Asian guy speaks: I think Black Women have Sexy Hair!

A couple months ago I was strolling through movie trailers section on Youtube. After a few good ones, a handful of shitty ones, and one or two trailers that made me say “WOW, I’m illegalling watching this ASAP!”, I came across a movie that opened up my Asian eyes completely: Good Hair.

Now, in case you didn’t read the banner on top, I’m Asian. I know just as much about black culture as any other Asian: Miles Davis, The Black Panthers, and in eighth grade I could say “YEEEAAAAAHH!” and “OKKAAAY!” like Lil Jon.  But for some reason, I never knew about this “black hair industry”.

I mean, I knew that black hair was different, and I knew about weaves, but that’s about it. It just wasn’t a topic people talked about. Sure, 17% of my High School was black, and yes, I did have a few black friends, but no one ever sat me down with a cup of warm tea and said “Ranier, it’s difficult for black people to straighten their hair. We have to use chemicals. I’m sorry you had to hear it from me.”


But after watching that movie, it got me thinking: we live in a society that worships white features. We want their noses, we want their hair color, and we want their skin color. And now we want their hair texture? Holy crap!

But the surprising thing is that I had internalized some of it. After watching the trailer I tested myself: I looked at pictures of various black women with their straightened hair, and then with natural hair. In the end, I found myself preferring the straight hair, and I began to feel a bit troubled: I disliked black hair and I didn’t even have a reason why.

If only I saw how cute this woman was, I would have never felt that way 😀

Has America painted the Black Woman as perfectly IMPERFECT? By American standards (as seen on T.V), the ideal woman is light skinned, with colored eyes, and straight hair. However, the typical black women has none of those – she has dark skin, dark eyes, and curly hair. Does that make Black women not beautiful?

And even though I’m Asian and I don’t share this problem with Black people, I can sympathize. I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and see your ethnic features, and ask yourself “am I ugly?” In an effort to reformat my thinking I tried to find the beauty in Black beauty. And I think I found it:

This is by far the GREATEST picture of all times ❤

Sure, Black women don’t have natural straight hair, but what they do have is unique. NO one in the world can have that kind of hair. Black women can make their hair look White, or Indian, or Asian, but there are no White people who can make their hair look black. It’s a beauty that can only be seen in one group of people in this world. Doesn’t that make it beautiful?

Doesn’t the fact that it’s so rare and hard to replicate, make it gorgeous? When you realize the amount of work that Black women go through just to make their hair seem “normal” doesn’t that struggle make it beautiful? I mean shit! Their HAIR has a story to it! What do Asians and Whites have to say about their hair?

A message to all Black Women: Don’t change a thing. No matter how full, or curly. It doesn’t matter if the world prefers you light, dark, or darker. Forget what any magazine tells you. Black isn’t beautiful, it’s fucking gorgeous.

Marry me?


I think girls who can wear a fro

are super sexy.

Yesterday, I had my first “threesome”

When I was in High School, dating was impossible. My offbeat yet mature-for-my-age personality didn’t appeal to the majority of the High School girls – most of which wore Baby Phat sweaters and Juicy Couture bracelets. I fantasized about going to college and wondered if it would be swimming with better, higher quality fish. And you know what? It is.

High School Girls = Rubios

High School Girls = Rubios

College Girls = 3 Michelin Star Seafood restaurant, Le Bernadin

College Girls = 3 Michelin Star Seafood restaurant, Le Bernadin

Yesterday, after ditching one of my classes, I decided “Hey! What better way to spend my free time than to walk around campus and talk to nice girls?!” So I strolled through the campus, trying to give off a nonchalant vibe, whilst looking for half empty benches, with pretty girls sitting down. And just like fishing, it always takes awhile before you get any wiggling action…

I saw her: a cute, humble looking Asian girl, all by herself.

Me: Is anybody sitting here?
Her: Oh no, go ahead!

I sat there, thinking about what to say. Looking at her, observing and studying her body language to find out if there was anything I could comment on. Aha! Inside her hands was a barbie doll, dressed in a gown that she was sewing.

Me: Is that for a class?
Her: Oh! Yes! It’s for my speech class
Me: Oh wow, that’s pretty good!
Her: Thank you! I’m almost finished
Me: Are you trying to become a designer?
Her: Yes actually
Me: What kind of fashion are you interested in?
Her: Well…I want to get into couture
Me: Couture! Very nice! Who’s your favorite designer?
Her: John Galliano
Me: Haha! Me too!
Her: Really?! Oh my…

So we sat there, talking fashion, style, and plans for the future. I want to be an advertiser, and she wants to be a nurse/designer. She was smart, down to earth, and very pretty.

Her: I saw you walking earlier and I thought to myself  “Wow…he dresses so nice! I wish I could talk to him, but I’m too shy..”
Me: Awwww….. (By then, my heart had already melted, and was dripping out of my ass)
Me: Well I like your style as well. It’s simple and very sweet.
Her: Hmm…before, I used to care so much about what other people thought when it came to my sense of fashion. But now I don’t. I just wear what I want. This is me, and that’s all that matters.

And although her choice of a zebra print sweater, a pink corduroy jacket, and a purple skirt didn’t impress me, her answer did. She had this amazingly sweet vibe. And I could almost feel it. And it was beautiful. I sat there realizing how refreshing it was to meet a girl with such intelligence and grace. She was like a daisy that sprouted from the cracks of the sidewalk, available only to those patient enough to look.

Her: Well I better get going, my class is going to start soon…
Me: Oh yea, of course! It was nice meeting you Anna!
Her: Maybe I can get your contact information?
Me: ..uhh…Yea! Of course! May I see your phone?
Her: Oh sure!

Just as I was typing my number into her phone, a guy, who used to be in my Astronomy class, stood before us.

I think he was gay. But either way, he dressed very well.

I "think" he was gay. But either way, he dressed very well.

Guy: Heyy! Weren’t you in my astronomy class?
Me: Yea
Guy: Okay, don’t take this the wrong way but… You. Have. FLAWLESS style.
Me: Oh jeez, thank you so much!
Guy: (he turned to Anna) Like okay, this guy would always walk into class with the nicest clothes, shoes, and briefcase, and it was always so perfect!
Her: I know right! He dresses so nice!
Me: (oh god….) Pfft! You dress nicely too! I always considered you my stylistic competition. I was very jealous of your shoes!
Guy: Me?! Yea right! I dress okay I guess. But you dress amazing! You have the style, the attitude, and the hair!
Her: And he also has perfect posture!

Okay, at that point, I started to feel very awkward. It was like this massive orgy of compliments, mainly directed towards me! What’s going on! This is unhealthy for my ego! NO MAS! NO MAS! After a few more minutes of playing “make Ranier feel awkward”, he left.

Me: Well it was nice meeting you Anna!
Her: Nice meeting you too Ranier! (we shook hands)

Then she got up, picked up her bag, looked at me, and said the sweetest thing:

” Oh…. I’m sorry if my hands were cold…I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable..”

My god… a girl who is that considerate, and that sweet, might as well be illegal – she was too amazing. She walked away, and for a second, she looked back at me, and smiled. And I smiled back.

I sat on the bench for awhile trying to regroup my thoughts. Then I tilted my head back,  looked at the sky, and said…nothing at all..


It’s true: Nice girls do exist.