue eyes like my mother, but instead I got my dadโ€™s super curly hair, his hazel eyes, and his light olive complexion (of course I get lighter or darker depending on how much sun I get). Growing up little kids would tease me for my unruly hair and when I got older guys would tell me I look prettier when I straighten me hair. Iโ€™m for the most part whiteโ€ฆIโ€™m German, Polish, French, Irish, Scottish, Sioux (Native American), and black (my family heritage is a long story that confuses people a lot of times). What Iโ€™m trying to say is the image of a perfect girl is thin, pretty, blue or green eyes, straight hair, and a height smaller then a guyโ€™s average height. Iโ€™m white and I donโ€™t fit most of those things and a lot of girls donโ€™t. On the other hand a lot of white girls hate the way they look. I mean all of my white female friends HATE being white. They want dark skin, a nice figure, and to say they arenโ€™t just a cracker. Anyways Iโ€™m sorry for making this so long and tedious. Can I have a penny for your thoughts? Ohh..and I feel you on the, โ€œway is she with himโ€ question. I hear it a good amount from my friends, strangers, co-workers and even his friends. Why are you with himโ€ฆyou know you can do better right? I would say: what is wrong with him? Their reply is: He isnโ€™t even a hot Korean or interesting. My reply: We love each other and he will be there for me unlike your love interest (how true that is). For the most part I laugh it off and say love is blind. Ok Iโ€™m done for sure now.

    • Lol he thinks he is all the shit! Lol asian cassanova? Giving advice? Are you fucking for real dude. Unless you have a long list of relationships then you have all the authority to give advice. Lol what a fucking loser huh. So arrogant, this guy is who made this blog is just a attention whore and a troll. You should see his racists comments he hates white people and yet he lives in USA. Lol asshole. Go back to the shit hole where you belong! Lol

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  21. First I love you’re blog. I am a 54 year old mother of 5 and have never done this before. I am Irish and Native American my husband is black. I was very lucky that my parents didn”t teach me to care about the color of someones skin but what was in their heart. My oldest son’s wife is black,the son below him has a wife that is fillipino,my oldest daughter’s husband is from Mexico and my youngest son’s other half is white. My youngest daughter is in college and has always been attracted to asians. She took japanese in high school on line from BYU.Our family has only been enriched thru our extended family. I looked on line because i was concerned because all you ever hear is that asians only date asians and i know from some of my friends who are mixed asian/american they they had acceptance problems. My children are very worldly because my husband and myself were in the us military. and we raised them to cherish and learn from other cultures. Some of the people who responded to your question sadden me because I would have thought that our worlds people would have become more enlighten in the @!st century.Traveling around the world has taught me that people are the same, cultures may differ but we hope,love and bleed the same. A broken heart in America is the same as in Korea,Spain as in Africa.I will not worry about my daughter finding a person to really love because I know that everyone has their own destiny. I only hope he will not over look her because of the color of her skin or the shape of her eyes.

  22. I like your blog, I love Asian men, though I’m scared of rejection, mostly my own self esteem but this blog is very helpful thank ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Did you write your personal details about 20 years ago??? or are you literally only 20?? Dude… I didn’t get all this shit together until fairly recent years. I’m the white girl half of a white/Asian marriage. My husband is Balinese (Indonesia)… Fresh off the boat. He’s the first Asian guy I’ve dated… Not really on purpose. Just never really thought about it. I’ve seen sexy Asians, and I’ve always thought Asian women were BEAUTIFUL. And always look 48,000 years younger than they are. So… A little jealous there. I guess I sort of assumed Asian dudes weren’t generally interested in white women… Or, well, white women that look like me anyway haha. I’m pretty, and VERY pale white, and I’m a big girl. I’ve never been approached by an eastern guy, so I assumed I was not their general cup of tea.

    We live in West, TX (yes, it’s a city… not a direction. oh wait… you might have seen it all exploded on the news recently.) I met him at his place of business… He’s a hibachi chef at a Japanese steakhouse. I remember the first time we made eye contact, I was like, woooooo lawdy… and felt like i might break out in hives or vomit from sheer nerves. I do not go ga-ga over men. But I was going out of my mind over this one. Which was stupid since I didn’t even know his name. needless to say, i became a regular. Eventually, he sent me a friend request on fb. I don’t even know how he knew my name. we chatted forever and ever… went on a little date for drinks. I assumed I would make him my new FWB, so I proceeded to get W A S T E D in order to build up some courage to bust a move. After all, he wouldn’t even be there if he wasn’t interested, RIGHT??? I figured we’d go back to his place and have some Mister Nasty Time… well, he shot me down. we kissed. and he would NOT let me in his pants. locked down. boom. “thanks for the great time.” he said, and then went inside. I had never felt so rejected. Was so embarrassed and I was grieving over the fact that I wouldn’t be able to eat at that amazing restaurant anymore. And I also realized I needed to reel in the slutbag that I morphed into. geez what was wrong with me?!?! (yes, i grew up with a really good father. no daddy issues here.)

    Turns out he was being a gentleman. IMAGINE! 1 year later… we were married. He’s amazing. His family and friends are amazing. He doesn’t treat my daughter like a stepchild. and he’s dad to her. And, hey, now I have a reason to VACATION IN BALI, baby! ;-D

    I don’t know why it works… we have nothing in common. i’m a christian… he’s not. I LOVE shooting big guns. He’s a bit horrified by them. …and just myriad other things. But he comes from a very beautiful, kind, and warm culture. We have the same priorities and core values. FAMILY. Being responsible and paying the bills, charity work, etc.

    (was totally gonna include a pic of our happy fam, but I don’t know how. But, trust me. We’re hawt. hahaha jk. no, but really. aaaah i’m just being serious. stop it!)

    Have yourself a blessed day!

    -Erin ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Hello!
    I am also in a multirracial relationship, I am Spanish with Cuban ancestry from my dadยดs side and my life partner is from Shandong, China.
    I enjoyed reading your thoughts!

  25. Omg you have the best blog i have seen as of yet!! It’s so straightforward cutting right to the point with lots of humor, inspiring stories, and a lesson, fact, or opinion thrown in for awesome measures. I was talking with my love and boyfriend of 2 years, Tairuki, when we wondered if there were other people like us, since in my part of the southern U.S. it’s not common. He’s completely Japanese and well i’m black and mixed with ALOT of things. We found you and laughed for about three hours straight. It’s nice to know Asians are starting to feel the love again :3

  26. Hello Ranier Maningding,

    I actually just saw your blog today due to a recommendation from a friend of mine. I have to say i really do enjoy reading your thoughts. You sound like a very awesome person, and funny too. I look forward to trying to catch up on what you have written so far and your future blogs. I just hope it doesn’t take me forever XD.

  27. Incredible blog! I love how you tackle this, so candid, no-nonsense, no-pretense! I have always found myself attracted to Native American and Asian guys, but I’m a shy, serious, independent, quiet, spiritual, intellectual, earthy, strong, passionate, easygoing, intense, and artistic, green-eyed, red-haired, Irish-Dance-teaching outdoorsy gal (German/Irish/Swedish/Scotch/Welsh/Jewish/Cherokee) from Montana and never thought it would be possible… I imagined if an Asian guy wanted a shy smart girl, he’d probably just be attracted to an Asian girl, and if he liked “louder” women he’d go for Mediterranean or African gals… But you’ve given me hope. And fairly recently, I met the sweetest, most outgoing Filipino/Chinese/Spanish dude, great personality, can talk to him like no other guy OR PERSON I’ve ever met, and am plotting how to become his! I’m so worried I just seem… Conservative, fair, white, country chick, simple, virginal. He’s a city boy: so comfortable with himself, with what he knows, relaxed, humorous, joie de vivre, “life is a party and I’m going there”. He juggles several hobbies and jobs, spontaneously travels, socializes sometimes but is also happy at home. So yeah, wow. I have never been so thoroughly attracted. White and Black guys, while handsome or even great nice guys, make me feel diminutive in a bad way, shy and dependent, while he makes me feel young, equal but still feminine and needing mutual protection/care, and happy again: free to new starts and bold thinking (I’m only 18, he’s 27… That gives bigotry opportunities for age AND race… Grrr… Statistics show age gaps are less socially acceptable than interracial relationships). I’m dying to know how to attract him; I’m not bad looking, very unique and possibly elegant if I say so myself, and he’s average but still super sexy and cultured. I’m conservative and religious, I’m worried he won’t like that, but it’s super important to me. I’m torn. We strongly share a few important common interests/outlooks as well that I’ve never had with any guy before, and we’re both accepting individuals although highly strong-minded, opinionated direct ones too. It’s contradictory, but true. He encourages me to follow my dreams, makes it sound so easy and normal, almost no one has EVER done that before. Supportive, open. And I am interested in what he does, although it is new amd strange to me. I have rarely been this interested in a guy’s projects before. He seems an untypically and unexpectedly committed spontaneous fun-loving life-living friend (and a good or creative lover, or so I understand), and that’s high among what I really desire in a mate: as it is what I always felt to be missing from my circumstances but innate to my nature. There’s all attraction, to me I mean, but we’re worlds apart. Worlds. He seems to like me as a person, but… I’m worried I’m just too… Montanan. I want to branch out. I want to be a “worldly” gal for him and for myself. That’s what my dream has always been. I love this place, it’s a part of my soul, but not exclusively, and I have always felt ready for anything if it would/could only happen. He’s got the would/could, but I’m scared I just don’t have what it takes to catch and keep him. He flirts a bit; is very sweet to me but still quite undefined and I am not sure that is exclusive treatment at all; compliments and queries on my personality; says he likes inexperienced type gals, likes that realism (realism being another of our common traits); and our talks have gone *crazy* intimate places; shared our insecurities from the past and how we are trying to deal with them now; but I still can’t say with any near certainty of what is on his mind at all. I feel like a kid a bit, a friend, a little buddy learning the ropes, but then again, that’s nearly how I perceive him: and quite frankly like it that way. Like I said, I feel young again. But I’m too proud to love someone for whom I have nothing to offer… What can I give him? How can I attract? I FEEL like an old 18-year-old, I’ve always felt older, but still doubt I really come across as much that way as I’d like… It’s all so confusing.

    It doesn’t help that this friendship is online, cities apart, secret, and that I am not very openly rebellious but deeply religious (I don’t think he is at all), and desire to keep all my current relationships with family, at least, if not friends. I don’t want to burn bridges, but I think I would have to and might just if it came to that. We’ve talked about meeting up someday though, even with the impression that it might be years from now. I think he truly means it, and I’d sure like to. I just want to attract him enough, gradually, as a person, to earn some constancy from both of us and give it a serious shot.

    Lastly, we both like kids and pets, too… ๐Ÿ™‚ …although he’s admitted he’s scared of lifelong monogamous commitment… Although he seems to want not to be scared of it.

    And by the way, a great personality is infinitely hotter than… *blush* …Genital size. geez. How mercenary. The brain is the largest sex organ, after all.

  28. Hi Ranier! I just found your blog, and really enjoy reading your posts! I’m in a bit ‘situation’ at the moment and was wondering if you’d share your thoughts. A Korean guy asked me to prom and I said yes! Our background? We met last year and were part of a music group together, but after that finished we didn’t keep contact, besides being friends on facebook. I had liked him when we spent that time together, but he was so quiet and never really seemed interested in me. I am white, but I am attracted to guys of all enthnicities, but haven’t been in relationship with an Asian before, nor have I met one who is single and into girls who aren’t Asian. Now that this guy asked me to be his date, I feel like some feelings are coming back, but am afraid that he only asked me ’cause I’m ‘safe’ (I’m not a slutty, out there girl) or ’cause he got turned down by his crush, etc. I’m nervous, but want to show him that I like him, without turning him off. Ideas?

  29. Hello. I stumbled upon your blog today and just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed, as it is extremely well written and thoughtful for such a young man. I am a black women currently in a friendship with a Korean-Korean. I really like him but it makes me tired to think of the stress I would have to endure in trying to wrestle this first born, only son away from his parents. It would probably be a fight til death. If only I could kidnap him (he still lives with them of course) and bring him to the US to live with me. Alas, that’s what dreams are for….

  30. I am so glad I found your blog. As a old lady (66 African American) I have discovered a world I had no idea exisited. Thanks for such an informative and fun communication. This new technology is awesome. Who knew this was going on in the world? Well I am glad to be here and I want to share my two cents worth of support and you have to listen to me cause I have no one else to listen to me. HA


  31. Hey everyone please check out http://asianville.net
    It’s an social network focused on asian americans especially asian men.
    You can find new friends on there while listen to cool asian american music.

    Hey Ranier, could you please add me as friend on my network. I would like to speak with you. ^_^ Thanks.

  32. Hi Ranier,
    I ran across your blog when I was embarrassingly googling how to get my Asian BF to open up. But, I love what you have to say! AND… was hoping I could get a bit of advice.
    I’m not going to lump all Asian men into a category… but my bf is Chinese. His parents had an arranged marriage and it doesn’t sound like it was alot of rainbows and butterflies and love. He is actually kind of terrified of his mother.
    He also says when I try to broach the issue of emotional intimacy and his lack of it in our relationship, that that is also an ”Asian thing,” that none of his family opens up emotionally much to each other, etc.
    He was also very socially awkward when it comes to women and he said seemingly oblivious to them hitting on him so he hasn’t really had many relationships. It’s mostly dates, and then when it got serious he just never really pushed to make it happen or they also cited a lack of emotional intimacy as their issue. That means he was also a virgin when I met him at 27. He’s also having a really hard time opening up in that area to. Almost lacking an interest in it?
    I really, really care about him and have overlooked many of these issues bc I saw the amazing and good-hearted man that he is. HOWEVER… it’s getting really hard to work so hard for this relationship and overcoming his issues when he isn’t very open to talking about them or being honest about what really bothers him, etc.
    Do you have any advice on how to tackle any of these issues? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I’m also a writer so I figured some of this could give you ideas for topics in the future to!
    Thanks so much!

  33. Wow hermoso el ver como insinuas cada parte de tu vida , y lo mas que me gusto es que muchos hombres no gritan a los cuatro vientos que tienen pareja y que la ama tal y como es. Es riesgoso pero a la vez lindo lo que haces. tu vida cotidiana es interesante ๐Ÿ™‚ I love it

  34. I really like your blog! Especially your writing style. One book you might find interesting is 2 States by Chetan Bhagat. It’s not exactly about interracial dating, but it’s about a Punjabi boy (hardcore, flashy, loud and fun-loving North Indians) and a Tamilian girl (quiet, serious, deeply religious, no-meat-alcohol-sex South Indians). It’s what the Indian equivalent of American interracial dating would be, as state lines are drawn deep in India due to language and culture differences as you probably know. It’s a very entertaining and realistic story of culture clash between two families that is somewhat based on (Punjabi) Chetan Bhagat’s own marriage to a Tamilian woman.

  35. Somehow, I found your blog while looking for interracial dating..so far, I loved your style and been couldnt stop reading …the funniest part I read was about meeting the parents and how the girl should have a good background and career (surprisingly i’m a doctor & he’s an engineer….lol)

    I’m a 25 Y.O Tunisian girl dating a 29 YO. chinese guy….
    It all started on a website..talking for hours on skype about Einstein, movies, chess, clubbing,shopping,…
    next thing he was asking me to be his valentine, booked a flight to come see me few weeks later!

    everything went smooth, he met my parents,few friends..

    Hemakes me happy , treats me well, makes me feel good ………
    He’s supportive, H.O.T (even though he thinks he’s not…but I keep complimenting him…need to boost his confidence!!!!!!), responsible,kind warm , hardworking,dedicated…….. (i have a loooooooong list..)…


    although we have one of the most diverse arabic countries,whenever we went out PEOPLE KEPT STARING AT US FUNNY!
    most of them didnt know that I spoke arabic, but I could hear them insult ,making fun,and judging us (based on cultural,religious differences)!!
    (remember one time in a museum, 3 young women stared at us,then one of them said :she had to go all the way to asia to find a man)……
    at first it was kind of pathetic,to see people acting that way…but somehow we found a way to make fun out of it, I felt safe when he holds me close whenever someone stares at us!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I am doing my best to make him happy and satisfied (and forget about my trust issues and unexpected jealousy)…lol

    hopefully I’ll see more arabic/asian couples…..and less HATERS!

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  37. Bonjour Ranier! I love your blog ๐Ÿ™‚ you two make a beautiful couple.
    You make me think of a cute blasian love music video by a french artist call Monsieur Nov:

  38. I only date asian guys, mostly Koreans and Filipinos(I’m not that picky it’s just that there’s lots of Koreans and lots of filipinos in my town haha), so I love reading blogs by people who are in amwf relationships. look forward to your next post!

  39. Hey man stumbled upon your blog as an Canadian born Asian I know exactly everything you are talking about. I hate how we are portrayed in the media and how subtle the racism is ESPECIALLY against us Asian males. The worst part is that is accepted. I am always happy to see others like you who speak about these topics and know that theres something wrong with how we are represented. With that being said, I live in a very white town where 99% of the population is white, I didn’t grow up here but I am doing my best to represent Asians up here as they dont get many of us around and if they do they are usually pretty fob because of the local university sponsoring students from China and they are in their own little world

  40. I like many others, stumbled upon your blog and boy oh boy this is impressive. I was honestly just trying to get an understanding of another culture viewing a single mother back in the dating scene for the first time in over 7 years. (I’m only 24, but it had been a long distance relationship throughout my high school days). I had been with a Hispanic man and we have a 4 year old child together, whom I absolutely love, and did not want to introduce my son into any hardships because of my situation. Also, my parents harbor a racism mind and I have never been able to agree with that way of thinking, which at the announcement of my pregnancy they had to expand their limited world to include bits and parts of respect for Hispanic men and women, but will never truly open their hearts to accepting others like i would hope, I will keep fighting that battle, but I, myself will always stay open minded because it would be a shame to be misunderstood when we should be able to get along no matter what. with the discovery of this blog it truly makes me think even further, and from the few things I have read I congratulate you for a job well done.

  41. Just found your interesting site. I know this sounds corny, but my 25-year-old daughter loves Asian men (she only dates Asian men) and she’s looking for one to be in a serious relationship with. She lived in Japan and Hong Kong and speaks Japanese and Cantonese. If you have friends who like petite white women, she is looking! (I’m not telling her I replied here because she doesn’t like me to solicit for her…but I want her to be happy…) Her first boyfriend was Chinese and her second Mongolian. Just putting the word out there — thanks!

  42. you like to talk about race a lot, seems like you’re obsess with it. and yet on your Facebook page your comments are condescending, arrogant and ignorant. you feel like you have this certain authority to speak for or against a certain race. you have the audacity to assume that white people are racists. you act like its a struggle being asked what asian are you. well i tell you that you are just one of the billions of asians here on earth, you and I are not that important! stop acting like your somebody! i bet you’ve never been to your home country! you talk about oppression and discrimination? even my own people look down on me because of my brown skin and yet they are Filipinos too. young kids forced to work in the streets, abandoned sold, abused, killed. A government that can’t even protect and take care of its citizens. I’ve seen oppression and injustice in my own eyes. its a cruel world. You act like a privilege citizen of this country, maybe you are more privileged than the rest of us. even the other asians here in america discriminate me. Im gay and POC, hows that? my boyfriend is white, we are advocates for marriage equality, I experienced a lot of discrimination not only from a single race but from almost any person who are homophobe. when I was a kid I was kicked for no reason because I came from the province and transferred to a catholic school. kids were mean and bullied me. to the point that i didn’t want to go to school anymore. everywhere there are people who are mean and hate is everywhere. the last thing I would care about is your race. you and your followers on Facebook are mean and bullies! you deleted the comments that go against your opinion. you are against racism but do you even understand what you posted? you are nothing but coward, bully, racist, and ignorant.

  43. your facebook page is very racist and specifically pointed at white people. I’m POC too but your rants on white people is prevalent! You are boasting at how much people like your page lol (slow clap) you are just one of those attention hungry trolls. I’m sure no white girl ever dated your stinky ugly ass face that’s why you’re all whining and upset and angry about the white people lols keep on posting your hate idiot! Let’s see if that won’t get back at your ass someday I’m sure your ignorant ass and your stupidity Karma will give you a whipping. Good luck in your future opportunities lol asshole!

  44. Ranier Maningding seems to be enjoying all the views he is getting on Facebook for posting the most shallow and irrelevant topic I have ever read. You are claiming that you are tired being asked what Asian are you and you are directly targeting your frustration on white people. Which makes me think you’re a racist yourself. The most arrogant and ignorant person. In reality you and will always be stuck between the whites and the blacks. I say its the most stupid posting Ive ever read, just shows how immature you are, racism is everywhere, people are just as bad like the rest of us. If you want to make change, don’t try to further ignite the fire. What the black people endured is nothing to what you are frustrated at. If I was black I would be so offended.
    Trolls like you don’t have any right to talk about racism.

  45. I “liked” LLAG, via Facebook, and was on this page for but a few days; 4 days in total. I ask three questions, which were non-offensive, non-critical, non-judgemental, thus I was barred/banned from “posting”. Sound familiar, yeah… Ferdinand Marcos did the same thing. Irony, they do say that history repeats itself.

    Initially- when I “liked” the page, I read the “about” section and it sounded, rather read, that this page was more about race and relationships when it is anything but that… Ranier Maningding is biased, bigoted and no different than the very people that he posts about. In the 4 days of being able to fully access LLAG, I read the commentaries on many of his posts and some were audacious, some concerning and some just outright outlandish. This whole business about “white people,” is absurd. Ranier conveniently cherry picks and edits what he see’s fit and what gets a rise out of his audience. (To which I respect the audience and their views, hey- it’s their opinion.) Hey, it’s great P.R.

    Interesting facts range that he utilizes the “umbrella” term “Asian”, for his benefit, when in fact the term Asian is broad in every sense of the word, and our communities are not only diverse but is indeed separate in terms of identity, ie., Chinese (TW/HK), Korean, Japanese and Filipino, and no- not at all the same.

    I gave LLAG an opportunity, to see what it was about but note that he, R.M., promotes gross ignorance, and uses his indignant abilities to promote the very thing he writes about. If he’s going to create a dialogue about “Asian,” why not just say, “Filipino,” instead of taking from what he doesn’t comprehend. How R.M. promotes himself as an authority, or speaks for the Asian community, is beyond me. Just as he comments on how people use “google translation” to be cool or whatever, I think that he utilizes google for secondhand information to find out about the lives of others in various (respective) Asian communities. It’s a mere observation, but it is what it is.

    If the Huffington Post is going to conduct further interviews with R.M., they should consider scratching the surface before assuming that he is representing those of us who do not need representing, or wouldn’t care to be represented by said subject of this piece.

    I think this gentleman has a powerful tool, his voice (and prose), to which I applaud him. Case in point, he should consider promoting his image as a positive role model and endorsing communities, and perhaps creating a dialogue albeit an amalgam to bridge, rather than divide. #FoodforThought

  46. Ranier is a butt hurt little bitch. I added him because my views related to him. I am in no way biased or opinionated. He posted a pic of a stereotype toy. I said that I understood the first pictures stereotype but not the second apparently it hurt his poor little feelings that I only partially agreed with him, because he deleted my comment and blocked me from his page. Word of advice. If youre going to be whiney and sensitive I sugesst blogging is not the area of expertise you should be TRYING to specialize in. There are going to be people whose opinion varies from yours. I suggest you find a new past time.

  47. I don’t understand? I commented a question on your post because i was confused on your actions. I have been following you and your posts for roughly 3 years now and all of a sudden i ask a question and you get offended? I said in my comment that i was in no way offended by the posts i just wanted to know why the sudden increase in white-hate aroused on your page. Before I could even view the comment replies, my comment was deleted and I was blocked from the page. I wasn’t offended by the posts, but now I’m offended by you. I can’t believe i looked up to you for relationship advice for three years, sad.

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  49. You banned me from your FB page for one comment in which I said nothing even remotely racist. You’re a hypocrite and you’re only helping Trump with your attitude. Thanks for your support – he’ll win because of people like you. Keep up the good work.

  50. a discussion does not mean blocking a person and hey I am wrong you said many not all. doesnt change how I feel but your actions afterwards say alot about how you handle conflict and life. I hope you dont always bully people who dont like and agree with you. don’t be like that. Sorry for your pain.

  51. he does always bully people who don’t agree
    look at this:

    The Love Life Of An Asian Guy Dear white koreaboos,

    Your opinions matter the least on this page, and this post.

    No one cares about you. Go away. This is a discussion for POC
    52 ยท 34 mins”

    he blocked me too, and I’m not even white (which was apparently his reason)

  52. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_in_China

    You may have blocked my comments on FB. But it still doesn’t negat the irony in your post about rape and whit people.

    The eastern caulture breeds rape. If no one else sees this, just know I’m still laughing at the irony. Go ahead do the reaserch… Or do you only identify with your caulture when it’s fitting, and identify with American caulture when you think it will get you like.

  53. When you incite racism you get racism, stop feeding off of other people’s misfortune for page likes. Ps don’t get into debates if you can’t handle the truth, and are not willing to participate. Writer…? Writer’s write they don’t regurgitate popular news articles. Keep up the good work of the miss informed.

    Pss my reply to your Facebook which you wouldn’t let me post.

    There is not really a truth. It’s all a complete farce such as this post. But I agree no one can handle it, that begs the question what does handling it mean… Really? Racism is a two way street that I regularly sit and watch going back and fourth. Thankfully I was tough better and I was tough about life and not the crayon that drew it unlike those people like yourself which take the crayon and abuse it for your own self worth. When you learn to write you won’t need tragedy or other common events it will come naturally… But please continue playing the puppet and believing your writing the script…. Bravo.

    And yes assume I reported you on Facebook as I did. Please when your feeling writer enough to stomach some truth… Write an actual book about it.

    Love life of an Asian guy……..

    • Wait I get it he is race bating for page visits, smart but wrong move my friend so wrong. I look forward to the collapse of your page and your self worth.

  54. What is your country were your racist family comes from like? It’s THIRD WORLD. Philippines? Check. Mexico? CHECK. In over 5,000 years of History, you’re nations are still backwaters. So you come here (and if you’re born here it doesn’t matter, you are not original, nor American) and you find being a gay asian is tough, and you lash out at Whites. Whites, who support Gay rights and allow racist scum like you to have a voice, and me, who despise racist people, and you use the majesty of prose to a) assure yourself that you do matter b) enlighten the herd and show them whose right, and dammit, you are so right, aren’t you angry racist boy? If you don’t like living in a white world, go back to Mexico or Philippines, and see how you are treated as a gay man who is racist. good luck. You are nothing but a sad, little boy who is working out his socio maladjusted psychoses on an unfortunate public.

  55. Boy this isn’t a bunch of self-congratulatory squeeing bullshit in any way. You suck. Deactivate your Facebook page and stop contributing to superficial identity politics bullshit.

  56. You seem nice, interesting, and smart here, but on your Facebook you are often mean and trolling. What is up with that?

  57. As a fellow Filipino, I’d like to tell you this:

    Fuck you, you racist cunt. You think that your callousness towards one poor sap’s suffering was cute? I definitely hope that you do so that it would make it easier for me to see you as a toxic spewing moron. Failipinos like you will only bring shame to our people and to the homeland.

    Still, keep up the good work on furthering a shitty ideal. Hell’s always paved with good intentions after all.

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